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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1704: Lost God Read Novel

Chapter 1704: Lost God – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1704: Lost God

“It’s you!” Fang Fengqi recognized the young man standing in front of him at a glance. He fisted to the void and shouted: “Get away!”

He is eager to escape, how can he have the time to entangle Yang Kai here? So a shot is full force.

A peculiar force lingers on his fist, and that fist that doesn’t look strong has become as strong as a secret treasure in an instant, and Fang Fengqi’s arm has a long appearance. Some dark red hairs like steel needles appeared.

Those hairs looked very weird, showing a breath that made Yang Kai extremely uncomfortable, covering his entire arm and fist, making the power of the punch that blasted soaring.

Yang Kai frowned, and a suspicious color flashed across his face.

What martial skill is this?

He has never encountered a martial arts skill that caused such a change in himself. With a thought, he looked up at Fang Fengqi, and Yang Kai couldn’t help but whisper.

He suddenly noticed that Fang Fengqi’s image has changed dramatically. Before, he looked feminine and cold, but now he doesn’t know how to use the secret technique, his face becomes extremely distorted, And there were two fangs exposed at the corners of his mouth, gleaming with the coldness of the forest, and there was a faint life in his mouth and nose.

Thinking of the three words of corpse spirit teaching again, Yang Kai’s mind flashed, and suddenly the origin of the opponent’s Fengqi was guessed.

As the attack was approaching, Yang Kai didn’t dare to neglect, a golden bloodshot popped out with a wave of his hand, gently rounding Fang Fengqi’s booming arm, and then suddenly tightened.

A clearly visible scar appeared on Fang Fengqi’s arm, but even with the sharpness of the golden bloodshot, Fang Fengqi’s arm could not be cut off, and it flowed out from his wound. With the aquamarine blood, the blood filled with a breath of vomiting, and ordinary people would die suddenly if they sniffed it!

Toxic! Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed.

The emerald green blood is not only poisonous, but also extremely corrosive. The golden blood thread wrapped around his arm flashed wildly with corroded light, and there was a piercing sound.

Fang Fengqi roared, opened his mouth, and spit out a stench of green breath towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai hummed coldly, his figure shook, and disappeared from the same place. When he reappeared, the man had reached the top of Fang Fengqi’s head, and the dragon bone sword Di Cui was held in the palm of his hand in the posture of a spring onion. Plugged straight toward his Tianling cover.

“Idiot!” Fang Fengqi dismissed it. In his opinion, this bladeless long sword could not even hurt his own hair, so he didn’t mean to dodge at all. With a punch, he greeted Yang Kai.

Yang Kai twisted slightly to the side, avoiding the heavy blow of Fang Fengqi’s momentum, and the Dragon Bone Sword thrust straight into the top of Fang Feng’s head.

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The extremely dull-looking long sword exploded with unimaginable power at this moment, and the sound of dragon roar came from the sword body, and it was smashed all the way, breaking the body and skull of Fang Fengqi like a bamboo. The defense was directly inserted into his chest.

Fang Fengqi’s eyes widened instantly, and his face was full of incredible expressions. Only at this moment did he notice the weirdness of the Dragon Bone Sword and exclaimed, “Void King Class Secret Treasure!”

After receiving such a blow, he didn’t die, but struggled violently, trying to get rid of Yang Kai’s control.

The power of space went up and down, and a series of space cracks that were as thin as hairsprings formed around Fang Fengqi, and immediately wrapped and cut towards him in all directions.

Fang Fengqi’s physical body is extremely powerful, and it can withstand the cutting of a part of the space cracks, but even with his means, he can’t resist Yang Kai. The violent killer move.

Scars appeared on his body, and those flesh and blood were banished into the void.

Green blood is constantly flowing from the wound, and the whole world seems to be contaminated.

“Don’t kill him first!” Qian Tong’s voice suddenly came. He obviously also saw some problems. Standing on the high platform far away, he stretched out his hand and held it. Completely imprisoned, he was directly taken back to the high platform.

Yang Kai frowned and looked at Fang Fengqi, a trace of anxiety surging deep in his heart.

At this moment, those onlookers also discovered the weirdness of Fang Fengqi. Many courageous people did not dare to look directly at it. They turned their eyes away, even those courageous ones. Frightened, looking at Fang Fengqi in horror, couldn’t believe that there was such a person in this world.

“Old Pifu, hurry up and put this seat away, otherwise you will die without a place to bury you when the leader takes action!” Fang Fengqi did not beg for mercy, but threatened Qian Tong instead.

Qian Tong glanced coldly at Fang Fengqi’s body with a pair of eyes, and immediately fixed his eyes on his abdomen. He stretched out two fingers to poke at that, and immediately pierced Fang Fengqi’s abdomen.

Fang Fengqi didn’t have the slightest fear even after Yang Kai pierced his head with a dragonbone sword, but when Qian Tong did this, he showed a terrified look and exclaimed: ” What do you want to do, old man?”

Qian Tong ignored him, but looked solemnly at the wound on Fang Fengqi’s abdomen.

There is a green bead about the size of a fingernail, but it contains amazing energy.

“If the old man didn’t guess wrong and ruined this bead, you would die?” Qian Tong glanced at Fang Fengqi lightly.

Fang Fengqi’s face changed slightly, and he gritted his teeth without answering.

“Yang Kai, stop him first, the old man needs to ask him about something.” Qian Tong said.

Yang Kai nodded, stretched out his hand to pull the Dragon Bone Sword from the top of Fang Fengqi’s head, and shot out more than a dozen golden bloodshots with his fingers, tying Fang Fengqi tightly.

The chaos ended here, Qian Tong stood on the high platform, looked around, and shouted: “Everyone, my old man has been in retreat for many years. I left today. I am deeply saddened to hear the great changes in the dark star, but please rest assured, Heavenly Fate City is still under the jurisdiction of my Shadow Moon Palace, and no one will dare to invade this place in the future, the corpse spirit religion, the old man will definitely go to the meeting for a while, and wait for a fair, and the Gloom Star is a bright universe!” p75>

Countless people boiled, shouting the name of Qian Tong frantically, and gathered around the high platform.

For the past two years, Tianyun City has been under the jurisdiction of the Zombie Sect. These people have lived prematurely. Everyone is frightened, lest they can’t see the sun tomorrow, but now it’s fine, and Qian Tong is back. Moreover, he is still a strong man in the Void King Realm, he will shelter Tianyun City, and Tianyun City will never have the tragedies of the past.

“Elder Qian! Please be fair to Elder Qian. The little girl disappeared a month ago. Someone saw her in the city lord’s mansion. We also asked Elder Qian to let the little old man go to the lord’s mansion to have a look. Is the girl still alive.”

“My child disappeared three months ago. He must be in the city lord mansion!”

“And my girl!”

Qian Tong’s eyes were distressed, he stretched out his hand to press, suppressed the crying and crying of countless people, and said slowly: “Everyone, wait a moment, I will let people go to the city lord mansion to take a look. If your children are still in the mansion, you will definitely be reunited.”

“Thank you, elder Qian!”

“Elder Qian is so kind, I can’t remember it!”

Qian Tong sighed lightly and turned to look at Wei Guchang.

“The disciple will go and have a look.” Wei Guchang understood, and immediately rushed towards the city lord’s mansion with Dong Xuan’er.

Yang Kai thought for a while, and said, “I will go too.”

Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang followed closely.

In the City Lord’s Mansion, some warriors who have followed the corpse spirit cult will meet the enemy when they see someone forcing them. However, these people are not strong enough to stop the pace of Yang Kai and others. They rushed all the way and killed the number of people. Hundred, after capturing a person and asking some clues from him, Yang Kai and others went straight to the dungeon.

In the dungeon, it was dark and damp. At least hundreds of people were held in that cell.

And these people are without exception, they are all children under five years old, and young and beautiful women.

Whether it is a child or a woman, they are all alive and depressed, as if they have been tortured, and there are more or less wounds on their arms.

Reminiscent of what Fang Fengqi had done to that child before, how can everyone not know what happened to these people in the dungeon?

“Destroyed!” Su Yanfang was furious, and Wei Guchang and Dong Xuan’er opened the prison doors one by one and released these people.

Xia Ningshang guarded the door of the prison, checked the physical condition of these people one by one, and gave them pills to make up for the damaged vitality.

All the way through, Yang Kai and others looked heavy.

At the bottom of the dungeon, the expressions of Yang Kai and others were even more ugly.

At the bottom of this dungeon, there are no living people, but only a white bone. Judging from the size and size of the bones, they are undoubtedly children and women, but they are all Encountered inhumane torture, his flesh and blood was cut clean, and the remaining bones were left here at will.

The bones become mountains, at least there are thousands of them.

Two years ago, something like this happened in Tianyun City. This is just a Tianyun City. What is the situation of the entire Gloom Star?

“Hateful!” Wei Guchang gritted his teeth and snarled, his face grim.

The hustle and bustle of Tianyun City lasted for two days before it gradually subsided.

The children and women released from the dungeon are all reunited with their families, but more have died in the dungeon. The chaos of two years has brought indelibility to countless people in Tianyun City. Of painful memories.

In the city lord’s mansion, Qian Tong and the others have heavy expressions. Everyone looked at the subdued Fang Fengqi in anger, and their eyes breathed fire.

“Elder, let me kill him!” Wei Guchang drank low and stood up.

Qian Tong waved his hand and signaled Wei Guchang to stay calm, looked down at Fang Fengqi, and said: “If the old man didn’t guess, you are from Zangxiong Valley, right?”

Listen When he asked, a clear color flashed in Yang Kai’s eyes, and he thought to himself that it was so!

He guessed the same.

The Burial Heroes Valley is a very special existence in the Gloom Star. It is rumored that more than two thousand years ago, there was the rudder of a huge force called Guyangzong, but it was a pity that he later offended Xingdi Mountain and was uprooted overnight, and the rudder was completely destroyed.

In the Burial Xiong Valley, there are many crises, and there are countless forbidden formations, and the most dangerous is a group of special creatures in the Burial Xiong Valley-a group of people who should have died.

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