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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1667: The heart is spiritual Read Novel

Chapter 1667: The heart is spiritual – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1667: The heart is spiritual

As long as Yang Kai doesn’t harmonize, Yu Xueqing’s ability can’t stop him at all, and he can leave calmly.

So his life and death are only between Yang Kai’s thoughts.

Yu Xueqing frowned and hurriedly shouted: “Little brother, don’t be afraid. He is very strong in Huo Yaozong. My Ice Heart Valley is not muddy. Naturally, I will protect you and help me kill. This thief.”

She flinched for fear that Yang Kai would be intimidated by the opponent’s words.

After all, Yan Chilei is different from Jiang Xi. Although Jiang Xi’s strength is high, he is only a lonely family member. If he kills him, no one will avenge him. Yan Chilei is the elder of Huo Yaozong with a huge number of people behind him. Supported by strength.

“Of course I want to kill!” Yang Kai grinned and looked at Yan Chilei sarcastically, “At this time, I still want to threaten and intimidate me. Are you Huo Yaozong people so stupid?”

Yan Chilei’s face turned pale.

“By the way, I forgot to tell you. It’s not the first time I killed Huo Yaozong people. I killed a guy named Kong Wendong in the Imperial Garden before, and I also killed one in the blood prison some time ago. The name Zhang Qing belongs to you Huo Yaozong, right?”

Yan Chilei was really panicked this time.

He didn’t expect that Yang Kai and Huo Yaozong’s grievances were so deep. Whether it was Kong Wendong or Zhang Qing, they were both well-known guys in Huo Yaozong, elder-level figures, and ranked Above him.

But Kong Wendong went to the Imperial Garden and failed to return. Zhang Qing went to the Blood Prison and there was no news.

If what Yang Kai said is true, doesn’t it mean that they all died at the hands of this kid?

“I have no affection for you Huo Yaozong, so die!” Yang Kai’s expression suddenly turned cold, a pure and extremely spiritual power condensed into a straight line, and went straight towards Yan Chi thunder.

The silent but vast sea power is like a sharp sword with nothing but urging, directly tore through Yan Chilei’s defenses and pierced into his sea of ​​consciousness.

Yan Chilei screamed, his face pale as paper, his soul was already injured.

Yu Xueqing’s beautiful eyes lit up, and she took this opportunity to stimulate her own potential field and artistic conception. With her body as the center, it immediately became extremely cold within a radius of 30 meters, and it seemed that even the air was frozen.

A thin layer of frost appeared on the surface of Yan Chilei’s body, and the cold air penetrated into his body, affecting the movement of his holy essence and the flexibility of his body.

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The Firebird took advantage of the situation and rushed down, opened his blood basin and swallowed Yan Chilei into his belly.

Visibly with the naked eye, there is a bulging movement in the abdomen of the Firebird Spirit, but the burning power offsets it.

As time passed, the movement became smaller and smaller, and eventually disappeared.

A ball of electric light suddenly appeared in the firebird’s body, the firebird turned into a firelight, and returned to Yang Kai’s body, where there was a pile of wreckage.

This guy apparently also practiced the secret technique of Dry Sky Thunder and Fire. Like Zhang Qing Kong Wendong, Dry Sky Thunder and Fire was swallowed by Firebirds after death, strengthening its power.

A catastrophe, bizarrely resolved.

Yu Xueqing stood there, panting, looking at Yang Kai with complicated eyes.

The other women in Ice Heart Valley also have shocked expressions.

Only Qingya is smiling.

For a long time, Yu Xueqing reluctantly accepted the reality, and nodded to Yang Kai and said: “Thank you.”

This time, if it weren’t for Yang Kai to suddenly shine, the Ice Heart Valley team could It was not bad to escape two or three, but now not only are they unharmed, but even Huo Yaozong’s people have been beheaded to death.

Yu Xueqing thanked Yang Kai in her heart.

“No, I just protect myself, can I set off now?” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

Yu Xueqing nodded and asked a disciple to pack up the spoils, and then led everyone to continue towards the direction of Bingjue Island.

Only this time, no one is hostile to Yang Kai anymore.

They all reduced their inexplicable hostility, and no longer surrounded Yang Kai to protect him as before. The battle with the Huo Yaozong people let everyone know that Yang Kai is the strongest in his group.

They don’t need protection at all!

On the way forward, they looked at Yang Kai from time to time, full of curiosity. They really don’t know how this young man cultivated. Obviously, they only have the cultivation of the two levels of returning to the virtual realm, but they can show that exaggeration. Of combat power.

“Elder Thirteen, why are we looking for him this time?” Qing Ya looked at her words and expressions, knowing that now is the best time to ask this matter, and immediately asked.

The other disciples in Ice Heart Valley also looked confused and looked at Yu Xueqing suspiciously.

These people have been traveling and fighting for a year. Everyone is looking for Yang Kai. Many seniors and sisters died in front of them. Naturally, they are also very curious about what all this is because of.

Yu Xueqing frowned, with an embarrassed expression on her face, and said: “I don’t know the specific reason. It’s just the people of Huo Yaozong who are looking for it, so we can’t let them succeed in Ice Heart Valley. Maybe he I know something.”

As she said this, Yu Xueqing looked at Yang Kai thoughtfully.

Yang Kai’s expression was indifferent.

“You don’t care about this. Since the suzerain and the elders do this, there must be a reason.”

“Yes!” everyone agreed.

Nothing happened all the way. Under the leadership of Yu Xueqing, the team galloped forward for a full half a month.

Until half a month later, everyone came to a city next to the sea.

This is obviously the forces of Bingxin Valley. Yu Xueqing led Yang Kai straight to the space magic circle built in the city, and used the space magic circle to teleport to Bingjue Island.

On the outer island, Yang Kaiyou’s expression moved as soon as he appeared here, and an expression of uncontrollable excitement appeared on his face, turning his head and staring in a certain direction, his eyes seemed to be able to cross the barrier of space, look To a distant location.

At the same time, in an ice chamber on the inner island, Su Yanhuo, who was meditating and practicing, opened her beautiful eyes and her delicate body trembled lightly.

At this moment, she actually felt something.

I sensed Yang Kai’s breath!

The two have practiced Yin-Yang Rejoicing Art. As long as they are not too far apart, they can sense each other.

Although the outer island and the inner island are hundreds of miles apart, they still cannot erase the spiritual connection between Yang Kai and Su Yan!

She is here!

He is here!

At the same time, the two noticed each other’s existence.

Yang Kai stood in place, his eyes soft as water, almost melting the rock.

Su Yan hurriedly got up and went to the layman!

Ke just walked out of the ice room when he was stopped by two women.

“Sister Su, where do you want to go?” Among the two women guarding Su Yan, the woman surnamed Zhou looked at Su Yan with a frosty face and stood in front of her.

’Sister Zhou, I’m going out!” Su Yan looked at her pleadingly.

“No!” The woman surnamed Zhou shook her head decisively, “The elder ordered that you must stay here during this period of time, and you must not leave one step. Don’t make it difficult for Senior Sister.”

“Yes, Junior Sister Su, the two of us are here to guard you. It was boring enough to be wronged. Although you are under the elders, you can’t help but put the seniors in your eyes? Please go back, right? “The other person also looked at Su Yan coldly.

The fact that the guard of Su Yan is too boring, not only can’t walk around, but also can’t concentrate on cultivation, which makes them suffer.

This errand made both women complain deeply about Su Yan, plus they didn’t like Su Yan very much, so they would naturally not speak too politely.

“Two elder sisters, the younger sister doesn’t want to make it difficult for you, but I have to go out. I promise I will be back in half a day!” Su Yan bit her red lips and looked at them helplessly. people.

’Sister, you really don’t take Senior Sister in your eyes!” The woman surnamed Zhou sneered, “Have you ever thought, if you go out and let the elder know, what kind of punishment will we be punished? I don’t know what you are going out to do, but I’m not going to take responsibility for your boring behavior.”

“Junior sister is the most respected disciple of the elder, the elder may not punish you too harshly. But what about us? The sternness of the elder is not clear to you. Junior sister, you are beautiful, but you don’t want to be like a snake or scorpion. Are you trying to kill us?”

Su Yan opened her mouth, nothing It’s right.

Although the other two said something exaggerated and extreme, it is undeniable that if they really go out, the two of them will definitely be implicated.

Her expression was sullen for a moment, and she whispered: “It’s the junior girl who hasn’t thought about it well.”

My own man has already arrived at Bingjue Island, close to him, but she can’t Going to see each other, Su Yan’s heart is like a knife.

“Just know, don’t hurry back!” The woman surnamed Zhou coldly snorted.

Su Yan nodded helplessly and turned back.

Seeing that she closed the door of the ice room and closed it again, the two women guarding the outside sneered.

The woman surnamed Zhou said, “I finally took a breath of anger. I really thought that I would be deceived by entering the door of the Great Elder?”

The other woman smiled and said happily: “Who told her that she used to be above the top? If she had a good relationship with us before, this time she won’t be too embarrassed.”

“We are senior sisters, and we should teach her how to be a good person.”

“Then do you want to report this matter to the elder?”

The woman surnamed Zhou pondered, and shook her head: “No need. Since she failed to go out, she won’t be punished even if she reports it. It’s better to wait until she really made a mistake and then report it. The elder will not tolerate her when that happens.”

’Senior Sister is right.” Another woman’s eyes lit up.

“Little brother!” Yu Xueqing’s shout awakened Yang Kai. He finally retracted his gaze and looked at Yu Xueqing.

The thirteen elders of Bingxin Valley had a weird expression and coughed softly: “There is the inner island of Bingjue Island. As a man, it is absolutely impossible for you to set foot on it. We are now on the outer island. Unless the circumstances were special this time, you would not be allowed to come in.”

“It is already an honor for the younger generation to be able to enter the Bing Jue Island, the kid, thank you, senior!” Yang Kai thanked him with his hands.

Because of Su Yan, Yang Kai was in a good mood, and suddenly found that these women in Bingxingu were all radiant and natural and gentle.

Although I don’t know why Yang Kai has made some subtle changes, Yu Xueqing has no intention of pursuing it.”

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