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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1684: The Star Emperor’s Order Unblocked Read Novel

Chapter 1684: The Star Emperor’s Order Unblocked – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1684: The Star Emperor’s Order Unblocked

“This is mine?” Su Yan looked up at the huge ice phoenix phantom, as if sensing her gaze, the ice phoenix, who should have been unconscious, bowed her head. Glancing at Su Yan with those noble eyes, the eyes are full of kindness and approval.

Everyone was in a daze.

With the strength of the ice phoenix’s origin, Su Yan only feels relieved. The situation of being backlashed by the ice jade skill in recent days is instantly resolved, and the whole body and mind are relaxed.

The white phantom floating above her head, like the blood flowing out of her body, belongs to her.

The skin has become more white and crystal clear, and the slender neck is shining with porcelain-like exquisite light. At this moment, Su Yan’s charm suddenly rises to several levels, which is enough to turn the world over.

Even strong men like Chi Huo and Luo Hai couldn’t help being temporarily lost by Su Yan’s dazzling light.

“Yes, I brought it from Tongxuan Continent.” Yang Kai nodded.

The two brothers, sisters, sisters and elder brothers talked unintentionally, and no one is worried about the current situation.

“Well, I feel something.’Su Yan took a breath and closed her beautiful eyes. Her mind resonated strangely with the phantom of the ice phoenix. The ice phoenix screamed happily. Every tweet contained infinite power, and the entire Bingjue Island The icy air of Su Yan was mobilized in this cry, and it gathered into Su Yan’s body like Wan flows into the sea, and was absorbed by her without restraint.

Su Yan’s own breath is visible to the naked eye. The terrifying speed becomes stronger.

She was originally at the pinnacle level of the Void Return Stage. If Yang Kai did not appear, she would be preparing to break through the two levels in the near future.

But because of Bingyu The backlash of gong, her cultivation base does not rise but declines.

Now, the cultivation base rises again.

One-level peak, two-level peak, two-level peak

All the way is like a broken bamboo, breaking through to the peak of the two-layer realm in a very short time, and it seems that it has stopped due to some interference.

This interference comes from Yang Kai!

Two Humans have formed a bizarre two-body concentric state at this moment. Yang Kai’s cultivation realm has only two levels of peaks, so Su Yan can no longer improve, otherwise it will definitely break the balance between Saint Yuan.

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But anyone can tell, she still has more energy! She has the ability to promote her strength to the level of the third level!

Everyone was shocked. No one has ever been able to break through the cultivation base so quickly and without any hidden dangers. This is simply not possible by chance, it is simply a miracle.

Yang Kai smiled softly, as if all this was expected.

The dragon yin and the sound of phoenix ming sounded again, the golden dragon and the white ice phoenix suddenly distorted, plunged from the sky, poured into the bodies of Yang Kai and Su Yan and disappeared.

Out of the body of the two seniors, a strange aura is formed leisurely.

The aura is visible to the naked eye, half golden and half snow white. It is clearly two completely different attribute energies, but they can be perfectly integrated with each other, forming an aura that far exceeds the virtual mirror!

Any strong person with the Void Returning Mirror cannot produce resistance when facing such a momentum.

“This is your trump card?” Luo Hai’s eyes were a little frightening, with gleaming light, staring at Yang Kai unmovingly, and step by step from the top position.

Every time he took a step, Bingjue Island seemed to shake, the shaking from the depths of the earth, shaking people’s hearts.

Every time he takes a step, his aura also increases.

The golden and white yin and yang aura of Yang Kai and Su Yan couldn’t suppress Luo Hai.

Yang Kai still didn’t change his face, smiling and looking at the approaching enemies.

“If this is your hole card, then I advise you to give it up. Your strength is indeed amazing, enough to be invincible under the Void King Realm, and even in the ordinary Void King Realm, there is nothing you can do.”

As soon as these words came out, Chi Huo and Luo Li both frowned.

Whether he wants to admit it or not, Luo Hai is telling the truth. No matter who they are facing Yang Kai and Su Yan in this place, they have a very tricky feeling. If you fight, even if you can win in the end, you will have to pay a huge price.

This is extremely incredible.

The Void King Realm is already at the top of this world. Any Void King Realm is enough to sweep all the Void Returning Mirrors. Even if there are hundreds of thousands, it is impossible to touch the clothes of the Void King Realm. angle.

The ability of Yang Kai, Senior Sister and Brother, to fight against the ordinary Void King Realm with their strength alone is the limit of human imagination.

All of you here, I am afraid that only Luo Hai is qualified to ignore the current Yang Kai and Su Yan.

“Boy, you follow me obediently, I promise not to kill you!” Luo Haisen looked at Yang Kai calmly, almost tearing his face, never going to maintain the appearance of a compassionate teacher before.

“If you don’t see the coffin, you won’t shed tears, Luo Hai, I have no grievances and no grudges against you, but you have been fighting hard all the way, or I will kill you today to avoid trouble in the future.” Yang Kai There was a burst of shout.

“Kill me?” Luo Hai seemed to have heard some funny joke, and laughed loudly: “It looks like your confidence is a bit overwhelming. Do you think you can kill me like this? Just let you see what is the real Void King Realm!”

After the words fell, a bizarre force swayed away leisurely, wrapping up Yang Kai and Su Yan.

Domain field!

A star-level domain field.

The earth suddenly creaked and cracked, and the original location of the Ice Palace cracked one after another, and the power of that field almost collapsed the world.

“Brother Luo Hai, old man is here to help you!” Chi Huo yelled, and at the same time released his domain to put pressure on Yang Kai and Su Yan.

Luo Hai glanced at him, but didn’t say much.

He naturally knew what Chi Huo made.

I just don’t want to let the benefits be monopolized by myself, so I help out in an attempt to get a piece of the pie.

Luo Hai was so happy. All he wanted was the secrets of Yang Kai. As for the girl named Su Yan, the origin of the ice phoenix was terrible, but it was not in line with his cultivation method, and it was useless.

As soon as the domain of the two powerful virtual kings came out, the expressions of many elders in Ice Heart Valley changed.

Luo Li hurriedly released his domain to offset the pressure on everyone, and at the same time shouted in a low voice: “You go!”

If you don’t leave, these elders will all be injured.

Bing Long, Ran Yunting and the others didn’t say a word. They quickly displayed their body skills and left the place, leaping to a height of a thousand feet, looking down below, with shocked expressions, leaving Luo Li alone with a complex expression on the spot, but nothing The intention to intervene, a soft sigh came from her mouth, and the eyes looking at Yang Kai and Su Yan were full of regret.

’Senior Sister, are you ready?” Yang Kai was still calm when the two powerful virtual kings joined the field.

Experience from the blood prison. He has become accustomed to the field nuisance of this intensity. Such a field cannot crush him. He won’t fall, nor will Su Yan. Something.

“Ready!” Su Yan nodded.

The two of them have a strong heart, and there is no need for Yang Kai to explain anything. It was just a thought, and Su Yan understood what he was going to do.

“Get ready, let’s start the fight!” Yang Kai grinned, turned his head, staring at Luo Hai coldly, and said sharply: “Luo Hai, today is your death date!”

At the end of the word, a strange token suddenly appeared on the palm of his hand.

The token is completely dark, and I don’t know what material it is made of, so it looks unremarkable.

But as soon as the token appeared, Luo Hai brows, and a feeling of horror rises from his heart.

“This is” Luo Hai looked at the token suspiciously, and finally reacted: “Emperor Prestige! Star Emperor Order?”

There was a faint ray of light in the token. An almost imperceptible breath, but it was this breath that changed Luo Hai’s expression.

And the clearly recognizable word “Di” on the token finally let Luo Hai understand what Yang Kai’s final trump card is.

It turned out to be a Star Emperor Order! And it’s a Star Emperor Order that hasn’t been unblocked!

Rumor has it that the Emperor of the Starry sky has passed through the ages and left unbreakable myths in the star field, and the miracles have disappeared since then.

However, the Star Emperor Order made by him has been spread. The Star Emperor Order has a total of nine pieces, each of which seals the Great Emperor’s supernatural powers. It is a great supernatural power that can kill the Void King Realm in seconds. The level that the domain power can’t reach at all.

For ordinary warriors, the Star Emperor Order is just a legend, and it is impossible to even determine whether it exists.

But Luo Hai, a powerful person of this level, knows that the Star Emperor Order does exist, and there is one piece in the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce that is well-known in the Star Territory. It is just a Star Emperor Order that has been unblocked. Without the emperor’s supernatural powers, only a small amount of the power of the emperor’s might remained.

A strong person in the Void King Realm wears the Star Emperor Order on his body, and if he perceives the emperor’s prestige for many years, it can assist in cultivation and increase the chance of understanding the martial arts of heaven.

So he recognized the token in Yang Kai’s hand at a glance, and instantly felt uneasy.

“Not good!” Luo Hai was shocked and exclaimed: “Brother Chihuo, kill them quickly. They must not be allowed to unblock the Star Emperor’s order.”

Chihuo A shiver, a trace of determination and cruelty flashed in his eyes, opened his tongue, bit his tongue, spit out a spray of blood like a burning flame, turned into a raging fire, and wrapped Yang Kai and Su Yan.

He is also a ruthless person, knowing that Dangduan is constantly suffering from the chaos, and he overdrawn his own blood as soon as he shots. He just wants to kill Yang Kai and Su Yan in the shortest time, otherwise the Star Emperor Order Unblocking, he is definitely not an opponent.

The legend of the great emperor is really terrifying. It is a myth that no one can break.

At the same time that Chi Huo made his move, Luo Hai also made his move. A long sword-like secret treasure was sacrificed by him. The surface of the long sword was as bright as the moon, exuding the breath of a virtual king-level secret treasure. Luo Hai poured Saint Yuan into it, and the long sword buzzed and trembled, trembling slightly in the void, and then suddenly disappeared.

When he reappeared, he had already killed Yang Kai and pierced his heart.

Yang Kai just stood on the spot, sneered softly, seeing the deadly threat as nothing, sacred yuan madly poured into the Star Emperor’s order in his hand.

The world is shaking, as if the end of the world is about to come, a desolate and terrifying aura is coming leisurely.

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Chapter 1684: The Star Emperor’s Order Unblocked – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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