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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1671: No speculation Read Novel

Chapter 1671: No speculation – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1671: No speculation

“Then why is Brother Yang the Chilan Star this time?” Bing Long asked again.

“Passing by accidentally.”

“Do you know that Huo Yaozong has been looking for you for nearly a year?”

“Have heard of it.”

“Why is Huo Yaozong looking for you so much?”

After asking a few words, Bing Long’s question gradually became straightforward.

Yang Kai smiled slightly, took a sip from his teacup, and shook his head and said: “I don’t know!”

“I don’t know?” Bing Long chuckled lightly, and her voice suddenly became low: “That This palace asks again, Lord Luo Hai, the lord of Cuiwei Star, came to Chilan Star, but it is because of you?”

“Since the seniors already know, why bother to ask?”

Bing Long was surprised: “Master Luo Hai is really here for you?”

Although she had guessed before, after all, Luo Hai went to Huo Yaozong after he arrived at Chi Lan Star, and Huo Yaozong did it. Starting to search for Yang Kai’s traces, all these are connected, and people will involuntarily have guesses.

The conjecture belongs to the conjecture. After being confirmed by Yang Kai, Bing Long still felt very surprised.

What kind of character is Luo Hai? Looking at the entire star field, it was also ranked high, and it would actually come to Chilan Star from Cuiwei Star for Yang Kai, which is really worrying.

“Why?” Bing Long asked again.

Yang Kai shook his head and said in a serious tone: “This junior can’t answer. If you want to know, you might as well ask Luo Hai himself.”

The surprise in Bing Long’s eyes is even thicker.

Yang Kai actually called Luo Hai directly! There is no sign of respect at all.

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If you know that your strength has reached the level of Luo Hai, regardless of whether you have anything to do with him, to show respect for the strong, you will add the word adult or senior after his name.

This point is inevitable even in the ordinary Void King Realm. Although Bing Long is the master of Bingxin Valley, he has to respectfully call Master Luo Hai from a distance.

Yang Kai ignored it.

Bing Long was stunned and said: “You have an enmity with Lord Luo Hai?”

“I was chased by him all the way from Cuiweixing to Chilanxing. Several times, he nearly survived. Senior said that I have no grudge against him?” Yang Kai sneered slightly.

He didn’t intend to conceal this, because this kind of thing cannot be concealed.

Bing Long and Ran Yunting were shocked at the same time, looking at Yang Kai incredulously.

For a long time, Bing Long said with a complex expression: “You are really lucky, you can escape from Lord Luo Hai!”

She thought that Yang Kai was safe and sound. It was completely luck. reason. If this is not the case, how can a Void Return Two-layer Realm survive under the hands of a Void King Two-layer Realm powerhouse?

“What hate do you have with Master Luo Hai, let’s talk about it in detail!” Ran Yunting suddenly spoke. This is the first time she has spoken since she came here, but there is an incontrovertible taste in her words.

This made Yang Kai frowned, and secretly thought that I am not a disciple of Bingxingu, what is this kind of domineering tone of commanding himself?

But thinking that she was Su Yan’s master, Yang Kai couldn’t show her face, so he could only say, “I’m sorry for this, kid, I can’t comment.”

“Boy, Haven’t you figured out the situation? This is my Bingjue Island, and you have provoke a strong man like Lord Luo Hai. If you want to survive, you’d better cooperate with us obediently, otherwise you’ll even have great talents. It’s hard to escape this disaster!” Ran Yunting’s face suddenly sank when he saw Yang Kai so ignorant.

Yang Kai looked at her, squinted his eyes, and said faintly: ’Senior, is this threatening me?”

Ran Yunting’s face was cold, and when she was about to say something, Bing Long hurriedly said “The great elder didn’t mean this, but this matter is really not trivial. I’ll call you Yang Kai, Yang Kai. Although you have a good level of cultivation, you have offended a strong man like Lord Luo Hai. I’m afraid of the future. Worry.”

“I know.” Yang Kai nodded nonchalantly.

’Since you know, I won’t say more about it. There is a Supreme Elder in Bingxin Valley, who is also the cultivation base of the Void King Realm. Although he is not as good as Lord Luo Hai, he has good methods. Moreover, he has a relationship with Lord Luo Hai in several ways. You may wish to explain the matter carefully. If it is possible, the palace will ask the Supreme Elder to come forward and say a few good words for you to resolve this crisis. What do you think?”

Bing Long’s heart-to-heart look reduced Yang Xinzhong’s anger a little, but she still shook her head and said, “You don’t bother seniors with things about the kid, and the kid will take care of it by himself.”

“You? What is your ability to handle such a tricky thing? “Ran Yunting seemed to be particularly eager to see Yang Kai, and she sneered when she heard the words, “Boy, don’t toast or eat fine wine, you don’t want to say anything, come to my Bingxin Valley and make trouble!”

“Isn’t Bingxingu always looking for me? “Yang Kai looked at Ran Yunting.

Ran Yunting looked angry, and the surging Saint Yuan in his body circulated leisurely. The great power descended from the sky and enveloped Yang Kai, as if he was about to attack him.


Bing Long’s face changed slightly, and he quickly said: “Yang Kai, since you don’t want to say it, then the palace and the elders will not force you, but you must be clear, if you agree, please let the disciples send messages at any time. In this palace, this palace will ask the Supreme Elder to come forward to help you resolve this matter.”

“Senior’s kindness, the brat! “Yang Kai said lightly.

“In that case, you can stay here at ease, and talk about the future later.” Bing Long sighed and stood up to leave.

Ran Yunting glared at Yang Kai, snorted and followed out. When she reached the front door, she suddenly turned around, staring at Yang Kai with a cold look, and said sternly, “Boy, don’t take it for granted. The elder doesn’t know what idea you are fighting with. I advise you to die. She will eventually fly to a branch and become a phoenix. It is not something people like you can get involved. Don’t ruin her future!”

After finishing speaking, Ran Yunting turned around and left without giving Yang Kai a chance to refute.

Yang Kai looked indifferent, standing still, watching her and Bing Long leave.

But listening to what she meant, she really knew her relationship with Su Yan, no wonder she was so hostile to herself as soon as she came up.

It must be due to the eagerness of the guardian. Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai calmed down the anger in his heart.

To be honest, Su Yan can have such a master who considers her, it is not bad, but the attitude of Ran Yunting makes Yang Kai very unhappy.

’Sister, something is wrong with you today.”On the way back to the inner island, Bing Long looked at Ran Yunting thoughtfully, “Do you know something?” Why are you so harsh to Yang Kai, you know him before?”

“I don’t know! Ran Yunting shook her head, pondered for a moment, and suddenly sighed: ’Senior Sister, let me tell you, Yang Kai and Su Yan have known each other before!”

“Oh? How did the two of them know each other? “Bing Long was surprised.

“Didn’t he say that he was from Tongxuan Continent? Su Yan also came from that place! They used to seem to be the relationship between the elder brother and sister, and”

Bing Long Dai frowned, vaguely aware of something, and said in amazement: “Did they used to”

“Not bad! Not only that, Su Yan is no longer a flawless white jade!”

“What? “This time Bing Long’s expression finally changed, and she was shocked: “But didn’t Su Yan practice Bing Yu Gong?” How could it not be backlashed?”

“The backlash has come, Su Yan’s cultivation has declined, his mood has begun to appear flaws, and Bing Xin is covered in dust! “Ran Yunting gritted her teeth and said, “If I guessed correctly, the reason the kid came to Bing Jue Island on his own initiative was also for Su Yan. Yesterday I also discovered that the two of them were communicating with a peculiar spiritual power.”

Bing Long’s face changed endlessly, and he muttered: “The two of them can communicate with each other using their spiritual power. Isn’t it just a kind of heart?” It seems that their relationship is really extraordinary. If this is the case, isn’t Su Yan’s future abolished?”

“There is a way to resolve it! There was a ruthless look in Ran Yunting’s gaze.

Seeing her look, Bing Long quickly realized something and shook her head: “You can’t do this now, Master Luo Hai is here for him. If he is dead now, then I will not be able to explain to Master Luo Hai in Bingxingu. Moreover, this method is not safe, in case Su Yanji hates you”

“It doesn’t matter if you remember your hate! “Ran Yunting laughed, and there was a madness in her smile, “Don’t tell me, Senior Sister, I’m afraid I won’t have any hope of being promoted to the Void King Realm in my life, but Su Yan has this potential. What I can’t do, I hope she can do it! As long as she can get there, what does it matter if she hates me? One day, she will understand that I am for her good!”

“Junior Sister,” Bing Long looked at her, suddenly sighed, her expression gloomy.

Ran Yunting said that she has no hope of being promoted to the Void King realm, why is she not? At the pinnacle level of the realm, I have stayed for countless years, hitting the bottleneck for countless times, all ended in failure, completely unable to grasp the mystery and mystery of the Void King Realm.

As Ran Yunting said, they will probably only stop beyond the threshold of the Void King Realm in their entire life. Unless they encounter some chance against the sky, there will be such a thin line of possibility!

Bing Long understood Ran Yunting’s thoughts, but he also felt that it would be inappropriate to do so, so he could only order: “Let me think about this, don’t act rashly!”

“I know.”

Going forward for a while, the two separated.

Ran Yunting walked straight to Su Yan’s residence. She needed to talk frankly with her apprentice once and let her know that the avenue is eternal, and the love between men and women is just a passing moment, which is not worth remembering.

Not long after, Ran Yunting arrived. From a distance, she saw a disciple who was outside Su Yan’s ice room, talking to the two guarding Su Yan, with a pleading expression.

Looking closer, Ran Yunting discovered that this disciple was Qingya who came to Bingxin Valley with Su Yan.

Ran Yunting still had an impression of this disciple. After all, when she brought Su Yan back to Bingxin Valley, Qing Ya also followed, but she was not as qualified as Su Yan, so she always lived on the outer island.

When Ran Yunting came over, Qingya and the two women stopped their voices quickly, and they all faced over there, respectfully saluting: “The disciple has seen the Great Elder!”

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