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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1696: The dust settles Read Novel

Chapter 1696: The dust settles – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1696: The dust settles

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But at the moment this situation is good news for Firebird. With those eight chains restricting the thunderstorm, Firebird is barely able to fight it.

As soon as Yang Kaiyou appeared in this battlefield, Qiantian Lightning Flame was aware of it, and a bright light flashed from that huge single eye, which gathered into a beam of light and shrouded Yang Kai.

“Another ant, but it happens to be a powerful nutrient for me. This is your honor!”

The sound of thunder in the dry sky buzzed, shaking the whole world. Trembling.

A swallowing power descended on Yang Kai, and the light beam seemed to have an irresistible pull force, trying to swallow Yang Kai’s spirit body.

Yang Kai snorted coldly, the power of divine consciousness burst out.

Amidst the darkness, there was a crackling sound, and Yang Kai broke free of the force of the involvement, breaking into invisible.

“The ants dare to resist my will, unforgivable!” Qiantian Leiyan seemed to be irritated, a thick tentacle-like arm swept towards Yang Kai, holding the momentum of the thunder.

“Hey!” The firebird screamed, and a pillar of fire spurted out of his mouth, and the latter stopped in front of Yang Kai first, blocking the tentacles back.

Yang Kai stood there indifferently, carefully observed, and was not in a hurry to make a move.

For the time being, he doesn’t know how to deal with strange creatures like Qiantian Leiyan.

Now he is here as a spirit body, his body is still in the volcanic crater, he can’t use the Holy Yuan to help the firebird meet the enemy, and only the power of the gods can be used.

He didn’t want to startle the snake.

Tentacles swept from all directions, Qian Tian Leiyan seemed to have also noticed Yang Kai’s importance to the Firebird, and he shamelessly gave up the attack on the Firebird, instead focusing on taking care of Yang Kailai.

The Firebirds can only passively defend.

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Yang Kai’s rash arrival seemed to make the situation of Firebird worse.

The two weird existences centered on Yang Kai, and once again started a fight.

The time passed by little by little, and the aura on Firebird gradually weakened. On the contrary, Qiantian Lightning Flame was as fierce as ever, and there was no driving force to weaken it at all.

“Here, I am the master, you all ants must surrender!” Qiantian Leiyan’s will was conveyed again.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed brightly, and he couldn’t help laughing: ’So it’s like this!”

I felt Yang Kai’s joy, and the firebird’s momentum was greatly boosted. There was a dazzling brilliance, once again entangled with the dry sky lightning, swallowing each other’s energy.

“I have seen through your tricks, today is your death date!” Yang Kai drank low, and suddenly stretched his hand to the front.

A strange wave of power lasses.

Isolated a piece of space beside Qiantian Leiyan.

That is the power of space!

Although Yang Kai’s soul and spirit body cannot use the power of the physical body, they are still able to use the power of space.

With the power of space, he cut off the connection between Qiantian Leiyan and a certain direction.

Qiantian Leiyan seemed to be taken aback, a look of panic flickered in the huge single eye, and he gave up the attack on the Firebird and instead launched a crazy attack on Yang.

’Sure enough!” Yang Kai laughed loudly, and his actions to dry the sky thunderyan confirmed his guess from the side.

Do not hesitate anymore, the power of mysterious space burst out from his spirit body, spreading around, and gradually arranged another cage.

In just a dozen breaths of effort, this cage has taken shape!

The invisible space cage isolates the connection between Dry Sky Thunder Flame and the outside world, and envelopes it with the firebird.

This cage has no effect on the firebirds, but it is a fatal threat to the dry sky thunder.

The Dry Sky Lightning Flame will no longer be able to draw strength from the surrounding environment and restore itself!

Yang Kai observed for a long while and found that the dry sky thunder inflammation had an invisible connection with the surrounding magma and the scorching heat of the ground. No matter how much essence it was swallowed by the firebird, it could quickly recover.

On the contrary, Firebird does not have this advantage at all!

This is no wonder, after all, this place is the place that restrains the thunder of dry sky. It has existed here for tens of thousands of years, and it is natural to use the surrounding environment to create an advantage for itself.

The cage shaped by the power of space smashed this advantage in an instant.

“Let’s go together, it’s impossible to recover again.” Yang Kai yelled at the Firebird, and the soul spirit body approached the past uncharacteristically.

“An ant-like means, but also delusional to deal with me, without the help of outside power, you can’t be my opponent!” Qiantian Leiyan snarled in disdain.

“Let’s take a look, which one is strong and which is weak!” Yang Kai sneered, and shouted, “The Demon Eye of Destroying the World!”

There was a golden light on the left eye. Shining, the vertical and narrow golden pupils were immediately revealed.

From the pupils, a beam of light containing the power of mystery shot out, shining straight towards the huge one-eyed eye of the Dry Sky Lightning Flame.

Qiantian Leiyan’s huge body was shocked, and he growled as if he was injured.

The Demon Eye of Destroying the World has the effect of purifying the soul.

Dry sky thunder flames give birth to spiritual wisdom and spirits, and they will naturally be overwhelmed by the Demon’s Eye.

Its huge body was twisted, and countless tentacles-like arms shook wildly, seeming to collapse the entire space.

The Firebird rushed forward, opened its mouth wide, and bit the body of Dry Sky Thunder Yan.

Visibly with the naked eye, a stream of pure power flowed into the firebird’s body along its mouth.

But the momentum of the dry sky thunder flames quickly fell.

“I want you to die, you ants angered me!” The dry sky thunder flame roared, and the tentacles flew back, bound the firebird’s body, and threw it far away.

Immediately, its single eye looked at Yang Kai, and a fierce and destructive aura fell on Yang Kai. From that single eye, a profound light was blasted out, which was able to stand against the golden light of extinction. Pushing towards Yang Kai little by little.

It is conceivable that once the mysterious light envelops Yang Kai, then Yang Kai’s spirit body will become nothingness.

“Lotus!” Yang Kai shouted sharply.

At the golden pupil of the left eye, a lotus flower in bud suddenly appeared.

As soon as the lotus flower appeared, it swayed and disappeared.

But in the eyes of Qiantian Leiyan, the lotus rushed into his own sea of ​​consciousness.

The lotus flower uses its natal soul power as its source, swallowing and absorbing frantically, and begins to bloom slowly.

Every time it blooms for a minute, its soul will become a little weaker. When the lotus blooms halfway, the body of Dry Sky Thunder shook, as if drunk, it was originally solidified as a solid His body has also become a little illusory.

At the beginning, Yang was so painful that he could hardly restrain himself, and he let out a miserable cry.

In order to deal with Qiantian Lightning Flame, he exploded all his spiritual power in an instant, just to condense the lotus flower.

The effect is gratifying, and the thunderstorm in the dry sky has been severely damaged, and there is no more energy to target him.

An angry growl and a howl of pain came from the mouth of Dry Heaven Thunder Yan.

Firebird took the opportunity to get rid of the shackles of the several tentacles, took a big mouth, and the natal refining furnace appeared leisurely.

Under the frantic urge of the Firebird, the mixing furnace spun around, and an amazing attraction came from the mouth of the furnace.

The shaky body of Qiantian Leiyan could not withstand the pull of this force, and gradually drifted towards the refining furnace.

“No!” Qiantian Leiyan roared frantically, but to no avail.

The lotus flower planted in its soul by the secret technique of birthing lotus consumes most of its power of divine consciousness, and can no longer withstand the attack of the firebird.

In the screaming sound, the thunder of dry sky was sucked into the refining furnace like a wisp of blue smoke!

Firebird turned his head and glanced at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai held his forehead, his eyes faced each other, and he nodded lightly, conveying an encouraging look.

The firebird flapped its wings, turned into a ball of fire, wrapped the refining furnace, and immediately sank into the magma below.

Their battle is not over yet!

The next battle will be in the Forge Furnace, but unlike the previous one, it will be the home of Firebird! It will definitely take advantage.

Yang Kai has been unable to intervene.

He believes that when the Firebird reappears, it will bring him a surprise.

Turning his head and looking around, Yang Kai didn’t stay where he was, but immediately left the place, and the spirit body returned to his body.

Opening his eyes, Yang Kai saw the stone puppet’s concerned gaze.

After casting a relieved look at it, Yang Kai immediately took out some spirit pills, stuffed them into his mouth, closed his eyes and refined it.

Time passes.

The tearing pain in Yang Kai’s mind gradually disappeared. There is a treasure like the colorful Wen Shenlian, and his spiritual power recovers very quickly, but in a day, it is no longer a major problem.

Furthermore, after this battle, Yang Kai suddenly discovered that his spiritual power had actually increased.

This is good news.

A scent of fragrant wind hits from behind, and Yang did not return at the beginning, and smiled slightly: “Congratulations, senior, now Bingxin Valley is dominated by the star of Chilan, and it can be regarded as dominating this star. Congratulations.”

Luo Li’s faint voice came from the rear: “This palace has no intention of dominating anything. Everything it does is for grievances and grievances. The Huo Yaozong will not die. In the future, many people will die in Ice Heart Valley.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, this statement is in line with Luo Li’s character.

“But this time, thanks to Yang Shaoxia you, if you hadn’t been here to contain the Lightning Flame, I would not be able to act so smoothly in Bingxin Valley.” Luo Li said gratefully.

“Take what you need, seniors are welcome.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “Well, where are those from Huo Yaozong?”

“All of them are killed above the virtual mirror. Below the Void Returning Mirror, there were those who killed the disciples of Ice Heart Valley, and they were also killed, and everyone else had their cultivation abolished.” Luo Li replied.

“The predecessors are kind.”

“Are you trying to talk about the benevolence of women in this palace?” Luo Li smiled lightly.

“Don’t dare, seniors do this, because seniors have their own reasons, the kid dare not point fingers.” Yang Kai calmly.

Luo Li smiled and said, “If you want to talk about it, there is nothing you dare to do. It’s just that Huo Yaozong has tens of thousands of disciples. If you really kill them all, God won’t allow it.”

Yang Kai nodded and said nothing more.

The warrior only needs to follow his heart. Luo Li is not a good killer. If he really goes against his heart and kills Huo Yaozong up and down, it may affect her character, and it will be detrimental to her. Although the release of those disciples seemed to be kind, it was in line with Luo Li’s heart.

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