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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1695: Underground Battlefield Read Novel

Chapter 1695: Underground Battlefield – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1695: Underground Battlefield

Before the chief rudder of Huo Yaozong, the elites of Bingxin Valley, led by Luo Li, broke through all the way, breaking through countless layers of defensive restrictions, and directly hit the most core place.

Five warships lined up in the sky, and energy surging in the pitch-black crystal muzzle, aimed at the bottom, conveying the message of death and destruction.

On the main ship, Luo Li looked indifferent and looked down. The high-levels of Ice Heart Valley were all heroic, standing on both sides.

There is a square one hundred meters below the ground. At this moment, many high-level members of Huo Yaozong are gathered on the square, headed by Wei Qing, looking up with an ugly expression.

In the middle of the two groups of horses, there is a fiery red light film as a barrier.

This is the last defensive barrier of Huo Yaozong. Once it is breached, the Huo Yaozong will completely become an undefended area, and the Ice Heart Valley will be allowed to force it.

Staring at each other for a long time, Wei Qing Cai Lang shouted: ’Senior Luo Li, Bingxin Gu, is this going to fight my Huo Yaozong to the death?”

“Yes!” Luo Li responded.

Wei Qing laughed: “It’s the honor of Huo Yaozong to be able to work, senior Luo Li personally, but seniors think I’m really a soft persimmon, so I can squeeze and round it at will? The juniors advise senior, If you don’t want everyone to die together, please leave early, otherwise seniors will regret it!”

“Are you threatening my palace?” Luo Li’s cold eyes pierced Wei Qing, like a sharp knife, stronger than Wei Qing Such a character can’t help but step back a few steps.

There was a shock in my heart, and he clasped his fist and said: “Don’t dare, Wei Qing’an is the Sect Master of Huo Yao Sect. Naturally, I have to consider for the tens of thousands of disciples in the sect. Seniors have a high level of cultivation, and Huo Yao Sect is indeed now. No one is your opponent, but it’s not so easy to extinguish my fire and Yaozong’s family.”

“I know what your dependence is!” Luo Li suddenly smiled, “To be honest, My palace is also very troubled with that thing. If it’s a last resort, I don’t want to fight it.”

“Senior should understand it!” Wei Qing’s face was slightly sullen, thinking that Luo Li was starting to throw rats.

Unexpectedly, Luo Li smiled again: “But this time this palace is only responsible for paying you back, and others will deal with it, so you should surrender as soon as possible. Bully the young, wait for your self-defeating cultivation base, this palace can go around you and not die!”

Wei Qing’s face was angry, and when he was about to say something, the sea of ​​knowledge suddenly rolled over, an amazing and terrifying look The will is passed from a certain direction, and a message that makes his hands and feet cold!

“The only thing you can do is to challenge my majesty. The ants who do not know how to live or die, tremble under my power!”

This will is passed on, then the volcano of the mountain At this point, there was a clash of wills that made people feel discolored.

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Everyone feels clearly at this moment.

Huo Yaozong’s group of high-level colors changed greatly, and they all stared at the past.

“Who would dare to provoke the sky thunder flame!” An elder of Huo Yaozong exclaimed.

“Has it started?” Luo Li narrowed her eyes.

She still underestimated Yang Kai’s speed. She thought that she would have to wait for a long time before Yang Kai would touch the Dry Sky Thunder Flame, but she didn’t want to hit someone’s door on her own side. Yang Kai was already there. Get started.

“Give you ten breaths time, self-defeating cultivation base, this palace saves your lives, or this palace breaks this last layer of protection and lets you die!” At this moment, Luo Li should have been cold before. The uncontested temperament became aggressive.

The grievances between the two forces are too deep, and at the end there is a moment when there is no enemy.

Wei Qing’s expression is changing, feeling the rolling will of the thunder flames from the forbidden area, knowing that the last reliance cannot be counted, but it is impossible for him to abolish his cultivation.

The warrior’s life, fighting against the sky and fate, every promotion is a multitude of troops crossing the single-plank bridge, countless people stop before the new realm, Wei Qing spent three hundred years to cultivate himself. Ascended to the peak of the three-layer Void Returning Realm, he is a powerhouse who is expected to break through to the Void King Realm level.

Where is he willing to abolish his own practice?

Instead of lingering, it is better to fight with your life and win the first opportunity.

“Fight with them!” Wei Qing yelled.

A group of high-level officials of Huo Yaozong obviously have the same idea. They know that even if they beg for mercy, they will not end up with the grievances of the two families. Therefore, when Wei Qing shouted out this, many high-level officials urged them. Sheng Yuan, offering a secret treasure, fought over the five battleships.

“Death!” Luo Li’s face was cold, and he stretched out his hand and tapped forward.

This finger didn’t seem to have the slightest smell of fireworks. From her fingertips, a crystal-clear six-petal snowflake flew out and opened in the wind.

In the blink of an eye, the six-petal snowflakes became the size of a sky curtain, covering the square.

The trembling icy cold fell from the sky!

“Frozen for thousands of miles!” Bing Long, Ran Yunting and the others suddenly drank together.

Each person’s body overflows with endless and surging Saint Yuan, gathering together and pushing forward.

Where the holy yuan passed, the earth began to freeze.

The sky, it’s snowing.

There are shocking energy fluctuations in each piece of snowflakes, and it landed lightly and landed on the fiery red protective cover, which seemed to have corrosive properties, corroding the solid protective cover. Small holes one by one.

The artistic conception of the frozen earth follows these holes and spreads towards the center of the square.

The lower disciples of Huo Yaozong became ice sculptures in the blink of an eye.

Wei Qing was distraught with grief and anger, knowing that Huo Yaozong was in danger this time.

With Luo Li sitting here, these people could not be opponents at all. Originally relying on the sealed Dry Sky Lightning Flame to make Luo Li cast a rat-repellent, but now the Dry Sky Lightning Flame has obviously been entangled by someone. Can’t count on it at all.

Furthermore, looking at Luo Li’s look and breath, how can there be any traces of injury?

She is clearly in her heyday!

Huo Yaozong, is it really over? The darkness in front of Wei Qing’s eyes, as if covered by dark clouds, could not see any light.

Under the volcanic crater, Yang Kai landed on an abrupt red rock. The rock had extremely high temperature. Yang Kai must be protected by the Saint Yuan so that he would not be burned.

The magma in front of him was roaring and roaring. Two different breaths of life were fighting desperately under the magma. From time to time, there were low roars of dry thunder flames and the sounds of firebirds.

It seems to be evenly matched.

However, as the master of the weapon spirit, Yang Kai was keenly aware that the Firebird was a little weak.

Its evolution is not as good as Dry Sky Thunder, and the conditions for its birth are not as unique as Dry Sky Thunder.

Qi Ling was born in a Void King-class Refining Furnace after tens of thousands of years of burning in the fire veins of the Earth’s lungs, and it belongs to the acquired generation.

And this group of dry sky thunder flames has existed since the beginning of the world, and it has grown step by step with the passage of time. It is the rarest pure energy between the sky and the earth.

Born and strength are not as good as Firebird, even with the aid of the refining furnace, began to gradually fall into a disadvantage.

It’s time to help it.

Yang Kai suddenly sat cross-legged on the rock, summoned the stone puppet again, guarded him, closed his eyes, and communicated with his mind.

An illusory shadow suddenly projected from Yang Kai’s mind. From the appearance, it looked no different from Yang Kai himself.

But this shadow is not physical.

The soul is out of the body!

It is the spirit body that comes out of the body!

As soon as the spirit body shook, it plunged into the magma and went deep down.

Going out of the body is an extremely dangerous move. Once you do this, your body will be in an undefended state.

That’s why Yang Kai summoned the stone puppet.

Furthermore, the spirits are extremely fragile and sensitive. Without physical protection, they are prone to damage.

What’s more, this place is still a hot volcano. The spirits of ordinary people can’t even get close. If they get closer, they will be burned to ashes by the burning power, and their spirits will be destroyed.

But Yang Kai is different.

His power of divine consciousness is the fire of mutated divine consciousness, which has the same source as the firepower of magma.

This makes the Void King Realm powerhouses afraid of the very hot firepower, but it does not cause him the slightest obstacle.

Without much effort, Yang Kai’s soul spirit body has penetrated into the underground.

The surrounding environment is getting hotter and horrible.

And in the depths of the earth, there is a strange battlefield.

In that battlefield, the body is thirty feet long, the beautiful firebird is swaying, fighting against a huge red and purple shadow.

The shadow is somewhat similar to a human shape, just floating in the void, but without feet, it has tentacles-like arms, which fill up the entire space.

At the head of this shadow, there is a huge single eye, emitting a light that makes people palpitating.

It is surrounded by abundant fire power, and the purple arc walking on its surface symbolizes the violent power of thunder and lightning.

Thunderstorm in dry sky!

Yang Kai looked at it for a while, some didn’t expect the body of Dry Sky Thunder Flame to actually look like this.

However, it is undeniable that the fierce and destructive air of Dry Sky Thunder can make people shudder.

Its tentacle-like arms swept, covering the entire battlefield under its own attack. If the Firebird was accidentally wiped, the light on its body would weaken a little.

It seems that the original power of the Firebird was captured by the Dry Sky Lightning Flame.

Firebird is not to be outdone, and always finds the right opportunity, rushes to Qiantian Leiyan’s side, opens a big mouth to bite, every bite, the source of power that has been captured will be restored a lot.

Two strange creatures are taking each other’s existence in this special way, and want to consume each other’s power. The scene of the battle is truly earth-shattering.

However, Yang Kai keenly discovered that behind this dry sky thunder flame, there were eight chains of golden light energy that locked its body and confined it here.

These eight chains are exactly the same as the atmosphere of the octagonal circle in the crater.

It seems that the existence of these eight chains greatly limits the strength of Dry Sky Thunder Flame. If it weren’t for this, Firebird would not be an opponent at all.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai was deeply shocked.

It is hard to imagine, without the restraint of the formation, what kind of strength can Qiantian Lightning Flame display, the two-layer virtual king or the three-layer virtual king?

Who is using great supernatural powers to tie it here?

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