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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1709: Chapter 1678 Read Novel

Chapter 1709: Chapter 1678 – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1709: Chapter 1678

One blow failed to solve the imaginary opponent, and the girl reacted extremely fast, she was short, and at the same time a volley kick came, and the toes shone with golden light, like a huff. Jian Mang.

The Golden Sword of the Indestructible Five Elements Sword! Unstoppable.

Her little foot seemed to have turned into a sharp sword, poking straight towards Yang Kai’s chest.

Yang Kai smiled slightly, and as soon as he stretched out his hand, he held the girl’s ankle. At the same time, Sheng Yuan urged her to resolve her offensive, holding her in his hand like a plaything.

The corners of the girl’s skirt flew up, almost leaking the spring light, but fortunately, her eyes were quick and her hands were quick, she squeezed her skirt.

When I was full of irritation, suddenly I saw Yang Kai’s smiling face.

“Huh, Uncle Sect Master!” The girl recognized Yang Kai at a glance, with a pleasant smile on Qiao Qiao’s face, shouting charmingly.

’Sure enough, it’s you!” Yang Kai nodded lightly, with a slight force on his wrist, placed the girl upright, staring at her immature face, frowning and saying: “Yun’er, why are you here?”

This girl is surprisingly the little girl adopted by Huang Juan back then, Lin Yun’er!

When Yang Kai returned from the Imperial Garden and passed a city next to the Wuyou Sea, he ran into Huang Juan and brought her back to Ling Xiaozong. At the same time, there was a little girl who brought her back.

Lin Yun’er was only five or six years old at the time, but she had already demonstrated amazing physical strength.

Yang Kai noticed the abnormality of her body and asked Ye Xijun to investigate it carefully. Later, Ye Xijun told Yang Kai that Lin Yun’er had a special talent, a special physique, and a powerful body!

This is a very rare physique. It may be related to a certain sea beast in the sea. After all, according to Huang Juan, Lin Yun’er’s mother has the blood of a sea beast.

A warrior with this physique is born with supernatural power, and as the cultivation base increases, the power growth will become more and more terrifying.

Before leaving the Gloom Star, Yang Kai handed down the Indestructible Five Elements Sword. Seven or eight years have passed. The little girl who was five or six years old at the time has now become a budding green bud.

Judging from the colorful glow of her body, the Five Elements Sword of Immortality has become a small one. With the special physique of her power dominating body, the strength that can be exerted is terrifying.

Her cultivation level is not high, and under Yang Kai’s investigation, she can only enter the Holy Three Stage Realm.

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Even if the High Heavenzong does not lack financial and material resources now, Lin Yuner has personal guidance from powerful people like Ye Xiyun, and can cultivate to the third level of the Holy Land in 1978, which is also the capital of heaven.

This little girl is definitely a dazzling new star in the future star field!

Yang Kai looked at her like a supreme powerhouse in the future.

And the immortal five-element sword handed down by herself seems to be tailor-made for her, combined with the special physique of the supreme body of the power, so that she can actually enter the realm of the two or three sacred realms. The warrior who has returned to the virtual realm!

The level of this kind of higher-order combat greatly exceeded Yang Kai’s expectations.

Even if he himself, when he entered the third-layer realm, he couldn’t resist the attack of the powerful person in the Void Returning Mirror.

However, it can be seen that although Lin Yun’er is sturdy and unusual, the strength in the body is almost scarce, and there are more or less injuries on her body, which is obviously the end of the battle.

But her spirit is pretty good.

“When the Dark Star was in chaos, Yun’er happened to follow the orders of the Great Elder to do Tianzong’s affairs. As a result, she couldn’t go back, so she stayed here.” Lin Yun’er felt aggrieved.

Two years ago, she was only eleven or twelve years old. She was drifting away for two years. She missed Ling Xiaozong very much, missed Ye Xiyun, who had taught her carefully, missed Huang Juan, who had been caring for her like a mother, and missed Ling Xiaozong’s plants and trees and those senior brothers and sisters.

She has always been very strong, which may be related to the loss of her parents as a child, but after seeing Yang Kai at this moment, a layer of mist filled her big eye sockets, and her small mouth was also pursed.

’So that’s it! Then why did you appear on this battlefield again?” Yang Kai frowned. The city lord of Mohai City didn’t know who it was. How could Lin Yun’er arrange for Lin Yun’er to fight?

He also noticed that these people who came out to fight almost all were delaying time with the determination to die. No matter how Lin Yuner was from the High Heaven Sect, and at such a young age, no matter what kind of thing. She can’t do it anyhow.

“I came out by myself. I want to do something I can.” Lin Yuner sniffed.

“Okay!” Yang Kai nodded heavily, touched Lin Yun’er’s head, thought for a while, took out a recovery pill from the space ring, and handed it to Lin Yun’er: “Take this”

“En.” Lin Yun’er was unsuspecting Yang Kai, even if she hadn’t seen her in seven or eight years, she couldn’t help but swallowed that spirit pill.

Yang Kai raised his head and looked at Xia Ningchang and said, “Little senior sister, escort them back to the city!”

“Okay!” Xia Ningchang responded, waving her bare hand, and knotted. A tedious imprint.

The heaven and earth auras were mobilized, and under the traction of Xia Ningchang, those heaven and earth auras seemed to have undergone some strange transformation, and they turned into streamers and got into the bodies of the exhausted warriors.

At the next moment, each of the warriors of the Heavenly Sect shook their bodies and became energetic.

Looking at Xia Ningshang’s gaze, it was incredible!

They didn’t know how Xia Ningchang did it. They actually refined the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and transported them into their bodies to nourish their almost dry meridians and dantian.

“Follow me!” Xia Ningshang greeted her, and the light sapphire on her forehead exuded dazzling brilliance, making her look like a goddess descending to the earth. Wherever the brilliance passed, all enemies felt inexplicable. The power of rushed into their hearts, causing them to lose some of their fighting spirit.

Xia Ning Chang led the team of less than a hundred people, smashed a bloody path among the enemy group, and joined Du Yanling and the others.

Yang Kaifei went up high in the sky, released his spiritual thoughts, looking for the stronger enemies in the battlefield, the golden blood moved with his heart, turned into golden lights, and frantically harvested the lives of the corpse spirits teaching disciples!

Yang Xiuzhu, Chu Hanyi, and Lin Yulao formed a triangular formation, which had already set off a violent storm among the enemy group. Wherever they passed, there was a corpse.

Under Mo Yu’s control, the Huntian Azure Sun Pagoda grew and grew smaller and smaller, and the cyan dark light emitted also made the enemy unable to approach it at all.

A group of seven or eight people completely disrupted the Corpse Spirit Sect army.

Soon, someone realized what was wrong. On the battlefield, the powerhouses of the corpse spirit religion were killed one by one without any dispatch. The rest was a piece of scattered sand, and there was no way to prevent it from being effective. Resistance.

This situation became more serious after Du Yanling led the killing.

The corpses of the corpse spirits were defeated, and the corpses of the corpse spirits screamed for fleeing, and the sect families who had taken refuge in the corpse spirits also fled.

Du Yanling and the others had red eyes, chased them for tens of thousands of miles, and killed the corpse spirits to teach people to turn their backs on horseback. Only then did they return victorious.

At this moment, the voice of Mohai City is like a wave, and the entire city seems to be boiling.

It has been a full year since the corpse spirit religion surrounded Mohai City. Qian Tianzong’s power has been damaged and destroyed, and the city will be destroyed soon, but I don’t want anyone to cross it at this critical juncture. Sora shot out, turned the tide, not only saved Mohai City from the fire, but also rubbed the spirit of the corpse spirit cult.

Everyone is asking about the origin of the reinforcements.

In the end, they realized that they were actually the elders of Qiantianzong Mo Yu and the lord elders of High Heavenzong.

No wonder those few people have such a powerful combat power, no wonder they can kill the corpse spirit teaching army crying father and mother, it turned out to be these people!

For a time, in Mohai City, the prestige of Qian Tianzong and High Heavenzong rose rapidly.

In the city lord mansion.

Only some of the remaining senior members of Qian Tianzong sat in separate rows with Yang Kai and others.

Du Yanling, the lord of Mohai City and also the elder of Qian Tianzong, gave a deep salute to Yang Kai and the others, and said in a deep voice, “Thank you, Sect Master Yang and everyone for your help. If it weren’t for you, now Mohai City I’m afraid it’s a waste of life, and my concubine is inspired by the millions of lives in Mohai City to inspire the life-saving grace of Sovereign Yang and everyone.”

“City lord Du is polite, Yang and Senior Mo are not outsiders, they should help each other. !” Yang Kai smiled and waved.

His humility made Du Yanling feel good, and he couldn’t help but carefully looked at Yang Kailai.

Speaking of which, Yang Kai is almost a legend on Gloom Star.

He has been famous for a short time, but what he has done is earth-shattering.

The battle at Longxue Mountain gave him a lot of brilliance, and then occupied the Forbidden Flowing Flame Sands of the Gloom Star, established a sect, and then with a single force, annihilated the Zhantian League and Leitai Sect. Conquer Xingdi Mountain.

Yang Kai and Ling Xiaozong have almost become the most well-known beings on Gloom Star!

In the past two years of the Gloom Star Chaos, the High Heaven Sect has also done a lot of things. The clan has frequently dispatched strong men to assist those besieged sects and cities, and be grateful for the entire human race.

As the Sect Master of High Heaven, Yang Kai is almost the first person on the Gloom Star, stomping the Gloom Star will tremble three times.

This is the first time Du Yanling has seen Yang Kai, so naturally he is a little curious about him.

However, under her observation of the third stage of Void Return, she still can’t see the depth of Yang Kai. This young man who seems to be young seems to be worse than the Great Elder and the Sect Master who has died in battle. powerful.

Du Yanling was shocked!

“Junior Sister Du, the situation in Mohai City is so bad, what about the rudder of Tianzong?” Mo Yu asked nervously.

Du Yanling and some knowing elders looked dark.

Mo Yu looked at his words and thoughts, and couldn’t help but feel a bad feeling. He asked urgently: “Could it be the general rudder?”

Du Yanling nodded sadly: “The general rudder has been breached. Also died in battle!”

“What?” Mo Yu stood up suddenly, shook slightly, seemingly unable to accept such an ending.

Yang Kai also sighed slightly.

Gu Zhen, Sect Master of Qiantian Sect, he has met several times. He is a good person. He has the top cultivation base of the Void Returning Three-layer Realm, but he doesn’t want to have passed away.

’Sorry for the Great Elder.” Du Yanling didn’t know what to say.

“How could the general rudder be broken? Why is the general rudder broken, but Mohai City has been able to hold on to the present?” Mo Yu’s face was gloomy and scary.

Du Yanling said in distress: ’Some people are struggling with the corpse spirits, they should fit inside and out, so the general rudder could not be kept!”

“Who?” Mo Yu shouted sharply.

“They are already dead, and they are all driven to death by the master.” Du Yanling was sad.

Mo Yu was stunned for a long time, and then he seemed to have lost all his strength. He fell into a chair and couldn’t say a word for a long while.

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