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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1691: Profound Frost Excalibur Read Novel

Chapter 1691: Profound Frost Excalibur – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1691: Profound Frost Excalibur

“The cold lake for good fortune is the top secret location of my Bingxin Valley. Non-important people are not allowed to enter. The cold lake is divided into twelve stages. The lower you go, the higher the difficulty and the greater the danger, but The more benefits you can get.” Luo Li looked at Yang Kai and continued to explain.

“Oh? Then dare you to ask seniors how far you can go?” Yang Kairou asked with interest.

“The best time in this palace is to go to the eighth paragraph, and then there is nothing that can be done.” Luo Li looked a little ashamed.

’Su Yan is in there?”

“Yes, she is extremely qualified, and she is also an ice crystal jade body. I originally wanted to wait for some more years to let her go deep into the cold lake and find opportunities. Yes, but I don’t want her to be promoted to the third level of Void Return in such a short period of time. Now she is also qualified to enter the cold pool. Although she is no longer a disciple of my Ice Heart Valley, she just treats it as this palace. Give her a farewell gift.”

’So thank you senior.”

He naturally knew that Luo Li did this mainly to ease the relationship between Bingxingu and himself. Anyway, the cold pool of good fortune is here. Whether Su Yan goes there will not have much impact on it. Let Su Yan go in once to maximize his affection for Bingxin Valley.

Luo Li smiled slightly: “I Bingxingu owes her to her, Yang Shaoxia is not welcome, she should come out now, I don’t know which paragraph she has reached this time.”

Listening to her, Yang Kai’s expression moved, and in his telepathy, he realized that Su Yan’s breath was rising from the bottomless pool.

After a short while, a small vortex suddenly appeared on the cold lake. The vortex revolved, forming a hollow area in the center of the cold lake, and the more chilly chill began to permeate.

After a while, A beautiful shadow flew out from the vortex.

A little cold light appeared along with that beautiful shadow’s flying shot. Yang Kai’s eyes shrank, his strength reached his current level, seeing this At the moment of the cold light, I couldn’t help feeling a bit of skin cold, and my pores seemed to be pricked by hundreds of millions of needles.

Yang Kai looked at that little cold light with a stunned expression.

“This is” Luo Li also showed shock and looked up to the sky.

In the sky, Su Yan’s figure stood still in the void, motionless, and his whole body was icy and cold. More than ten days ago, she had been tyrannical several times. In her right hand, she was holding a three-foot long sword that was shining with cold light.

The piercing cold light was shining from the long sword.

The eyes of Yang Kai and Luo Li instantly froze on the long sword. The former gave a cheerful smile after being taken aback, while the latter’s face was horrified and his body trembled.

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The long sword held by Su Yan looked a little strange. Although it was three feet long, it was extremely slender. It was not as wide as a normal long sword and gave a very sharp feeling.

The cold light circulated endlessly on the sword, Su Yan raised the sword with one hand, and lightly stroked the sword with his finger.

The sword body buzzed, the cold light suddenly appeared, and its terrifying ice-cold mood filled with Su Yan as the center.

The ice summit, which is already extremely cold, has a tendency to be completely frozen.

The enchantment outside the thatched shed that leaked on all sides made a clicking sound, as if overwhelmed, it was about to collapse.

“Xuan Shuang?” Luo Li could no longer maintain his composure, Huo Di got up, exclaimed in exclamation, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at the thin long sword in Su Yan’s hand, his eyes were incredulous. Look.

Yang Kai looked at his words and thoughts, knowing that Su Yan must have picked up a big deal this time, and that it was a cheap price that Luo Li didn’t expect at all, and couldn’t help laughing.

At this moment, Su Yan also seemed to have finally recovered, turning her head and looking down, her icy mood suddenly dissipated, revealing a warm smile, her body shook, and she came to the thatched shed: ” Junior Brother, why are you here?”

’Senior asked me to come over.” Yang Kai explained with a smile, and there was a glimmer of light in his eyes.

He suddenly found that Su Yan’s aura was extremely calm and solidified, and became stronger than when she was separated more than ten days ago. He wanted to come to her to get a lot of benefits in this cold pool of good fortune.

His gaze fell on the narrow long sword once again, and he looked at the long sword closely. It was Yang Kai who was accustomed to seeing the Void King-class secret treasure, and he couldn’t help but feel a little frightened.

In that narrow and narrow sword, there was a sense of coldness, condensing an invisible sharp blade, piercing into one’s mind autonomously, as if resisting one’s observation of it.

’Su Yan, can this sword be seen by my palace?” Luo Li regained his expression and said with a solemn expression.

“Taiwan elder, please see!” Su Yan respectfully held the narrow long sword in his hands and handed it over.

Luo Li stretched out his hand to hold the sword.

A gleam of brilliance flashed across the sword, and then, unimaginable ice cold was born from the sword, spreading and invading Luoli’s body.

A small hand of Luo Li was actually frozen at a speed visible to the naked eye, and a thin layer of ice appeared on his skin.

But she seemed to have expected this to happen, but her wrist shook and the ice broke.

Yang Kai raised his brows, revealing an unexpected look.

This thin and narrow sword looks really extraordinary. No one is driving it. It can cause some small troubles to a powerful man like Luo Li. If it is driven by someone, then it’s worth it?

With this long sword alone, Su Yan’s combat power will soar several levels!

I’m afraid this is the top secret treasure of the virtual king, right? Yang Kai secretly guessed.

“It really is Xuan Shuang!” Luo Li carefully observed the sword body, and only slightly nodded for a long time, his expression was a bit emotional: “I didn’t expect to see Xuan Shuang Sword again in the lifetime of this palace.” p72>

Yang Kai asked: “What is the origin of this sword?”

A trace of respect appeared on Luo Li’s face, and he said in a deep voice: “It is the founder of Bingxin Valley, Bingyun. The saber of the patriarch.”

Yang Kai and Su Yan looked at each other, and they couldn’t help showing shock.

It has been 20,000 to 30,000 years since the founding of Ice Heart Valley. It is rumored that the founding ancestor has the top cultivation base of the Void King’s three-level realm, and is the real overlord in the star domain, but although she stayed Inheritance, but the development of Bingxin Valley over the past tens of thousands of years has not been satisfactory. There has never been a supreme power like her in the sect, and the highest strength is only the two-layer virtual king.

In this generation, Luo Li has only the cultivation realm of the first level of the Void King.

“It is actually the saber of the patriarch?” Su Yan was also a little dazed. After thinking for a moment, he said seriously: ’Since it is the sabre of the patriarch, let it be kept by the elder, the disciple doesn’t know. This sword is so precious that it was brought out.”

Luo Li slowly shook his head: “You can call me too elder, my palace is already very pleased. As for keeping this sword, Haha I can’t do anything in my palace.”

When she spoke, her entire arm holding the sword was covered with a layer of frost, shattered and another layer appeared. The situation intensified and spread straight to her chest. In the past, after a while, I was afraid that her whole body would be covered with frost.

Luo Li did not dare to continue holding the sword, and reached out and handed Xuan Shuang to Su Yan: ’Since you can get it, then it is your chance! The palace has no reason to take it back, and the ancestor has left a legacy. Xuanshuangjian will choose the master on its own. If the palace keeps it, it would be contrary to the ancestral precepts. This crime cannot be taken by the palace.”

“But” Su Yan seems to want to say something.

“Time is also fortune. This is Xuanshuang’s choice, and it is also the choice of the Patriarch.” Luo Li sighed.

If Su Yan is still a disciple of Bingxingu and gets the Xuanshuang Sword, then Luo Li is afraid to be extremely happy, but Su Yan is no longer a disciple of Bingxingu, but she has got the Xuanshuang Sword. Acknowledge that this is a huge loss for Bingxingu.

The patriarch’s legacy is again there, and Luo Li dare not violate it.

She wanted to speak for Su Yan to return to Bingxin Valley, but when she thought of the attitude of herself and Bing Long and others, she couldn’t speak anyway.

“Since the predecessor said so, take Su Yan, as long as you have Bingxingu in your heart, does it matter whether it is a disciple of Bingxingu?” Yang Kai said indifferently from the side.

Luo Li glanced at him thoughtfully, showing gratitude.

Although Yang Kai didn’t say this too clearly, Luo Li also heard the extraneous sound of his words. Although the water is unacceptable, but with the fetters of the profound frost sword, the ice heart valley will be true in the future. When faced with an insoluble crisis, Su Yan would not sit back and watch.

This is the best ending for Ice Heart Valley.

“By the way, Su Yan, since you got the Profound Shuang Sword, it means you have reached the twelfth paragraph?” Luo Li suddenly remembered something, and asked nervously.

“The disciple doesn’t know how many stages it goes deep into, but that is already the bottom of Hantan.” Su Yan replied softly.

“The bottom layer, that’s right, that is indeed the twelfth paragraph.” Luo Li sighed, “It looks like the strength of the ice phoenix origin is added, and your future and future are really better than the original. The palace is much brighter.”

She has been working hard for so many years, but she can only go deep into the eighth paragraph. On the contrary, Su Yan, who entered the cold pool for the first time, rushed directly to the twelfth paragraph. This also explains from the side. The strength of the origin of the ice phoenix is ​​powerful.

Without the origin of the ice phoenix, Su Yan would not be able to accomplish this feat.

“You have reached the lowest level, have you ever seen the ancestor The Xuanyingjing? When Luo Li asked this, his expression became even more tense.

“Xu Nianjing? ’Su Yandai frowned, “I haven’t seen this before. In addition to the extremely powerful field in the bottom layer, there is the Profound Shuang Sword inserted there, and the disciple did not find the Xu Nian Jing.”

“Nothing found! “Luo Li’s beautiful eyes flashed brightly, as if he was thinking of something, his expression constantly changed, and after a long time, he smiled and said to himself: “In this way, the rumors are actually true, haha, the rumors are true. it is true.”

At the end, she couldn’t help laughing, as if she was extremely excited.

Yang Kai frowned and said suspiciously: “What did the predecessor mean?”

“My founding ancestor in Ice Heart Valley, may not have died! “Luo Li’s language is not surprising and endless!

Yang Kai’s expression changed, and Su Yan did not stop covering her mouth with her small hand.

“Of course, this is only a possibility.”Luo Li smiled slightly, “After all, a person who has hands and eyes open to the sky like the ancestor is impossible to fall easily. According to my Ice Heart Valley classics, in the cold lake of good fortune, there is the mysterious frost divine sword left by the ancestor, but the ancestor has There is no sitting, and there is no detailed record. Since there is no ancestor’s imaginary crystal in the cold pool, it means that she may still be alive.”

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