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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1677: But that’s it Read Novel

Chapter 1677: But that’s it – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1677: But that’s it

Yang Kai’s complexion changed slightly, and he dared not to be light-hearted, converging his own potential field.

If the potential field is broken by a tough force, it will be very harmful to itself, and it will be very troublesome to repair.

“The power of the formation?” Yang Kai quickly figured out what had happened to Ran Yunting.

She obviously used the formation method on Bingjue Island, so she was able to achieve this level.

It is not surprising to think about it, Ran Yunting’s status in Ice Heart Valley is not low, ranking only under the Supreme Elder and Valley Lord, and it is natural to be able to mobilize the power of the formation.

“Hahaha, the ice formation in Bingxin Valley can be ranked first on Chilan Star, boy, you can die under the formation, you can also look down!” Ran Yuntingda With a smile, a wave of the token in his hand brought a stream of light, and the whole person seemed to be integrated into the surrounding ice and cold, ethereal!

But suddenly there were icy blade attacks on the surrounding area, like a locust crossing the border, attacking Yang Kai overwhelmingly.

This is the power of Bingjue Great Array! Even the strong of the Void King Realm is deeply involved, and it is difficult to escape safely.

As soon as Ran Yunting mobilized the power of the large formation to deal with Yang Kai, the powerhouses of the entire Bing Jue Island were aware of it.

In the inner island, in the valley lord ice palace, Bing Long’s expression changed, and he looked up at the void: “Who is using the power of the big formation? Is it the grand elder member?”

Shen Nian You The ground spread, and soon, she saw the battle situation at the outer island Bingfeng, couldn’t help but exclaim, quickly walked out of her ice palace and flew in quickly.

More than a dozen elders in the inner island also noticed, and rushed to this side one after another.

In a certain location on the inner island that no one knows, a woman with silver hair is sitting cross-legged by a cold pool. She looks young, she seems to be only twenty-eight years old, but she has a breath But it was countless times stronger than Bing Long and Ran Yunting.

The strongest of the Void King Realm!

The Supreme Elder of Ice Heart Valley, Luo Li!

The silver hair and the girl’s face formed a strong visual conflict, which made her feel amazing.

At this moment, she seems to be doing something with the cold power of the cold pool. Tankou lightly opened, and between spitting and inhaling, she sucked out the white cold air from the cold pool. Into the abdomen.

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Luo Li’s face was a little pale, which was a sequelae of her mistake in the last exercise.

Luo Li was also aware of the moment when Bing Jue Great Array was passively used, but she just glanced in a certain direction lightly and ignored it.

For a character like her, there is no need to intervene in the things that happen outside, it’s just the mischief of the younger generation, and Bing Long will take care of it.

But just as Luo Li was about to continue to heal his wounds, his face suddenly changed, and he looked in another direction as if he was a little aware, his face was more solemn than ever before, and he whispered: “Red Fire, you really hold back. Can’t help anymore? Hey, he dared to trespass on my Bingjue Island. No wonder, no wonder you have such confidence!”

When he noticed the presence of another person, Luo Li’s face became more solemn. After a long time, she sighed: “I don’t know if Bingjue Island can survive this difficult time, I hope you don’t go too far.”

While speaking, she slowly got up, her body shook, and she disappeared in the original. The ground, leaving only a clearly distinguishable afterimage.

’Stupid, if you can mobilize all the power of the ice giant formation, you may be able to kill me, but with your low skill, how much power can you borrow from the great formation? “Yang Kai sipped sharply, and a colorful glow suddenly appeared on his body. With the surging of that colorful light, people did not dare to look at him, and an unprecedented fierce energy shot from Yang Kai’s body.

Yang Kai grabbed the void, and the golden glow suddenly separated from his body, condensed into his hand, forming a golden long sword.

Indestructible Five Elements Sword Qi, Golden Sword, Master Killing!

With a sword in his hand, Yang Kai’s killing intent was like a tide, and the concentration of murderous intent made Ran Yunting’s eyes tremble violently, screaming, frantically urging Sheng Yuan, pouring tokens in his hand, and attempting to expand The power of the formation will kill Yang Kai.

Countless ice blades, cones, ice arrows formed in the void, and once again lashed at Yang Kai.

“Good coming!” Yang Kai burst out, and the golden sword in his hand danced.

The golden light is dazzling, as if it is about to cut through the void, the entire ice island with gilt brilliance that it brought up is eclipsed, and a wave of sharp and unmatched sword aura is blasted out.

The ice blade, ice cone, and ice arrows are like snowflakes under the scorching sun, which have been cut and dissolved.

Do not get close within ten feet of Yang Kai!

He has a wild posture and flying black hair, just like the god of war who descended in the ancient times, showing endless pride in the vertical and horizontal directions.

Countless women in Ice Heart Valley looked dumbfounded. They only felt an unstoppable feeling in their hearts. This feeling made them throb, causing them to put all their minds on Yang Kai. There was no other thing in the whole world, only the figure standing in the air.

On the inner island, Su Yan’s ice chamber suddenly opened. She rushed out, and at first glance she saw a familiar figure a hundred miles away, shrouded in golden light.

“Junior Brother!” Su Yan murmured.

Although the voice is soft, it seems to be able to cross a hundred miles of barriers. Yang Kai, who was swinging the sword of gold, turned his head and looked here, grinning.

Su Yan also smiled, and then galloped over there.

At this moment, the master’s order and the rules of the sect are no longer a constraint for her. In her heart, she only sees the man who made trouble on Bingjue Island for her!

As long as you can see him again, take a close look at him, and enter his arms again, you will die without regret!

“Where to run!”

“Su Yan, you stand still!”

Zhou Yunxuan and another female disciple who was responsible for guarding Su Yan were also in Bailizhi But when he recovered from the battle outside, he was shocked to find that Su Yan actually ran out. The two women were shocked and hurriedly chased them out, chasing and shouting loudly.

“Su Yan, you dare to disobey the order of the great elder, you will be punished!”

“Don’t hurry back, now you can go back and suffer less, otherwise no one can keep it You!”

Su Yan turned a deaf ear, as if she hadn’t heard her, her figure gradually drifted away, and soon disappeared from the vision of Zhou Yunxuan’s two women.

“Broken!” Zhou Yunxuan’s face was pale. No matter what, both of them will be charged with improper guarding. I am afraid that the elder must be punished.

“This bitch, I’m so mad at me!” Another woman gritted her teeth and cursed, ’Sister Zhou, what should we do now?”

“Follow.” Zhou Yunxuan stomped and continued. Catch up.

Haha laughter resounded like a rolling thunder across the entire Ice Desolate Island. Yang Kai, who was wrapped in the might of the formation, arbitrarily moved horizontally and horizontally, and his swords and lights shot like a horse, dissolving Ran Yunting’s offensive to pieces.

Ran Yunting’s expression is ferocious, and her eyes are full of shock and disbelief.

How evil is this young man?

With the cultivation of the two levels of return to the virtual realm, it can suppress the self who has used a part of the great ice formation power in all directions!

She originally thought that she was already one of the best at the level of the virtual mirror. There are not many virtual mirrors that can compete with herself, but today she deeply understands that there are mountains outside the mountains, and people outside the mountains. Someone!

This young man named Yang Kai can now achieve this level. If he is asked to break through to the third level, wouldn’t he be able to fight against the ordinary virtual king?

This thought emerged, and Ran Yunting was taken aback!

While frightened, he strengthened his belief in killing Yang Kai.

This son is immortal, and Bingxin Valley will definitely be in great trouble in the future!

“The Great Elder of Ice Heart Valley, it’s nothing more than that!” Yang Kai shouted in a deep voice, without putting Ran Yunting in his eyes, holding the sword in his left hand, and his right hands together, touching the golden sword. He shouted in a low voice: “Go!”

The golden light flashed away, and the sharp sword light instantly struck Ran Yunting, and she was going to penetrate her in the next moment!

Even if Ran Yunting urged the power of the Bing Jue Array, he could not stop this golden light from attacking and killing.

For a moment, Ran Yunting’s face was as gray as death, and his eyes shook.

It wasn’t until this time that she understood that Yang Kai bowed to herself before, really not because of fear, but because of Su Yan’s fate with herself.

The fate is over, so he can kill himself without hesitation.


No regrets! Ran Yunting’s eyes were firm again, even if she died, she would not regret her decision.

Su Yan will eventually be the pillar of Bingxin Valley’s future. Whether he can carry forward Bingxin Valley, overwhelm Huo Yaozong, and become the most powerful force on Chilan Star depends on Su Yan’s ability.

I might die, but killing the Great Elder of Ice Heart Valley is not a trivial matter. Once the Supreme Elder is blamed, Yang Kai will not want to live.

As long as Yang Kai is dead, Su Yan will be able to make up for the flaws in her mind, and she can practice with all her strength!

She will surely bloom with light covering the entire star field, and in the future, she will definitely be able to stand at the top of the star field!

What kind of thing is this young man, no matter how amazing he is, he will eventually be thrown away by Su Yan.

Death is imminent, Ran Yunting motionless, looking at Yang Kai with a weird grin.

At this moment, the power of the Ice Jue Formation suddenly increased. The great formation that could not stop the Golden Sword actually played an unimaginable effect, and the strong ice and cold air gathered together. A flawless ice wall was formed in front of Ran Yunting.

The golden sword pierced in, making a grinding sound, and approached Ran Yunting little by little.

The ice wall seems to be unable to stop the penetration of the Golden Sword!

But Yang Kai frowned, turning his head to look to the other side.

Over there, Bing Long, the owner of Ice Heart Valley, did not know when he had already appeared. He also held a token in his hand, echoing the token of Ran Yunting, increasing the power of Bing Jue’s Great Array.

Her face was dignified, sweat came out of her forehead, and she encouraged her own Saint Yuan to pour into the token.

More and more Bingxingu elders appeared, one by one exclaimed, and one after another took out their tokens.

With the blessing of many Bingxingu elders, the power of Bingjue Array has become more and more powerful.

In the end, the advancement of the Golden Sword was blocked, only three inches away from Ran Yunting.

Sharp and unmatched, the sword qi that swallowed like a snake core pierced Ran Yunting’s forehead, causing a drop of red blood to ooze from the center of her eyebrows, which was extremely dazzling.

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Chapter 1677: But that’s it – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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