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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1700: The Crisis of Shadowmoon Palace Read Novel

Chapter 1700: The Crisis of Shadowmoon Palace – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1700: The Crisis of Shadowmoon Palace

There is one hard thing to say.

Previous: Xie Hu that appeared, seems to be a BUG, ​​Xie Hu has blew himself up in the Battle of Longxue Mountain, but on the previous one: Rebirth of the corpse, cough, this is definitely Xiao Mo’s pot, everyone forgive me. 1669: It has been slightly modified, and will be replaced by Xie Chen later. I hope it will not affect everyone’s reading.

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Qian Tong is the great elder of the Shadowmoon Hall. He has been in the Shadowmoon Hall for so many years with high prestige. Therefore, in the Shadow Moon Hall, Qian Tong is almost equivalent to half the identity of the Hall Master.

In addition to his extremely high cultivation level, Xie Chen has always been very jealous of him.

Now that Qian Tong appeared at first sight, Xie Chen instinctively took a few steps back, looking a little panicked.

But soon, he stopped his figure and looked ruthless.

Yes, ten years ago, I was really not an opponent of Qiantong. After all, he was a step behind him in terms of cultivation, but now

he has the deep-rooted fear of Qiantong in his heart. Dispelled, replaced by eagerness to try.

“Huh, are you home?” Qian Tong walked out of the whirlpool and saw Tianyun City not far away at a glance. He laughed and said, “I’m home now. The old man stayed in that ghost place. It’s boring.”

Although the Profound Realm Bead is peaceful and full of aura, there is something missing after all, which makes Qian Tong not very comfortable.

Now that he is returning to his homeland and coming back to Tianyun City, Qian Tong is in a good mood.

“Well, Chang’er Xuan’er, I haven’t seen you for many years, and your cultivation base has improved quite well, but you are about to be promoted to the second stage of the virtual state. Why are you hurt?” Qian Tong’s face sank, The thunderous anger appeared on the top: “Who hurt you?”

He didn’t have any clues about the current situation.

Wei Guchang and Dong Xuan’er stared at Qian Tong in a daze. They couldn’t get back to their senses for a long time. After a while, the two of them knelt down at Qian Tong’s feet.

“Elder Qian, the disciples are ashamed of your trust, and failed to preserve the Shadow Moon Palace, please elders to punish!” Wei Guchang screamed with his forehead pressed to the ground.

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“Master, please punish!” Dong Xuan’er also bowed to the ground, sobbing softly.

Even in the face of enemies several times their own, even in the face of death, the brothers and sisters did not frown, but now, when they see Qian Tong appearing, they have been determined to finally Disintegration is as if an aggrieved child meets a parent.

Qian Tong also realized that something was wrong at this time. He looked around with cold eyes, and drank slightly on Xie Chen, vaguely guessing, but did not immediately pursue it. He stretched out his hand and lifted Wei. Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er stood up and said in a deep voice: “Get up and talk, what happened to the Shadow Moon Palace?”

Qian Tong’s face was calm, but like the eve of a storm, it made the world inexplicably inexplicable. There was an extremely depressed atmosphere.

“The Shadow Moon Palace has been ruined.” Wei Guchang replied sadly.

“Destroyed?” Qian Tong’s face sank, “Who did it? Speak carefully.”

“Yes!” One description.

Two years ago, the entire Gloom Star suddenly had a great change. A magical force emerged to suppress the major sects on the Gloom Star. However, if there were those who did not comply, they rushed to exterminate them. For a time, the entire Gloom Star was in a bloody storm, countless cities turned into ruins overnight, hundreds of millions of creatures perished, wailing everywhere, corpses piled up into mountains, and bleeding.

Soon, the claws of that mysterious force reached the Shadow Moon Palace. In the face of the power of sin, the senior officials of the Shadow Moon Palace didn’t know where to go.

The Shadow Moon Palace was originally divided into two factions. This was revealed when Qian Tong was still on the Gloom Star. In the face of the crisis, this division became more serious.

The final result was that the main surrender faction headed by Xie Chen won.

Xie Chen and others sneaked into the old palace master and some high-level leaders of the main battle faction, causing the Shadow Moon Palace to suffer heavy casualties and fall apart.

Overnight, the Shadowmoon Palace has changed ownership, and Xie Chen is the new Hallmaster of the Shadowmoon Palace, expressing surrender to that mysterious force.

The high-level warriors who used to support and stand on Qian Tong’s side were almost driven to extinction, and Fei Zhitu, who was in Heavenly Fate City, was also imprisoned.

In the Shadow Moon Palace, only a few elite escaped. Wei Guchang and Dong Xuan’er were called by the aware old palace master the night before the incident and asked them to take Zhenzongzhi Bao-Tianyue Yinpan left the Shadow Moon Hall.

For the past two years, the two have been incognito, rushing around, life is extremely difficult.

The reason why this trip will appear near Tianyun City is just for the rescue plan.

Xie Chen broke the news that Fei Zhitu, who was about to refuse to surrender, was beheaded in Tianyun City today to show his example, so Wei Guchang and Dong Xuan’er had to appear.

Even though they knew it was a trap, the two jumped in without hesitation.

“The old palace lord is dead! Lao Fei is imprisoned?” Qian Tong’s face was covered with a dark cloud, and anyone could clearly feel his anger through the sky.

“Where is the Highest Sect?” Yang Kai asked in a deep voice, ’Shadow Moon Palace is suffering from this disaster, and the Highest Sect has no help?”

If the Highest Sect really didn’t have a helping hand, then he would be too. disappointed.

Qian Tong and Fei Zhitu helped a lot when Yang Kai was in trouble. The reason why Fei Zhitu’s realm fell was also related to Yang Kai.

But thinking about it carefully, there is Ye Xijun in the High Sect. With Ye Xiyun’s disposition, it is impossible to sit back and watch.

“The High Heaven Sect has a helping hand. Many of the disciples who fled in the Shadow Moon Palace have been taken into the High Heaven Sect to take refuge. Moreover, Elder Ye Da also sent a number of powerful people in the Third Stage of Void Return. But”

“Just what?”

“It’s just not an opponent. Several died, and they had to return.” Wei Guchang looked sad.

“What?” Yang Kai was shocked.

Even Qian Tong looked unbelievable.

The virtual mirrors dispatched by the High Heavenzong must be strong people from Xingdi Mountain. How could they not even be opponents, and how many died?

Shadowmoon Palace could not have such a powerful strength!

“The strong people in the corpse spirit religion are like clouds. It is rumored that they still have the strongest from the virtual king realm, and the people of the High Heavenzong are in the hands of one of the strong virtual kings.” Wei Guchang explained.

The corpse spirit religion is the name of the newly emerged mysterious power.

“Impossible!” Qian Tong looked disbelief.

Yang Kai was also stunned.

A strong Void King realm appeared on the Gloom Star? And there are four at once?

How is this possible?

There are magical laws of heaven and earth suppressed here. For tens of thousands of years, there hasn’t been a powerhouse of the Void King Realm. If it weren’t for this, Qian Tong and others would not follow Yang Kai on a long voyage.

But now, Wei Guchang actually told them that there were four Void Kings in Gloom Star, which no one could accept.

“The disciple is only hearsay, so the disciple doesn’t know what the real situation is.” Wei Guchang looked sad, suddenly thinking of something, and said again: “By the way, Elder Ye Da should be clear.”

“What do you say?” Yang Kai’s expression moved.

“It is rumored that Elder Ye Da once encountered two of the four. After a battle, he was seriously injured. He returned to the High Heaven Sect and is still recovering.”

Ye Xijun was seriously injured!

This is extremely bad news.

However, Yang Kai and Qian Tong looked at each other and inferred some useful information from them.

The four people in the rumors should not be in the virtual king state. Otherwise, facing the two of them, Ye Xiyun would not be able to retreat all over. As long as one of them shot, Ye Xiyun could be easily killed.

But in fact, Ye Xiyun was only seriously injured and escaped.

However, the opponent’s strength really should not be underestimated. Ye Xiyun’s cultivation has reached its limit in the Mirror of Returning to Void. If it were not for her unwillingness to leave the Dark Star, I am afraid that she is now a master of the Void King Realm. The other party could only injure Ye Xiyun by mobilizing two people. It seemed that they were at the same level as Ye Xiyun, and even exceeded them.

The expressions of Yang Kai and Qian Tong were constantly changing, quietly digesting the message from Wei Guchang.

Unexpectedly, after seven or eight years, such a huge change happened to the Understar, what the hell is that Zombie Sect? Why did it come out of obscurity before suddenly.

“Brother Yang doesn’t have to worry about High Heavenzong. Today, High Heavenzong can be regarded as the last piece of pure land in the entire Gloom Star. Although the periphery is heavily surrounded, no one can attack in.” Wei Guchang saw Yang Kai’s ugly expression, and he quickly relieved.

“I know this.” Yang Kai nodded.

Yang Kai is not worried about the safety of the High Sky Sect. Outside the High Sky Sect, there are two rings of three flames guarding it. That is the Emperor Treasure. Even if the strongest of the Void King Realm comes in person, it is impossible to break the three flames. Defense.

“Many people who are unwilling to surrender want to escape into the High Heaven Sect, but” Wei Guchang sighed.

He and Dong Xuan’er also wanted to enter the High Heavenzong at the beginning, but unfortunately there are too many enemies on the periphery. They have no chance at all. They can only hide in Tibet during the past two years, and their lives are very difficult.

“Are you finished with the gossip?” Suddenly, a negative voice came from the side.

Thanks Chen!

He has been watching with cold eyes, standing on the side, neither attacking nor preventing Wei Guchang from revealing information, only then did he suddenly speak.

Qian Tong turned his head and looked at him, his expression cold, his eyes like a knife.

Xie Chen’s heart burst, and he calmed down and sneered: “Elder Qian, it’s been a long time!”

“Xie Chen!” Qian Tong took a deep breath, “It looks like the old man back then It’s really too kind. I thought that it is the same line of the Shadow Moon Palace. If you kill each other, it will only damage the strength of the Shadow Moon Palace. Therefore, when you thank the family for trouble, the old man will let you go, and never thought of the mercy of the past. However, it turned out that Qian’s typo was wrong today, and Qian’s death can hardly be blamed!”

“Hahaha!” Xie Chen laughed wildly, “Qian Tong, death is approaching, and dare to speak out! What do you think you are? Things, yes, you really made the old man jealous back then, and you also have the ability to kill me. But since you didn’t do that, then there’s no chance. Today’s old man is also in the third stage of Void Return, and even the Lord of the Shadowmoon Palace. You are no longer my opponent! Qian Tong, for your great contribution to the Shadow Moon Palace, the Lord of the Hall can bypass you to death, as long as you are willing to submit to the Corpse Spirit Sect, the Lord of the Hall can restore your position as the Great Elder!”

Qian Tong looked at him indifferently, as if he was looking at a clown, his scornful and contemptuous eyes were obvious.

Yang Kai was also amused by Xie Chen.

Xie Chen is just a three-tiered realm who has just been promoted a few years ago. He actually dared to challenge Qian Tong today. It seems that he really doesn’t know how to write dead words.

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Chapter 1700: The Crisis of Shadowmoon Palace – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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