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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1707: Mohai City Read Novel

Chapter 1707: Mohai City – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1707: Mohai City

One day later, the space magic circle was restored.

Yang Kai called Mo Yu, Yang Xiuzhu and others to say goodbye to Qian Tong.

On the Shadow Moon Palace, Yang Kai is not worried at all. Qian Tong is now in the Void King Realm. It can be said that he is the number one powerhouse in the Dark Star for tens of thousands of years. If even he can’t handle the Shadow Moon Palace. Crisis, the entire Gloom Star is probably going to end.

“Brother Yang, cherish all the way there.” Wei Guchang said goodbye with his fists.

Yang Kai replied with a salute.

“Yang Kai, which position is connected with this space circle?” Mo Yu asked from the side.

“Well, if you are not mistaken, you should be able to connect to the Devil Blood City!”

“What’s wrong?” Mo Yu was stunned.

The Devil Blood City is very close to Liuyan Sand, and not far from Qiantianzong, so Yang Kai positioned the Space Array to that place, but his statement made Mo Yu feel very strange.

Yang Kai smiled awkwardly: “This is the first time I set up a space magic circle, so I can’t guarantee that it can be directly transmitted to the Devil Blood City.”

Mo Yu was dumbfounded, and Yang Xiuzhu and others were also dumbfounded. A speechless expression on his face.

“But don’t worry.” Yang Kai looked at his words, knowing what they were worried about, “Even if the Demon Blood City is not located, there will be no danger in teleportation. I can guarantee that.”

Listening to what he said, everyone was relieved.

The teleportation of the space magic circle is an extremely demanding thing. If you make a mistake, you will be banished to endless In the void, I can never get out of the void. In the past few years, Gloom Star has happened many things like this. It was caused by problems with the space law. As a result, the teleported person was missing, or was directly cut into pieces by the chaotic space force field. At the end.

So when everyone heard what Yang Kai said just now, they were a little nervous.

But since Yang Kai can guarantee that this transmission will not be dangerous, there is nothing to worry about.

Even if the location of the teleportation is wrong, it doesn’t matter much, the big deal is to use Star Shuttle to hurry.

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“It’s getting late, then we can leave. “Yang Xiuzhu couldn’t wait to return to the High Heaven Sect to see what’s going on there.

Everyone nodded and stood on the space magic circle together. Yang Kai stood in the middle, urging the holy yuan to penetrate the whole magic circle, in an instant. In the meantime, the holy crystal placed on the space magic circle flashed a dazzling light, and the huge energy was pumped out.

The strength of the strong space was ups and downs, and a group of people disappeared.

“Destroy the magic circle first, and no one can send in from outside! “When Yang Kai’s group disappeared, Qian Tongcai waved his hand.

Wei Guchang got the order and blasted Yang Kai with a fist to re-arrange the magic circle. The magic circle base was immediately divided into two halves and could not be used.

Qian Tong’s gaze flickered, looking into the distance, and said in a low voice: “It’s time to return to the Shadow Moon Palace!”

Fei Zhitu and Wei Guchang and others were shocked and looked towards Shadow Moon. In the direction of the temple, everyone’s eyes revealed an astonishing murderous intent.

In the void, light flashed, and Yang Kai and others appeared strangely.

A group of several people, except Yang Kai, everyone else was a little dizzy, and it took a while to gradually adapt. Most of the long-distance space teleportation is accompanied by such side effects, and only Yang Kai who has cultivated the power of space can adjust his own state in the shortest time.

Fortunately, there is no danger nearby, otherwise everyone will definitely be caught off guard.

Turning his head and looking around, Yang Xiuzhu was stunned: “This is not the Devil Blood City, where is this?”

The place where everyone appeared is clearly on a vast plain, as far as the eye can see. Where is the shadow of the city?

There was an error in the transmission.

Yang Kai had been mentally prepared for this, so naturally there was nothing to be embarrassed about. He heard the words: “We should be somewhere between Demon Blood City and Heavenly Fate City. What do you have for this plain? Impressions?”

Yang Xiuzhu, Chu Hanyi and Lin Yulao slowly shook their heads, indicating that they did not recognize this place.

Although they are native Dark Star Martial Artists, they have been practicing in Xingdi Mountain all year round. They are not clear about the situation of the outside world. Even Yang Kai is not as good as Yang Kai. It is undoubtedly a bit embarrassing for them to see the slightest knowledge at this moment.

Mo Yu’s eyes lit up, with some joy on his face, he kept looking around, and then flew up high in the sky to watch. After a while, he returned with excitement.

“I know what this place is. This is the White Bone Plain. There is a Rift Sky Gorge nearby, which is only one day away from Mohai City.”

“Oh? Qiantianzong’s Mohai City?” Yang Kai was a little surprised.

“Not bad!”

Yang Kai slightly nodded, it seems that the transmission error is not too outrageous, and for Mo Yu, this may be good news. Mohai City is Qian Tianzong. A city under its jurisdiction is not too far away from the general rudder of Qian Tianzong, just like the relationship between Tianyun City and Shadow Moon Palace.

By coincidence, Mo Yu came here.

“In that case, you might as well go to Mohai City first.”Yang Kai pondered for a moment. He urgently needs to inquire about the situation around the High Heaven Sect. Going to Mohai City is undoubtedly the best choice.

Besides, Mohai City doesn’t know what’s going on. He naturally wants to be with Mo Yu. There may be a place to help.

After all, it is also a matter of the way.

“Thank you very much, then. “Mo Yu hurriedly clasped his fists.

This is considered to be the site of Qiantianzong. Mo Yu is very familiar with him, leading the people all the way, and within a day, he saw a towering city standing on the plain in front of him.

“That is Mohai City! “Mo Yu pointed to the front and introduced.

“There seems to be a battle. “Yang Kai discovered a lot of secret techniques and the radiance of secret treasures.

“It’s me from the Heavenly Sect! “Mo Yu’s face sank, and his speed became a bit faster.

There was a battle near Mohai City. This is not bad news. At least, everyone knows that Mohai City has not been occupied by the Zombie Sect. Others are resisting, just don’t know what the situation is over there.

In Mohai City, on the wall, a woman was standing there with a pale face. By her side, more than a dozen powerful men of Reflecting Mirrors were gathered, but the situation of these Reflecting Mirrors seemed to be a bit not optimistic, almost Everyone was wounded. The injuries were mild and severe. The most serious one was missing even his right arm, and it seemed that it had only been cut shortly. The white gauze was still wrapped in blood, and the gauze was dyed red.

This warrior was also stiff, even if the pain was unbearable, he still gritted his teeth and said nothing.

Below the city wall, some corpse spirit tribes with white, green or red hairs arrogantly crisscross their bodies and are fighting against some human warriors.

The situation is very chaotic. The number of parties involved in the battle is at least thousands. Among the human warriors, they are not on the same front. Many human warriors are even assisting the corpse spirit races and killing themselves. Compatriots.

These people have obviously taken refuge in Zombie Sect.

“The city lord, order them to come back, and postpone it, I’m afraid they will all die.” On the city wall, someone clasped his fist and rushed to the woman, with a distressed look on his face.

This is a completely unfair battle. There are ten times as many enemies as you. Almost every warrior in Mohai City has to deal with many enemies.

Six hundred people rushed out. In less than a quarter of an hour, now only two hundred people are struggling to support them, and these two hundred people are also stretched out and dangerous.

“Yes, the city lord, these are the last elites of my doing Tianzong. If it is broken here, how can we explain to our ancestors in the future?”

“Can’t withdraw The woman yelled softly, “The forbidden formation of Mohai City is under repair. If it is withdrawn at this time, Mohai City will be unable to resist it. When the corpse spirits are killed, the entire Mohai City will be charred.” p78>

“Why don’t we know this? But” the person who spoke before was sad.

Six hundred elites rushed out, just to fight for the repair time to repair the city formation. This was completely filled with life. Mohai City has been able to support it until now, and the many restrictions and large formations in the city have been indispensable. Without the formations and restrictions, the Corpse Spirit Sect army would have razed this place to the ground long ago.

But persistence until now is already at the limit. The Zombie Spirit only needs to organize another powerful attack, I am afraid it will break the city.

With the traditional style of the Zombie Sect, the millions of residents in Mohai City are afraid that few will survive.

“Hateful Gale Pavilion, Variety Sect, Wuhen Sect, these villains, who used to cheat me to Heaven Sect, today are willing to be driven by the corpse spirit religion to kill my disciples. If the old man can Go live, I will tell them to pay their debts!” ​​Someone yelled angrily.

The expressions of other people are ugly.

Kuangfeng Pavilion, Variety Sect, Wuhen Sect, many small sects and families were originally attached to Qiantianzong. When Qiantianzong was strong, they flattered and wished to give Qiantian. The clan is a slave and a maidservant.

The Qian Tianzong has always been very stingy towards these affiliated forces, and even opened some secret techniques of the sect to allow them to practice. Every year, they will accept their elite disciples to do the sublime cultivation of the Tianzong and let the strong. Teach yourself.

But after the Great Change of Dark Star, these wolf-ambitious guys took the initiative to surrender, not only betrayed Qian Tianzong, but also launched an unexpected sneak attack on the rudder of Qian Tianzong.

In that battle, the rudder of Qiantianzong was destroyed, only a few people escaped, and only Mohai City was struggling to support it with a sphere of influence of tens of thousands of miles!

The woman city lord said nothing, but the pain in her beautiful eyes was obvious.

How many people in this world can hold true under the oppression of powerful evil? So she was not angry. Those people chose to stay alive, but what they lost was the foundation of life.

“Where is Shen Shitao!” The woman suddenly snorted.

Not far away, a graceful woman with peach-eyed eyes rushed to the woman’s side and said, “Elder Du, this disciple is here!”

Such a woman must be eye-catching and make men dream of endlessly, but at this moment, not many people put their minds on her.

The woman said majesticly: ’Shen Shitao, this elder ordered you to select three hundred people from the younger generation of my Gantianzong, lead them through the space array, and leave Mohai City quickly!”

Shen Shitao was dumbfounded, but she was also a woman of Huizhi Lanxin. She immediately understood what the woman intended, her pretty face turned white, and she lost her voice: “Elder Du!”

The woman smiled gently. “The rudder of my Qian Tianzong was destroyed, and the lord was killed. The one in Mohai City is the last blood of my Qian Tianzong. You have to live with those three hundred people. No matter what, only you are alive. Only when I work in Tianzong can there be a future and hope!”

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Chapter 1707: Mohai City – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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