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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1674: Sin Read Novel

Chapter 1674: Sin – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1674: Sin

It happened so suddenly that everyone did not react.

It wasn’t until the Bingdie was beaten out for three breaths that a disciple from the Law Enforcement Hall recovered and shouted: “Who!”

At the same time, he looked at Yang Kai and waited to see the shot Behind the face of the person, he couldn’t help but look dazed.


“When did we allow men to come in on Bingjue Island?”

“Where did this guy come from? It was forced by a single blow. I retired Senior Sister Bingdie and hurt her a little.”

“Hey, isn’t this the person we were ordered to look for some time ago? I have already found it, no wonder the elders will let us. Withdraw.”

A group of female disciples in Ice Heart Valley first seemed to have seen something new and strange, and looked at Yang Kai with weird expressions, until they found out that he was the same as the teachers and sisters who had been traveling for a year. After the person I was looking for, they were all excited immediately.

They worked hard for a year outside, just to find Yang Kai’s traces. Now that they finally saw the Lord, many people naturally want to know what is special about Yang Kai, which actually made Bing Xin Gu spent so much manpower and material resources to find.

But no matter how you look at it, there is no clue, but Yang Kai seems a little annoyed at this moment, his face is extremely cold, and he stands alone in front of Qingya, like a towering mountain, blocking all the storms.

Such a scene made Bingxingu’s disciples frown and guess, guessing what the relationship between Yang Kai and Qingya is.

The pain in the imagination did not come as expected. Instead, Bingdie’s muffled hum sounded. Qing Ya opened her eyes suspiciously, and immediately noticed Yang Kai’s back.

“Why are you here?” Qing Ya asked in astonishment.

“I came here to talk to you, but I didn’t expect something like this!” Yang Kai looked back and looked at her with concern: “Is it okay?”

Qing Ya shakes She shook her head and said with a wry smile: “It’s okay.”

“Who hurt you?”

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Qing Ya bit her red lip and didn’t answer.

Yang Kai sighed slightly, took out a jade bottle from the space ring, and handed it over: “Take it to heal your wounds.”

Qing Ya reached out and took it, thanking him, but Did not take it on the spot, just looked at the ice butterfly not far away with a complicated expression.

After receiving Yang Kai’s angry palm, although Bingdie looked extremely embarrassed, her injuries were not serious in reality. Otherwise, with Yang Kai’s current strength, that blow could directly kill her.

After all, this is Bingxin Valley. After all, it is Su Yan’s master. Yang Kai doesn’t want to make things too much.

Hearing the conversation between Yang Kai and Qingya, Bingdie’s icy face showed a hideous color, she reached out and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, and sneered: “Heal? She has no chance! Openly rebelled against the elder’s order, wounded the law enforcement cousin, Qing Ya, the disciple of the outer islands, and she must die today!”

Qing Ya’s body trembled, her fists clenched, her knuckles white.

Yang Kaihuo turned his head and looked at Bingdie, his eyes were as cold as a knife, exuding coldness.

“I was the one who hurt you. What is the crime against me?”

“You can’t run away, no matter what your origin, dare to be Bingjue Island is presumptuous, so don’t think about getting out of it safely. As for Qingya, she is dead, colluding with outsiders, and she is a man! Destroying my reputation in Bingxin Valley and tarnishing the reputation of the teacher. What are you two male thieves and female prostitutes trying to mix into my Bingxin Valley?”

Qing Ya shook her body for a moment, looked at Bingdie with a pale face, and trembled: ’Senior Sister Bingdie, why are you talking like that. There is nothing between Yang Kai and I, nor have we done anything to corrupt the reputation of Bingxin Valley and tarnish the reputation of the teacher! Yang’s meeting here is all because of”

“Shut up! There is no place for you to speak! Bingdie gritted her teeth at Qingya and sneered, not giving her a chance to explain, and said with a sneer: “You call him so intimately, how dare you say that you have nothing to do with him?”

At this time, many of the Bingxingu disciples onlookers showed weird expressions.

Although Yang Kai and Qingya didn’t exchange a few words, anyone could follow them. It is inferred from the expression and tone that the two are not shallow, at least they are not just getting to know each other.

Is there really any hidden feeling in this?

Qing Ya looked sad: ’Sister, you You can beat and kill me, but you must never insult me. Since entering the valley, Qingya has never done anything to apologize to Shimen.”

And this matter is still related to Yang Kai, Yang Kai is Su Yan’s man, even if Qing Ya is confused, it is impossible to have anything to do with Yang Kai.

“I haven’t done it? “Bingdie looked at her viciously, “Instigating this man to attack me sneakily, isn’t this count as I’m sorry, the teacher?”

“I don’t have one! “Qingya retorted in a hurry.

“Dare to sophistry! “Bingdie screamed, “If it weren’t for your instigation, how could he appear in such a timely manner!”

Qing Ya opened her mouth, speechless.

“Why don’t you want to add to the crime!” Yang Kai’s face suddenly showed a look of disappointment, “Qingya, since there is no room for you, don’t wait.”

He sighed again and seemed to be muttering to herself: “I originally thought that Su Yan would be well taken care of here, but now it seems that it is time to take her away. The earth will only tarnish her pure soul.”

Su Yan?

This man actually knows Su Yan?

And what did he say just now that he actually wanted to take Su Yan away?

Is he not awake?

Men are indeed unreasonable animals!

Many women looked at Yang Kai with weird eyes, wondering if this guy was another poor creature who was captured by Su Yan’s charm?

Since entering the sect, Su Yan has not gone out a few times, but his reputation has spread throughout Chilan Star. Even people like Huo Yaozong Sect Master Wei Feng will never forget Su Yan, let alone Said other people.

In recent years, countless powerful people have come to Bingxingu, hoping to let his young Junyan marry Su Yan, this dazzling pearl. Among them are some truly talented and qualified rising stars, but none. Exceptions were rejected by Bingxingu.

Su Yan is Bingxingu’s future hope, where will she marry?

It is rumored that even the elder Taishang is very optimistic about her. During the retreat, she will occasionally be summoned to teach her cultivation experience.

This is a great honor. In the entire Ice Heart Valley, only the Valley Master and the Great Elder are eligible to meet the Supreme Elder. The other elders are not fully qualified.

Su Yan is the phoenix standing on the branch, and all the men of Chilan Star are like insects crawling on the ground to her.

No one can match her!

Suddenly Yang Kai made such a rhetoric, and the women in Bingxin Valley immediately misunderstood, thinking that Yang Kai, like those in Wei Feng, was devoted to Su Yan, but could not get the love of the beautiful woman. A guy who can only secretly love.

“Just because you want to take Su Yan away?” Bingdie’s eyes flashed anger, and she said softly, “You can live through today! All the disciples have ordered me to kill Qing Yahe. This shameless man, hesitating the front door, in order to behave like you!”

Bingdie’s voice fell, and the few disciples who followed her immediately rushed towards Yang Kai without fear of death.

It’s not that they haven’t seen Yang Kai’s methods to deal with Bingdie before, but the law enforcement hall’s order is absolute.

Those disciples from the outer islands who watched the excitement also frowned. Many people chose to stand by with their hands. Some people, due to the majesty of the Law Enforcement Hall, secretly urged Sheng Yuan and stared at Yang Kai.

They don’t want to attack Qingya, but they can deal with Yang Kai, a strange man.

The Saint Yuan of the ice system was surging everywhere, and the already severely cold ice peak became more and more cold. In the entire world, there seemed to be only the power of ice cold left, enough to freeze the ancient earth.

The several law enforcement disciples who rushed over suddenly screamed at a distance of about five feet from Yang Kai, and flew out on their backs, one by one, they fell on the snow, their faces pale, and they couldn’t get up anyway.

All the Outer Island disciples who attacked Yang Kai were all shocked, their complexions pale, and they looked at Yang Kai in shock, not daring to act rashly.

No one could see how Yang Kai made the move, but the results before them made them deeply understand the huge gap between them and Yang Kai.

“Yang Kai, don’t overdo it!” Qing Ya was shocked.

She didn’t expect that on Bingjue Island, Yang Kai would dare to do something with the disciples of Bingxingu.

Before there was a reason to save himself, but now, he actually made another move.

Although they didn’t kill anyone, looking at the appearance of those law enforcement cousins, it was obvious that the injuries were serious.

She didn’t care about the lives and deaths of those fellow students. After experiencing this time, Qingya’s sense of identity and belonging to Bingxin Valley disappeared.

She just wants to leave here early.

She was afraid that Yang Kai had done too much, which would cause the Ice Heart Valley powerhouse to be dispatched!

At that time, even if Yang Kai had great abilities, he wouldn’t be able to get away easily.

The ice butterfly still stood on the spot, looking at the scene before her, and suddenly smiled, but the smile looked like a poisonous snake with its head up and its core raised, with a trace of complacency on her face, and she said quickly: “Okay! This is! Once no matter who it is, don’t even think about saving you anymore. You are dead.”

Yang Kai looked at her, narrowed his eyes, and said calmly: “You think I can’t see it. This is a Game?”

The smile on Bingdie’s face suddenly became a little stiff.

“Come out and hide sneakily by the side. Have you watched it long enough?” Yang Kai said, suddenly waving his hand and patted it somewhere in the void, a huge handprint Boom over there.

With a loud noise, the big mudra was dissolved by an invisible force, but in the void, a figure appeared strangely.

Countless disciples from the outer islands looked up, and suddenly shouted in shock: “Great Elder!”

“Disciples, see Great Elder!” Everyone came back to their senses, hurriedly saluted, and looked respectful.

The figure that appeared in the void was the Great Elder of Ice Heart Valley!

Ran Yunting is dressed in a lavender palace costume, looks luxurious and intriguing, her breath is as deep as the sea, unfathomable, but at the moment she looked at Yang Kai’s eyes, but she was a little surprised.

She didn’t expect Yang Kai to have discovered his existence long ago.

She thought everything was unaware.

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