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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1682: Abandoned Disciple Read Novel

Chapter 1682: Abandoned Disciple – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1682: Abandoned Disciple

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When he said this, the corners of Chi Huo’s mouth twitched, and even he thought in his heart that Wei Feng was really unworthy of Su Yan, and he didn’t even have the qualifications to lift other people’s shoes.

But this is indeed a good opportunity to strike Bingxin Valley. As long as Bingxin Valley can be forced to compromise here, Huo Yaozong will have the upper hand in future battles.

The most important point is that you can use this incident to attack Luo Li’s state of mind and make her state of mind flawed.

If this happens, he will surely become Luo Li’s heart demon in the future, and his cultivation will no longer be able to improve.

And he can go further in his self-cultivation. Under the circumstances, the future Chi Lan star must be the world of Huo Yaozong.

As soon as Chi Huo’s voice fell, Ran Yunting took a step forward, looking coldly and sternly: “Wishful thinking, Su Yan is my core disciple in Bingxin Valley, how can I marry others? She will only stay in her entire life. Ice Heart Valley, don’t go anywhere!”

Chi Huo smiled strangely, looked at Ran Yunting and said: “If the old man is right, she should be cultivating the secrets of your Ice Heart Valley, Bing Yugong, right?”

“So what?” Ran Yunting didn’t know what he was doing.

“If yes, then it will be easy. The old man sees that she has moved her mortal heart, Bing Xin is covered in dust, and has been backlashed by the exercises. It seems that she is not superficial. In a situation like her, I am afraid that it will not be used. In two years, all of your cultivation will dissipate, and you will eventually become an ordinary person. What is the use of Ice Heart Valley?”

Ran Yunting’s face changed slightly, secretly paying attention to Boss Chihuo’s shrewd eyesight.

Su Yan’s situation is very hidden, and only her master can detect some of it, but she doesn’t want Chi Huo to see it the first time she sees Su Yan.

For a while, Ran Yunting’s face was extremely gloomy, and after a glance at Su Yan, the disappointment in her eyes was obvious.

But Su Yan turned a blind eye, even without any change in expression, she was still just a happy smile, standing there, cuddling next to Yang Kai, it seemed to her that her cultivation strength was all clouds. As long as you can be with Yang Kai, death is also worth it.

Ran Yunting was even more disappointed.

“Su Yan” Yang Kai was stunned, looking at the beautiful woman standing beside him with beautiful eyes.

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He quickly released his spiritual thoughts and probed Su Yan’s body, but he finally noticed something wrong.

The aura in Su Yan’s body is indeed a little ups and downs. It is obviously a sign of being backlashed by her own cultivation technique. This situation is still mild for the time being, but if it takes a long time, it will definitely become more and more serious.

“It’s okay.” Su Yan smiled lightly, her expression calm, she didn’t worry about her destiny at all.

“I will find a way to resolve it for you.” Yang Kai took a deep breath, looked at her solemnly, and promised.

“You can judge yourself, and you can resolve the difficulty in front of her!” Ran Yunting raged and shouted at Yang Kai.

“Master, please don’t say such things!” Su Yan’s smile narrowed leisurely, her eyebrows frowned, her expression serious, “If Junior Brother is dead, I won’t live alone!”

Ran Yunting opened her mouth, staring at Su Yan in a daze, showing an expression of astonishment.

It was the first time that Su Yan used this attitude to talk to her, which greatly shocked Ran Yunting. Su Yan has always been obedient to her. No matter what she wants her to do, this disciple can do it hundreds of times, which makes her extremely satisfied and valued.

But today, she contradicted herself.

It seems that the master who has worked so hard to teach her and responded to her with great expectations is not as important as a hairy boy in her heart.

Ran Yunting sneered, her face was cold, and she looked at Yang Kai deeply, and said in a low tone: “Boy, you missed Su Yan, even if you die, you won’t be able to redeem you. Sin!”

After she finished speaking, she backed away again, closing her eyes, as if she didn’t want to interfere with the next thing.

“Have I missed Senior Sister? It’s not you who have the final say, which shallot are you?” Yang Kai snorted coldly.

“Okay, the farce ends here!” Chi Huo stood up, with a pair of eyes burning like flames, and looked towards Luo Li: “The old man has explained his intentions, Luo Li, you should do it. If you have a choice, hand over the person, the old man can retreat, if you don’t hand it over”

His words contain a very obvious threat.

The complexions of many elders in Ice Heart Valley changed drastically.

Luo Li glanced at Chi Huo lightly, then turned to look at Luo Hai, and lightly opened her lips and said, “This is what Lord Luo Hai means?”

She understands better than anyone else. This time, Chi Huo dared to come to Bingjue Island with such a high profile, and even more so pretentiously to obtain the best disciple in the valley, the root of which is still because Luo Hai is behind him!

Without Luo Hai, Chi Huo would not even dare to set foot within a thousand miles of Bing Jue Island.

Luo Hai smiled upon hearing this, and said gently: ’Sister Luo Li’s words are so unreasonable. This matter is between your Ice Heart Valley and the Fire Yaozong of Scarlet Fire. This seat is just the right time to get together. It’s all lively.”

As soon as the conversation turned, Luo Hai said again: “But I feel that what Chi Huo said is not wrong. The qualifications of this disciple called Su Yan are indeed good, but since they have received ice jade The backlash of gong, I’m afraid that it will be difficult to become a powerful weapon in the future. It is better to marry Weifeng. Your two families can also become in-laws and resolve the grievances between the two factions. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to live in harmony in the future?”

Listening to what he said, Luo Li’s face was dark, and he knew that Luo Hai was on Huo Yaozong’s side.

As for being married, it is simply a fantasy to resolve the grievances between the two factions.

The two sects have fought for thousands of years on Chilan Star. The grievances between each other can be said to be a sea of ​​blood and deep enmity, which is impossible to resolve. In this world, there will be no one day when there is Huo Yaozong. In Ice Heart Valley, there would be no Huo Yaozong in the day there was Ice Heart Valley, and the two sects would fight forever, endlessly.

“I understand.” Luo Li nodded lightly and closed the water-cutting pupils, apparently caught in a difficult decision.

No one bothered her. The elders of Ice Heart Valley all looked at Luo Li, wondering what answer she would give.

Luo Hai’s face was light and breezy, quietly tasting the fragrant tea.

Chi Huo looked complacent, laughing constantly.

He was not afraid that Luo Li would not agree. This time he pulled Luo Hai’s tiger skin as a banner, just to crush Bingxin Valley. As for the girl named Su Yan, it was just a chess piece for fighting.

Without Su Yan, you can also have Zhang Yan, Wang Yan Bing Xingu, so many female disciples, are you afraid that you can’t find a suitable candidate?

Wei Feng doesn’t howl anymore. At this time, he is like a cat smelling fishy, ​​his eyes are rolling around. Although his cheeks are painful, he still looks at Su Yan with a cruel smile. The look in his eyes is like looking at his own plaything, his eyes are obscene and evil.

My heart is secretly ruthless, how to torture this woman after Su Yan is involved, so that Yang Kai knows the cost of incurring himself.

Yang Kai and Su Yan stood side by side in the center of the ice palace, as if they were outsiders.

No one cares about their feelings and opinions. In such a high-level dialogue and negotiation, the two of them have no say at all.

The happiness in Su Yan’s beautiful eyes showed a faint sorrow, and she held Yang Kai’s little hand harder and harder.

She secretly decided that if the Supreme Elder really wants to compromise, then she will use her life to create a ray of hope for Yang Kai to escape! As for herself, even if she died, she couldn’t go to that Huo Yaozong.

Yang Kai looked on coldly, as if it had nothing to do with him, carefully observing the changes in Luo Li’s expression.

After a long while, he sighed, and whispered in Su Yan’s ear, ’Sister, trust me?”

Su Yan didn’t even think about it, the youngest head lightly.

“That’s good.” Yang Kai grinned, “Junior brother promises you that no one will take you away today. If you dare to make an idea, I will let them die!”

“The senior sister will wait and see.” Su Yan blinked at Yang Kai.

This playful appearance made Yang Kai stunned. He had never seen Su Yan like this. It seemed that because of the great crisis, she dared to do things that she would never do before.

Although the two people spoke softly, how could they hide from Luo Hai and Chi Huo.

Hearing Yang speaks wildly, the two virtual kings all gave Yang Kai a sneer, with a look of disdain.

“Luo Li, it’s time to make a decision.” Luo Hai urged impatiently.

He is anxious to bring Yang Kai back to Cuiwei Star, to study Yang Kai’s secrets, where he is willing to delay time here.

Luo Li opened his eyes, and for an instant, all eyes in the Ice Palace were cast on her.

The first person she looked at was Su Yan. There was a faint sense of guilt in her beautiful eyes, but it disappeared in a flash and was not noticed.

“People, take it away, I hope you can treat her well in the future!” After Luo Li said this, her momentum suddenly became a little languid, like a punctured balloon, with that expression on her face. It’s all pale.

Apparently making such a concession has violated her heart and made her injury even worse.

“The Supreme Elder” Ran Yunting gave a low voice.

Although she had guesses in her heart, after the elder Taishang gave such an answer, she still couldn’t accept it. After conditionedly shouting a word, she couldn’t say anything anymore, but looked at it regretfully. Su Yan gave a long sigh, and said gravely: “This is your own choice, don’t regret it in the future!”

At this moment, she finally decided to give up Su Yan.

Let’s not say that she can’t resolve the flaws in Su Yan’s state of mind. Even if Su Yan stays, she will do nothing in the future. For such a disciple, put the entire sect of Bingxin Valley in Dangerously, not worth it. As far as Luo Li’s order was concerned, she couldn’t violate it either.

For Su Yan to accompany the entire sect, then she is the sinner in Bingxingu.

She would not do such a thing. It is self-evident that the sect and the disciple are more important.

She closed her eyes and didn’t look at Su Yan.

“Have fun!” Chi Huo laughed.

For many years, I finally completely suppressed Luo Li and made her soft in front of me. Although it was based on Luo Hai’s prestige, this result was what Chi Huo wanted to see most.

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