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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1694: Dry Sky Lightning Flame Read Novel

Chapter 1694: Dry Sky Lightning Flame – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1694: Dry Sky Lightning Flame

Yang Kai’s Dragon Bone Sword was in his hand, and the heavy pressure was transmitted from the sword, like a peak of ten thousand meters, pressing on the two elders of Huo Yaozong, making their faces ugly.

The roar of the dragon’s roar can still be faintly heard by the ear.

“One person, one person, hurry up and take care of them, I will wait for you in front.” Yang Kai said casually, waved his hand and released the stone puppet and the firebird.

Soon he didn’t even look at the two old men, and stepped forward directly.

Stepped out with one foot, as if crossing the barrier of space, the figure disappeared, and when it appeared again, it was halfway up the mountain.

“Bold!” The thin elder’s face was pale, Yang Kai’s ignorant attitude made him angry, and he wanted to chase him out while his figure was shaking.

But he had just acted, and there was a dark stick shadow on his face. The stick shadow was heavy, as if hundreds of thousands of kilograms of force were smashed down, even the air was blasted. Naruto.

The harsh sound made the old man’s eardrum tingling.

The skinny elder’s complexion sank, and he hurriedly raised his hand to block it, a blazing flame burning on his arm.


The flames went out, and the thin elder was swallowed by thunder. His figure floated back several tens of feet before he could be stabilized. His complexion turned pale, and the corners of his mouth ooze out. A little blood.

With one blow, he was slightly injured.

Looking forward incredibly, the thin elder only saw a stone puppet less than three feet tall standing there, carrying a dark long stick on his shoulders, and his eyes filled with black bean-like eyes. The indescribable charm is watching him with a look of prey.

On the other side, a crisp bird’s song came out. The dark-red-skinned old man was already standing in a ball with the firebird. In the sky, the silhouettes of a person and a bird were ups and downs, entangled with each other, flaming Power splashed into the depths of the void, looking extremely lively.

“What the hell is this?” The thin elder was stunned.

The firebird-like existence that fought with his companions, he could vaguely discern that it was a kind of tool spirit, what was the stone puppet that could stand in front of him?

It doesn’t have the slightest energy fluctuation in its body, but the power of that tyrant alone makes him very afraid.

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With the sound of the sound, the stone puppet, who was less than three feet tall, expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye and directly turned into a five-foot tall stone giant!

The dark long stick that it resists on the shoulders also grows longer with the change of body shape.

Another layer of scorching dark red light flows from its body surface. The surface of the stone puppet is instantly like a piece of lava armor!

The flaming red armor sheds terrifying energy that makes the old man’s heart palpitating.

At the next moment, the knees of the lava giant in leather armor were slightly bent, and the huge body shot out like an arrow from the string, the earth shook, and a huge pit appeared on the ground instantly.

With a flower in front of his eyes, the thin elder suddenly discovered that the lava giant after the transformation had actually rushed to the top of his head, and the huge dark stick swept towards him with the force of thunder, sweeping all the space out. A crack.

Perceiving the terrifying power in this hit, the thin elder screamed in horror, and didn’t dare to be light-hearted at all, and hurriedly used his own skills to avoid.

But he hides faster, and the attack comes faster.

It’s just Yu Wei, half of his body numb after sweeping, and Sheng Yuan almost can’t work well.

Unstoppable! Unstoppable!

The eyes of the thin elder trembled violently, and he realized the gap between himself and the lava giant in an instant.

Before the thought turned, the pitch-black cudgel once again attacked from above with the posture of Mount Tai.

The thin elder’s eyes tightened, and his pupils became the size of needles. He desperately urged his own Saint Yuan, shouting in his mouth, offering a shield-like secret treasure, guarding it above his head.

Boom boom

The giant stick smashed down, and the shield’s secret treasure flashed with light, but it instantly turned into countless fragments and shot in all directions.

The elder was huge enough to open up the world, and directly smashed half of his body into powder. The wound was bloody, and the squirming internal organs could be clearly seen.

Even with such an injury, the thin elder did not die for a while. If there is a good enough elixir, he may be able to repair his body.

But the fear that came from the bottom of his heart made him unscrupulous.

He stared blankly at the pitch-black cudgel that swept over, only one thought flickering in his mind.

What the hell is this all about?

At the end of his life, the last scene he saw was that his companion was swallowed by the firebird, howling miserably!

The giant stick swept across, the minced meat flew all over, and the whole world was clean.

A ball of thunder fire flew out from the corpse of the thin elder after death, and the fire bird with a big mouth, like a whale absorbing water, sucked the thunder fire into its abdomen, making a satisfying cry.

On the top of the volcano peak, Yang Kailing stood in mid-air, looking down from the top to the hideous crater. As far as his eyes could be, he could clearly see the surging crimson magma inside.

The high temperature from the top of this mountain is unbearable even for ordinary Void Mirrors. When the warriors under the Void Mirror come here, they will be burned to death in an instant.

Qi Ling flew to Yang Kai’s side, and the stone puppet turned into the harmless appearance of humans and animals again, carrying the Shaking Tianzhu and sitting on the Qi Ling Firebird.

’So fast, you guys are too violent.” Yang Kai grinned.

The stone puppet scratched his head, as if he didn’t know if he had done something wrong, but the spirit of the instrument called out cheerfully.

“Xiao Xiao, come back first.” Yang Kai stretched out his hand and put away the stone puppet, leaving the Firebird alone.

The firebird lingered beside Yang Kai, from time to time there was a crisp call, a little hurried, it seemed extremely excited, several times it wanted to rush directly into the volcano crater.

Accompanied by its chirping sound, there is a thumping sound from the inside of the volcano, as if responding to the provocation of the Firebird without showing any weakness.

“You feel it too.” Yang Kai squinted at the crater, grinning.

Firebird responded hurriedly.

“Is it its opponent?” Yang Kai asked again.

The Firebird was silent for a while, and then there was a louder cry.

“Okay, if that’s the case, then I will wait and see, but you are sure you really want to do this. This is a ruin. If you don’t succeed, you will become a benevolent!”

The firebird screamed loudly again. Response.

“I understand what you mean, then good luck.” Yang Kai nodded solemnly, and immediately waved his hand, and a huge refining furnace appeared.

This is the refining furnace where the Firebird Spirit was born. It was brought out by Yang Kai from the fifth layer of the lung fire vein in the Liuyan Sand Land.

is the carrier of Firebird!

If the refining furnace is damaged, the firebird will also perish with it, without any suspense.

Since he got the Qi Ling Firebird, Yang Kai has basically never used this refining furnace. Firstly, for the safety of Qi Ling, and secondly, there is no need to use it.

But this time, the refining furnace must be dispatched.

With this carrier, the strength that the spirit can exert can be increased by at least about 20%.

As soon as the refining furnace Yu appeared, the Firebird opened its mouth and swallowed it into its abdomen.

Yang Kai closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, the left eye had turned into a golden light.

Demon Eyes!

The vertical golden pupils seem to contain endless majesty, which makes people shudder.

He looked down below, and now everything he couldn’t see before appeared under his nose.

The Demon Eye of Extinguishing World has the effect of insight into all falsehoods. With the help of this Demon Eye, Yang Kai immediately discovered the huge formation that blocked the crater.

A stream of pure energy, like a chain, is octagonal, locking the entire crater.

This formation not only blocked the energy surge inside the volcano, but also blocked the freedom of the creature hiding in the volcano.

Yang Kai watched carefully. After a while, his eyes exploded, and the dragon bone sword in his hand was gently pulled, Sheng Yuan poured into the sword.

The roar of the dragon shook the sky.

“Go!” Yang Kai threw the Dragon Bone Sword.

The green light is dazzling, and the dragon bone sword turns into a green dragon, shaking its head and tail to bombard a place in the void.

The octagonal array that blocked the crater shook slightly, and suddenly a hole was opened.

The unbearable scorching breath immediately vented from this mouth, almost burning the world.

“Come in!” Yang burst out loudly.

The Qi Ling Firebird turned into a streamer and rushed into it along the opening, followed by Yang Kai.

The octagonal array method shook slightly, and it was restored and continued to block the huge crater.

Inside the formation, Yang Kai’s face changed slightly, and he hurriedly moved the Saint Yuan to resist the pervasive burning sensation.

The firebird has shot into the crater.

Looking around, the magma inside the volcano is tumbling, and among the red magma, there are faintly blue electric awns swimming like silver snakes, stimulated by the fire bird of the spirit, one by one. The frightening breath is slowly recovering, as if a sleeping dragon is waking up.

Qi Ling rushed into the magma and disappeared.

After a while, an astonishing willpower suddenly burst out, conveying the message that all creatures must surrender.

“The only thing acquired, dare to challenge my majesty, the ants who do not live or die, tremble under my power!”

Yang Kai’s body was shocked, his eyes surprised Looking down, as if he could penetrate the thick magma, looking directly at the depths of the earth.

The rumors are indeed not wrong. Huo Yaozong’s dry sky thunder flames have indeed given birth to spiritual wisdom, and the spiritual wisdom is not low, clearer and more complete than Firebird.

It can already convey its meaning clearly, and Firebird obviously does not have this ability.

Firebird is in a distressing situation, and Yang Kai suddenly becomes worried.

Before coming here, he did not expect that the Dry Sky Thunder Flame had evolved to this level. He thought that the Dry Sky Thunder Flame was almost the same as the Firebird, but now it seems that the Dry Sky Thunder Flame is definitely better than the Firebird.

Below the crater, there was an amazing match of willpower. It was the struggle between the Firebird Spirit and the Dry Sky Thunder Flame. The pervading mood made the entire Huo Yaozong’s heaven and earth aura disorder.

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Chapter 1694: Dry Sky Lightning Flame – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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