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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1706: The Dark Star Catastrophe Read Novel

Chapter 1706: The Dark Star Catastrophe – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1706: The Dark Star Catastrophe

At that time, the Ancient Yang Sect was destroyed, and the sect disciples were killed and wounded countless, but for unknown reasons, they were reborn in a brand new posture after death. They became able to practice and walk around. A corpse that can fight.

On the Gloom Star, some people of the younger generation probably don’t know the situation in the Burial Xiong Valley, but Qian Tong understands it.

Yang Kai also knew that back then, he and Yang Yan went to the Burial Xionggu to explore. The cultivation technique of the Immortal Five Elements Sword, the true essence of the sun, and the Wanzai Ice Jade Platform were brought out from the Burial Xionggu.

At that time, he also encountered a few powerful corpse generals besiege, if it were not relying on the power of space, I am afraid that there would be no chance to escape.

Yi Yi played against this Fang Fengqi, Yang Kai had some guesses, and Qian Tong’s inquiry further confirmed his thoughts.

“The old man has a good vision. This seat is indeed from the Burial Xiong Valley. I am a noble family of corpse spirits. I am above all things!” Fang Fengqi didn’t have much fear, and shouted proudly.

The corpse spirit family! This is what the special creatures of the Zombie Teaching call themselves, which Qian Tong has heard from Fei Zhitu.

“Just because you want to be above everything?” Qian Tong said indifferently, “You are just people who should have died, you are not qualified.”

“Hey.”Fang Fengqi smiled, “Is there such a qualification? It’s not you who have the final say, you will know it in the future!” Don’t waste your time, old stuff, because I won’t tell you anything.”

“Is that right? “Qian Tong sneered, “Even if the old man destroys your corpse beads, you are not willing to cooperate?”

The corpse bead is the bead filled with corpse energy in the abdomen of the corpse spirit tribe like Fang Fengqi. This bead is no more than an inner part to the members of the corpse spirit tribe. Dan’s effect on the monsters, all the abilities of the corpse spirit family are derived from its own corpse beads.

Fei Zhitu has fought with members of the corpse spirit family, and naturally knows this information.

Fang Fengqi’s face changed slightly, and he shouted sharply: “Old things, you dare to threaten this seat!”

“If it’s a threat, you will find out if you try. “Qian Tong’s tone was aggressive.

That Fang Fengqi also seemed to have seen Qian Tong’s decisiveness, his face became cold and suddenly became distorted, and he shouted: “I want to listen to the news from this seat, old man. Things you wishful thinking, this seat will never let you get what you want.”

The words fell, and a terrifying energy fluctuation suddenly appeared in his abdomen, and there was a slight clicking sound, as if something broke.

“Not good! “Fei Zhitu’s face changed drastically.

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Others soon realized what had happened. Yang Kai hurriedly ran the Saint Yuan to protect Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang. Qian Tong waved his hand even more. The mellow Saint Yuan general Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er wrapped up.

“One day, my corpse spirit church will unify the dark stars, you all have to die, hahahaha!” Fang Fengqi laughed frantically, and with a loud noise, his whole body suddenly burst open.

A heavy green corpse gas centered on him, and it spread to the surroundings. Wherever the corpse gas passed, the ground corroded, and the tables, chairs and benches all turned to dust. The entire city lord’s mansion shook a few times and almost collapsed.

At the last moment, if it weren’t for Qian Tong’s maintenance of the Void King Realm, the City Lord’s Mansion would definitely suffer.

After all, it was a self-destruction of a Void Returning Three-layer Realm powerhouse, with unpredictable power.

Leaving Fang Fengqi’s life behind, originally wanted to find out about the reality of the corpse spirit teaching, but didn’t want the lamb to be eaten. Instead, he made a commotion, and Qian Tong’s face was ugly.

If everyone from the Zombie Sect is so crazy and desperate, then it will be in trouble.

Outside the hall, suddenly a virtual mirror warrior hurriedly walked in, turned his head and looked around, his face was shocked, not sure what was going on here.

“What’s the matter?” Qian Tong asked in a deep voice.

The man hurriedly clasped his fists and replied: “Thank the Great Elder, all the hidden corpse spirit disciples in Tianyun City have been cleaned up!”

“Good job! Has there ever been casualties?”

“With the assistance of the elders of the High Heavenzong, only a dozen people were killed or injured!”

“Buried them!”


Shadow Moon In the hall, although many people are greedy for life and fear of death, and have submitted to the corpse spirit religion, there are also many people who can hold their positions. These people have been imprisoned without exception. They have been rescued two days ago, and this time is just the money. Pass effectiveness.

Fang Fengqi is not the only corpse spirit in Tianyun City. Yang Kai and Wei Guchang and others encountered some corpse spirits when they entered the city lord’s mansion, and they were all beheaded.

There were also a lot of hiding in Tianyun City, and they were all picked up at this time.

It can be said that until now, the entire Tianyun City has been completely renewed and its internal worries have been eliminated.

Yang Xiuzhu and others walked in from outside.

“Everyone has worked hard!” Qian Tong quickly got up, clasped his fists in gratitude.

Yang Xiuzhu waved his hand, his expression was not at all relaxed: “It’s not hard to just kill some small fish, but it’s like this in a small city of Heaven. I really don’t know what other cities are like on the Dark Star.”

Fei Zhitu sighed: “In the past two years, the corpse spirit religion has developed extremely fast. They seem to have a secret technique that can turn living people into corpse spirits and work harder for them. When the Zombie Sect first appeared two years ago, their number was no more than 1,000, but now, there are more than tens of thousands. Many of these tens of thousands of members are strong in the mirror of various sects and families, and they should not be small. Look!”

Fang Fengqi also planned to turn Fei Zhitu into a corpse spirit before, so he has not abolished his cultivation base and destroyed his meridians.

As long as the meridians are not destroyed, even Having been beheaded, Fang Fengqi also has a way to turn Fei Zhitu into a member of the corpse spirit family, able to display his combat power during his lifetime.

“Dark Star Catastrophe! “Qian Tong sighed heavily. He went out for seven or eight years. When he returned to his homeland, he turned into this way. The joy of being promoted to the Void King Realm was instantly replaced by deep sadness and worry.

“Everyone, I think Go back to Tianzong and take a look. “On the side, Mo Yu suddenly spoke.

He has also been helping in Tianyun City for the past two days, and only now has he spared time.

“Brother Mo” Qian Tong opened his mouth, naturally he

They don’t know what the situation of Qiantianzong is, but now at least half of the forces of the entire Gloom Star have been involved in this turmoil. Qiantianzong is a great power on the Gloom Star. It is one of the key objects of the Shiling Sect, and the situation may not be too optimistic.

Mo Yu wants to return to Qiantianzong, it is justified, after all, he is the great elder of Qiantianzong.

It’s just that at this time, letting him return alone is really worrying.

If possible, Qian Tong is naturally willing to accompany him. However, although Tianyun City was defeated by him, the problem of the rudder of the Shadow Moon Palace has not been resolved.

The rudder is still in dire straits, and he urgently needs him to deal with it personally, rescue those disciples who are unwilling to submit to the corpse spirit cult, and kill those traitors who have renounced justice and stolen their lives.

“Momou is not the usual three-layer return to the Void now, you don’t have to worry, I will act carefully.” Mo Yu smiled slightly.

Seeing that he had decided to leave, Qian Tong was not happy to say anything, but he said in a deep voice, “In this case, Brother Mo is the best in this way.”

“Don’t worry. Today’s Gloom Star, I am afraid that few people can stop me.” Mo Yu nodded.

The former Mo Yu was one of Understar’s top Void Returning Mirror powerhouses. He had experienced in the Blood Prison. Although he could not break through to the Void King Realm like Qian Tong did, his own The overall combat power has increased a lot.

Even if the corpse spirit teaching is good, as long as there is no Void King Realm, I am afraid there is nothing to do with him.

’Senior Mo, how about waiting for a day? I’ll be with you.” Yang Kai suddenly said.

“Yang Kai, do you want to go back to High Heavenzong?” Qian Tong asked.

“Well. Although the High Heavenzong is solid, there is no need to worry about being breached, but I don’t know what the situation of Elder Ye is. I am a little worried. I want to go back and have a look. It happened to be on the road with Senior Mo.”

“That’s good!”

Although Yang Kai didn’t understand why Yang Kai had to wait for the day by himself, Mo Yu still agreed.

After all the discussions were completed, Yang Kai immediately went to the location of the Heavenly Fate City Space Array.

When the Zombie Sect was in charge of Heavenly Fate City, the space magic circle had already been destroyed. Yang Kai wanted to try to see if it could be restored.

If possible, it can also save some time on the road.

After all, it’s not a short journey to the High Heavenzong!

Yang Kai borrowed the space array of Tianyun City more than once, and naturally knew its location. Soon, he took Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang to the place, and the two women dispersed their guards. In case of accidents, Yang Kai came to the front of the space law formation and observed it carefully.

Being proficient in space does not mean that you can set up a space magic array. This requires a huge array of knowledge. Yang Kai had never set up a spatial array before, but he saw that Yang Yan had set it up, so he still had some confidence.

Observed for two hours intently, during which Yang Kai constantly released his mind to spy on the internal structure of the destroyed space circle, deducing the tedious route.

Two hours later, Yang Kai looked slightly happy.

Fortunately, although this space circle was destroyed, it was not too badly destroyed. There are still traces of various patterns and structures. If you just draw a gourd, Yang Kai There is some certainty that it can be restored.

After carefully sorting out his thoughts, Yang Kai took a leap and came to the space law formation.

He took out all kinds of rare minerals from the space ring, and smelted the fire of divine consciousness, and then made up the destroyed part of the space circle.

The first time it was arranged, it was inevitable that it was unfamiliar. Several times it fell short, which made Yang Kai very annoyed.

But as time passed, he became more and more familiar.

Furthermore, the arrangement of the space magic circle seems to be compatible with his mastery of the power of space, making him a much deeper understanding of the power of space.

This unintentional gain made Yang Kai very happy.

It seems that there will be another way to cultivate the power of space in the future.

The power of space has always been difficult to cultivate. At the beginning, Yang Kai cultivated by absorbing the energy of the ethereal crystal, but the ethereal crystal was already used up. Now Yang Kai cultivates the power of space mainly through Open up the space of Xuanjiezhu.

The arrangement of the spatial array is undoubtedly another brand new way.

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