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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1675: Don’t blame me for being ruthless Read Novel

Chapter 1675: Don’t blame me for being ruthless – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1675: Don’t blame me for being ruthless

“It really is you!” Yang Kai snorted softly.

Ran Yunting also snorted, looking down at Yang Kai condescendingly, as if overlooking an ant, with a cold expression.

“It looks like you want my life very much!” A sarcastic smile appeared on Yang Kai’s face, “It is for this moment to try hard to lead me, right?”

When Ran Yunting was nearby, Yang Kai knew immediately that all of this today was not accidental, but a well-deployed trap.

Today, whether you will come to Qingya or not, you will definitely be attracted to it. Therefore, before coming to Qingya Cave House, the Ice Butterfly will deliberately yell like that, just to alarm those in the attic. Yang Kai.

As long as the ice butterfly is alarmed, Yang Kai will definitely take action.

It’s just that no one thought that Yang Kai would also happen to be nearby by chance.

Repeatedly making things difficult for Qingya, putting a big hat on her, and even hitting her with heavy hands, just to induce Yang Kai to take action.

In the end, Bingdie, regardless of the safety of the several fellows in the Law Enforcement Hall, asked them to step forward and kill Yang Kai, which was also the purpose.

Everything is acting according to previous expectations.

And the person behind the envoy is undoubtedly Ran Yunting!

As the elder of Ice Heart Valley, holding heavy powers, the Hall of Law Enforcement is in charge of her, and only she can mobilize the disciples of the Hall of Law Enforcement.

Qing Ya is just an innocent pawn. Ran Yunting’s ultimate goal is only Yang Kai!

“The Great Elder” Qing Ya looked responsibly at the aloft Ran Yunting.

“Ingredient things, you are not qualified to call me!” Ran Yunting glanced at Qing Ya coldly, and then shook it, a icy wind directly struck Qing Ya.

Qing Ya stood there, too late to react.

Yang Kai once again stood in front of Qing Ya and blasted forward with a punch.

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The magic flame burst out, the dark flame and the icy wind touched each other, and the cold and heat had a violent conflict at this moment, making the space seem to collapse.

Ran Yunting raised her eyebrows, and finally looked at Yang Kai seriously, secretly shocked by his strength.

Although she didn’t use her full strength in her previous blow, she seemed to hit it casually, and she also had three or four percent of her skill, but Yang Kai just made an understatement to defuse the attack.

Obviously there is more than enough!

“It turns out that I still don’t believe it. You can kill Jiang Xi and Yan Chilei with your ability. Now it seems that it is true. You are very good!” Ran Yunting nodded gently, not because of Yang. He was so touched by Kai’s performance, just a few words of praise casually.

“However, that’s it. You hurt my Bingxingu disciple on my Bingjue Island. Don’t put my Bingxingu in your eyes. Today, you will definitely die!” Ran Yunting’s eyes were suddenly cold, no Looking at Yang Kai with the slightest emotion: “It is an honor for you to die under this elder!”

On the ice peak, countless female disciples from Ice Heart Valley trembled, looking at Ran Yunting in shock.

The elder is going to do it himself?

What is the origin of this young man? Why did the sect search for him so hard before, but now, the elder is going to kill him? What are the unknown grudges in this? Everyone was at a loss, wondering what was involved in it.

However, it seems that the Grand Elder hasn’t taken a shot for a long time.

It is rumored that the last time she did something with someone was ten years ago, but no one saw it with his own eyes, only that the guy who fought with her became an ice sculpture.

And now, the elder is actually going to kill this young man on the ice island.

For a time, countless Bingxingu disciples were looking forward to seeing the great elders show their power, and to see how the great elders can use them.

Many people also gave Yang Kai a sympathetic look, secretly thinking that this guy had provoke the great elder, even if he was going to be buried on Bingjue Island today.

Under the gaze of everyone, Yang Kai’s cold and angry face suddenly calmed down. This weird change made everyone’s heart burst, and a vaguely unpleasant feeling was spreading.

Immediately, Yang Kai rushed towards Ran Yunting and bowed slightly.

He actually bowed!

Eyeballs are jumping around everywhere.

All the disciples in Ice Heart Valley couldn’t understand what Yang Kai was going to do. Facing the monstrous murderous intent of the great elder, he actually saluted the great elder.

Is this scared? Does this man know that he is not the opponent of the Great Elder, so he wants to compromise and make a living?

Bingdie laughed aside, looking at Yang Kai, her eyes were full of sarcasm and mockery. She despised this kind of bullying and fearful of hardship in her heart. She didn’t have the spirit of a man.

With a man like him, want to capture Su Yan’s heart? It’s simply a fantasy.

“It’s too late to admit your mistakes!” Ran Yunting was still aloof, her expression still, and her tone indifferent: “You should know in your heart why this elder wants to kill you. If you really understand, you can really help her. If it’s good, just dictate yourself! The elders don’t want to get your blood, after all, I will see her often in the future.”

It seems to be the last charity to Yang Kai, after saying that Yang Kai will dictate, Ran Yunting waited quietly.

Yang Kai smiled suddenly, his face still calm, and gently shook his head and said: “I’m not wrong!”

Ran Yunting’s face was stubborn: “Now that’s the matter, are you still stubborn? She is not someone like you to match. She is going to reach the pinnacle of martial arts. In the future, you can only look up at her neck and get further and further away from her! Rather than suffering in the future, it is better to cut yourself off now, and it can be considered fulfilled. If she does this, she may still remember you for a lifetime, Wu Zhifeng is loneliness and loneliness. Only those who endure loneliness and loneliness can achieve everything. Don’t you see the future situation clearly?”

“It is you who can’t see the future!” Yang Kai looked at Ran Yunting lightly, “I salute you to thank you for teaching and caring for her over the years. After this ceremony, you and I will be enemies. ! If you want to kill me, you must have the consciousness of being killed by me!”

Ran Yunting’s phoenix eyes are filled with electric lights, and the surging divine light is like a blade, making people afraid to face it, all The female disciples of Bingxingu couldn’t help but avert their eyes.

Yang Kai remained indifferent, facing her four eyes without flinching.

“As for whether you can match her, it is not your decision. Who said that the peak of martial arts is loneliness or loneliness? I want to go hand in hand with her, aspiring to the supreme!”

“Ignorant children, it’s useless to say more, take your life! “Ran Yunting seemed to be irritated by Yang Kai’s wild words. She didn’t bother to talk nonsense with him anymore. She stretched out her hand and suddenly a whirlpool appeared in front of her. The whirlpool was spinning, and all the cold aura within ten miles of it was dragged by him, gradually condensing in front of her An ice cone measuring tens of feet long and three feet in thickness came out.

At first glance, the ice cone looked like an uplifted ice peak. It was huge, unmatched, and mighty.

The onlookers exclaimed all the female disciples, dazzled for a while.

As soon as the elder made his move, they were earth-shaking, making their eyes full of worship and yearning.

Whenever, I can do it myself. Standing at the height of the great elder!

But everyone knows that this is just an unrealistic fantasy. In the sect, I am afraid that only Su Yan and a few people have this hope, as for the others. Destined to be the foil for these geniuses to exude dazzling brilliance.

Many thoughts passed through their hearts, and these female disciples also showed their strengths and galloped away.

They didn’t dare to stay where they were. Staying, fighting at the level of the Great Elder, destructive and horrible, will be involved in the inconvenience of staying in place.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and sent Qingya a few miles away. Then he leaped up and greeted the ice cone the size of a small mountain without changing his face.

Ran Yunting narrowed his eyes, pinched Yin Jue with both hands, exhaled a white mist from his mouth, and poured it into the ice cone first.

A layer of light flashed, and the ice cone seemed to become more destructive.

Yang Kai’s two fists burned with pitch black flames, and his body was urged to the limit. The moment before it came into contact with the huge ice cone, his fists violently waved.

Boom boom boom

The earth-shaking sound came out, and the ice cone broke away inch by inch.

Yang Kai is like a beast going upstream. Wherever he passed, icy debris was flying and unstoppable. He destroyed the huge ice cone all the way and smashed directly in front of Ran Yunting.

It’s just a blink of an eye before and after!

“I respect you as Su Yan’s master, and I don’t want to embarrass you. Since you have the heart to kill me, don’t blame me for being merciless!” Yang Kai’s voice was cold, and he was three feet below Ran Yunting. At the place, another punch was blasted out.

The inexplicable power burst out with the Saint Yuan, and the space seemed to become distorted. In the place where Ran Yunting was, small spatial cracks began to wander around.

The great elder in Ice Heart Valley was shocked and couldn’t help screaming.

At this moment, she actually had the illusion that her life was hanging by a thread, as if she would die the next moment if she didn’t exert all her strength.

To be honest, Ran Yunting has never opened up Yang to his heart, even though he learned from the thirteenth elder Yu Xueqing that Yang Kai killed Jiang Xi and Yan Chilei, but Ran Yunting didn’t see it with his own eyes, and secretly felt that Yang Kai counted. He is a rising star, able to fight at a higher level, it is absolutely impossible to be his opponent.

She has been famous for a long time anyway, she is the peak of the three-layer Void Returning Realm, and the strongest combat power under the Void King Realm.

But just as soon as she played against her, she felt tremendous pressure from Yang Kai.

This young man is like a sharp sword out of its sheath, with a sharp edge and a mighty aura, seeming to be better than himself!

A cold sweat broke out from behind, and Ran Yunting’s face changed drastically, frantically urging her own potential field.

There was snow in the sky. With her as the center, within a radius of one hundred meters, the temperature dropped sharply. Feather-like snowflakes fell from the sky, and every snowflake contained mysterious power.

In this potential field, Ran Yunting became the only master, and the falling snow could become her strongest weapon, capable of slaying any enemy shrouded in her potential field.

The cracks in the wandering space are all frozen.

She looked at Yang Kai with a cold look, and her heart was even more murderous. With a movement of her spiritual thoughts, the falling snowflakes seemed to have life, and Qi Qi wrapped towards Yang Kai.

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Chapter 1675: Don’t blame me for being ruthless – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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