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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1698: Back to the gloom Read Novel

Chapter 1698: Back to the gloom – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1698: Back to the gloom

In the depths of the star field where the dark Void King-class battleship sails, it does not need to be controlled by humans, and it moves quickly toward a certain direction autonomously.

In the entire battleship, only a few warriors are monitoring the surrounding movement.

Yang Kai was not here, but entered the Profound Realm Orb.

This is a journey home.

Gloom Star is the new home for these people in Tongxuan Continent.

It has been a year since Chilan Star departed. Since this year, the warships have sailed safely and steadily following the route of the star map portrayed by Yang Kai.

Occasionally encountering some minor troubles, under the volley of crystal cannons, the road ahead is also unimpeded.

The tyrannical power of the Xuwang-class battleship is really not many people can provoke.

In the Profound Realm Pearl, Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang continued to refine the elixir, expending a lot of financial and material resources to raise the level of cultivation for those in the Tongxuan Continent.

The three clans of humans, demons, and demons have surged in their overall strength. There are many warriors who have entered the holy realm. The top powers of the three races have now reached the realm of the two or three holy kings. The improvement of strength is not a little bit.

This is a process of accumulation. The situation of Tongxuan Continent is different from Gloom Star. The former is lack of spiritual energy in the heavens and the earth, which limits the improvement of the martial artists’ realm, while the latter is the suppression of the law.

Now in the Little Profound Realm, with rich aura and abundant supply of cultivation materials, the warriors from Tongxuan Continent can naturally develop extremely well and improve their strength.

Yang Xiuzhu and others explained the secrets of cultivation to them. It is strange that they are not progressing fast.

Every day, the atmosphere in the Profound Realm Pearl is beaming, and every day someone breaks through their shackles and advances to the next level.

For those of his dearest relatives, Yang Kai gave special treatment.

Everyone is selfish, and Yang Kai is no exception.

Parents, master, ancestor, and the few masters, earth demons, etc., all through Yang Kai personally made various kinds of heaven-defying spirit pills, transformed their physique, dredged meridians, Enhance their potential and qualifications.

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In a palace, at the window on the second floor, there is a beautiful shadow standing by the window, and the breeze is blowing her hair. On the heroic youth, his eyes were gentle, and there was a hint of nostalgia in his eyes.

’Sister Qiu.” A shout suddenly came from behind, Qiu Yimeng retracted his gaze, turned his head, and saw a pair of twin sisters coming together, it was Hu Jiao’er and Hu Mei’er.

“Are you here?” Qiu Yimeng smiled slightly, withdrawn her thoughts, ’Sit down!”

Hu Jiaoer gave her a thoughtful look, then looked out the window. When he noticed the bustling figure in the square, he suddenly sighed: “It seems that the gap is getting bigger and bigger. I don’t know if it is possible to catch up with him in this life.”

“Yes, the more you practice, the more you feel the distance from him.” Hu Meier’s expression also faded.

Qiu Yimeng pursed her lips and smiled: “Why are the two younger sisters so discouraged? The worldless magic of you two is at least much better than your sister. Now you have reached the second level of the Holy King, sister, I I just entered the Holy King Realm.”

“That said, but I heard that he has already returned to the third stage of the Void Realm.” Hu Mei’er looked sad, “I can accompany him now, There are only Su Yan and Xia Ningchang, and I don’t know how they practiced, each of them actually reached the mirror of returning to the virtual. A few days ago, Xia Ningchang also broke through the two-layer state of returning to the virtual, it was really annoying to think about it.”

“They have their chance, we just need to work hard by ourselves. Don’t try to catch up with him, just ask not to be pulled too far by him.” Qiu Yimeng persuaded.

’Sister Qiu’s heart is really firm.” Hu Jiaoer was a little moved, looking at Qiu Yimeng with admiration.

Qiu Yimeng smiled and said: ’Since we have chosen to walk out of Tongxuan Continent with him, we should have this heart. If we are desperate, we might as well stay on Tongxuan Continent and be the overlord of that side. Sister, what do you say?”

Hu Jiao’er and Hu Mei’er looked at each other, and both nodded solemnly.

“Okay, let’s stop here for the gossip. Come with me. I also dated other young Toshihiko of the demons and demons. This time, the younger generation of our three tribes will compare well. There is only competition. So that people can grow up.” Qiu Yimeng got up and greeted the two women.

Hu Jiaoer and Hu Meier hurriedly followed.

The days in the Profound Realm Bead were calm, and the time flickered, and it was another year later.

One day, Yang Kai was doing double repairs with Su Yan, and the two palms were close to each other, and each other’s sacred yuan circulated in both sides without hesitation.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes as if feeling instinctively.

“What’s wrong?” Su Yan also opened his eyes, and the fox questioned.

“It seems to be here.” Yang Kai grinned.

“Is it finally here?” Su Yan was also quite pleased, “This is a really long journey.”

“Well, the location of the Gloom Star is very remote, if it weren’t for the Void King Class battleship, we can’t get out at all, let me go out and have a look.”

“Okay, call Ning Chang too.”

When I informed Xia Ningshang, the three of them appeared in the battleship.

Immediately, a disciple of the High Heaven Sect stepped forward to report: ’Sect Master, the front is Gloom Star, we finally got home.”

His expression is very excited.

He is different from the people in Tongxuan Continent. He was originally a disciple of the Heike family, and he was born on the Dark Star. This time he went out with Yang Kai. It has been at least seven or eight years, so naturally I miss my hometown.

“Please tell me the lord! “The disciple of the High Heaven Sect, please show me respectfully.

“Go on.”


At the next moment, the battleship hurriedly drove toward the huge cultivation star, and within a quarter of an hour, it entered the atmosphere, and the charming scenery below was immediately impressed.

Yang Kai did not let the battleship continue sailing, but took Su Yan and Xia Ningshang away from the battleship, took the battleship into the mysterious world beads, and the royal star shuttle landed downward.

The battleship was too swaggering, and as a last resort, Yang Kai didn’t want it to be exposed to the eyes of the world.

Su Yan and Xia Ningchang arrived for the first time, feeling the rich aura of heaven and earth, and they both looked surprised. Lulu, breathing the air exaggeratedly.

“Brother, what kind of city is underneath, it’s so big. “Xia Ning Chang pointed to a city below and asked.

“I don’t know this too well.” Yang Kai scratched his head awkwardly. Although he spent a lot of time on Gloom Star, the whole Gloom Star was too big, and he naturally couldn’t recognize it. The look of every city.

Xia Ning Chang pursed his lips and smiled, no longer embarrassing Yang Kai.

“Hey” Yang Kai’s expression suddenly moved, and he carefully watched the outline of the city below, laughed loudly: “I know where this is.”


“This is the Heavenly Fate City!” Yang Kai pointed down, “Look over there, is there a mountain range there? When I first came to the Dark Star, it was in this Longxue Mountain. They settled down here, but were besieged by many people. After a great battle, Longxue Mountain was destroyed. We moved to the current High Heavenzong.”

Following the gaze of his fingers, Su Yan and Xia Sure enough, Ning Chang saw a small dilapidated mountain range.

Perhaps because of Yang Kai’s previous stay, the two women looked at the mountain range with cordial eyes.

“This is really fate.” Su Yan sighed.

When Yang Kai came to Gloom Star for the first time, he landed here, and this time he returned, he unexpectedly came here, and the trajectories of history have surprisingly overlapped.

“There is a destiny, go, let me go, I know the lord of Heavenly Fate City, and I just borrowed their spatial array.” Yang Kai waved his hand and wanted to go down.

The lord of Tianyun City is Fei Zhitu. If it hadn’t been for the last time he was injured and his realm fell, he would have followed Yang Kai to leave the Dark Star like Qian Tong.

After all these years, I don’t know if Fei Zhitu’s cultivation base has been restored.

When Yang Kai was not strong at the beginning, Fei Zhitu took good care of him, and Yang Kai was always grateful.

At this moment, there was a sudden wave of violent energy fluctuations somewhere below.

“Junior Brother, someone is fighting.” Su Yan noticed and pointed to a certain direction to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked over there. Suddenly, his expression was shocked, he stopped his figure, and his expression became stunned but strange.

“How could it be them?”

Although it was hundreds of miles away, with the strength of Yang Kai’s current spiritual thoughts, he found out the identity of the fighting party in an instant.

It was actually Wei Guchang and Dong Xuan’er, the disciples of the Shadow Moon Palace.

The two are the rising stars of the Shadowmoon Palace. They are the young Toshihiko who is well-known for the entire Dark Star. They have not seen each other for many years. Their cultivation level seems to be getting more and more refined. Together, they burst out far beyond return. The terrifying combat power of the virtual realm.

But the other side fighting with them is even stronger. There are more than a dozen Void Returning Mirrors, and there are even three-tiered Void Returning Realm powerhouses. Wei Guchang and Dong Xuaner are grouped together. Surrounded, not giving them any chance to escape.

How could it be them? Yang Kai was puzzled.

This is near Tianyun City, and is the sphere of influence of the Shadow Moon Palace. Wei Guchang and Dong Xuan’er are the future pillars of the Shadow Moon Palace. The former is the apprentice of the Old Palace Lord, and the latter is the apprentice of Qian Tong. Same as usual.

Who would dare to attack the two of them within the sphere of influence of the Shadowmoon Palace?

Yang Kai instinctively sensed something was wrong, as if something major had happened to Gloom Star during the years he had left.

“Do you know the younger brother?” Su Yan asked.

“Well, let’s take a look.” Yang Kai calmly led Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang to fly over there quickly.

Hundreds of miles away, Wei Guchang and Dong Xuan’er fought bloody battles. Their opponents were five strong men in the mirror.

Even if Wei Guchang and Dong Xuan’er are strong in combat, they are still stretched with more enemies and fewer enemies. Moreover, they seem to have experienced a lot of battles in the recent period, which has caused the Saint Yuan to be ineffective and the aura is a bit vain.

If it weren’t for the round of moon-like artifacts floating above Wei Guchang’s head, those enemies would have already swarmed and killed them.

The secret treasure like a full moon was urged by Wei Guchang with secret methods, exuding a soft light, the light turned thousands of times, it can be done, and every time in crisis, it saved the lives of Wei Guchang and Dong Xuan’er.

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