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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1689: Talk about business affairs Read Novel

Chapter 1689: Talk about business affairs – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1689: Talk about business affairs

Seeing him look calm and calm, Luo Li nodded secretly, stretched out his hand to pour tea into the teacup in front of Yang Kai, and said: “Taste the Xuejian Hanrui of this palace.” The clear tea trickled out, and a scent of fragrance pounced on his face.

Yang Kai’s expression moved, he picked up the teacup and put it under his nose and sniffed it a few times. The intoxicating color appeared on his face. He immediately raised his head and drank a cup of tea upright, even a piece of tea in it. Bitten in the mouth, chewing constantly.

Luo Li was startled slightly, and then smiled: “Yang Shaoxia doesn’t seem to dabble in the tea ceremony.”

“I haven’t studied it.” Yang Kai smiled, “I’ve only been busy these years. I’ve been rushing around, and I don’t have time and thoughts to study these.”

“Human beings are natural, young heroes have a shocking cultivation level at a young age, so they are naturally hardworking people.”

’Senior praised, but although the kid didn’t dabble in the tea ceremony, he still tasted that this tea has the effect of clearing the heart and reducing the desires, driving away evil spirits and reducing fire. As soon as the senior came up, he gave me this tea. “Yang Kai smiled but didn’t smile.

Luo Li sighed quietly: “Why should Yang Shaoxia ask me knowingly?”

Yang Kai looked serious, and said with a serious face: “That kid will know that people don’t talk secretly, Bingxingu’s previous attitude And the practice really made me very angry. For a moment, I even wanted to destroy the entire Ice Heart Valley!”

Luo Li’s expression remained unchanged, but he looked at Yang Kai quietly and waited for the following.

“But now that I think about it, it was just a passionate impulse at the time. In fact, it was not necessary. Moreover, even if I really wanted to do this, Su Yan would not agree.”

Listening to Yang Kai mentioning Su Yan, Luo Li’s face flashed sadly: ’Su Yan is a good boy. I have taught her a few times. Her understanding, aptitude, and temperament are all perfect. If nothing happened this time, tomorrow Su Yan, who is here, will definitely become the pillar of my Bingxin Valley, leading Bingxin Valley to new glory.”

“Unfortunately, there is no if.” Yang Kai smiled coldly.

“This time it is Bingxin Valley’s fault, Luo Li’s fault, Yang Shaoxia can be a large number of adults, regardless of the predecessors, Luo Li thank you!” While speaking, Luo Li got up and bowed to Yang Kai Yingying.

Yang Kai frowned, but his expression softened. He thought for a while and said, ’Senior is serious. Senior is the strongest of the Void King Realm. The kid is only the third stage of the Void Returning Realm, and the senior is so shameless.”

Luo Li shook his head sternly: “I would rather bully the old than the young. The house is old, but the young man has a bright future. Although the house is a bit short-sighted, he also knows that the future of the young man is bound to be. bright.”

Yang Kai laughed loudly: “According to seniors’ good words.”

With a laugh, Yang Kai said solemnly: ’Since Senior is so open and honest, then the kid will have a relationship with Senior. From now on, Su Yan and Qingya are no longer Bingxin Valley disciples, but Bing Xin I don’t care about everything Gu did before.”

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A faint gloom flashed across Luo Li’s face, and his head lightly nodded: “That’s good, it’s because I have no blessings and opportunities in Bingxin Valley, no wonder everyone else.”

“Senior could think so, that would be great. “Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction.

Luo Li is still very good at talking. This time, although Yang Kai came here mainly to take Qingya away, he also intended to meet the Supreme Elder of Bingxingu. Su Yan and Bingxingu draw a clear line.

After all, Bingxingu Nurturing has taught Su Yan and Qingya for more than 30 years, and the credit is great. Although Yang Kai was extremely angry and disappointed by what he did at the last moment, some I still have to make it clear.

“Okay, personal affairs are over, let’s talk about business affairs. “Yang Kai’s expression turned and looked at Luo Li with a grin. He looked like a profiteer, as if he was going to speculate.

Luo Li stayed for a while: “Official business? What kind of business?”

She was icy and smart, and she couldn’t keep up with Yang Kai’s change of thinking.

“Huo Yaozong and Ice Heart Valley have fought on Chilan Star for thousands of years, and they have an indelible blood and blood feud. The number of disciples of Ice Heart Valley who died in the hands of Huo Yaozong warriors is not counted. Exhausted, now the high elder of Huo Yaozong Chi Huo has been killed by me, don’t the seniors have any ideas?” Yang Kai looked at Luo Li with a smile, and said slowly: “For example, cutting grass and roots to prevent future troubles.” p73>

Luo Li’s expression changed, and he looked at Yang Kai in shock: ’Shao Xia is a cruel person.”

“Huh, people are not cruel, and they are unstable.” Yang Kai sneered.

Luo Li’s beautiful eyes bloomed with brilliance: “This sentence is both refined and popular, and this palace is a small man.”

“What does the senior mean?”

“Don’t hide the young man, this palace had this idea a long time ago. Scarlet Huo died, and the Fire Yaozong group has no leader. It is indeed a good time to understand the grievances between the two factions for thousands of years, but this palace has the heart and powerlessness.” Thoughtfully, he lightly nodded and said, ’Senior refers to his own hidden wounds and hidden dangers in his mind, right?”

“The young man has a sharp eye.” Luo Li did not deny.

The hidden wounds in her body were caused by a mistake in the last practice. As for the hidden dangers of her mind, she stayed when she decided to abandon Su Yan. The latter made the former situation worse. This is Luo. The reason that Li has been standing still.

Otherwise, according to the grievances between the two factions, as early as the day Red Fire was beheaded, Luo Li had already headed to the Huoyao Mountain Range and uprooted Huoyao Sect.

“Even so, with the methods of the predecessors, is there no way to use Fire Yaozong?” Yang Kai was suspicious.

“The young man made a joke.” Luo Li smiled and shook his head. “If this palace is in its heyday, maybe 70% sure to break the Huo Yaozong’s mountain protection formation, but it’s difficult in the current situation, Huo Yao Although Zong now does not have the power of the Void King Realm, there are also many Void Returning Mirror Peak masters in the Zongmen. With the great formation of the mountain guard, it is possible to leave the palace behind.”

“I looked down on Huo Yao Zong!” Yang Kai touched his chin, showing a trace of solemnity on his face.

After all, it is a huge sect that has been passed down for tens of thousands of years, and it has some background.

“But if I can restore senior to his heyday, get rid of the hidden injuries and hidden dangers, plus my cooperation from the side?” Yang Kai suddenly laughed strangely.

“What?” Luo Li was taken aback, and Dai frowned: “You said you can restore my heyday?”


“But me For this kind of injury, the general panacea is useless. Only the virtual king-level panacea can be effective, and it must be a specific kind of virtual king-level panacea!” After speaking, Luo Li seemed to have realized something. His face changed drastically, and he exclaimed: “Is the young man still a virtual king-level alchemist?”

Yang Kai smiled without saying a word, appearing unpredictable: “Is it right? Senior please wait and see. Well, I need these materials. Based on the background of Bingxin Valley, I should be able to get them out. Seniors, listen carefully.”

Yang Kai reported a bunch of medicinal materials, all of which are virtual king-level medicinal materials.

Luo Li was completely sluggish, and while jotting down, he looked at Yang Kai with a strange look, and Jiao Chu couldn’t help but tremble.

Various signs indicate that this young man may indeed be a virtual king-level alchemist. The worst thing is that there is also a virtual king-level alchemist behind him. Otherwise, why does he need so many medicinal materials? ?

Luo Li’s heart turned into a stormy sea, which could not be calmed for a long time.

Void King-level alchemists are rare in the entire star field, and they can be counted with a single slap. These people are all famous and famous, even those of the top three-tier Void King. When it comes to them, they have to be respectful and polite, and dare not neglect the slightest.

They are truly noble people in the entire star field.

If the young man in front of him is really a virtual king-level alchemist, then Ice Heart Valley’s loss this time will be great.

As soon as he thought of this, Luo Li’s eyes faintly turned dark, and almost fainted. At any rate, his temperament was good, and he managed to endure the shock in his heart and stay awake.

“These materials shouldn’t be difficult to find, right?” Yang Kai looked at Luo Li.

“I will be able to let people go to the warehouse to investigate. The materials mentioned by Shaoxia should be in stock in the warehouse!”

“That’s fine, um, I still need A secret room.”

“My palace will let someone arrange it!” Luo Li nodded immediately.

“Well, three days later, I will come here again, seniors will wait and see!” Yang Kai stood up.

’Shaoxia Yang” Luo Li also stood up and shouted.

“What else is there, Senior?”

“I would like to ask, what is your intention to extinguish Huo Yaozong? Although Wei Feng insulted Su Yan that day, he has already Dead, other than that, Huo Yaozong didn’t seem to provoke the young man, right? You never did these things to help us in Ice Heart Valley.”

“Who said they didn’t provoke me? “Yang Kai snorted, “They have provoke me several times. Of course, this is not the main reason. I have to deal with Huo Yaozong because I want their dry sky thunder flames!”

Luo Li’s expression changed, and he whispered: “The young man has such a big appetite! The Dry Sky Thunder Flame is the foundation of the Huo Yaozong sect. It is said to be psychic and unpredictable. The reason why this palace dare not be good at it. The biggest worry for rushing into the fire Yaozong is this group of dry sky lightning!”

“Well, that’s great, it can make seniors so jealous, this dry sky lightning seems to be a big deal, I am determined to win it! “Yang Kai laughed happily.

“You” Luo Li stared at Yang Kai in amazement, thinking that this man was indeed a lunatic, even he was extremely jealous of that dry sky lightning, he was not afraid at all, and he didn’t know what to rely on.

I hope he is not a person with good eyes and low hands.

Luo Li prayed secretly in his heart.

His expression has changed several times, and Luo Li seems to have made some important decision, and once again speaks: “Yang Shaoxia, if there is a chance, can Su Yan come to see this palace again? I have something to think about. Tell her.”

Yang Kai looked at her seriously, and after a while, he nodded and said: “Okay, I’ll let Su Yan come to see you tonight, let’s say goodbye.”

“Thank you, Shaoxia.” Luo Li nodded gently.

Yang Kai went all the way down Bing Jue Peak. Qing Ya, who was waiting under the peak, couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw him return safely.

And Bing Long apparently received Luo Li’s call, and immediately greeted him, and said: “Young Master Yang, please come with me.”

“I have work!”

After a short time, Yang Kai was placed in a loft on the inner island, and the medicinal materials he had previously reported were all available in just half an hour, and Bing Long personally delivered them.

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Chapter 1689: Talk about business affairs – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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