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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1688: Return to Bingjue Island Read Novel

Chapter 1688: Return to Bingjue Island – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1688: Return to Bingjue Island

Meet a group of friends and relatives and feel their care and concern.

Yang Kai’s body and mind are warm

He suddenly discovered that he had exhausted his mind to return to Tongxuan Continent, and it was an extremely wise decision to bring these people out.

Green wood has roots, and flowing water has roots. These people in Tongxuan Continent are the roots of Yang Kai, and the source of Yang Kai.

Wood without roots, water without roots is destined to not last long.

In the Profound Realm Pearl, in order to celebrate the return of Su Yan, the three tribes of humans, demons and demons held a feast, and the atmosphere was extremely lively.

Pushing cups and changing cups during the banquet, with different ambitions, regardless of the level of cultivation, regardless of age, they are all integrated into it.

Yang Kai was directly swept down by the three powerful people. After waking up, he suffered from a splitting headache.

Then, Yang Kai stayed with his parents for two more days to show his filial piety, and then he hurriedly left Xuanjiezhu.

Before leaving, Yang Kai taught Su Yan the demon transformation.

Now that Su Yan has the original power of the ice phoenix, he can also practice the demon transformation, develop the original power in the body, and strengthen himself.

Wanzai Bingyutai also stayed.

This treasure was originally used to contain the true essence of the sun. Now it is no longer useful in Yang Kai’s hands, but for Su Yan, it is an extremely powerful treasure to assist in cultivation.

With the Ten Thousand Years Ice Jade Platform, Su Yan’s cultivation speed must at least increase by about 30%.

Everything was arranged, and Yang Kai drove towards Bingxin Valley again.

Ice island, a piece of tranquility.

The disciples seem to have recovered from the aftermath of the shocking battle of the previous days. The practice of the practice, the retreat of the retreat, the days are calm.

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On the outer island, under an ice peak, a woman in a white dress was cleaning the ice road. Suddenly a gust of wind rushed past her, and the female disciple couldn’t help but shiver, with inexplicable panic. The feeling of rising from my heart.

She looked up suspiciously and looked around, but found nothing.

I couldn’t help but feel a little puzzled, thought for a while, shook his head and continued to clean the ice road.

A strange figure appeared in front of an ice peak not far from the woman.

He kept walking, exquisitely moving towards the location of an ice room. After a short time, he arrived in front of the ice room, looked at the forbidden circle blocking the front, smiled slightly, and stretched out his hand in front of him. A little bit in the void.

A layer of ripples passed, the restriction was broken, and he walked directly in.

In the ice room, Qing Ya is sitting cross-legged on the ground, her cheeks are in her hands, and the big eyes of the stone puppet face her small eyes.

She seems to be very interested in stone puppets.

Yang Kai and Su Yan used earth-shattering means to slay the two virtual king realms that day. They immediately retreated after the war and did not care about her. Qingya had no complaints about this, she also vaguely guessed Yang Kai and Su Yan may have been injured, so they didn’t linger at all.

What’s more, even though Yang Kai left, he left this weird stone puppet to protect herself, and Qingya certainly wouldn’t have any complaints.

She also knew that Yang Kai and Su Yan would definitely return to Bingxin Valley again and take them away.

These days, Qingya has been behind closed doors, looking forward to her in the ice room. When she is bored, she looks at each other as she does now.

She discovered that although the stone puppet is wise, it is a pity that no matter what she says, it will not respond to her, but will follow her every step of the way.

“Little guy, when do you think Yang Kai and Su Yan will come.” Qingya sighed leisurely. Once, she was proud of Bingxin Valley, but after experiencing the last time, she can’t wait Di wanted to leave this place, leaving this sect that made her sad and even nearly dead.

“Hey, you are so dumb, why don’t you know what to say.” Qing Ya stretched out her hand and flicked on the stone puppet’s forehead.

The index finger was in pain, but the stone puppet blinked with a blank expression on his face.

Qing Ya was amused by its appearance, and couldn’t help but giggle.

“I am in a good mood.” Suddenly, a voice came.

Qing Ya’s face changed suddenly, and her body reflexively started to move, but after realizing that the voice came from someone, she immediately looked aside in surprise.

A young man stood there with a bright smile, as if there was sunshine, dispelling the cold and darkness in the ice room.

The two small black bean-like eyes of the stone puppet also burst out with amazing light, and they crawled to the young man’s side with his hands and feet. He stretched out his thick five fingers and pointed at himself, then pointed at Qingya, thinking What he said but couldn’t say it.

“Understood, you have to be good at guarding, and you have to praise it!” The young man patted the head of the stone puppet.

The small eyes of the stone puppet are narrowed, which is obviously very useful.

“Yang Kai!” Qing Ya whispered, her face flushed immediately.

It seems that the scene when she was talking to herself just now must have been seen by him, which made Qing Ya a little embarrassed.

But soon, Qing Ya adjusted her expression and asked with concern: “Are you all right?”

Yang Kai shook his head: “If something happens, I won’t be here”

“That’s good, what about Su Yan?” Qing Ya’s expression changed. She didn’t see Su Yan, and subconsciously thought that something bad had happened.

’Su Yan is in a very safe place.” Yang Kai motioned her not to be nervous, “I am here this time to take you away. Are you ready?”

Qing Ya took a deep breath and nodded sternly: “I’m ready a long time ago.”

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai tilted his head, suddenly frowned, and touched his chin with a smile. Fei smiled and said: “Um, I was found.”

At this moment, a cold voice echoed in the ice room: ’Since Yang Shaoxia is here, why bother to leave? If you have time If so, why not come to Bing Juefeng for a ride?”

“Too elder!” Qing Ya’s face faded and she exclaimed. She heard that this voice was made by the elder Luo Li of Bingxin Valley.

Yang Kai cast a relieved look at her, looking at somewhere in the void, a subtle arc appeared at the corner of his mouth, and said loudly: “The predecessors are kind, but the kid is disrespectful!”

“That palace is on Bing Jue Peak, waiting for your ride!” Luo Li’s voice fell, and the divine thought in the void disappeared.

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai waved to Qingya.

“Yang Kai” Qingya’s face is full of worry.

“Don’t worry, she is not malicious.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

Listening to what he said, Qing Ya was completely relieved, and immediately after Yang Kai, she went outside.

When they came to the ice room, Qing Ya couldn’t help but whispered. She suddenly found that there were more than a dozen people standing in front of the ice room, from the valley lord to the major elders. I don’t know when they have all assembled. Here, it seemed that he was waiting for Yang Kai.

Seeing Yang Kai’s appearance, everyone’s expressions couldn’t help being straightened, and they were solemnly right.

Yang Kai’s expression remained unchanged, and he went straight to meet him.

“Young Master Yang” Bing Long nodded lightly at Yang Kai, which was regarded as a greeting, but her name to Yang Kai changed. It can be seen that the earth-shocking battle that day also had a huge impact on her heart.

’Senior Binglong!” Yang Kai clasped his fists.

“I dare not be.” Bing Long waved his hand quickly, “If Young Master Yang does not give up, just call Bing Long to his concubine.”

You can see that Bing Long is obviously loose. Tone, before she came here, she was really afraid that Yang Kai would not give a good face, or speak insultingly. She was prepared to bear the humiliation, but she didn’t want Yang Kai to be gentle and easy-going, but she was somewhat of her own. Save the gentleman’s belly with a villain’s heart.

I can’t help but feel ashamed for a while.

It seemed that he was not hostile to Bingxin Valley, and a big rock in Bing Long’s heart fell to the ground.

“Then please lead the way, Lord Ice Valley.” Yang Kai nodded.

“Please over here!” Bing Long opened her body sideways, giving way to the road.

Yang Kai stepped forward.

In the crowd, Ran Yunting’s expression changed several times, but finally she couldn’t help it, and she asked, “Where is Su Yan? Where is she? What’s the situation?”

Yang Kai stopped. Looking back, he gave Ran Yunting a faint look.

The hearts of more than a dozen elders immediately mentioned their throats, even Bing Long’s expression was nervous, and she kept winking at Ran Yunting.

Ran Yunting turned a deaf ear to Yang Kai’s gaze, and smiled bitterly: “My master is not qualified, but now I just want to know whether Su Yan is safe.”

“It’s very safe, I have to worry about it!” Yang Kai responded lightly.

“It’s safe!” Ran Yunting breathed a sigh of relief.

“From now on, Su Yan and Bingxin Valley will no longer have anything to do with each other.” After Yang Kai finished speaking, he continued to walk forward.

Ran Yunting’s body trembled, and the bitterness on her face was even stronger. Most of the dozen elders also sighed, and slowly shook their heads with a sad expression.

Bing Jue Peak is an ice peak in the center of Bing Jue Island. It is not the tallest and most majestic ice peak, but it is the most aura of heaven and earth. The Supreme Elder Luo Li of Bingxin Valley is here Dive and repair on Bing Jue Peak.

It is rumored that there is an eternal cold pool on Bing Jue Peak, and the overflowing ice gas in the cold pool has a great effect on the warriors who have practiced the ice system.

A group of people waited for Bing Jue Peak, Bing Long and others stopped: “This is Bing Jue Peak. The Supreme Elder is waiting at the top of the peak, please, Master Yang!”

No one can trespass to Bing Jue Peak without the elder’s summoning, and Bing Long and others can only wait below.

Yang Kai nodded, then turned to Qing Ya and said: “You wait for me here.”

“Okay.” Qing Ya nodded.

Only then did Yang Kai follow the steps made of white jade.

Along the way, the cold wind is icy, and the icy mood that fills the sky and the earth is enough to freeze the space.

Yang Kai was not affected at all. While striding forward, he was still in the mood to look at the surrounding scenery.

A quarter of an hour later, Yang Kai came to the top of the peak.

Looking around, the top of the peak is unobstructed and extremely simple. There is no Qionglou Yuyu as imagined. Only at a certain position on the top of the peak, there is a thatched shed covered with snow, and Air leaks on all sides.

Bing Long, the supreme elder of Bingxin Valley, sat cross-legged in this thatched hut. There was a stone table in front of her. There was a teapot simmering on the table, and the white mist curled straight up around the thatched hut. As if there is some energy, isolated from the intrusion of the cold wind.

When Yang Kai walked here, the tea was just right.

Luo Li opened his eyes, looked at Yang Kai, smiled slightly, stretched out his hand and motioned: “Young Shaoxia, please sit down!”

Yang Kai held a fist: “The younger generation is more respectful than life!”

While speaking, he walked directly into the thatched shed and sat cross-legged across from Luoli.

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Chapter 1688: Return to Bingjue Island – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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