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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1703: The first language Read Novel

Chapter 1703: The first language – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1703: The first language

Not only Fei Zhitu thinks so, but those in the Shadow Moon Palace who have taken refuge in the Zombie Sect also have this idea. One or two of them looked at Qiantong with weird looks, and their eyes seemed to be looking. This is a young man who is fledgling and does not know the heights of the earth.

Fang Fengqi laughed loudly: “The old thing is not ashamed, with such a big tone, do you think you are in the Void King Realm?”

Qian Tong still looks indifferent, and doesn’t mean to answer him. Just focused on those Shadow Moon Palace traitors.

On the side, Wei Guchang looked excited, opened his mouth as if he was trying to say something, but in the end he held it back.

He wanted to announce loudly that the Great Elder had really reached the Void King Realm. He wanted to see that when these wise and rudders heard this amazing news, they would be What kind of reaction.

It must be wonderful, right?

But since the elder doesn’t want to answer, why should he jump out in a hurry? After they see the great elder’s way of reaching the sky, they will understand how outrageous they are.

On the high platform, Qian Tong said in a low tone: “I will give you 30 breaths, consider it for yourself! After 30 breaths, the old man will do it yourself!”

“Elder, don’t deceive others.” Too much!”

“Old ghost Qian, don’t you take us too far?”

“What if you are the old elder? The ants are still alive, I wait How can you commit suicide, if you want our life, come by yourself”

“Yes, if you are here today, Qiantong, you will not blame us for being polite.”

A group of people are aggressive. The ground screamed, mainly because Qian Tong’s calm attitude was so irritating.

As if he is really a virtual king? Can you make yourself wait for someone to commit suicide with just a few moves?

In the past few years, he doesn’t know where to retreat. It seems that he has been confused by his brain training.

Qian Tong closed his eyes and ignored their noise.

On the contrary, the limbs are gone, and there is still vitality of gratitude. It seems that he has been mentally confused, and he is tortured both physically and mentally. He can’t help laughing, and the laughter reaches everyone’s ears, making people creepy.

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“Noisy!” Fang Fengqi hummed coldly and waved his hand into the void.

A sword-like attack slashed out, slashed on the high platform, and directly chopped Xie Chen’s remains in half.

“You will all die, you will all die!” After Xie Chen roared twice, he was completely breathless.

Fang Fengqi’s face changed slightly, glaring at Xie Chen’s corpse, and snorted coldly: ’Success is less than success!”

Among the traitors of Shadowmoon Palace, Xie Chen is not the strongest. It’s big, but he knows best to act by chance, so Fang Fengqi will support him as the lord of the palace, and use the secret technique passed down by the leader to improve his cultivation level, and he will be promoted to the third in a short period of time. Layered environment.

But I didn’t want to be so useless, not only failed to kill the two Shadowmoon Hall juniors according to the plan, but the Tianyue silver plate he robbed was also cut off by the limbs and carried back like a dog.

It’s useless to keep people like this.

At this moment, Guanghua flashed across the high platform, and Yang Kai appeared with Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang.

At first sight of Fei Zhitu’s miserable appearance, Yang Xinxin’s head clenched, and he squatted down quickly, grabbed his wrist, and turned Sheng Yuan to investigate.

“Yang Kai, you are here too.” Fei Zhitu grinned, with a warm and moving expression on his face.

My whole life has never been in vain. At the most critical moment, not only did the rich old ghost bring two juniors to rescue him, but even Yang Kai came here, and Fei Zhitu beat the average man. The eye sockets can’t help but get a little moist.

And when Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang appeared together on the high platform, the whole world seemed to be much brighter.

Almost everyone of the high-level traitors in the Shadow Moon Palace focused their eyes on the two women, and from time to time there was a voice of admiration, exclaiming that there is such a perfect woman in this world.

Fang Fengqi’s eyes are even more terrifying, a pair of eyes staring at Su Yan and Xia Ningchang, back and forth, there is a strong possessiveness flashing in the depths of the eyes, as if they have seen something delicious Tasty food, sticking out his tongue and making a circle on his lips, even breathing slightly.

“Senior Fei, you hurt” Yang Kai looked for a moment, frowning, he stopped talking.

Fei Zhi’s face changed and became nervous.

“It’s okay.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, “It’s just that I have been sealed with Saint Yuan and suffered some flesh and blood.”

“I’m scared to death!” Fei Zhitu took a long breath and thought for a while, “Well, it’s still useful for him to keep my body, so naturally it won’t ruin my foundation.”

’Small injury, senior Fei don’t worry, sister, yes What spirit pill is suitable for him now?” Yang Kai looked back at Xia Ning Chang.

Without a word, Xia Ning Chang took out a jade bottle from her space ring and handed it to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai took it, opened the cap, and poured out a dark red pill from inside.

Fei Zhitu didn’t even look at it, so he grabbed it and put it in his mouth.

In an instant, his eyes widened, and he exclaimed: “This is”

Before he finished speaking, he immediately sat cross-legged on the high platform, silently. In a very short period of time, Fei Zhitu’s body transmitted strong energy fluctuations, and the injuries outside his body were healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Wei Guchang and Dong Xuan’er looked at each other, both secretly startled.

They couldn’t tell where they were. The spirit pill that Xia Ning Chang took out just now was definitely a pill of virtual level or above, and it was even a high-grade pill of virtual level. Otherwise, the effect could not be so significant.

Wei Guchang couldn’t help but move a virtual high-grade pill.

“Thank you brother and sister!” Wei Guchang held his fists solemnly, and thanked Dong Xuan’er together.

Xia Ningchang’s face blushed for a moment, looked at Yang Kai, and pursed his lips: “This brother is polite, Senior Fei is the benefactor of the brother, and our benefactor, just a pill, It’s nothing.”

“Brother Yang, what a blessing!” Wei Guchang winked at Yang Kai, a little envious of him.

“Get me over those two women, they belong to my seat!” Fang Fengqi suddenly shouted.

Not to mention the beauty of Su Yan and Xia Ningshang that made him coveted, just say that the spirit pill Xia Ningshang took out made him jealous.

On the gloomy star, the virtual high-grade pill is extremely rare.

So he couldn’t wait to take Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang into captivity, as long as they got it, then the things in her space ring would be his own.

Yang Kai glanced at him coldly, his eyes like a knife, his eyes cold.

For no reason, Fang Fengqi’s heart suddenly burst, inexplicably feeling a sense of horror, as if the opponent could threaten his life.

“Thirty breaths have arrived!”

At this moment, Qian Tong suddenly opened his eyes, swept around coldly, and said indifferently: ’Since you are not willing to commit suicide, Then the old man will send you on the road!”

The words fell, and the astonishing power suddenly burst, converging into a force visible to the naked eye, and madly pushing forward.

Domain field!

A domain belonging to the Void King Realm!

More than a dozen traitors from the Shadowmoon Palace were shocked, and they displayed their own potential field to resist, but their potential field was as ridiculous as hitting a stone with a pebble in front of Qiantong’s domain. Any protection provided will fall apart.

In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen people with the Void Returning Mirror bleed back, their faces pale.

The powerful field surrounds them, and there is a smart wind surging in the field.

That is a unique force in Qiantongyuchang!

Wind energy gathered into blades and began to wreak havoc.

The screams came out, one after another, the dozens of virtual mirrors wrapped in the field seemed to be suffering the harshest punishment in the world, and wind blades like gossamer cut their skin frantically, Cut them all over with blood and blood.

“Void King Realm!” Everyone screamed in horror. Fang Fengqi almost stared out his eyes, looking at the angry Qian Tong with trembling hands and feet, deep in his heart. It’s cold.

Originally it was just a joke, but I didn’t expect it to be true, that Qian Tong is really a virtual king!

“Grand Elder spare my life, I know it’s wrong!”

“Grand Elder spare my life!”

Same as the previous scene outside Tianyun City, when these traitors noticed After Qian Tong was strong and unstoppable, they begged for forgiveness, and even in spite of their shame, they knelt on the ground, slammed their heads on the ground, knocked their heads full of blood, only to impress Qian Tong’s compassion and escape Robbery.

Qian Tong looked cold and unmoved, but there was a trace of sadness in his eyes.

Blood splattered, and pieces of meat were scattered. The dozens of Shadowmoon Temple traitors were cut into pieces in just ten breaths of time. Almost every one of them had been tortured and cut by thousands of swords. Only a white-scented skeleton remained in place, all the flesh and blood on the bones disappeared, and the internal organs were also turned into powder.

“Okay! Good to kill!”

“Good to kill, don’t let them run!”

“Avenge for the children and women who died in Tianyun City!”

“Kill them!”

The crowd onlookers suddenly roared, swarming from all directions, everyone’s face was full of unforgettable hatred, and everyone’s blood was boiling. The holy yuan revolves, grabbing his own weapons, operating secret methods, offering secret treasures, and launching attacks on the enemies who are still alive.

The location where Fang Fengqi was located, within a radius of thirty feet, was instantly flooded by various colors of light.

Even the glamorous young woman who served Fang Fengqi before did not escape the beating of angry crowds. She had a two-tiered realm of return to the void, and she was only insisted on less than three breaths. Breaking the Saint Yuan of the bodyguard, tragically died on the spot.

A stream of light soared into the sky, abruptly cutting a blood path from the crowd, and hurriedly fleeing outside.

Fang Fengqi!

After all, he is a powerful person in the third stage of the Void Returning Realm, and he will die if he is not so easy.

He didn’t look back, desperately urging his own power, just wanting to flee here, Qian Tong suddenly became a virtual king, he stayed here is tantamount to death, this news must be reported anyway To the four protectors and leaders.

He felt that Qian Tong didn’t seem to mean to chase him, but he still stood there, motionless.

Although he didn’t know whether the opponent would disdain to attack himself or what to do, Fang Fengqi was overjoyed, thinking he could escape.

While thinking like this, there was a young man in front of him suddenly blocking his way.

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