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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1679: Apology Read Novel

Chapter 1679: Apology – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1679: Apology

Zhou Yunxuan climbed up from the snow, covered his cheek with his hand, and looked at Yang Kai blankly.

She never expected that Yang Kai would dare to beat herself in front of the Valley Lord and so many elders.

“Apologize!” Yang Kai looked at her coldly.

Zhou Yunxuan’s body trembled, and in front of so many teachers and sisters, being so insulted by others, how could she be able to bear it as a virtual mirror? His face was suddenly distorted, and he screamed out: “Do you dare to hit me?”


There was another soft noise, and Zhou Yunxuan flew out again.

The cheek on the other side is also numb.

“Apologize!” Yang Kai’s voice was cold and mechanical, without the slightest emotion, which made people shudder.

Zhou Yunxuan got up from the ground for the second time, with a look of horror on his face, turning his head to look at Ran Yunting, as if begging her to be fair to herself, but Zhou Yunxuan only felt a chill when he looked at it. From the soles of the feet straight to the Tianling Gai, there was no more shock.

The grand elder’s face was gloomy, and although he stared at Yang Kai firmly, he did not dare to say a word.

The other elders also have this expression, and even the Valley Lord frowned.

No one holds justice for himself!

Zhou Yunxuanfang was shocked! She knew that there was something wrong with what she had done, and she shouldn’t insult Su Yan like a word, but there must be other reasons that she didn’t know.

This young man actually made everyone extremely jealous!

“Apologize, or die!” Yang developed an ultimatum, reappeared with murderous intent, and locked Zhou Yunxuan. Failing to kill Ran Yunting made him extremely annoyed, and Zhou Yunxuan happened to hit the muzzle this time.

Bing Long finally spoke, frowning and said: “Yang Kai, it’s almost enough. Although this disciple has spoken badly, you have been punished, so please stop.”

Bingxingu’s disciple was slapped twice in front of him by Yang Kai. It was already the limit of Bing Long’s tolerance. If Yang Kai was aggressive, Bing Long would not be able to stand by.

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If you really do that, it will only chill the hearts of the disciples.

“Junior brother, forget it.” Su Yan also pleaded for Zhou Yunxuan.

For her, Zhou Yunxuan’s insult did not harm her at all. Now Yang Kai also slapped her twice, which also made her taste the evil results.

However, Yang Kai made an appearance for herself, and Su Yan was still sweet in her heart.

’Since Senior Sister said so, I don’t want to kill them all.”Yang Kai’s expression eased, looking at Bing Long and said: “Let her apologize, I will let her go!”

Bing Long was speechless, wondering if there was still no concession, and there was a faint irritation in her heart.

At this moment, all the senior officials in Bingxin Valley condensed, and they turned their ears to the sound, It seems that he heard something ordinary, his demeanor was attentive, and his expression was unpredictable.

Yang Kai frowned, vaguely peeping out a wave of divine thoughts in the void, obscure and unclear.

He was immediately in his heart. I understand that it should be the Supreme Elder of Bingxin Valley who is talking to Bing Long and others.

I didn’t bother rashly, and waited quietly.

The faces of Bing Long and others were gloomy. It was uncertain, and after a while, they looked at each other, and everyone’s expression became extremely solemn, and there was a vague feeling of wind and rain.

Something serious happened in Bingxin Valley.

“Apologize to Su Yan, let this matter go! “Bing Long suddenly looked at Zhou Yunxuan, her expression a little impatient.

Zhou Yunxuan’s expression was blank, but he didn’t expect that the Valley Lord would also be biased towards Yang Kai and Su Yan. Although his heart was at odds, the last reliance was gone. I can only say unwillingly and unwillingly: “Junior Sister Su, it was the senior sister’s fault just now, so please don’t take offense!”

She gritted her teeth, her eyes flickering with malice and madness, like a dormant snake.

She knows that in the future, she is afraid that she will become the laughing stock of the entire Bingxin Valley, and become a conversational resource for the teachers and sisters before meals and after tea! She has been disgraced.

“You go back.” Bing Long waved at Zhou Yunxuan, and gave lightly.

Zhou Yunxuan bowed and walked away. Before leaving, he gave Yang Kai and Su Yan a vicious look, as if he wanted to imprint the two of them in their hearts and engrave them in their bones.

“The others are gone too!” Bing Long yelled.

Many Bingxin Valley disciples retreated one after another.

Soon, only the top of Bingxin Valley and Yang Kai Su Yan were left in the field. Qing Ya stood far away and turned to this side with a worried expression.

“Yang Kai, follow me!” Bing Long looked at Yang Kai with a complicated expression.

“Who wants to see me?” Yang Kai vaguely guessed.

Bing Long sighed: “The Supreme Elder wants to see you not only that, but also Master Luo Hai of Cuiwei Star and Senior Crimson Fire of Huo Yaozong!”

“Is Luo Hai here?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes.

“Not bad!”

“What if I don’t go?” Yang Kai grinned.

“I’m afraid that this matter is not for you, you know the consequences.” Bing Long sighed, “Although you are very strong, your strength is really nothing in front of Lord Luo Hai.”

Yang Kai touched his chin, nodded and said, “It seems that I have to go, okay, I’ll go with the senior, it’s time to end the matter.”

Bing Long was stunned, but didn’t ask much, glanced at Su Yan who was next to him, and sighed: “I’ll be waiting for you in front.”

The other elders followed closely. Ran Yunting stared at Yang Kai with dark eyes, her face was ruthless.

Although she did not know why Lord Luo Hai had to see Yang Kai, even He did not hesitate to use the power of Huo Yaozong to find Yang Kai’s trace, but now it seems that the grievances between Lord Luo Hai and this kid are not shallow.

The kid doesn’t know the heights of the sky, and dares to provoke Lord Luo Hai! Let’s see how you died. Ran Yunting cursed bitterly in her heart.

The next moment, she saw Su Yan and Yang Kai holding hands, whispering something, and an anger surged involuntarily. I wish I could rush up to separate them now.

Thinking of Yang Kai’s methods, Ran Yunting still endured it, snorted coldly, and chased Bing Long and the others.

’Senior Sister” Wait for me here, and come as soon as I go.”

“No, I’ll be with you! Su Yan shook her head, her beautiful eyes were firm, apparently worried that Yang Kai might have some accident, and would move forward and back with him.

“All right. “Yang Kai didn’t continue to persuade him, but he raised his head and looked at Qing Ya.

Qing Ya immediately said: “I’m waiting for you here!”

She knew she was not qualified to participate in this matter, so she stayed wisely.

The stone puppet stood quietly beside her.

Yang Kai nodded lightly and left with Su Yan.

Bing Long waited not far in front. Seeing that the two were as close as a couple of gods, Dai’s eyebrows couldn’t help but wrinkle, but she didn’t worry about the matter any more, but rather deeply. Looking at Yang Kai, he asked, ’Should you be honest with me and talk carefully about the grievances between you and Lord Luo Hai?”

“Predecessors want to know?” Yang Kaiqing Laugh.

Bing Long nodded.

“Ask Luo Hai, if he is willing to tell you, you will naturally know.”

“You” are frozen, “have you still not figured out the situation, Luo Master Hai and Senior Chihuo came to Bing Jue Island together, and they were calling you to see you. They must have come for you. Now you can protect you, and only I, the Supreme Elder of Bingxin Valley, have reached this time. You still hide and tuck, you want to die?”

“The predecessor of Ice Heart Valley seems to have only the first level of the Void King, right? If Luo Hai really wants to do me, she Can you stop it?” Yang Kai curled his lips.

Bing Long was speechless.

Above the Void King Realm, every time you are promoted to a small level, your strength will change drastically! Because of this, no one can blame Luo Hai and Chi Huo for trespassing on Bing Jue Island, and Luo Li couldn’t refuse when they called to see Yang Kai.

If not, how could Lori let them trespass on the ice island? If only Chi Huo were alone, Luo Li would have beaten him back long ago.

“What’s more, I have no friendship with Ice Heart Valley. Even if your Supreme Elder has this ability, why do you want to protect me?” Yang Kai sneered, “You want to know what Luo Hai wants. What do you get from me? Or do you want to get a piece of the pie from Luo Hai?”

Bing Long was stunned, and immediately smiled bitterly: “You understand, since you understand, why are you still willing to go? See him? If I were you, I would only leave early now!”

“Where can I go?” Yang Kai snorted coldly, “I was chased by him in the star field, and finally managed to hide. Star Chilan came, and now he found his trail again, I’m afraid he can’t get away. I said, it’s time to settle this grievance with him, otherwise I will be worried about him all the time, and I will be very upset, he thought To bully the small, it depends on whether he has this ability!”

While speaking, Yang Kai’s face was full of cruel, and the light in his eyes was as dazzling as lightning, not only because of Luo Hai’s strength. Any retreat, but a look of high fighting spirit.

Bing Long stared at Yang Kai dumbfounded, and was silent for a long time before shook her head and said: “Madman!”

Taking the two-layered realm of return to the virtual realm as the realm, how dare you say it? Bing Long felt that Yang Kai’s head was definitely a little abnormal with such a wild talk.

Yang Kai laughed, not caring.

From beginning to end, Su Yan didn’t say a word, just leaning on Yang Kai’s side, holding hands with him, as if she never wanted to be separated, with a quiet and content smile on her face.

Bing Long sighed constantly. If it were normal, such a golden boy and jade girl would definitely be made in heaven and earth, which made people enviable.

However, Luo Hai caught Yang Kai’s attention, and no one could spy on his future fate. But Su Yan is the core disciple of Bingxin Valley. She who has practiced Bing Yu Gong, if she can’t cut off this fetter, one day she will fall from Yundang to the muddy ground, and her life will be extremely miserable in the end.

Bing Long is indifferent.

The three of them were so fast that they soon arrived in front of a huge and magnificent ice palace on the inner island.

This ice palace seems to be carved out of profound ice as a whole, crystal clear like jade, white like snow, elegant in its elegance, and daunting.

In the ice palace, there is an extremely powerful aura flowing out.

When Yang Kai arrived in front of the White Jade Ice Palace, the three divine thoughts shrouded him almost instantly, one of which was so powerful that it was not comparable to the other two.

Luo Hai!

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Chapter 1679: Apology – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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