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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1672: Ran Yunting’s Persecution Read Novel

Chapter 1672: Ran Yunting’s Persecution – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1672: Ran Yunting’s Persecution

Ran Yunting nodded lightly, his gaze swept across Qing Ya’s face indifferently.

I don’t know if it’s because of Yang Kai. Ran Yunting suddenly found that this disciple from the outer island, who was also from Tongxuan Continent, was a bit distracting. Yang Kai’s ignorant face flashed in her mind, making her feel Irritable.

“What are you making here? I don’t know that Su Yan is retreating?” Ran Yunting screamed.

The eyes of the two female disciples who were in charge of guarding Su Yan flashed with trepidation, realizing that the elder was not in a good mood, and they were all in a promise.

The woman surnamed Zhou glanced at Qing Ya and said aggrieved: “Back to the elder, this junior sister has to go in to see Su Yan. The disciples have stopped her, but she is still chattering here, no Be willing to retreat!”

“The Great Elder Mingjian, it’s not that the disciples intend to disturb Su Yan, it’s because there is a reason!” Another woman also cried out.

Ran Yunting’s sharp gaze fell on Qing Ya, and said coldly: “If you refuse to retreat, don’t you know how to beat her back? You have practiced in vain all these years?”

After coming out, Qing Ya and the other three all looked blankly.

It seems that the Grand Elder would never say such a thing.

In Bingxin Valley, although there are battles and gaps between the masters and sisters, no one ever fights.

But the elder meant that he actually let himself beat Qing Ya? The woman surnamed Zhou couldn’t turn her head for a while, and stood still.

“What are you still waiting for? Are you deaf?” Ran Yunting shouted again.

The woman surnamed Zhou is a rousing spirit. Only then did she come back to her senses. She knew that the elder was not joking, and the anger in her heart was reprimanded and there was nowhere to vent. Hearing this, she yelled: “Yes, the disciple will follow the elder. Order!”

While speaking, Sheng Yuan turned around and pushed towards Qing Ya with a palm.

“The Great Elder” Qingya opened her mouth and called out, but only after yelling a few words, she was hit in the chest by a fierce energy, and her body flew out almost uncontrollably, her body in the air. In the middle, spit out a mouthful of blood, dyeing her white dress red.


Qing Ya flew straight for more than ten feet and hit an ice wall before landing in embarrassment.

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His face was pale and bloodless, and he got up with a strong spirit, without breathing for a long time.

She is now the cultivation base of the Saint King’s two-level realm, but the woman surnamed Zhou who shot her has the first level of Void Return. The huge gap in the cultivation realm makes her unable to withstand the opponent’s blow.

Under a palm, Qingya has been injured!

Her beautiful eyes trembled violently, she looked at Ran Yunting in disbelief, as if she hadn’t slowed down, she didn’t know why the elder suddenly gave such an inhuman order!

“Go! Dare to set foot on the inner island in the future, this elder will definitely drive you out of Ice Heart Valley!” Ran Yunting reprimanded coldly without mercy.

“Qing Ya!” Su Yan’s door suddenly opened, her face was anxious, and her body was shaking and she was about to rush towards Qing Ya.

Although she heard the dispute between Qing Ya and the woman surnamed Zhou and others, because of Ran Yunting’s order, she didn’t dare to show up without permission and had to stay behind closed doors.

But now, Qing Ya is actually injured, she can’t help it anymore!

The two are from the Tongxuan Continent, and they worshipped into Bingxin Valley to practice. They love sisters. How could they watch Qingya being beaten?

But she didn’t want the talent to show up, Ran Yunting casually swept, a strong wind rushed towards her face, directly pressing Su Yan back.

“You dare to take a step forward, I will kill her now!” Standing outside the ice room, Ran Yunting looked at Su Yan’s sad face with a cold expression.

A trace of panic flashed on Su Yan’s face, looking at Ran Yunting with an extremely unfamiliar gaze, opened his mouth, and finally did not dare to act rashly. It took a long time to take a deep breath and gritted his teeth and said: “I also look at Master. Read it for the first time in Qingya, don’t punish her anymore!”

Ran Yunting nodded: “You are obedient, I will not embarrass her!”

Su Yan gritted her teeth, clenched her fists, and whispered softly. Said: “The disciple listens to Master.”

Then Ran Yunting showed a trace of satisfaction: “That’s all right! I came this time to tell you that the person has arrived at Bingjue Island, and you are self-defeating. Lust, to make up for the flaws in the mood, I still want me to help you!”

Su Yan’s body trembled, looking at Ran Yunting in horror, and there was an imploring expression in her beautiful eyes, muttering: “Master”

To renounce your lust is tantamount to cutting everything between her and Yang Kai, and from then on, she has become a stranger.

Let Master help, but only one—Yang Kai was killed!

No matter which type it is, Su Yan can’t accept it, it’s more uncomfortable than letting her die.

“Besides, there is no third choice! I will give you a few days to consider, and you will answer me when you think about it!”

Su Yan’s beautiful eyes dimmed for a moment She seemed to be obscured by dark clouds, unable to see the light ahead, she was stunned.

When she recovered, Ran Yunting had already left and Qingya was no longer there. Only the two fellow teachers and sisters at the door smiled at herself like schadenfreude.

The smile made her feel so dazzling!

For the first time in more than thirty years, she gave birth to the idea of ​​breaking the shackles bound to her and escaping from this place.

It is undeniable that Ran Yunting is very good to Su Yan. Since bringing her to Bingxin Valley, she has been teaching her with all her heart. The resources in the valley have also satisfied her as much as possible, creating an extremely good practice environment for Su Yan.

However, while trying his best to teach Su Yan without reservation, Ran Yunting also put a shackle on Su Yan.

She had too many expectations for Su Yan, and she placed a heavy burden on Su Yan. It can be said that she poured her hopes that she couldn’t fulfill into Su Yan with wishful thinking.

The future of Ice Heart Valley, the mystery of the Void King Realm, Su Yan heard Ran Yunting mention these more than once.

Before, she didn’t think there was anything. Master, but she had ordered, she would do it. After all, without Ran Yunting’s words, she and Qingya Qianhao might still be struggling on Cuiwei Star, how could they live like this? Carefree.

But now, Su Yan feels tired.

The appearance and arrival of Yang Kai gave her someone to rely on. She didn’t want to take on the future of Bingxin Valley. She just wanted to travel side by side with Yang Kai in the world and travel among the mountains and rivers.

She has never had such big ambitions, and her request is very simple.

Outside the door, the two mentor and sisters sneered and sneered. You said and I said, they seemed to be in a good mood.

Su Yan was a little bit chilly, she didn’t say much, just sat down cross-legged without saying a word, and waved to close the door of the ice room.

In the attic of the outer island, Yang Kai found the female disciple of Ice Heart Valley who was taking care of her daily life.

This female disciple is also a disciple from the outer islands. She only has the first level of cultivation. She looks twenty-four or five. Although she is not very beautiful, she is also quite beautiful. The whole person is transparent. A clean breath.

The disciples of Bing Jue Island, who practiced all the techniques of the ice system, so there was a slight chill in her body.

“Girl, do you know Qingya?” Yang Kai asked, looking at her.

“Senior Sister Qingya? I know!” The woman nodded and replied, smiling slightly: “Our caves are not very far apart, so we can meet each other often. This senior, you also know Sister Qingya?”

“Well, can you take me to see her?”

“Are you going to see Sister Qingya?” The woman was startled, frowned, her expression a little hesitant: “This I’m afraid it won’t work.”


“The elders have ordered that you can only rest here, brother, you can’t walk around without the elder’s order, you know, brother, Our disciples in Bingxin Valley are all women, and no man has ever set foot before. If you see something you shouldn’t see when you are walking around,”

As he talked, the woman turned red.

“That’s it, then forget it.” Yang Kai smiled freely and didn’t mean to insist, and then chatted with the woman a few more words before turning back to the attic.

Seeing that Yang Kai was not as difficult as a strong man, the female disciple couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that this person is quite good at talking.

Returning to the attic, Yang Kai’s expression was calm and he couldn’t see the happiness or anger, but he still felt a little uneasy.

Isn’t he under house arrest?

Furthermore, it has been three days since Bing Long, the lord of Ice Heart Valley, and the elder Ran Yunting visited together. In these three days, no one came to pay attention to him, and even Qing Ya did not show up.

This puzzled Yang Kai.

It’s fine if the others don’t come. Why wouldn’t Qingya come? She knew why she came to Bingxin Valley this time, but now she was trapped in the attic on the outer island and couldn’t leave, let alone visit Su Yan.

In the past three days, Su Yan has not had any spiritual communication with herself.

The more Yang Kai thought about it, the more he felt wrong, and quietly released his spiritual thoughts, and found out that the female disciple was still guarding outside the attic.

The power of space surged on Yang Kai’s side. The next moment, Yang Kai disappeared in place like a ghost.

For someone else, it might not be easy to sneak out, but for Yang Kai, who has cultivated the power of space, it is extremely easy.

Without the female disciple’s awareness, he has appeared somewhere hidden three miles away.

Looking up at an ice peak a dozen miles away, Yang Kai shook his body and approached there.

While chatting just now, Yang Kai deliberately or unintentionally inquired about the female disciple’s cave mansion and learned the specific location.

Since she said that it is not far from Qingya’s cave, then Qingya’s cave should also be on that ice peak.

I just don’t know where it is.

After a short while, Yang Kai came to the foot of Bingfeng, hiding his breath while looking up.

Hundreds of caves were excavated from the top and bottom of the ice peak, and it seemed that there were people living in them. Yang Kai secretly had a headache.

Release the divine mind to investigate. Every Dongfu has a forbidden guardian. Although with Yang Kai’s strength, there is no problem in breaking through the restrictions of these outer island disciples. Will cause trouble.

He can only frown and observe, waiting quietly.

When there was no clue, suddenly a group of Bingxingu disciples with about four or five people came to the bottom of the ice peak.

The one headed by the few people has the first stage of returning to the Void, and the others are all in the Saint King realm.

Although the cultivation base is not very high, Yang Kai feels that each of these women has some kind of hostility. This discovery made him frown.

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Chapter 1672: Ran Yunting’s Persecution – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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