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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1701: Are you a virtual king? Read Novel

Chapter 1701: Are you a virtual king? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1701: Are you a virtual king?

Seeing that Qian Tong didn’t speak, Xie Chen thought he was afraid, so he became even more proud, and said grimly: “Qian Tong, who knows the current affairs is a wise man, and Shiling Sect has four virtual kings. The unification of the dark stars is just around the corner. Don’t be stubborn. As long as you are willing to surrender, the master of the temple can say a few good things. With your cultivation as the realm, you can get no less attention than the master of the temple.”

Qian Tong sighed leisurely, his tone was sullen, and he gave Xie Chen a faint glance, “You said that there are four powerful people in the Void King Realm in that corpse spirit religion?”

“Not bad!” Xie Chen smiled and nodded.

“Do you know what is called the Void King Realm?”

“Void King Realm” Xie Chen’s tone was stagnant, and there was a trace of confusion on his face. This realm has been passed down on the Gloom Star for tens of thousands of years. The world only knows that it is a higher level than the Mirror of Return, but Xie Chen really asked Xie Chen to say it, but he didn’t know how to describe it.

After all, he had never seen it.

I couldn’t help but become irritated and growled: “Do you know that?”

Qian Tong looked at him lightly without saying a word, and then he extended a hand to thank Chen, empty so With a light grip, he put it back again.

Xie Chen retreated instinctively, turning his body into protection, imagining that the storm-like attack did not come, and even a trace of scars did not appear on his body, and he did not notice it. There are traces of Sheng Yuan surging on Qian Tong’s body.

“Qian Tong, do you dare to fool the Lord of the Hall?” Xie Chen was furious, his face was blue and red, “You are dead, Bennian is with you and I in the Shadow Moon Hall, I don’t want to kill him, but since If you don’t put the Lord in your eyes, no one can save you today. Kill him for me!”

In the last sentence, he screamed at his men.

When Yang Kai tried to rescue Wei Guchang before, he keenly discovered that these people belonged to the Shadow Moon Palace. Before understanding the real situation, he didn’t hurt the killers, but just shook them away from Wei Guchang. That’s it.

These people didn’t have a serious problem, and now they all recovered.

Hearing Xie Chen’s command, a group of six or seven virtual mirrors showed hesitation.

Xie Chen is afraid of Qiantong, are they not? Although everyone’s strength has grown since they joined the corpse spirit sect, the majesty of Qian Tongri has been deeply ingrained. At this time, they are undoubtedly very anxious to let them engage Qian Tong.

“Well? The Lord, you, you” Suddenly, a middle-aged man seemed to have discovered some shocking scene, pointed at Xie Chen in horror, and yelled.

The other people looked in the direction he was pointing, and they couldn’t help but exclaimed all together, with a look of horror, they involuntarily moved a distance from Xie Chen, avoiding him like a plague god.

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“Why?” Xie Chen had some hindsight. When he looked down, his complexion changed drastically, and he shouted in amazement, “What’s going on!”

He suddenly realized that he At the roots of both arms and legs, there was a burst of energy that could be seen with the naked eye, but there was no fluctuation.

The ravaged energy is like a locust, tearing a small hole in Xie Chen’s body and getting into his body.

During the whole process, Xie Chen didn’t feel the slightest pain.

A horrible feeling came up leisurely, Xie Chen only felt the coolness from the head to the feet, almost making the soles of his feet cramp.

Boom boom

Four explosions were heard, blood splashed, Xie Chen’s hands and feet burst into a cloud of blood, leaving only the short upper body to fall to the ground, throwing up a piece of dust.

Blood flowed out, stained the ground red, Xie Chen’s expression distorted and changed, and his eyes filled with incredible expressions.

The traitors in the Shadowmoon Palace are all like hitting ghosts in the daytime, their complexion changes drastically, everyone is like an ice cellar, and their whole body is cold.

“No! Impossible! This is absolutely impossible, this is a nightmare!” Xie Chen roared like a wounded beast. Without his hands and feet, he looked both funny and miserable, as if he had suffered. What kind of vicious torture.

“The main hall master is the third stage of returning to the Void, no one except the Void King Realm can do this, the main hall master doesn’t believe it!” Xie Chen was obviously hit by a huge blow, looking crazy, and speaking, the whole person I was stunned, staring at Qian Tong blankly, the color of fear in the depths of his eyes finally filled out, muttering: “Void King Realm, you are already in the Void King Realm?”

It is not in the Void King Realm, and it is absolutely impossible to make him look like this with every gesture. If Qian Tong is not in the Void King Realm, he will definitely have the power to fight.

“You are not too stupid!” Qian Tong said indifferently.

“What? The Great Elder is already in the Virtual King Realm?” Wei Guchang was stunned.

Dong Xuan’er covered her mouth with her small hand, and her beautiful eyes burst out with amazing brilliance, just as if a drowning man had grabbed a straw that was life-saving, her dim eyes shone again.

Void King Realm!

For tens of thousands of years, the master has reached the legendary realm?

If this is the case, then Shadowmoon Palace will be saved! Dong Xuan’er trembled softly, and tears overflowed in her beautiful eyes. At this moment, she remembered the brothers and sisters who had died tragically in front of her.

You are in the spirit of the sky, you should be able to rest in peace. Master is now in the Void King Realm, and soon you can avenge you, kill all those murderers, and give you justice!


The shadowy mirror traitors knelt on the ground. Everyone looked at Qiantong in panic and kept kowtow begging for mercy.

“Grand elder, the subordinates are wrong, the subordinates know that they are wrong, please ask the grand elder to take my life.”

“Grand elder, the subordinates were forced The wives and daughters under the gang are all in the hands of the thieves, and they have no choice but to fight with them. Please also ask the great elder Mingjian!”

“Pray for the great elder to spare us, let us have a way out!”

“Great The elders are merciful, let us go!”

Qian Tong looked at them with disgust and hatred, took a light breath, and said: “Chang’er, Xuan’er, they have killed my Shadow Moon Palace Zhongliang?”

“Killed!” Wei Guchang replied with anger in his eyes.

The enemies with malicious methods are not really hateful, but hateful are these traitors who help to abuse and serve as a tiger! Wei Guchang saw them more than once to kill their compatriots in the past.

“Okay!” Qian Tong was completely clothed without wind, and his anger filled the sky, as if a tsunami had occurred in a vast ocean, the frightening atmosphere completely drowned the traitors of Shadow Moon Palace, ‘Since Killed, then there is nothing to say!”

Qian Tong reached out his hand and pointed to those people.

Silently, several people were stiff in place as if they were eaten by thunder.

The painful expression on everyone’s face seemed to be suffering some unbearable torture.

After a while, there was a loud noise.

There was a loud noise, and all the traitors exploded and died without exception.

There is only one left, with no limbs, broken meridians, and a waste of cultivation.

“Kill me! Kill me!” Xie Chen growled.

Now that he is like this, he might as well die happily. He has been practicing hard for nearly a hundred years, but he was retributed like this for a mistake in his thoughts. Thanks and regret.

“It’s cheaper to kill you.” Qian Tong was unmoved, waved his hand, stopped the blood flowing from Xie Chen’s wound, reached out and lifted him up, took a big stride, heading towards the sky. Travel to Yuncheng.

“Chang’er Xuan’er, follow the old man to save you Master Fei!”

Wei Guchang and Dong Xuan’er looked at each other, and followed them excitedly.

They knew that Qian Tong was really angry this time. Otherwise, with his old temperament, it would never be possible for him to be so vicious. He couldn’t kill people, but he abruptly thanked Chen for his life. Keep it, torturing his body and mind with pain and fear, it seems that Qian Tong is going to make a big fuss this time.

“Let’s go over and take a look.” Yang Kai greeted Su Yan and Xia Ningshang, “The Lord of heaven city is kind to me.”

“As the benefactor of the younger brother, then It must be saved.” The two women replied in unison.

The Tianyun City is heavily guarded, with three steps, one sentry, and five steps, one post. It seems to be guarding something.

And in a square in Tianyun City, Fei Zhitu was scattered with disheveled heads, shackles, and heavy shackles on his hands and feet.

He looks terrible, his image is embarrassed, and there is no energy fluctuation from his body. I don’t know if he has been sealed or his cultivation base has been abolished.

It’s just that although he is down and down, he still stands straight.

Countless residents of Tianyun City gathered around the square.

These people all looked up at Fei Zhitu standing on the high platform, and their expressions were extremely sad and angry.

Fei Zhitu has served as the lord of Tianyun City for many years. Although he has not done perfection, he can also sympathize with the people and protect the peace of Tianyun City.

However, since it was taken over by the Zombie Sect, Tianyun City has been completely messed up.

Countless children have disappeared inexplicably, countless beautiful girls have been looted, and the people of Tianyun City will immediately usher in brutal punishment and suppression as long as they resist a little bit.

Compared with Fei Zhitu as the lord of the city in the past, life now is simply suffering in hell.

So they miss those days so much!

But today, it is indeed the day when Fei Zhitu was beheaded to show the public. The Zombie Cult wanted to use this to warn the entire Dark Star how miserable the fate of its opponents would be.

Not far from the high platform where Fei Zhitu was erected, there are a few high-level people who belonged to the Shadow Moon Palace. They used to have contact with Fei Zhitu and called Fei Zhitu brothers and sisters, but now they are gathered together. Next to the luxurious looking young man in a purple robe, he looked flattering.

The boy is not very old, he looks only about seventeen or eighteen years old, but his face is a bit abnormally pale, and there is a cold air around him, which makes people feel very Uncomfortable.

I got closer, and I could smell a faint rancid smell on his body.

At this moment, he was sitting under the scorching sun, seeming to be a little irritable, and from time to time he looked up at the sun in the sky, cursing something in a low voice.

One of the high-ranking traitors of Shadowmoon Temple was observing his words and feelings, and he understood his heart, and immediately waved his hand: “Go on the blood!” A martial artist of the realm level, with a child in his hand, he rushed to the high platform in one step.

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Chapter 1701: Are you a virtual king? – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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