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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1668: How do you do it yourself Read Novel

Chapter 1668: How do you do it yourself – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1668: How do you do it yourself

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There is a loft on the outer island, adjacent to the sea, with the sound of clear water and tide.

After Yu Xueqing arranged for Yang Kai to live in the attic, she took the others and left. She had a low-strength Ice Heart Valley woman to take care of Yang Kai’s daily life.

Before leaving, Qing Ya cast a calm look at Yang Kai.

Yang Kaixin understands the spirit.

Now he has reached Bing Jue Island, and he has learned that Su Yan is hundreds of miles away. The yearning for seeing the beautiful woman is more surging than ever before, but he also knows Bing Jue The island is not an ordinary place, so naturally you won’t go around at will.

Sitting cross-legged in the attic, Yang Kai held Su Yan’s Ice Soul Orb in his hand, motionless.

He didn’t release his spiritual thoughts, but he could clearly feel that, hundreds of miles away, there was a breath that was closely related to him and shared weal and woe.

That is Su Yan’s breath.

At the same time, Su Yan was also sitting in her ice room, her beautiful eyes closed, her long eyelashes trembling slightly.

The two are feeling each other’s existence, feeling each other’s ups and downs.

This kind of silent, intangible telepathy has a feeling of silence better than sound, both of them are warm in body and mind.

At a certain moment, the two smiled at the same time, and a wonderful spiritual power burst out of their bodies, crossing the barrier of time and space, and met in the center of Bingjue Island.

Yang Kai seemed to be able to see Su Yan, and he stood in front of him happily. The figure that had existed in his heart for more than 30 years finally reappeared today.

He can even feel that Su Yan is reaching out to touch herself.

He responded.

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The psychic connection between the two is getting closer and gradually merged into one.

There is no verbal communication, but both parties can clearly see everything about the other party, and see everything that the other party has experienced over the years, just like personal experience.

In a certain location on the inner island, in Ran Yunting’s ice room, Ran Yunting who was meditating suddenly frowned. She seemed to have noticed something, and looked up into the void, with a look of doubt on her face.

At this moment, the communication compass next to her suddenly fluctuated in spirit. She picked up the communication compass and poured her spirit into it. When she noticed the information contained within, her face couldn’t help but sink. “Junior Sister Yu actually found the kid, and even brought him to Bingjue Island? That’s it, it turns out that this little beast is interfering with Su Yan’s mind!”

“The little beast is looking for death!”

Ran Yunting’s eyes appeared hostile, and the extremely powerful spirit power suddenly splashed into the void and blasted towards a certain location on Bing Jue Island.

Yang Kai, who was in a spiritual meeting with Su Yan, did not expect anyone to attack him.

The confluence of hearts is different from the power of divine consciousness. The former does not have any killing and defensive power at all, while the latter is capable of attacking and defending.

As soon as Ran Yunting’s power was used, Yang Kai felt that the telepathy between himself and Su Yan had been arbitrarily cut off. Not only that, but the shock on his mind also made his face pale, and he almost didn’t spit out a mouthful. Blood.

“Who is it!” Yang Kaihuo opened his eyes, his face extremely ugly.

He can naturally feel that the power that cuts off himself and Su Yan’s telepathy contains some murderous intent. It seems that he doesn’t care about his life or death at all. If his spiritual power is not superior to ordinary people, It was about to be hit hard at that moment.

This kind of trauma, but the injury of the spiritual sense, cannot be repaired by ordinary panacea.

Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly became cold, but soon, he reluctantly shook his head.

What I did just now was really a bit abrupt. After all, this is Bingjue Island, the rudder of Bingxin Valley. In ten thousand years, I was the first man to set foot on the outer island. Such a move is indeed somewhat unreasonable.

After trying to understand, Yang Xinxing calmly settled down and stopped worrying about it.

However, the power of divine consciousness is extraordinary, and it is most likely the top five elders in Ice Heart Valley.

After a boring loss, he no longer acted rashly. Anyway, there is always a chance to see Su Yan again. As for Su Yan’s safety, Yang Kai is not worried, no matter what, she is also Bing Xin Gu Da The disciples of the elders, no matter which elder who interfered with him, would not put a heavy hand on Su Yan.

In Su Yan’s ice room, she suddenly opened her eyes, her face was pale, and she whispered: “Master!”

“Think about it behind closed doors. If you do what you did just now, no The people in the prison did it, and the elders personally took the head of the little beast!” Ran Yunting’s icy voice sounded in Su Yan’s ears.

Su Yan’s face was paler, and she opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something, but didn’t say anything.

“How do you do it yourself!” Ran Yunting seemed to be quite disappointed with Su Yan now, and after leaving a sentence coldly, there was no response.

In the ice palace of Ice Heart Valley, after a year, the senior officials in the valley gathered again.

“Valley Lord, what is the important thing to summon our sisters this time?” An elder asked.

Bing Long smiled gently, nodded and said: “There is one important thing, but it is a happy event.”

“Oh? What happy event?” Everyone became curious.

“Elder Yu has found the young man and brought him to Bingjue Island.” Bing Long announced with a smile.

“Found it?”

’Sister Yu is really a good method, you can find all of this, you should remember it!”

“Just find it, find it Just fine! It has been more than a year, and the disciples in the valley have suffered a lot of casualties, and it’s time to withdraw.”

“But the valley master, have you ever found out why the people of Huo Yaozong are looking for him? What secrets are hidden that make Huo Yaozong pay so much attention.”

“This palace is not clear, Elder Yu, you brought him back. What can you find out?” Bing Long looked at him. Throw it to Yu Xueqing.

The latter shook his head slowly: “On the way back, I knocked on the side, but the kid did not answer. But according to my observation, he is not an ordinary person.”

“Why do you say that?”

“He should be a genius among geniuses. Huo Yaozong’s Yan Chilei died in his hands.”

“What? Yan Chilei died in his hands.” Bing Long’s expression was on his face. Changed, frowned and said, “Didn’t this person only have the cultivation base of the Void Returning Stage?”

“Yes, he really only has two stages, but he can fight beyond the stage, so I said He is a genius among geniuses.”

“Not bad!” Bing Long nodded.

“Jiang Xi also died in his hands.” Yu Xueqing had a weird expression, ’Single fight alone, killed by his 20 breaths!”

“Jiang Xi? That Jiang Xi?” The Fifth Elder Feng in Bingxingu narrowed his eyes, and an incredible expression appeared on his face.

“That’s Jiang Xi.”

“How is it possible?”

“Although Jiang Xi was not from a prominent sect, he has always been alone in his family, but this man was in his early years. He has had many adventures, his strength is extraordinary, and he is not a normal Void Return to the three-level realm. I heard that his potential has become more and more complete.”

“He is very hopeful of being promoted to the Void King realm on Chilan Star. One of the candidates of ah, how could I be killed by that young man, Sister Yu, you are not kidding?”

“How can I make a joke about this kind of thing? Junior sister, I have seen with my own eyes, there are more than a dozen disciples. Testify.” Yu Xueqing looked serious.

The elders in Bingxin Valley looked at each other in amazement. Several people looked towards the fifth elder, wanting to hear her opinion.

Among all the people present, she is the only one who fought against Jiang Xi back then, so she naturally has a say.

The fifth elder did not shirk, and he pondered for a moment and said: “The last time I fought Jiang Xi in a fierce fight 20 years ago. It took me a whole day to severely wound him but failed Kill, if I change to him today, I am not necessarily an opponent. In Bingxin Valley, there are no more than three elders who can compete with Jiang Xi alone!”


The voice of the cold breath sounded, and the expressions of the elders were wonderful.

The five elders did not exaggerate, they were just telling the truth, but it was because of this that made people feel terrible.

“Doesn’t this mean that the young man’s personal strength can rank in the top three among us?”

“He only has two levels, if he is promoted At the third level”

“More than! Contending is not the same as killing. He can kill Jiang Xi, and it only takes 20 breaths. The strength may only be able to contend with the elder!”

The expressions of a group of elders suddenly dimmed, and they didn’t have the confidence to say this, because even if the elder took the action personally, they might not be able to kill Jiang Xi in just 20 breaths.

After looking at each other, everyone’s expressions are only shocked.

“It’s a pity, he is not a woman.” Bing Long rubbed her eyebrows lightly and smiled bitterly.

If Yang Kai was a woman, Bing Long would definitely absorb him into Bingxin Valley at all costs. Such a talent would definitely have a much higher chance of being promoted to the Void King realm in the future than other Void Returning Mirrors.

The reason why Ice Heart Valley can become one of the two powers on Chilan Star is because there is a Void King Realm who is in charge. If there is an additional one, it can completely suppress Huo Yaozong. Above it, it became Chi Lan Star’s largest sect, covering the sky with only one hand.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s not a woman, it’s not that my disciple in Bingxin Valley is unmarried, just find a good disciple to marry him?” An elder smiled and suggested.

“This idea is good, but people may not agree.” Another elder sitting next to her shook his head slowly, “His strength and aptitude are so good, it seems that he is not very young. No women to follow? Maybe there are many women willing to follow him.”

“Where can those vulgar fans compare with my elite disciples in Bingxin Valley? He can marry my elite disciples in Bingxin Valley, It’s his blessing.”

“That’s pretty good.”

A group of elders are chattering, each expressing their opinions, and they seem to want to find a suitable person to marry Yang Kai now, so that he can get him Tied to the big ship in Ice Heart Valley.

Bing Long coughed slightly and said with a weird expression: “Have you forgotten that the people of Huo Yaozong are also looking for him, but I’m not afraid of anything in Ice Heart Valley. It is very likely that Master Luo Hai, who is involved in Cuiweixing, would be unpleasant. My Bingxingu may not be able to bear his anger.”

The expressions of all the elders changed at once. All fell silent.

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Chapter 1668: How do you do it yourself – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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