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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1693: Crater Read Novel

Chapter 1693: Crater – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1693: Crater

“It’s not Master Luo Hai.” Wei Qing shook his head with a heavy expression, “Master Luo Hai has also fallen.”


For a while The sound of inhaling cold air sounded, and everyone was shocked. All the elders of Huo Yaozong looked at Wei Qing in shock. The expression that he could not believe was even more exaggerated than when he heard the fall of his family elder.

“The news can’t be wrong. I have received a message from Cuiwei Xing two months ago. The statue of Cuiwei Xing’s master of magical arts shattered, and Master Luo Hai’s branded aura was also After disappearing, he has indeed fallen, and counting the time, it should have happened during the few days when he went to the Ice Heart Valley.”

“The Supreme Elder has fallen, and even Lord Luo Hai has also fallen, in the Ice Heart Valley. Who has this ability?”

“Yes, a few months ago, the direction of Ice Heart Valley did send earth-shattering energy fluctuations. Could it be what happened at that time?”

“Couldn’t it be the founding ancestor of Bingxin Valley? The old man had heard some rumors before that their founding ancestor was not dead.”

“How is it possible? Bingxin Valley has established a sect. For nearly 30,000 years, if their founding ancestors really didn’t die, why didn’t they show up before.”

“What’s the point of saying this now? Bingxingu has already aggressively attacked, and now the plan is to quickly discuss it. This is the way to deal with it.”

“How to deal with it? My Huo Yaozong Supreme Elder has already fallen, and Luo Li from the Ice Heart Valley will definitely take the action personally. My Huo Yaozong is powerless to resist!”

“Xiu wants to grow up other people’s ambitions and destroy her own prestige, even if it is Luo Li, the old man fights with her, and he will bite her into death!”

After learning that Chi Huo was dead, a group of elders lost their optimism and ease, and everyone expressed their opinions and opinions with solemn expression.

Wei Qing sat in the first place without saying a word, just like an outsider.

After a long time, he raised his hand, and the noisy hall instantly quieted down, and everyone’s eyes were attracted by him.

“Well, don’t make any noise! “Wei Qing said lightly, “Ice Heart Valley is aggressively encroaching. Although this may be my Huo Yaozong catastrophe, if it works properly, there may not be a chance to have a long time with them.” Luo Li is a powerhouse of the Void King Realm. It’s true that none of us is her opponent, but don’t forget, they attack and we defend. We have formation restrictions to use, which can consume their power, and it is said that before Luo Li There are hidden dangers in practice, and I am afraid that I will not be able to display my full strength.”

“Yes, the suzerain is right. We have the advantage to defensive instead of offensive!”

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“Jie Jie, have you forgotten that we still have that thing!” If you put that thing out, even Luo Li will have to drink a pot! ’Some people laughed strangely, their smiles full of madness and hideousness.

Others quickly realized what this person was talking about, and their expressions changed.

Lian Weiqing’s The expressions were extremely solemn, and he indulged for a moment and said: “When it is not a last resort, that thing can’t be released! Pass my order, all the disciples are ready to face the enemy, today’s battle, there is no enemy but no me!”

“There are enemies but no me! “All the elders shouted together.

The five warships slowly sailed towards the depths of the Huoyao Mountains, approaching the Huoyaozong rudder.

Encountered along the way. Some formations and prohibitions were obstructed, but they did not delay the pace of the people in Ice Heart Valley. The battleship’s crystal cannons just lased at will, destroying those formations and prohibitions.

“Bing Long, You go first and tell the people of Huo Yaozong that this palace will only punish the high level of Huo Yaozong, so that the disciples underneath can run away if they want to survive. When the battleship of Ice Heart Valley departs, those who do not flee will show that they are enemies of Ice Heart Valley and will kill them. “Lori suddenly said.

“Yes! “Bing Long promised and flew out alone.

Soon, there was Bing Long’s divine consciousness fluctuating in front of her, spreading, passing on the message of punishing high-level people and persuading ordinary disciples to flee.

Huo Yaozong’s high-level officials felt the message, and couldn’t help but yelled at Binglong as vile and shameless.

There are tens of thousands of Huo Yaozong disciples. Although the cohesion is not small, at the moment of life and death, not everyone can advance and retreat with the sect. Coupled with the fact that Bing Long deliberately spread the news that the Scarlet Fire Boss has fallen, it really scared the liver and gall of some Huo Yaozong disciples.

Someone began to flee the Huyao Mountain.

Once those who were trying to flee were discovered, the high-level officials of Huo Yaozong shot and killed them in order to emulate them.

Although this bloody and cruel method temporarily deterred most of the bottom disciples, as time passed, more and more Huo Yaozong disciples became panicked, and more people began to flee.

Streams of light rose from different positions of Huo Yaozong, lasing in all directions.

Lorraine’s huge spiritual thought enveloped the entire Huyao Mountain Range.

The warriors below the Void Returning realm are left alone and let them run away, but if there are warriors of the Void Returning Mirror running away, Luo Li will personally kill them.

Any Huo Yaozong martial artist who returns to the Void Mirror is full of the blood of countless Ice Heart Valley disciples, and Luo Li will naturally not let them leave.

Soon, those warriors whose strength was lower than the Mirror of Return also discovered this situation, and were overjoyed. Regardless of the sect’s dissuasion, more people began to flee.

For a time, the entire Huoyao Sect was disheartened, and even if the elders and deacons used bloody methods to suppress the situation, the situation could not be restored.

“Senior Luoli, I’m going over there first.” Yang Kai’s gaze suddenly fell on a mountain behind the Huoyao Mountain Range.

Luo Li also took a look there, and understood what Yang Kai’s purpose was. He didn’t stop him, but just exhorted: “Be careful about everything.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“Junior, do you want me to accompany you?” Su Yan asked.

“No, you can stay with Senior Luo Li.” Yang Kai waved his hand, and disappeared from the main ship when he shook his figure. When he reappeared, he was already thousands of feet away.

Luo Li’s beautiful eyes shrank slightly.

It wasn’t until this time that she finally understood why Yang Kai could escape under Luo Hai for several months without incident.

Only with this weird speed and physique, the ordinary Void King Realm has nothing to do with him, and he didn’t even see how he moved his body just now.

Is this the mystery of the power of space?

Luo Li has an interesting look on her face, as if she wants to figure it out, but no matter what she does, she can’t sense the slightest space power mystery, all she can feel is a blur.

With a slight sigh, Luo Li retracted his gaze, knowing that the power of space was not something he could penetrate, and immediately returned his mind to Huo Yaozong.

In the back of the Huoyao Mountain Range, there is a bare, high-temperature peak about a thousand feet high.

Standing at the bottom of the mountain and looking up, you can still see the bright fire light at the top of the mountain.

This is a volcanic crater, and it is an extremely unstable crater. The energy aura diffused from the crater not only has the mood of scorching fire, but also the mood of overbearing thunder.

Inside the volcano, there is a hideous breath that is dormant, that breath is full of brutality and fierceness, which makes people shudder.

“This is it.” Yang Kai came to the foot of the mountain, thoughtful.

He didn’t plan to intervene in the battle between Ice Heart Valley and Huo Yaozong this time. His goal was Huo Yaozong’s Dry Sky Lightning Flame!

That peerless fierce flame that even Luo Li was afraid of.

According to the rumor, this thing seems to be psychic, giving birth to its own wit, which is extremely difficult to deal with.

In the sense of divine consciousness, the entire volcanic mountain peak is covered with large and small restrictions and magic arrays, which are quite powerful.

Yang Kai cast his gaze to the void, grinning and smiling: “Why should the two hide their heads and show their tails, how about showing up generously?”

The words fell, a cold snort came from there, The air rippled, and two figures came out strangely from the air ripples.

As if coming out of another world.

The two who appeared are both very old, with white hair and beards, but their cultivation is sufficient to return to the three-layered state of Void, a fire-type holy element is infinitely hot, the one on the left is slender, and the other on the right has dark skin. Red, the two of them both looked irritable and pretentious, and obviously they were not in a low position in Huo Yaozong.

“Boy, who are you?” The thin elder stared at Yang Kai and asked in a cold voice.

“Don’t worry about who I am. I came here to collect the dry sky thunder flame. If the two old gentlemen think it is possible, they can tell me how to unlock the formation restriction on the summit, how about?” Yang Kai Looking forward with a smile.

“The juniors are rampant!” The thin elder was furious, “My Huo Yaozong’s dry sky thunder flame is also something you can covet? I think you are not easy to practice, so you can cultivate like this at a young age and quickly retreat, The old man is not embarrassing you!”

He was very talkative, and he didn’t want to kill him because Yang Kai trespassed into the forbidden area of ​​Huo Yaozong.

“The old gentleman is kind!” Yang Kai raised his eyes, and the corners of his mouth suddenly showed sarcasm. He stomped his right foot on the ground and said sternly, “This is what the old gentleman said, don’t make me difficult?”


As Yang Kai’s right foot fell, the earth suddenly cracked, and a gully-like crack appeared from his toes, spreading towards the two old men.

In the cracks of the ravine, two pure and hidden fire energy gathered and surged, quietly approaching Yang Kai, only less than three feet away from where he was.

Such as two venomous snakes hung on the ground at any time.

“The kid has good eyesight. Since you noticed it, then there is nothing to say, break into the forbidden area of ​​Fire Yaozong, and die for me!” The thin elder did not hesitate to see Yang Kai see through his own tricks. Tore through the hypocritical face and urged his own Saint Yuan, the fire energy energy dormant in the ground immediately rioted, turned into a flame python, and swallowed it towards Yang Kai.

“Dare to be ashamed of the small carving skills!” Yang Kai laughed loudly, and the Dragon Bone Sword Di Cui instantly appeared in his hand. With a wave of his hand, a bright green light flashed, that hideous and terrifying, powerful and powerful The flame python was divided into two in a burst of neighing, turning into a little bit of fluorescence and disappearing.

A strong enemy! The two old men looked at each other and their expressions became solemn.

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Chapter 1693: Crater – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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