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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1692: Invasion Read Novel

Chapter 1692: Invasion – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1692: Invasion

When the strength reaches the level of the third level of the Void King, it will condense such a strange thing as the Void Nation Crystal in the body. The Void Nation Crystal contains the life experience and experience of a peak power of the Void King. The essence of martial arts is deposited, even if the martial artist dies, the virtual mind crystal will not disappear.

The founding ancestor of Bingxin Valley left a profound frost sword at the bottom of the cold lake of good fortune, but there is no virtual thought crystal, which is enough to explain many problems.

She might really not die!

It’s just that, even if it’s like this, he hasn’t shown up for 20,000 to 30,000 years. No one knows where the Patriarch Bingyun is today, whether he is alive or dead.

But for Laurie, this is undoubtedly extremely exciting news.

Luo Li turned to look at Yang Kai, sighing slightly.

She discovered that if Yang Kai is a disciple of Bingxingu, he must be a lucky general!

Since he appeared in Bingxin Valley, there have been too many happy events in Bingxin Valley. First, Chi Huo was beheaded, and then his injuries were healed. Now the mysterious frost sword reappears in the world, Su Yan’s What he saw and heard also confirmed from the side that Patriarch might still be alive in this world.

These series of events are all excellent news for Bingxin Valley.

Unfortunately, Yang Kai is a man, it is impossible to join Bingxin Valley, and he doesn’t seem to have much favor for Bingxin Valley.

’Senior, it’s time to go to Huo Yaozong.”Yang Kai suddenly said.

“En. “Luo Li nodded when he heard the words, “It is indeed time.”

She looked into the distance, her eyes deep.

From now on, Chilan Star will be dominated by Ice Heart Valley!

A team of five ships. The pitch-black battleship set off from Bingju Island. The battleship carried a total of about 3,000 Bingxin Valley elites. Under the leadership of one of the main ships, it set off towards the location of the Huyao Mountain.

Bingxin As one of the top sects on the Chilan Star, Gu naturally has his own battleship.

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It’s just that Yang Kai discovered that these battleships are the best one, and only the top grade of the virtual class, which exists as a main ship. The other four warships are only mid-level virtual.

Quality is not the same as the one you own.

It seems that in the entire star field, the virtual king Class battleships are also extremely rare.

As a weapon to siege and pull out the city, this time going to the Huoyao Mountain Range is to destroy the entire Huoyao Sect. Naturally, Luo Li will use battleships such a powerful war Fortress.

The disciples in Ice Heart Valley also know what they are going to do this time. Everyone looks solemn, and there is a fierceness between the eyebrows.

Countless years of battles have made the hatred between Bingxingu and Huo Yaozong more and more deep, and it is impossible to resolve them. Many of them have died in the hands of Huo Yaozong martial artists, because they are women, So once it falls into the hands of the Huo Yaozong martial artist, the end is generally worse than death.

Learning that the elder Taishang would take people to the Huoyao Sect in person, these three thousand elites took the initiative to sign up and actively participated in the battle, holding a wave of anger until the Huoyao Mountain Range broke out. The old enemy burned to death in the year.

The speed of the fleet is very fast. The Ice Heart Valley is tens of thousands of miles away from Huo Yaozong, but in just a few days, five warships have arrived outside the Huo Yao Mountain Range.

In the direction of the main ship, Luo Li stood on the ship, looking into the distance. Behind her, there are a group of high-level officials in Ice Heart Valley.

Yang Kai and Su Yan were also mixed in the crowd.

“This is the Huoyao Mountain Range?” Yang Kai looked forward, a little surprised.

As far as I can see, the mountains are undulating, and the huge mountains are like dragons crawling on the ground, stretching for thousands of miles.

Furthermore, this entire mountain range seems to contain a very strong fire element aura. Looking at it with the naked eye, there is a faint red light flashing between the mountains.

The temperature between the sky and the earth has increased a lot.

“Yes, this is the Huoyao Mountain Range. There is a fire dragon ground vein in this big underground, which just matches the cultivation method of the Huoyao Sect martial artist, so that they can quickly improve their cultivation level here.” Luo Libing Without speaking, Bing Long softly explained to Yang Kai.

“However, starting today, this place will no longer be owned by Huo Yaozong.” Ran Yunting snorted coldly.

As soon as the voice fell, it suddenly seemed as if he had found something. He cast his gaze downwards, stretched out a hand, and scratched it in the void.

Along with a panic-stricken shout, a warrior wearing Huo Yaozong costume was photographed by Ran Yunting from somewhere in the forest below, volleyed onto the ship.

This person seems to be around thirty or forty years old, with a low cultivation base, and one level of return to the Void. A fire-type holy element was completely suppressed by Ran Yunting. After falling on the ship, he saw so many at first glance. The thin and fat woman in Yan’s heart felt awkward, she immediately understood, and shouted: “People of Ice Heart Valley, why are you here? You are so aggressively invading the Huoyao Mountain Range, do you want to go to war with me, Huo Yaozong? Nothing?”

“Go to war?” Ran Yunting sneered: “I Bingxin Valley and you Huo Yaozong, when has the truce ever been?”

The warrior’s expression was stagnant and he was speechless.

It is true that the two powers that dominate the Chilan Star have never truce, and small frictions continue to occur in the usual days, but today’s blatant intrusion into the territory of another power has never happened. of.

“What are you going to do?” This Huo Yaozong warrior is still a bit sturdy, facing so many powerful men far beyond his realm with a lower cultivation base, he can still ask questions.

“What are you doing?” Ran Yunting sneered, “Of course I want to flatten your Huo Yaozong!”

The warrior’s face turned white, his eyes widened and he looked at Ran Yunting, as if he was thinking. Tell if what she said is true.

“You have a good cultivation base. It seems that your status in Huo Yaozong is not too low, so I quickly rolled back and told Wei Qing that I was here, Ran Yunting, and asked him to wash his neck.”

“Ran Yunting!” The warrior yelled in horror.

The prestige of the Great Elder in Ice Heart Valley was naturally heard. He turned his head and looked around, and suddenly found that every woman’s cultivation base was unpredictable, and subconsciously shouted: “I have The elder Taishang sits in the sect, don’t mess around!”

“You mean the old monster Chihuo?” Ran Yunting sneered, “Chihuo is dead, it looks like you don’t know anything.”

“The Supreme Elder is dead? “The person’s eyes trembled, and he lost his voice: “Impossible, the Supreme Elder is a powerful Void King Realm, who of you has the ability to kill him?”

“Is it right? Ask Wei Qing yourself, this elder has no time to talk nonsense with you! “Ran Yunting stopped talking, and reached out and threw the warrior down the battleship.

In the mid-air, the warrior hurriedly moved Sheng Yuandun’s figure, looking up at the five terrifying warships. After gritting his teeth, he hurried to the Huyao Mountain Range, obviously he was going to report the news.

“Say hello to others first, so that’s good, so that they have a preparation, lest others say yes. I Lori bullied the small. “Luo Li has not had the previous movement, until the warrior disappeared from the field of vision, he said lightly.

The fleet continues to move forward, speed is not fast, but there is a kind of invisible and terrifying pressure. Slowly enveloping the entire Huoyao Mountain Range.

After a stick of incense, a loud noise came out from the main rudder of Huo Yaozong.

“Bingxin Valley actually committed an attack?”

“They are so daring.”

“It seems that the lessons they have received before have not been enough, haha, this time they took the initiative to come forward, just to give them a lesson.”

“I heard that all of the dozen elders in Bingxin Valley are beautiful and beautiful, and they had no chance to be captured before. Now they are sent to the door by themselves, and the old man will catch a few and train them.”

“Elder Qi, you are at this age, shouldn’t you have any thoughts in this regard?”

“When the old man is growing strong, he is afraid that he can’t satisfy a few lowly servants?”

“This is also true. Those cheap maids will definitely surrender to the majesty of Elder Qi.”

A group of elders are very optimistic. Hearing that Bingxingu took the initiative to attack, not only were they not anxious, but they were all overjoyed, thinking of the screams made by those tender and tender women before they died, or It is the struggle when being ravaged. These elders are all in high spirits.

Destroying the sacred and ravaging the purity has always been the most insatiable thing for men, and the most inspiring thing for men.

Women, there is no doubt that they have always shown sacredness and purity.

“Sovereign, please hurry up and deploy. Let’s go and meet those lowly servants for a while. “An elder turned to Wei Qingdao who was sitting in the first place.”

Wei Qing glanced at him when he heard the words, and there was a deep sadness between his brows.

’Sect Master, you are” Wei Qing’s demeanor made many elders see the clues, the noise gradually subsided, and everyone looked at him suspiciously.

“The Great Tribulation of Fire Yaozong!” Wei Qing sighed.

The complexions of the elders changed.

“Sect Master, what do you mean?” The elder who had spoken before had a solemn expression, “Although Ice Heart Valley is good at strength, he actually dared to invade my Huo Yaozong. This is a good time to teach them. How could it be my Fire Yaozong catastrophe?”

“Because the Supreme Elder may have fallen.”

As soon as this statement came out, the audience was silent.

After a long time, the elder trembled: “Impossible? Sovereign, are you kidding me?”

“At this time, how can this seat make such a joke with you? “Wei Qing said solemnly.

“But how did the Supreme Elder fall? And Lord Luo Hai, didn’t he always live with the Supreme Elder in the back mountain?”

Wei Qing rubbed his forehead: ” A few months ago, the elder Taishang and Lord Luo Hai left Huo Yaozong and went to Ice Heart Valley. They have not returned until now.”

“That doesn’t mean that the elder Taishang has fallen.” Some people can’t believe it, and they still hold a glimmer of hope, but they don’t even have the confidence to say this.

If the elder Taishang has not fallen, how can he not temper Yaozong?

If the Supreme Elder had not fallen, how could Ice Heart Valley be killed so aggressively?

They obviously knew this information, so they took the opportunity to attack.

“It’s impossible for Luo Li of Ice Heart Valley to kill the Supreme Elder. Is it Lord Luo Hai?” Someone exclaimed.

Only Luo Hai has the ability to kill the Supreme Elder of this sect. But, isn’t it rumored that the two of them have a good relationship? Moreover, when Lord Luo Hai visited Chilan Star this time, he had been a guest of Huo Yaozong. How could he suddenly attack the Supreme Elder of this sect?

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