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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1676: One twist and three twists Read Novel

Chapter 1676: One twist and three twists – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1676: One twist and three twists

“Boy, courage is commendable, but courageous, confess your sins in hell, if you have another life, don’t think about toads eating swan meat, some people you climb high Sorry!” Ran Yunting screamed in her mouth frantically urging her own potential field.

The pieces of crystal snowflakes all contain her understanding of martial arts and heaven. The potential field that tends to Dacheng is only one line worse than the realm, and it is invincible in the mirror of return.

Yang Kai’s body was covered with snowflakes.

The breath of his body suddenly fell, and the frost visible to the naked eye spread on his exposed skin, freezing

More snowflakes touched Yang Kai.

It seems that all the icy cold between heaven and earth has poured into Yang Kai’s body.

After two breaths, Yang Kai was frozen into an ice sculpture, still maintaining the posture of punching, his eyes were angrily open, standing in the air, and even his black hair maintained a posture of flying backwards.

He is like a work crafted by a certain master.

A few miles away, Qing Ya, who had just stood firm, raised her head. After seeing this scene, she was suddenly lost and exclaimed: “Yang Kai!”

Her voice is full. The meaning of grief.

Yang Kai actually lost to the great elder! Is there really a big gap in the realm of strength? But if he really died here, then Su Yan and her

Qing Ya hardly dared to think about it anymore. For a while, the whole person was stunned, and her thinking was chaotic.

At this moment, she would rather be killed by the ice butterfly just now than see Yang Kai fall here because of this trouble.

“Kill this traitor!” Ran Yunting glanced at Qing Ya a few miles away and indifferently, and gave orders to the ice butterfly not far away, with a look of disgust in her eyes.

After speaking, he never looked at Qing Ya again.

It seems to her that Qingya’s life and death are of no importance at all! As long as she can make up for the flaws in Su Yan’s mood, she can kill all those who have a relationship with Su Yan.

Bingdie was injured by Yang Kai just now, but there was no worry about her life, so she soon gasped, and rushed towards Qingya without hesitation, her eyes were cold, and the holy yuan in her body was surging. A trace of ice lingered around her body, looking at Qing Ya with extreme indifference: “I will see who can save you this time!”

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While speaking, she has come to the five feet in front of Qing Ya. He slapped it out.

Qing Ya didn’t move at all, and didn’t even pay attention to Bingdie’s ultimate move. She stared at Yang Kai, who was frozen in mid-air, with only the ice sculpture left in her eyes.

Her eyes are sad and sad.

Forget it, Yang Kai died in the hands of the elder, and he has no face to see Su Yan anymore. It would be a good choice to bury Yang Kai here. At least there are acquaintances on Huangquan Road.

Facing the mortal blow of the ice butterfly, Qing Ya slowly closed her eyes, looking like she was about to die.

Bingdie did not stop because of her non-resistance. For her, the command of the elder was absolute.

The Bingxingu disciples all around Qi Qi exclaimed, no one thought that this time things would have been so twists and turns, but it ended in the death of Qing Ya and the man.

Many people looked sad and looked sad.

At this moment, in the snow and ice, a small head suddenly appeared in front of Qing Ya. The small head was sharp and angular, as if carved out of stone, but with two black bean-like eyeballs. It’s extremely divine, and there is a kind of smart light flashing in it.

Immediately afterwards, the little head pulled up, pulling out the radish to reveal the entire image.

A strange creature less than three feet tall appeared in front of Qing Ya.

It is clear that there is no breath of life flowing from it, but from its flexible movements and smart eyes, it clearly has its own wisdom and spirituality.

It is like a stone puppet!

“This is” Bingdie Dai frowned, and looked suspiciously at the stone puppet that suddenly appeared in front of Qing Ya, her head a little bit unable to turn for a while.

Then she saw an incredible scene.

This little stone puppet jumped up on the spot and stood in front of Qingya. He swung out a slightly longer arm that was inconsistent with the body, clenched his fist, and greeted him. attack.

There is no energy fluctuation, but when the fist of this stone puppet is punched out, his own cold energy is like a chicken dog, vulnerable to a blow, and it is instantly broken.

In the next moment, a force that is so huge that Bingdie feels desperate hits!

Ten will drop in one effort! Only when the power is huge to a certain level, can you ignore the attribute attack and break the ten thousand magic!

Bingdie is shocked!

With a horrible cry, she flew out again, and this time she suffered more injuries than Yang Kai had just shot her. After falling to the ground, she passed out into a coma, knowing her life or death.

Countless people heard the click of a broken bone in one of her arms.


A sound of inhaling cold breath sounded in all directions.

Bingdie is a disciple of the Inner Island, a member of the Law Enforcement Hall, and has the cultivation realm of returning to the virtual realm.

This suddenly appeared, what is the thing blocking Qing Ya? It was just a fluttering punch that hit Bingdie like this.

Where did it come from?

Even Qingya herself is at a loss! She lowered her head, looking at the stone puppet who stood in front of her with her waist hunched, and her beautiful eyes were blank.

“What!” Standing in the air, Ran Yunting cast his gaze on the stone puppet, his face extremely solemn.

Although she could not feel any vitality and energy fluctuations from the stone puppet, this weird creature gave her a huge sense of crisis. It was a sense of crisis that would not be an opponent if she was alone!

She burst into her heart, and subconsciously glanced at Yang Kai who was covered in ice.

At this glance, Ran Yunting almost screamed.

Yang Kai, who she thought was bound to die, was actually in the ice crystals and grinned at her. The smile was full of sarcasm and mockery.

“Dignant Bingxin Valley Grand Elder, only this means? Honestly, you are very disappointing. If you only have this ability, Su Yan is really not suitable to follow you in cultivation, you have no Qualified to continue teaching her!” Yang Kai’s voice came from the ice crystal, and Ran Yunting’s expression changed drastically.

Below, the two black eyes of Shi Puppet rolled around, as if remembering something, suddenly stretched out his hands and patted his chest vigorously.


The huge shaking sound shook the nearby ice peaks, and countless snow blocks and ice cones fell down.

Amid the loud noise, the stone puppet’s body suddenly became larger, and the body that was originally less than three feet tall suddenly became two feet tall.

Then it turned around, lifted it up to reveal the color of surprise, looked up at Yang Kai’s Qingya, and ran away from the spot at a flying speed.

On the white snow, only a string of light smoke remains, stretching far away!

The posture looked like a mountain king full of evil spirits. He went down the mountain and looted the wife who satisfied him. He couldn’t wait to return to the cottage.

The female disciples of Ice Heart Valley are all dumbfounded!

Sister Qingya was abducted by a stone man?

But soon, they understood why the stone man had to leave in a hurry.

A frightening aura suddenly diffused out of the void. Yang Kaihun, who was supposed to be frozen by the ice, filled with a shocking aura. The ice crystals outside his body made a creaking sound, cracking. There were gaps and gaps, as dense as a spider web.

The ice crystal is about to break!

Ran Yunting changed color in amazement, and the female disciples of Ice Heart Valley changed color in amazement!

They no longer dared to stay where they were, and ran to extremely far positions one after another.

“Wishful thinking!” Ran Yunting snorted sharply, and the crystal snowflakes appeared again, covering Yang Kai, apparently trying to freeze him again.

“Break it to me!” Yang Kai burst out.

Hua La La

The ice crystals shattered, burst into dust, splashing into the void.

Ran Yunting’s potential field is also shattered together!

The flying snow in the sky suddenly disappeared. Instead, there were countless space cracks wandering in the void. Those space cracks were like black snakes, which looked chilling and covered Yiyang. Open as the center, with a radius of three hundred feet!

“How is it possible? How is this possible?” Ran Yunting staggered back, staring blankly toward Yang Kai’s location, unable to accept such a result at all.

In the face-to-face competition with this young man, he was completely defeated!

I am the Grand Elder of Ice Heart Valley, but the potential field tends to become great! How can this young man, Ho De, be able to suppress his own potential in all directions?

Furthermore, there is a strange power in his potential field.

Not only made countless spatial cracks fill the area of ​​the potential field, killing every step of the way, but also affecting my own judgment.

She can’t see where Yang Kai is at all! Yang Kai’s location was suddenly far and near, and the distance between himself and himself was constantly changing.

The power of space! Ran Yunting’s face suddenly paled.

Only the power of space can form so many rifts in space, and only the power of space can affect my judgment of distance.

This young man has cultivated such a partial strength? And also integrated this power into its own potential field?

Ran Yunting really saw a ghost this time!

“Dead!” Yang Kai’s voice was cold, and it seemed that she was not merciful because she was Su Yan’s master. With a movement, the space suddenly solidified, and the countless space cracks cruising, forcing Ran Yunting to pass.

“If you want me to die, see if you have this ability!” Ran Yunting is like a crazy shrew, without the majesty and posture that the elder should have at all, while roaring, he suddenly took it out of the space ring A token, holy yuan poured into it.

At the next moment, something extraordinary change suddenly occurred in the surroundings!

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, turned his head and looked around. He suddenly found that the surrounding ice and cold air had increased to a terrifying level, and there was a layer between these ice and snow cold air and the token in Ran Yunting’s hand. If there is no contact.

Beneath the earth, in the ultimate vein of Bingjue Island, the energy of heaven and earth surges, radiating in all directions, emerging from the cracks in the ground, blending into the space between heaven and earth, and then through that token, transforming into Ran Yunting Driving force.

The icy air gathers, and the dragon usually surrounds Ran Yunting’s side. It only takes three breaths before and after to press Yang Kai’s potential field back.

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Chapter 1676: One twist and three twists – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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