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Chapter 1681: Face Slap – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1681: Face Slap

“Important? Who do you want?” Luo Lidai frowned, “I think there should be no one you need in Red Fire in Ice Heart Valley.”

“That’s right. Your school does not have the person I need, but” Chi Huo said here, he waved behind his back: “Little beast, stand up and say it by yourself. After all, this is your business.”

Weifeng look. Yixi, hurriedly walked out from behind the red fire, first saluted Luo Hai and Luo Li and the others, and then he straightened his back. When he was about to open his mouth, he suddenly noticed a cold look. Staring closely on his face.

The gaze pierced Wei Feng’s mind like a sharp sword, making his face pale in fright, and he swallowed a mouthful of water.

I can’t utter a word.

Following that gaze, Wei Feng only saw Luo Lizheng staring at him with an ugly expression. His eyes were cold. Although he did not use any power, it was just the simple gaze that made Wei Feng. Like falling into the ice cellar, as if he was placed in an abyss, surrounded by an icy cold intention to submerge him.

Wei Feng’s calves swayed straight, his throat gurgled, and his eyes filled with panic.

Bing Long and the many elders burst into their hearts, and subconsciously glanced at Su Yan.

When Wei Feng stood up, they realized what Chi Huo was making, and they were all very unhappy in their hearts.

The son of Huo Yaozong Sect Master, it’s not a day or two to fight Su Yan. The fighting that broke out a year ago was precisely because Huo Yaozong used Su Yan as an excuse to ask Bingxin Valley to hand over Su. Yan.

The people of Bingxingu know exactly what Wei Feng’s character and virtue look like.

It can be said that if Wei Feng is not from a big school like Huo Yaozong, if Wei Feng is not Wei Qing’s son, then he may not even be able to break through the Saint King Realm in his lifetime.

Even if he occupies many unique advantages, relying on countless panacea and holy crystals piled up, he only pushed the cultivation base to the level of returning to the virtual mirror.

You can’t even condense your own potential!

This may be the only Void Returning Mirror Warrior in the entire Star Territory without its own potential field, enough to become the laughing stock of the world.

Weifeng’s poor qualifications can be seen.

Compared with him, Su Yan is simply a beautiful girl, such two people should never have an intersection.

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Sometimes when Su Yan went out to practice, he was accidentally bumped into by Wei Feng. He was immediately shocked as a heavenly man, and he was about to take it as his own.

Huo Yaozong made a great contribution to this:!

Wei Feng’s character and morals are indeed bad, but he is the son of Wei Qing, and he is not of a low birth. Huo Yaozong believes that Wei Feng sees Su Yan as Su Yan’s blessing.

Chi Huo Zong Once brought Wei Feng to Bingxin Valley, and asked him to stand up and speak, it was self-evident.

But this ugly guy was just about to faint with a look in the eyes of the Supreme Elder.

Chi Huo’s face was also extremely ugly. Wei Feng’s appearance was simply thrown into Huo Yaozong’s face. Annoyed, he kicked it out, almost knocking Wei Feng to the ground.

“Useless things! There is an old man who will make the decision for you. Whatever you are afraid of, just say what you have, let the old man see if you are still a man!”

Chi Huo shouted loudly.

As if he was scolded by Chi Huo, and as if he had obtained Chi Huo’s guarantee, Wei Feng’s courage became much bigger, his face flushed, he gritted his teeth and stretched out his fingers to Su Yan:” I want this woman named Su Yan!”

The expressions of the elders in Ice Heart Valley were furious!

Ran Yunting’s face is as sinking as water.

The smile on Yang Kai’s face gradually diminished, his eyes became cold, he stared at Wei Feng coldly, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Since entering this ice palace, Yang Kai found that this cringing guy was constantly looking at Su Yan, but he didn’t care much. After all, Su Yan was born with beauty and attracted the attention of men very much, but When Wei Feng said something like that, he immediately understood that the other party didn’t just look at it, but wanted to occupy it!

A murderous intent surged in Yang Kaixin and looked at Wei Feng faintly, with the same expression as Wei Feng’s eyes before.

It’s like looking at a dead person!

Su Yan turned her beautiful eyes at this time, Dai frowned, and looked at Wei Feng suspiciously.

She didn’t seem to regain consciousness until this time. All her thoughts were on Yang Kai before, and nothing outside could interfere with her.

“It’s you?” Su Yan recognized Wei Feng and said indifferently: “Why, didn’t the lessons I received last time be enough? Want to come and beg?”

Wei Feng jumped up like a frightened rabbit, and hurried back to Chi Huo, seeking a sense of security.

Wei Feng’s performance was horrible, and Chi Huo felt as if he had no face. An old face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

Even Luo Hai, who had been watching from the wall, slowly shook his head.

“Recognize him?” Yang Kai asked.

Su Yan shook her head: “I don’t know him. Last time, he was rude and broke his ribs. It turns out that this guy belongs to Huo Yaozong. No wonder it’s so annoying.”

After speaking, he sighed again: “If you knew it a long time ago, you should kill it directly.”

“Don’t be soft next time.” Yang Kai patted the back of Su Yan’s hand.

Su Yan smiled and nodded gently.

“You, you, you are so courageous!” Although Wei Feng was timid and incompetent, he felt a little angry at the moment. He couldn’t forget Su Yan, almost dreaming, the other party didn’t even know his origin.

It seems that she certainly doesn’t know her name either.

Wei Feng suddenly felt hurt, and she was so intimate with that bastard man, and she completely ignored her existence before, which is simply a shame.

“Please remember it to me, when you pass the door, I will let you know how good I am!” Wei Fengxin vowed to shout.

“Looking for death!” A cold light flashed in Yang Kai’s eyes, and he violently waved towards Wei’s fan.

A clear and recognizable palm of Sheng Yuan appeared leisurely, and approached Wei Feng like a violent storm. The palm of Sheng Yuan contained terrifying destructive power.

Wei Feng was frightened and trembling, his face was pale, and he called out anxiously: “The elder, too, help me!”

“The kid is so courageous. Feet!” Chi Huo snorted coldly, stretched out his hand, and shook it like this in the air. The palm of that Saint Yuan split instantly and was directly broken by Chi Huo.

At this moment, among the bursting energy, a group of subtle energy twisted and squirmed and turned into a sharp sword. It suddenly flew out, caught off guard, and shot from Wei Feng’s left cheek. Enter and exit from the right cheek.

Chi Huo’s face changed drastically!

Luo Hai also raised his brows and looked at Yang Kai in surprise.

Luo Li nodded lightly with brilliance in her beautiful eyes.

The three of them all saw it. It was not that Yang Kai had hidden power in the palm of the Saint Yuan, but that his control of the Saint Yuan had reached a level of extraordinary power. After being dissipated by the red fire, It can also be quickly reorganized to form a killer.

This kind of damage is generally not powerful, even with the strength of Wei Feng, it is easy to defend.

However, Wei Feng’s appearance was so unbearable that he couldn’t detect it, and was abruptly injured by that anger.

Blood swarmed from both sides of the cheeks, and Wei Feng didn’t notice the severe pain until this time. The cheeks burned like fire, and there was a subtle force that penetrated into the flesh and blood through the wound.

He howled violently, covering his cheeks with his hands, tears and nose running down, making it impossible to look directly at him.

Many elders in Ice Heart Valley shook their heads slowly, and there was obvious contempt and disgust on their faces.

Such a person actually wants to get Su Yan? Compared with him, Yang Kai is simply stalwart, and Su Yan is truly a match made in heaven and earth.

Old Monster Scarlet Fire’s face was blue and white, staring at Yang Kai, his low voice squeezed out of his throat, like a mad beast: “Boy, you are dead!”

In front of his own face, Wei Feng’s cheek was pierced. This is not just Wei Feng being beaten in the face.

He was also beaten in the face by Chi Huo, and Huo Yaozong was beaten in the face even more!

Boss Chihuo couldn’t bear it.

Like a dormant lion, an unimaginable breath of terror roared from the body of the red fire, and everyone in Ice Heart Valley remained unchanged.

Yang Kai is still calm, looking at the red-haired old man indifferently, a sardonic smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Red Fire!” Luo Hai wrinkled and drank, “Do business!”

He would naturally not let Red Fire kill Yang Kai. This time, Chi Huo used his The mighty force came to force Bingxingu, he was willing to open his eyes and close his eyes, as long as Chi Huo didn’t pursue Yang Kai’s secrets.

But if Chi Huo wanted to take action against Yang Kai, he wouldn’t just sit back and watch.

Until Yang Kai has developed the secrets, no one can do anything with him.

Hearing this, the aura in the red fire body was like a flame poured with cold water, and it was extinguished in an instant. He seemed to have reacted, but he looked at Yang Kai coldly with a bad expression.

“The elder Tai is the master for me, kill him, kill him, and ask the elder to be the master for me!” Wei Feng has no eyesight, and screams while crying.

Chi Huo took a deep breath, his chest rising and falling violently.

Why did the old man bring such a thing to Bingxingu?

At this moment, he couldn’t wait to slap Wei Feng into mud.

I made up my mind that after this trip back, Wei Feng will definitely be imprisoned in Huo Yaozong, and he will never be allowed to go out forever, otherwise he will lose Huo Yaozong’s face wherever he goes.

Huo Yaozong has produced such a thing, it is simply not a god!

“You shut up!” Chi Huo gave a soft drink.

Wei Feng’s howling stopped abruptly. He didn’t dare to go against the wishes of the elder, but the pain in his heart distorted his expression. With the bright red blood, he looked like Ghosts are generally terrible.

He put his hands on his cheeks, his eyes flickered, and no one dared to look. In the end, he could only stare at the ground under his feet without saying a word.

“Boy, you are very kind. Since brother Luo Hai intends to protect you, the old man will not care about you this time. If you want to thank you, thank you brother Luo Hai!” Chi Huo is annoyed. After speaking, he raised his head and looked at Luo Li, and said: “I think you know the intention of the old man this time. I, a silly junior, have taken a fancy to this girl, and I hope she can temper Yaozong with me!”

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