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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1687: Return to Void 3rd Realm Read Novel

Chapter 1687: Return to Void 3rd Realm – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1687: Return to Void 3rd Realm

Bing Jue Island, in the ice palace, the high level of the island gathered here.

Luo Li sat in the first place, and Bing Long Ran Yunting and the other elders sat side by side. Some elders were reporting on the island’s prohibition and formation restoration.

The last shocking battle almost completely destroyed the forbidden magic circle on Ice Desolation Island. During this time, the disciples have been repairing it, and it is finally completed until today.

However, the collapsed ice peaks were unable to regain their former glory. Fortunately, the disciples evacuated early and there were no casualties. This is a rare piece of good news.

Luo Li kept his eyes closed until the elder finished the report, and then nodded slightly, but he didn’t mean to speak.

Bing Long glanced at her, then turned to look at the other person, and asked, “Elder Thirteen, is there any news about that person?”

Hearing the words, Elder Thirteen Yu Xueqing shook her head sadly: “No, we had been looking for him for a year before, and there was no news. If he hadn’t shown up at the time, we would still be unable to find him. If he wanted to deliberately hide his whereabouts this time, we didn’t have any Way.”

“Hey!” Bing Long sighed.

“You don’t need to find him!” Luo Li suddenly opened his eyes and said faintly.

“The Supreme Elder”

“He doesn’t want you to find it, what can you do? And, after such a battle, he must be healed.”

“Healing?” Bing Long and the others raised their brows and looked a little surprised, but they quickly reacted: “What do you mean”

“He used taboo power, and he must pay some The price.” Luo Li said lightly.

“He was injured?” Ran Yunting’s eyes lit up, and a hint of eagerness appeared on her face, “If this is the case, then are we?”

The words are not over yet, Luo Li suddenly glared at her coldly, and Ran Yunting immediately fell silent, unable to speak a word.

“My Bingxin Valley stretches to this day, it is not easy. My lifelong wish is not to make Bingxin Valley go further, but to preserve the ancestor’s inheritance. Do you understand?” Luo Li’s beautiful eyes swept around, Contains endless majesty.

Everyone was shocked and tasted the meaning of Luoli’s words, and quickly got up and respectfully said: “The disciple understands.”

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“Just understand, if you understand, don’t provoke Bingxin Valley.” It’s a disaster.”

Ran Yunting’s face turned pale, and she trembled: “The disciple is wrong!”

Luo Li nodded slightly, satisfied with her attitude, and suddenly smiled again:” Let all those who look for him withdraw, he will come back again.”

“He will come back? ’Some elders with unknown circumstances changed their faces. Yang Kai’s battle to kill Luo Hai that day really scared them. When they remembered that this person might return to Bingjue Island, they were suddenly a little uneasy.

Bing Long seemed to know something, and smiled and said: “There is another person staying on Bing Jue Island, and he should naturally come back.”

Ran Yunting thought for a while, and said thoughtfully: “The Gu said that the disciple named Qingya?”

“Hmm. Qing Ya and Su Yan worshipped into Bingxin Valley together, and their relationship was very close. Even if Yang Kai didn’t come back, Su Yan would definitely come back.”

“Would you like to talk to Qingya?” “Ran Yunting frowned.

“My palace has been looking for her a few days ago. Bing Long gave a wry smile.

“Oh? What is the result? Does she know the whereabouts of Yang Kai and Su Yan? Can you know Yang Kai’s attitude towards me Ice Heart Valley? Ran Yunting asked.

“Although I went to find her, I couldn’t meet her.” An embarrassment appeared on Bing Long’s face.

“What’s the matter? “The elders were shocked.

“Yang Kai left a stone puppet to guard her. When the palace passed by, he was beaten back by the stone puppet. “Bing Long explained with a bitter smile, with a lingering look on her face, “If Qingya didn’t stop it in time, my palace might be injured.”

“That stone puppet is so good?” “Ran Yunting’s face changed drastically.

She also saw the stone puppet. When she ordered the ice butterfly to kill Qingya, it was the stone puppet that protected Qingya, but all her attention was paid that day. In Yang Kai and Su Yan, they didn’t care too much about the weird creature.

Now that Bing Long mentioned it, I realized that the stone puppet was extraordinary.

“Head-on confrontation, I It’s definitely not an opponent. “Bing Long’s expression is solemn.

A sound of inhaling cold air sounds.

Bing Long is the number one master in Bingxin Valley’s Return to Virtual Mirror, and it is also one of the best in the entire Chilan Star. The existence of, but even she is not an opponent. Doesn’t that mean that the stone puppet has the strength close to the Void King Realm?

What kind of existence is that?

Throw in Luo Li, hoping she can explain one or two.

“Don’t look at me, I don’t know the origin of that stone puppet. Perhaps it was a puppet that survived the ancients, or perhaps a strange creature.”

Don’t even know the Supreme Elder? Everyone was shocked. In their cognition, the Supreme Elder is almost omnipotent, but today, this cognition has been broken.

The root of everything is still in Yang Kai.

“The disciple named Qingya is still grateful to Bingxingu, otherwise, she will not stop the stone puppet from attacking Binglong, and you should not bother her. Take care, Yang Kai and Su Yan will come here again and take her away.”

“Yes!” Bing Long nodded respectfully.

“If he comes again next time, don’t be rude!” Luo Li left a sentence, and the whole person suddenly disappeared.

The elders looked at each other and dispersed, but Ran Yunting stayed alone, as if there was endless regret on their faces.

In the Profound Realm Pearl, in the attic where Xia Ning Chang had lived before, Yang Kai and Su Yan sat cross-legged across from each other, with their palms close together.

The sacred essence* in the two of them blends together, and there is an inexplicable mood permeating the two of them.

The faces of both of them were slightly pale.

The battle with Luo Hai seemed simple and easy, but with such terrifying power, both Yang Kai and Su Yan paid a huge price.

So after the First World War, Yang Kai immediately left Bingxin Valley, and even Qingya didn’t care about it, looking for a place to heal her injuries.

To some extent, Luo Li’s vision is still very vicious.

Fortunately, this time it was the Star Emperor Order that was used after being concentric with Su Yan, so even if the cost was huge, it was not unbearable for them to share it.

Yang Kai feels lucky.

If Su Yan did not share the burden for him at the time, but instead used the Star Emperor Order alone, the consequences would be unimaginable.

The emperor’s divine might is not something he can bear.

The bodies of the two of them are filled with Saint Crystal Source, and there are several empty jade bottles beside them, the spirit pills in them have already been taken.

Pure energy poured into the two of them to resolve their injuries and hidden dangers. As time passed, their complexions gradually returned to rosy, and their breath fluctuations gradually stabilized.

One day, Yang Kai took a long breath and opened his eyes.

Facing Su Yan’s beautiful eyes.

The two looked at each other and smiled. After more than three months of healing, the injury finally recovered.

“Junior brother, did you break through?” Su Yan’s eyes flashed with surprise.

“It seems to be.” Yang Kai only then noticed his own changes.

Before the battle with Luo Hai, I was at the peak of the second stage of returning to the void. After the first battle, now he has reached the third stage.

He didn’t even notice when he broke through. It may be that the energy infused into the body by the emperor’s divine might was too large, causing his own bottleneck to break through silently.

Furthermore, the current realm is extremely stable, and there is no need for Yang Kai to bother any more.

’So are you.” Yang Kai glanced at Su Yan, and suddenly found that her cultivation realm was the same as her own, both at the level of the three-level realm.

Su Yan pursed her lips and smiled.

The light from the entire world seems to have gathered on Su Yan, making her look so beautiful and indispensable.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but stayed for a while, stretched out his hand to hold Su Yan’s little hand, his mind was rippling: ’Su Yan”

Su Yan’s face blushed, naturally aware of what he was thinking, and twisted After a while, he whispered: “Master, they are all waiting outside.”

Yang Kaikai deliberately went out to investigate, and he discovered that his acquaintances and friends had already arrived after hearing the news and kept guarding outside.

The powerhouses of the three clans of humans, monsters and demons almost gathered in front of the attic.

Yang Kai scratched his ears and scratched his cheeks, cruel, gritted his teeth and said: “Anyway, I have been waiting for so long, so I am not in a hurry.”

While speaking, he turned into a wolf and threw Su Yan down. on the ground.

The gate of the attic opened, and Yang Kai and Su Yan appeared in front of Ling Taixu and others.

Everyone hurried forward and asked about the situation, Xia Ning Chang’s beautiful eyes had unconcealed anxiety and care.

On that day, Yang Kai and Su Yan suddenly appeared in the Profound Realm Pearl. They both seemed to be breathless, as if they were severely wounded. Naturally, Xia Ning Chang was shocked and quickly arranged for them to heal their injuries while sending the news Passed it out.

Until today, three months later, two people appeared.

“Yang Kai, are you okay?” Ling Taixu asked first.

“Master Lao is worried, the disciple is fine now.”

“Smelly boy, I am worried about your mother!” Yang Siye also breathed a sigh of relief. I am, it seems that some heroes are short of breath, and quickly pushed Dong Suzhu out of the pot.

Dong Suzhu stood beside the Fourth Master, biting his red lips, his nose flapped lightly, there were large drops of tears in his eye sockets, and he wanted to cry, but he could not say anything.

“Mother, don’t worry, I am not good.” Yang Kai grinned and patted his chest, showing that he was very strong.

This was a terrible one. Dong Suzhu’s depressed mood finally broke out, and he cried with a wow, tears falling like broken pearls.

If it weren’t for the presence of so many powerful people, demons, and demons, I’m afraid she would rush up to hold her baby son in her arms and love it.

’Smelly boy!” Fourth Master Yang was almost dead of anger, and glared at Yang Kai.

“What are you yelling at, what are you yelling at?” Dong Suzhu beat Yang Siye’s iron body with a pair of pink fists, “Why are you shouting at my son!”

Yang Siye has a face Hei, I wonder if your son is my son, and he won’t lose a piece of meat when he roars!

This is a mess.

My heart was very depressed, but I could only stand in place obediently, and let Dong Suzhu give a blow, and I didn’t move.

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