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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1680: I need 1 person Read Novel

Chapter 1680: I need 1 person – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1680: I need 1 person

In the Bai Yubing Palace, Luo Haiduan was sitting on a chair, with a golden crown and hair tied up, with a magnificent momentum, a ray of excitement in his eyes flashed away.

I finally found you! Luo Hai was secretly excited in his heart, but he didn’t show any signs on the surface.

I think he is the top powerhouse of the Void King’s two-level realm, and he is also ranked among the stars in the star field, but there is nothing to do with Yang Kai, which not only allows him to break through his own position. The blockade on Cuiwei star even got rid of its own tracking.

If not for his patience, I’m afraid I really want to let him escape.

Now it’s up to you where you go! Luo Hai was excited.

With his strength, there are not many things or things that can excite him, but the imaginary crystal left by the demon king in the blood prison can make Luo Hai covet, the emperor of Yang Kai. Bao also made Luo Hai coveted.

The former can give him a chance to break through the three-layer virtual king, and the latter can increase his strength!

Once the two treasures are acquired, Luo Hai is confident that he will become the first person in the entire star field. When the time comes, no one in the star field can compete with him!

The key lies in Yang Kai.

Although Luo Hai’s expression is well concealed, Chi Huo and Luo Li are somehow strong in the Void King Realm, and they can naturally detect his changes in that moment.

Scarlet Fire’s expression moved, and he wondered if the kid named Yang Kai really had any great secrets? Otherwise, why is Luo Hai so interested in him?

More than a year ago, Luo Hai suddenly visited Chilan Star, and Chi Huo was very surprised. Then, he asked Huo Yaozong to find Yang Kai’s traces. Chi Huo had taken heart at that time, many times. He knocked on the side and wanted to know why Luo Hai was looking for Yang Kai, but Luo Hai never said the reason, leaving Chi Huo helpless.

Luo Li was also thoughtful, but the deep sadness between her brows made her careless about him.

This time, Luo Hai and Chi Huo are not good!

Soon, Yang Kai walked into the Ice Palace.

In the Ice Palace, in addition to the three powerhouses of the Void King Realm, the other elders in Ice Heart Valley stood behind Luo Li. There were a large number of them, as many as a dozen.

Behind Luo Hai and Chi Huo, stood a young man with a sallow complexion and empty blood.

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The son of Huo Yaozong Sect Master, Wei Feng!

At this moment, he was looking out excitedly, as if waiting for someone to arrive. After seeing Su Yan, he couldn’t help but brighten up, showing a very excited look, as if a vicious dog saw it. It’s extremely delicious, and the saliva is almost flowing down.

But when he saw Su Yan actually holding hands with Yang Kai, his expression of intimacy, he couldn’t help his face sinking, his eyes were staring at Yang Kai, his eyes flashing with hatred and anger.

Where’s the bastard popping out! He actually dared to hold his own woman’s hand, and he didn’t know whether to live or die, and Wei Feng quickly exploded.

For an instant, Wei Feng saw Yang Kai as a dead person, thinking about how to torture Yang Kai so that he could not survive, and he knew that some women could not be touched.

“Junior Bing Long, I have seen Lord Luo Hai, and Senior Scarlet Fire.” Bing Long Yingying saluted, then turned to look at Luo Li and said: “The elder, the man has already been brought.”

Luo Li nodded lightly, and did not say anything. A pair of beautiful eyes fixed on Yang Kai’s body, and her eyebrows wrinkled lightly.

Sensing her gaze, Yang Kai looked back.

This is the first time he has seen the Supreme Elder in Ice Heart Valley. Judging by the strength of her breath, she is almost the same as the other red-haired elder in the Ice Palace, both at the level of the Void King. Far less vigorous than Luo Hai.

But the Void King Realm is the Void King Realm. Having mastered the power of the domain, no Void King Realm can be matched by the Void Returning Mirror. At least Yang Kai felt a great pressure from her!

“Brother Luo Hai, is this the kid you’re looking for?” Old Monster Scarlet Fire looked up and down Yang Kai, chuckling.

Luo Hai nodded: “Yes, that’s him!”

’Sure enough, Luo Haihui has a torch, and the person has been found. I don’t know what Luo Hai plans to do next?” Chi Huo asked casually.

“What should I do, I will naturally take him back to Cuiwei Star.” Luo Hai smiled and cursed at Yang: “Little bastard, I won’t eat you again, why are you avoiding this? Do you sit like a snake and scorpion? This seat just depends on your good aptitude and affinity with me, and wants to pass on your mantle!”

He has a casual attitude, quite a kind of helplessness of hating iron and steel, and what he said seems to be true. The general.

The expressions of many elders in Ice Heart Valley shook, and looked towards Yang Kai together with an enviable expression on their faces.

Able to be favored by powerful people like Luo Hai, this Yang Kai is simply good fortune against the sky. From then on, he will be famous in the star field, soaring into the sky.

Yang Kai just smiled softly.

Red Fire’s seemingly muddy old eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a faint flash of light in his eyes.

Luo Li Dai frowned slightly and said nothing.

In the entire Ice Palace, perhaps only Yang Kai himself and the other two virtual kings would not believe what Luo Hai said.

Everyone knows that this is just a wording used by Luo Hai to take Yang Kai away! As for accepting him as a disciple and passing on his mantle, it is simply a fantasy!

What kind of character is Luo Hai? How can you go so far to accept an apprentice? If he accepts a disciple, he only needs to inform him outside, and there will be a lot of geniuses flocking to Cuiweixing, waiting in line to worship him.

Yang Kai didn’t try to break it. He just said: ’Senior kindness, the brat, it’s just such a big opportunity. The brat is afraid that it will be no good for him. Seniors still find another good man.”

A hidden anger flashed in Luo Hai’s eyes. The secret path kid didn’t know each other, but he still smiled gently: “Don’t be too busy to refuse. Let me go back to Cuiweixing and say, stay with me for a few years. If you still have this attitude at the time, then this seat will naturally not be difficult for others.”

He seemed to have made a great concession.

Chi Huo also said to the side: “Boy, you have to consider carefully. Brother Luo Hai wants to accept you as a disciple. This is a blessing that you will never be able to cultivate in a few lifetimes. If you don’t come, why don’t you refuse?”

“This senior thinks it’s a blessing? Well, since senior thinks so, you might as well worship Luo Hai as your teacher.” Yang Kai looked at him with a smile.

The expressions of many elders in Bingxin Valley stagnated, looking at Yang Kai like a monster, and everyone’s heart raised their throats.

This guy is so bold and dare to insult Chihuo so much. Isn’t he afraid of causing unbearable consequences?

Chi Huo’s face became cold, and he shouted angrily: “Bold!”

As he spoke, a ray of light burst in his eyes, attacking Yang Kai as if it were a substance.

He intends to punish the boy who said nothing.

Yang Kai’s complexion remained unchanged. He stood still and didn’t move. Su Yan also regarded the terrifying attack as nothing. Her beautiful eyes did not leave Yang Kai’s face from start to finish. He looked at him from the side, his face was full. The color of happiness.

Luo Hai waved his hand in a random manner.

The Red Fire’s attack was silently resolved.

Before he got the secret hidden by Yang Kai, Luo Hai couldn’t be assured that he was injured by the red fire.

“Brother Chihuo stay calm, but young people are just talking nonsense, why bother, Brother Chihuo is also a virtual king, even if I want to teach, I am afraid that I am powerless.”

Chi Huo snorted, and looked at Yang Kai coldly. The sharp gaze seemed to cut him a thousand times, but it was hard to say more.

Without speaking, Luo Li, who was sitting quietly, suddenly said: “The man has already been brought. If Master Luo Hai wants to take him away, please do so.”

As for what Luo Hai wants to do after taking Yang Kai away, it’s not what Luo Li needs to consider.

She has no friendship with Yang Kai, so naturally she will not offend him because of him. Luo Hai. At the moment she just wants to send Luo Hai and Chihuo out of Bing Jue Island as soon as possible.

She doesn’t even have the thought of investigating Yang Kai for hurting Ran Yunting and making trouble on Bing Jue Island.

She always feels anxious, an inexplicable heart palpitations lingering in her heart, as if something big is about to happen if Yang Kai is not quickly removed.

Luo Hai nodded when he heard the words and smiled at Luo Li. “This time I’m here uninvited. I hope Junior Sister Luoli will forgive me for any troubles. Well, if Junior Sister Luoli has free time, she can go to Cuiweixing as a guest. We will surely welcome her.”

Luo Li said indifferently: “There must be a day to visit. Lord Luo Hai has found such a good person, he must be anxious to return to Cuiwei Star to teach carefully, Luo Li will not send it.”

She bluntly reached the order to chase off the guests.

It was just that Luo Hai smiled slightly, and didn’t mean to stand up to say goodbye. Instead, she looked at Yang Kai and waved her hand: “No hurry, The affairs of this seat are indeed done, but Brother Chihuo comes to Guidao this time, and there are important things, this seat is waiting for him.”

Luo Li’s face changed slightly as soon as he said this.

Is my worry finally coming?

Although Luo Hai didn’t say that too clearly, it was just the phrase “wait for him” that made Luo Li smell bad.

This is equivalent to saying that Luo Hai is on the side of Chi Huo at this moment.

Bing Long, Ran Yunting and others also looked ugly, and looked at Chi Huo vigilantly.

Bing Xin Gu and Huo Yaozong, two major forces, have fought for the crown on the Chilan Star. They have not been able to tell the victory or defeat for thousands of years. They are equal in strength, but now if Luo Hai intervenes, Bing Xin Gu is bound to fall into the wind.

Moreover, it is an absolute disadvantage. Even relying on the ice formations on the ice island, I am afraid that it will not be able to reverse the situation.

For a while, Bing Long and many elders looked angry, but they dared not speak.

Yang Kai smiled and stood in the ice palace watching the show, without the consciousness that he had become a prisoner.

“I don’t know Chi Huo, what are you going to do when you come to my Bingjue Island this time?” Luo Li took a soft breath, calmed down the tumbling of his mind, and asked cautiously.

Chi Huo laughed, with fiery red hair flying, full of momentum, shaking his head and saying: “One little thing, Luo Li, you don’t need to be so nervous.”

He was very proud. He had fought with Luo Li for so many years. Even during the period when she was injured in practice, he could not have the upper hand. But now, he has experienced the thrill of the winner, although Some foxes smell like tigers, but Chi Huo enjoys this feeling.

“Let’s talk! “Luo Li looked at him indifferently.

Chi Huo chuckled lightly: “I’m here this time just to ask for someone from your party.”

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Chapter 1680: I need 1 person – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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