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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1685: Kill the Void King Realm in a Second Read Novel

Chapter 1685: Kill the Void King Realm in a Second – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1685: Kill the Void King Realm in a Second

At this moment, on the entire Chilan Star, the birds fell from the sky, and the beasts were crawling on the spot, shivering.

The large and small cities, the rudder of the sect family, and trillions of people, all felt a kind of horror from the depths of the soul.

It was a desperate horror, as if he would die in the next moment.

Regardless of the level of cultivation, regardless of age, trillions of people are all cold and sweaty. What’s more, they fell on the ground and couldn’t get up for a long time. All of their strength was lost at that moment. Drained.

Fortunately, this breath comes and goes fast, and disappears in an instant.

Otherwise, today’s Chilan Star will inevitably suffer deaths and injuries!

Bing Jue Island, where the Ice Palace is located, above Yang Kai and Su Yan, a pair of closed eyes suddenly appeared.

At the same time, outside of Yang Kai and Su Yan, there is a layer of energy that can’t be detected by the naked eye or divine mind, enveloping them.

The blood of Scarlet Fire burned, and Luo Hai’s secret treasure long sword attacked, all of which were blocked by the energy, without a ripple.

“Impossible!” Luo Hai yelled in horror.

With his Void King’s two-level cultivation realm, he could not hurt Yang Kai even a bit with the horrible blow of the Secret Treasure, and all this was due to the appearance of a pair of closed eyes.

This made him almost unacceptable.

The existence of the emperor is only in legends, and ordinary people regard it as a god, but among the strong like Luo Hai, many people have been working hard to find the trace of the emperor and want to break his stay. The myths below, and even replace them.

In their hearts, the emperor is just a little more tyrannical in his cultivation base, not invincible.

Luo Hai also had such thoughts. He thought that the emperor was nothing more than a powerhouse at the top of the three-layer virtual king. He felt that one day he could stand shoulder to shoulder with the emperor, and even stepped on him.

But today, he finally understands that the emperor is still so unattainable to him, that it has definitely surpassed the level of the Void King Realm, an unknown and terrifying realm!

He suddenly felt arrogant.

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The tightly closed eyes tend to open.

Luo Li’s expression finally changed, and he no longer dared to stay where he was. She shook her body like a frightened rabbit, galloping out quickly, and instantly moved away from where the Ice Palace was.

The eyes in the void were opened, the pupils were clear and flawless, and there was no sense of majesty, and what made Luo Hai and Chi Huo extremely surprised was that these eyes clearly belonged to a woman!

Is the legendary Star Emperor actually a woman?

This funny thought came out of the hearts of the two powerful virtual kings, making them a little bit unbelievable.

Those beautiful eyes just stared at Luo Hai and Chi Huo coldly, without any emotion, as if they were just looking at two ants.

The Scarlet Fire Monster screamed and flew out on its back. If it was hit hard, it sprayed blood in the air.

The whole field is suddenly torn apart.

Wei Feng, who had been guarding behind him, suddenly turned into a pile of meat at this moment, and there was no whole body.

Even in the depths of Luo Hai’s mind, there was a crackling sound, which was a sign of the collapse of his own field.

It seems that the indifferent glance of that beautiful eye contains unimaginable supreme mighty power, which makes people unable to resist.

His face turned pale, a little blood spilled from the corners of his mouth, and his body was slightly staggered. At any rate, his cultivation base was much higher than that of Crimson Fire, and he still stood in place.

Beautiful eyes just took a glimpse, and then disappeared, as if they had never appeared before.

At the same time.

The strong emperor’s power surging up from Yang Kai and Su Yan, it is a power that does not belong to this world at all, it is an unreliable existence, it is the breath that makes hundreds of millions of creatures bow their heads.

That is the might of the emperor!

Yang Kai laughed loudly, his laughter was thunderous, and there seemed to be some bizarre artistic conception in it, which shocked Luo Hai’s mind, and made his sea of ​​consciousness roll and unsteady.

After Chi Huo stood firm, his face became paler.

Golden and white qi, wrapped in Yang Kai and Su Yan’s body, the sound of dragons and phoenix humming constantly, but these yin and yang two qi are completely different from just now.

Although the yin and yang two qi just now are powerful enough to threaten the general Void King Realm, they are not in Luo Hai’s eyes.

But now the golden and white qi is strong, but it has risen to the extent that Luo Hai is discolored!

As if in the unblocked Star Emperor Order, a force was poured into Yang Kai and Su Yan.

leisurely, the yin and yang are completely integrated, regardless of each other.

In everyone’s field of vision, Yang Kai and Su Yan’s traces were instantly lost. All that was visible was a hazy light group.

“Red Fire, you die first!” Yang Kai’s cold drink came from the light group, and the next moment the light group flew in front of Red Fire.

Chi Huo’s face changed drastically, and he exclaimed in horror: “Brother Luo Hai, help me!”

At the same time, he squeezed Fajue with both hands, urging him in a holy spirit. A protection like a copper wall and an iron wall was placed in front of him.

Layers of sacred yuan shrouded his side as if in substance, and there was also a virtual king-level defensive treasure, which turned into a ball of flame and wrapped it.

But everything is in vain.

When the ball of light was bullying, the first to be broken was the Void King-class protection secret treasure that turned into flames. This is a unique existence in the entire star field, and it can’t resist the terror of the light group. Wei Neng, when you touch it, it breaks apart.

In the light group, phantoms of golden dragons and ice phoenix appeared, and the majestic and noble posture seemed to dance above nine heavens, dancing in a thrilling posture.

The light group passed by the red fire.

Chi Huo stood there, motionless, staring into the void with a dull stare, a look of horror still remained on his face.

“I shouldn’t regret it”

Red Fire’s words were not finished yet, a dazzling light appeared in his body, like a balloon poked with countless holes, the light from his pores It lased out, making him look like a glowing hedgehog.


There was a loud noise, and Chi Huo’s body burst open, turned into a blood mist, and scattered on the ground.

In the sky, there were bursts of cold breath sounds, and the dozens of elders in Bingxin Valley felt the lung pain from the cold breath, and one or two all showed fear.

Chi Huo, a strong first-level Void King, could not resist the power of Yang Kai and Su Yan who used the Star Emperor Order, but was killed in an instant.

This kind of combat power, I am afraid that even the strongest of the three-tier virtual king might not have it!

Luo Li’s delicate body was trembling, there was a hint of amazement in the depths of his beautiful eyes, but more of regret.

She can feel the mood of Chi Huo before his death, and she also knows what Chi Huo did not say before his death.

Chi Huo regrets, why is she not?

If she had known that the situation would develop in this way, how could she ignore today’s affairs and take care of herself?

If she had known this would happen, she would have to defend Yang Kai and Su Yan’s thoroughness even if she died desperately.

Lori let out a long sigh.

Ice Heart Valley, is destined to fail to rise! God-given opportunity was placed in front of me, but I turned a blind eye to it and pushed it out. What is the meaning of regret now?

I only hope that the young man thinks that he is Su Yan’s teacher in Bingxin Valley. After solving the immediate troubles, he will not fight against Bingxingu. Otherwise, Bingxingu will undoubtedly be destroyed today.

“Ha, ha ha ha ha!” A frantic laughter suddenly came from the side. Luo Li frowned and saw that Ran Yunting was laughing in the sky.

But the laughter and expression on his face are endless bitterness and regret.

From the moment she decided to abandon Su Yan, from the time Su Yan called her last master, she was destined to spend the rest of her life in regret.

“Luo Hai, it’s your turn!”

Yang Kai’s voice came from the light group again, and Ling Li’s murderous intent wrapped Luo Hai.

Luo Hai’s expression changed drastically. He found that he still underestimated the terrifying power of the Star Emperor’s Order, and Chi Huo was killed by a single blow in front of him. This means even he could not do it.

In other words, he is not an opponent!

’Star power is here!” Luo Hai’s expression changed several times, and he gave up all the grievances, and suddenly shouted in a low voice.

He knows that even negotiating with Yang Kai is useless. He knows too many secrets about him, and it is impossible to talk about it. What’s more, if Yang Kai used something like the Star Emperor’s Order, why would he not kill himself? Will you let it go? It’s better to fight hard than to take the humiliation yourself.

Somewhere in the distant star field, Cuiwei star flickered, the huge and unparalleled force of the stars crossed the barrier of space, lased onto Chilan Star, and poured into Luo Hai.

Luo Hai’s momentum surged. He was originally the Void King’s two-level realm. He rose to the peak in a very short period of time, almost the same as the third-level realm.

Soon he fled towards the distance without looking back!

Using the power of the origin of the stars, it was only to escape, he didn’t even have the courage to confront Yang Kai and Su Yan head-on.

“Did you run away?” Yang Kai laughed, the light group flickered on the spot, the power of the space was ups and downs, and it chased Luo Hai in an instant. From the light group, there was a horror The force burst, and headed towards Luo Hai.

Luo Hai was shocked, the virtual king-class secret treasure long sword in his hand flicked, and it could almost cut the sword light from heaven and earth to shoot.

With the silent collision, the space collapsed, the sword light was swallowed, but the power from the light group made Luo Hai back hundreds of feet, and his face turned pale.

As soon as you fought, he suffered a small loss.

Steady his figure, with the help of the counter-shock, Luo Hai continued to flee, fleeing into the star field!

The light group that Yang Kai and Su Yan were in was unwilling to hold back. They flickered again in place, and appeared strangely before Luo Hai.

“Boy, don’t deceive people too much!” Luo Hai vomited blood. Although he had known that Yang Kai had cultivated the power of space, he never thought that he would be tossed by this kind of power.

The warrior who has cultivated the power of space has a unique advantage in pursuit and escape.

If this weren’t the case, he had caught Yang Kai as early as a year ago, how could he have a chance to escape to Chilan Star?

“Now that you know that you are deceiving too much? Why didn’t you think of this when you chased me in the starry field? It’s useless to say more, today is your death date!”

A crack in the space suddenly formed, like an open animal mouth, biting towards Luo Hai, as if to swallow the eclipse and the moon, Luo Hai did not dare to be light-hearted, and could only dodge desperately, waiting for the opportunity to escape.

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Chapter 1685: Kill the Void King Realm in a Second – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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