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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1690: Cold Pond Read Novel

Chapter 1690: Cold Pond – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1690: Cold Pond

Su Yan was released from the Profound Realm Pearl by Yang Kai and headed to Bing Jue Peak alone.

Although Yang Kai didn’t know why Luo Li wanted to see Su Yan, he could feel that this woman had no malice towards Su Yan. He even vaguely felt that this was an opportunity for Su Yan.

The strange appearance of Su Yan shocked the elders of Ice Heart Valley who had been guarding outside the attic.

She never saw Su Yan enter the attic, but the other party walked out of it.

For a while, I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Yang Kai stayed in the attic and began to refine alchemy.

Void King-level spirit pills, it’s not that they can be refined by refining. According to Yang Kai’s insights into the true alchemy, if you want to refine the Void King-level spirit pills, you must have an excellent alchemy.

The pill induces spirit, and only the refined pill can be called a spirit pill.

Yang Kai positioned Dan Yin as a high-quality monster inner pill.

The inner alchemy of the monster beast contains the spirit of the beast, which is naturally extremely spiritual and meets the conditions.

Yang Kai does not have the inner alchemy of the tenth-level monster beast, nor does Bingxin Valley, but the inner alchemy of the ninth-level peak monster beast, Bingxin Valley, has a lot of them. Among the materials provided before this, there are That one.

For the next three days, Yang Kai remained closed.

Some strange noises and movements were heard from time to time in the attic, and then, with the attic as the center, the fragrance fragrant.

Bing Long and the others, who had heard some news from Luo Li, were stunned, guarding outside the attic, and their jaws almost fell off.

Yang Kai turned out to be an excellent alchemist. Although I don’t know if he can make a virtual king-level spirit pill, this kind of movement alone is enough to show his attainments on the alchemy path. Not shallow.

But how is this possible.

Yang Kai doesn’t seem to be very young. It’s ridiculous enough that he can reach the third level of Void Return in his cultivation. How can he have extra energy to study the alchemy? Go so far on this avenue.

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Until this moment, Bing Long and others realized what kind of terrifying existence Yang Kai was.

The eyes looking at the attic gradually became awed.

With the passage of time, the abnormal movement from the attic became more and more obvious, and thousands of rays of light came out of it, and the aroma of the pill wafting in the air became more and more intense, and the aroma entered the nose. Let everyone give initiation and feel comfortable all over.

Three days passed, and no one opened the door of the attic.

Yang Kai’s voice came from inside: ’Senior Bing Long, please come in and talk.”

Bing Long looked straight and hurried forward.

Entered the attic, and walked out after a while, his expression nervous and excited.

“Valley Lord, what’s the situation?” Great Elder Ran Yunting and the others looked at him eagerly, and they all got the news that Yang Kai was refining the spirit pill for the Supreme Elder in the past few days. Naturally, he couldn’t wait now I want to know the result.

Bing Long didn’t speak, just showed a white jade bottle in his hand, and then retracted the space ring without saying a word, rushing towards Bing Juefeng at an extremely fast speed.

“Is it really done?” Ran Yunting muttered to herself with a pale face.

The other elders looked at Bing Long’s distant figure, and then at Ran Yunting. A few people sighed slightly, and a hint of blame came out of their eyes.

Although they all know that if they put themselves in Ran Yunting’s position, Chi Huo and Luo Hai came to Bingxin Valley that day, they might make the same choice, abandon Su Yan and preserve the sect.

But Yang Kai’s bizarre performance and huge potential still make them regret it.

It would be great if he didn’t do that at the time, but desperately protected Su Yan. In that case, he could have a relationship with Yang Kai.

Void King class alchemist, what a noble status is this?

In the attic, Yang Kai closed his eyes and adjusted his breath. This time he refined the virtual king-level spirit pill, which made him feel a little bit. It happened that Luo Li also needed some time to refine the effect of the pill and restore it. The injury made up for the hidden danger of his mind, so he felt relieved and boldly enlightened.

When Luo Li recovers from his injury, it is time to attack Huo Yaozong aggressively.

Yang Kai wanted to put out the fire in Yaozong, partly because of the dry sky thunder flames. The strong fire Yaozong he met before had practiced the secret technique of dry sky thunder fire, and dry sky thunder fire. It has a great promotion effect on the Firebird.

Another part of the reason is naturally because they provoke people who shouldn’t be provoke.

Yang Kai himself and this sect had several frictions and grievances, and the impression on them was very bad.

One day later, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes and nodded in satisfaction.

For the improvement in the way of alchemy, it is true that you should do more. Refining the Void King-level spirit pill at one time allows you to accumulate a lot of experience. If you have enough materials to practice regularly, Yang Kai feels that he His alchemy should be able to increase in a straight line.

A glance was cast from the side, Yang Kai turned his head to look, and saw Qing Ya looking like she was hesitant to speak.

’Senior Sister Qingya has something to say straight.”Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Do you want me to help you refine some kind of pill?”

“No, no, no. Qing Ya waved her hand quickly, hesitated for a while, and finally said, “It’s about Qian Hao.”

“Qian Hao” Yang Kai nodded. One of the elders of the ice sect was Qian Yue’s brother.

He also came with Qingya Suyan back then. Chilan Star was unable to enter Bingxin Valley only because of his gender. Fortunately, Ran Yunting placed him in a sect under Bingxin Valley. I heard that these years have passed well.

“You Do you want him to leave that sect? “Yang Kai immediately understood what Qingya meant.

“Well, Su Yan and I are no longer disciples of Bingxingu. If Qian Hao stayed in that sect, he would be a human being. Contempt, and since we are all reunited now, it makes no sense to leave Qian Hao alone, I want him to come back.”

“This is easy to handle. “Yang Kai smiled slightly, Shen Min went out to investigate, and gave someone a few words.

After a short while, he smiled at Qing Ya and said: “Tomorrow Qianhao will come, and you will be there. A few people from Zong can be reunited.”

“Thank you. “Qing Ya was filled with emotion.

The former Ice Sect was the foremost powerful force on the Tongxuan Continent. Although there were not many disciples in the clan, the statement was not obvious, but the strong ones with a little weight knew the existence of the Ice Sect. Not surprised.

But now, there are only four people left in the entire Ice Sect.

Looking back on the past, Qing Ya cherishes the present more and more.

Su Yan found a good man! Qing Ya looked at Yang Kai with a smile of relief on her face.

Bingxin Valley’s work efficiency is still extremely high. On the second day, Qian Hao really came to Bingjue Island. After seeing Qingya, he felt very kind, and he was very cold and warm. After seeing Yang Kai, Suddenly he was dumbfounded, like hell in the day.

After rubbing his eyes several times, it was confirmed that Yang Kai really appeared in front of him, and it was not his own illusion.

“Well, you guys will meet again after a long time, there should be a lot to say, relax, I will send you to a place where someone is waiting for you!” Yang Kai smiled slightly, and urged Qingya and Qian Hao. Tao.

The two did not ask too much, and immediately relaxed.

Yang Kai took a hand, and an invisible force enveloped the two of them. The next moment, Qing Ya and Qian Hao disappeared and appeared inside the Profound Realm Bead.

When the brothers and sisters met, Qian Hao Qianyue cried with joy.

Ten days later, Yang Kai suddenly heard Luo Li’s message and immediately left the attic and headed to Bing Jue Peak.

Luo Li’s voice is much better than before. It should be the virtual king-level spirit pill that has worked. Yang Kai doesn’t know what she is going to do on Bing Jue Peak this time, but she vaguely guessed it. It should be related to Su Yan.

Since Su Yan entered Bing Jue Peak that day, she hasn’t appeared again.

Yang Kai is not worried, because Su Yan is very safe in his induction.

In a short time, Yang Kai came to the top of Bingjue Peak. The top of the peak was as simple as ever, and there was nothing else except the thatched shed that leaked from all sides.

Luo Li sat cross-legged in the thatched shed, with a steady breath and a very rosy complexion.

Her injuries are clearly healed.

“Are you here?” Luo Li motioned to Yang Kai to sit down and speak.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, frowning: “Where is Su Yan?”

He didn’t actually see Su Yan’s trace here.

“The young man and Su Yan seem to have a kind of magical telepathy, can’t you notice where she is?” Luo Li smiled and didn’t answer.

Is this testing me?

Yang Kai raised the corner of his mouth slightly, and immediately cast his eyes on a cold pond not far away.

The cold pool is only about five feet square. The water in Tan Zhongzhi is clear and sees people. I don’t know how much it is. Above the cold pool, the white air is straight up, and the white air contains the purest ice cold energy.

Yang Kai subconsciously released his spiritual thoughts, but he quickly snorted, his expression became solemn, and he didn’t dare to make another mistake.

The last time he came here, he noticed this cold pond, but he didn’t observe it too closely at the time. This time he was a little surprised when he was probed by his spiritual mind.

The cold pool contains some power in the realm. My own divine spirit can’t reach too far, and it is directly blocked back, and there is a tendency to freeze.

Because of the Wen Shenlian, Yang Kai’s spiritual power is comparable to the real Void King Realm.

What is the origin of this cold pool, and it can be so powerful?

And Yang Kai can also clearly feel that Su Yan is in a deep place in the cold pool.

“This is the cold pool of my Bingxin Valley!” Seeing Yang Kai’s face in doubt, Luo Li took the initiative to explain, “and the group of dry sky thunder flames of Huo Yaozong are listed as the two stars of Chi Lan. When the Great God’s Burial entered the cold lake, the good fortune was against the sky, and it was this place.”

“What’s the magic effect? “Yang Kai looked at the cold pool with scorching eyes, and found that this thing was weird.

“For those who practice the ice system, making cold pools is a god-given gospel. The reason why I am Ice Heart Valley It is precisely because of this cold pool that the sect was founded here. It can transform the martial artist’s physique innately, making the martial artist more adaptable to the cold world energy. The high-levels of my Bingxin Valley have all benefited from the cold pool.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, calmly.

Luo Li continued: “And I, Bingxin Valley’s previous generations of Void Kings realm powerhouse, before sitting down, will disperse all the fields. Pouring the power of the field into the cold lake, anyone who enters the cold lake can understand the mystery of the artistic conception of ice and the mystery of the field ice cold field.”

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