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Chapter 1708: Relief – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1708: Relief

Shen Shitao’s eyes immediately turned red: “But you, elders”

“Don’t worry, we will buy you time. Remember, if you want to go to the High Heavenzong, you can only go to the High Heavenzong. There is a way to survive! This task is very difficult, you must find the opportunity to bring the disciples into the High Heaven Sect!”

“Elder!” Shen Shitao kept shaking his head.

“Hurry up!” The beautiful woman looked fierce and glared at Shen Shitao: “Do you want me to get rid of Tianzong from the Dark Star? You want us shameless to meet the ancestors of Qiantianzong Lie Zong?”

Shen Shitao was dazed and speechless.

Another Qian Tianzong elder looked at Shen Shitao with a soft gaze, and smiled: “Remember, you must live. When the great elder returns, as long as the great elder returns, I will be able to do Tianzong again. Revitalize.”

“Go!” The beautiful woman screamed.

Shen Shitao tears as follows, her body trembled lightly, fell on her knees, and respectfully bowed to the elders three times before she stood up abruptly and prepared to leave.

At this moment-

The beautiful women standing on the wall and the few strong men left in Qian Tianzong seem to have discovered something incredible, looking far away Look at the place.

As far as I can see, the rear camp of the Zombie Sect is in chaos, chaotic and powerful energy fluctuations explode between the sky and the earth, dazzling brilliance blooms, and hundreds of Zombie Sect enemies are killed every breath.

“Elder Du, it seems someone has called from over there!”

“I saw it, who would it be.” The beautiful woman nodded lightly.

“Not many, it seems that there are only about seven or eight people, but it’s so strong.” The strong man in the virtual mirror who spoke took a deep breath, and he only saw the light flashing over there, the corpse spirits. The warrior fell like a straw, and couldn’t help being shocked on the spot.

“Hey, that’s the Huntian Azure Sun Pagoda! It’s the Great Elder! The Great Elder is back!” Someone exclaimed in excitement again.

In an instant, everyone’s eyes focused on a tower-shaped secret treasure that was more than ten feet tall in the sky and exuded a cyan mysterious light.

The tower-shaped secret treasure is spinning around, falling from high above. Every time it falls, it will smash countless corpse spirit disciples into meat patties, and continuously shoot countless cyan mysterious lights from the tower. Xuan Guang looked sharp, and once hit by Xuan Guang, the disciples and running dogs of the Zombie Spirit Sect would be completely vanished and disappeared into the world completely.

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In a short period of time, as many as two hundred disciples of the corpse spirits have died under this secret treasure.

’Sure enough, it is the Huntian Azure Sun Pagoda!” The beautiful woman’s beautiful eyes bloomed with amazing brilliance, as if she had seen hope again, her expression excited.

Huntian Azure Sun Pagoda, the treasure of Qiantianzong’s town sect, exists between the Void-level Secret Treasure and the Void King-level Secret Treasure. It can be said to be a Quasi-Void King-level Secret Treasure.

And this powerful artifact has always been in the hands of the Great Elder Mo Yu.

At this moment, the Huntian Azure Sun Pagoda appeared, obviously because of Mo Yu’s urging.

Even if they didn’t see Mo Yu’s figure, everyone could feel Mo Yu’s familiar energy fluctuations from far away.

“Now we are saved, and the elder is back!”

“Haha, kill the corpse spirits to teach these bunnies!”

“Call them to come or not Come back!”

“Vengeance for the lord and the dead brothers and sisters!”

In an instant, crazy shouts rang from the wall, everyone was filled with righteous indignation, emotional, if not There is no order from the beautiful woman, I’m afraid they will rush to meet the great elder now.

In the crowd, the beautiful woman wrinkled her eyebrows, and there was a trace of anxiety on her face.

The great elder suddenly appeared at this time, and I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse!

Although the strength of the great elder is unfathomable, and there are secret treasures like the Huntian Azure Sun Tower to help, but there are too many enemies, if the great elder is surrounded and cannot get out of trouble, then Qiantianzong The last bit of hope may be annihilated.

“Through my order, Qian Tianzong still has the ability to fight, follow the city lord to meet the great elder!” The beautiful woman’s mind turned sharply, and she quickly made a decision.

“Yes!” someone replied immediately, conveying the order.

Not long after, the remaining power of Qian Tianzong was integrated, and the beautiful woman looked at the number of less than a thousand people, and a deep sorrow appeared in the depths of her beautiful eyes.

In the entire Qiantianzong, there are only these people left. These people are almost everyone injured, and their strength is uneven!

Although the entire Mohai City has a million residents, there are only this number of people belonging to the Qiantian School. Most of the rest are ordinary people who have not practiced, or their strength is extremely low. A fighter who can’t play a role at all.

“I will go now, there is no life, just to meet the elders, are you ready?” The beautiful woman looked around and asked harshly.

A thousand people looked solemn and shouted together: “Ready!”

“There will be your names on the monument to comfort the spirits of Tianzong in the future. Let’s go!” The words were not long-winded, they were very quick and resolute, and with a wave of their bare hands, they rushed out of Mohai City first.

The others followed closely, everyone’s face was flashing with unforgettable hatred, and everyone’s eyes had a determination called to die and live!

Thousands of people rushed out of the city, followed by countless others.

Those are the residents of Mohai City and the warriors who fled here!

Don’t they know the truth that there are no eggs under the covering nest? Seeing that Qian Tianzong integrated all the remaining power to attack, they immediately followed and contributed their strength.

Under Mohai City, there seems to be a mighty army dispatched!

“That woman Du Yanling is crazy, hahaha, she wants to break through the blockade of my corpse spirit religion with a bunch of trash that hasn’t even reached the holy realm, kill them all for me, and bring Du Yanling to me!” At the center of the corpse of the corpse spirit, a burly man stood on the front of an eight-horse cart, yelling in front of his fingers.

Like Fang Fengqi, he has the cultivation base of the third stage of returning to the Void, but the breath of the whole person gives people a cold feeling, and there is a faint smell of decay on his body.

The corpse spirits!

And he is a powerhouse at the top corpse general level!

As soon as the voice fell, a blue tower suddenly fell from the sky. The burly man snorted coldly, and his figure suddenly rose, avoiding the terrifying blow.

With a boom, the blue tower fell, and the eight horses pulling the cart were instantly smashed into meatloaf, red and white dripping all over the ground.

“Who’s here!” He was covered with red needle-like burrs, and the two piercing fangs at the corners of his mouth were exposed. He turned his head and looked in one direction while screaming.

A beautiful shadow suddenly appeared beside him. The beautiful figure was like a goddess descending to the earth. Behind her was a pair of crystal clear white wings, like ice-carved jade wings, and her body exuded a bone-chilling chill. It makes people’s soul freeze.

She holds a long sword that emits cold light in her hand.

The long sword swings like a mercury drop.

The burly corpse will try to resist, but the pervasive ice freezes all the power in his body.

After only three moves, the woman wiped her head with a sword.


The icy and cold mood is permeated. Even if the burly man is a member of the corpse spirit clan, his vitality is extremely strong, and his body is instantly sealed by ice, and his vitality is completely annihilated.

Su Yan!

This is the first time she has done her hands since she came out of Chilan Star, and she showed jaw-dropping combat power as soon as she shot her hands. At least Mo Yu’s eyelids jumped.

He can clearly feel the power of the strong corpse general. Even if he is allowed to fight alone with the opponent, it will take at least two or three hours to tell the winner, even if he can win, he will have to pay a little. cost.

But this woman of Yang Kai actually solved the corpse in two or more strokes.

Yang Kai is already enchanting enough, why is the woman following him so enchanting? Mo Yu was shocked.

Killed the corpse general, Su Yan kept running, holding the mysterious frost sword, and using the power of the ice phoenix origin, he rushed into the army of the corpse spirit family. Among them, wherever they go, a piece of people turn their backs on their horses, and no one is a united general.

All enemies killed are ice sculptures.

At the forefront of the battlefield, there is a small group of Qiantianzong disciples. They rushed out long before Yang Kai and others arrived, just to buy time to repair the restrictions and formations of Mohai City.

600 people, now there are only a hundred people left.

At this moment, I was even more embarrassed, surrounded by countless enemies, and people fell at every breath, and blood stained the earth red.

In the crowd, there is a young girl with long hair, who is as healthy as a rabbit, rushing from the left to the right in the enemy’s formation, her body is shining with colorful rays, and she looks soft and weak. But his body contained extremely terrifying power, his small fist smashed out, and even the air was blasted out of blasting buzzing.

Any enemy hit by her will explode and die immediately as long as they don’t reach the virtual mirror.

Even if a warrior of the Void Returning Level 1 stepped on it, he would hurt his muscles and bones, and scream continuously.

Numerous attacks came to her, she was able to evade, and occasionally some unavoidable attacks hit her body, and she didn’t suffer much damage, instead it aroused the fierceness in the clear eyes!

The girl’s body seems to be incredibly powerful.

If she hadn’t defended her, the remaining hundred people of Qian Tianzong would have been wiped out long ago.

The comrades who were still alive, each gave a grateful look at the girl.

Her activity finally attracted Yang Kai’s attention.

The colorful glow covering his body made Yang Kai feel very familiar and familiar. It was clearly the sword energy of the Five Elements Sword!

A long distance away, Yang Kai took a leisurely look at the girl. Although she was covered with blood and couldn’t see how old she was, from the perspective of her development, she was only thirteen or fourteen years old. To.

That is definitely a body that hasn’t grown open yet.

With her hair flying, her face made Yang Kai vaguely familiar.

“Could it be?” Yang Kai frowned and quickly wiped out the enemy in front of him. He was interested in the girl and rushed towards that side with Xia Ning Chang.

Detecting an attack, the girl punched her head back.

Yang Kai raised his hand to block.


An unimaginable huge force erupted from that weak little fist. Even if it was as strong as Yang Kai, his beaten body shook slightly, thanks to his cultivation level. He was much taller than the girl, and he didn’t make a fool of himself on the spot, otherwise, this old face would be lost.

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