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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1710: 1 big fish Read Novel

Chapter 1710: 1 big fish – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1710: 1 big fish

Mo Yu was relieved for a while before Yang Kai began to inquire about Ling Xiaozong’s situation.

But Du Yanling doesn’t know much about it. Mohai City has been under siege for nearly a year, and has long been disconnected from the outside world. Only when some warriors occasionally fled into Mohai City for refuge, can it be brought to them. Some intelligence.

According to those warriors who had fled, the entrance of the High Heaven Sect seems to be surrounded by the Corpse Spirit Sect. No one can get in or out of it. As for the situation inside the High Heaven Sect, no one knows. Up.

A year ago, the High Heaven Sect frequently dispatched the strong to assist the besieged sect forces, but with the loss of the High Heaven Sect strong, the High Heaven Sect has also stopped moving this year, and the situation seems a little unacceptable. An optimistic look.

In order to prevent the powerful members of the High Heavenzong from leaving, a large part of the corpse spirits were placed outside Liuyan Sand for surveillance. I heard that one of them was also a guardian.

It can be said that although the High Heavenzong has failed to take the initiative to help fellow humans, its existence has restrained a lot of the fighting power of the corpse spirits, which is absolutely indispensable.

If it weren’t for this, Mohai City wouldn’t be able to keep it from being breached for so long. You should know that there are at least four corpse generals of the same level as Ye Xiyun in the Zombie Spirit Church, not to mention that the ghost is not unknown. The true leader is now.

After listening to this, Yang Kai nodded slightly and didn’t ask any more questions.

After a day’s rest in Mohai City, Yang Kai took the Ling Xiaozong people to bid farewell to Mo Yu.

Originally, Yang Kai wanted to bring all the people of Qian Tianzong into the High Heaven Sect. As long as they enter the Flowing Flame Sand, they can sit back and relax completely without worrying about being killed by the powerful corpse spirits.

However, after careful consideration, Mo Yu declined Yang Kai’s proposal.

There are indeed not many disciples of Qian Tianzong left, but there are still millions of creatures in Mohai City.

If the people of Qiantianzong follow Yang Kai, then the millions of creatures in Mohai City will be slaughtered by the Zombie Sect!

Most of these people had escaped in the past two years. They came in the name of Qian Tianzong, and Mo Yu couldn’t leave them alone.

This idea may be a bit pedantic, but it has been unanimously approved by the remaining senior leaders of Qian Tianzong. They are all willing to stay with Mo Hai and continue to guard the last foundation of Qian Tianzong!

Yang Kai moved.

“Yang Kai, don’t worry. Although I don’t have many people left in the Heaven Sect, Mohai City is now well-staffed. I will find a way to replenish my combat power. As long as the warriors here can unite and protect This city shouldn’t be a big problem.” Mo Hai smiled at Yang Kai before leaving.

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Yang Kai nodded: ’So, Senior Mo, take care!”

With a deep fist, Yang Kai bid farewell to Du Yanling and others, and this brought Su Yan, Xia Ningshang and others. He rushed out of Mohai City and headed straight towards Liuyan Sand.

Watching Yang Kai and the others disappear, Mo Yu looked solemn and waved his hand and said: “Tell all the warriors in Mohai City who have entered the Holy Realm and above, if you wish, you can temporarily join me to dry the sky. Zong, take care of this city with me!”

“Yes!” Du Yanling and others immediately set out to do it.

It was not that they had never thought about using the power of the warriors in Mohai City before, but the time was too tight and there was no time to do these things, and at that time the corpses of the corpse spirits suppressed the city, and there were not many warriors in the city Fighting morale can’t exert one’s own strength at all.

Now it’s different. The corpse of the corpse spirits who besieged Mohai City for a year has been repelled, and there are countless casualties. It is the time when Mohai City’s morale is high, and it is undoubtedly a good time to strengthen itself and absorb vital power.

The distance between Mohai City and Liuyan Sand, if flying by Star Shuttle alone, would take at least seven or eight days.

Yang Kai returned to Zong eagerly and directly used the Xuwang-class battleship.

Although the warship is huge and unmatched, it is much faster than the Star Shuttle, and the warship is sturdy and not rushed, and it is quite safe to stay inside.

Along the road, I encountered a lot of corpses of corpse spirits who were scattered in the forest. The number was as large as thousands, and as few as dozens. They were all under the leadership of a corpse clan, messing with the dark stars.

The battleships fired a volley of crystal cannons. Without exception, the people who were bombarded by these enemies turned their backs on their backs, and suffered heavy casualties.

Yang Kai didn’t order to stay either. After one blow, he immediately fled.

After three days’ journey, the number of enemies who died under the battleship crystal cannon has reached tens of thousands!

Only a few of these enemies are the corpse spirit race, and most of them are human warriors who have taken refuge in the corpse spirit race. Nothing to be polite.

The strong men, monsters, and demons who originally stayed in the Profound Realm Orb were also released by Yang and placed in the battleship, allowing them to watch the slaughter coming along the way.

Since we want to gain a foothold on the gloomy star, we should naturally connect with this world.

Yang Kai wanted them to integrate into this star earlier, so that they could see the martial arts level of this place earlier.

Sure enough, after sensing the strength of those enemies, Ling Taixu, Thunder Dragon, and Changyuan were silent, but everyone’s eyes flashed with a desire to become stronger.

Lin Yun’er showed activity in line with her own age. When she remembered that she was about to return to the High Heavenzong, she was very happy to see the people she missed. She was like a lark along the way. Next to Yang Kai, chattering non-stop.

Su Yan and Xia Ningchang both liked this little girl. After learning of her tragic fate as a child, the two mothers and daughters were so in love that they couldn’t help crying, leaving Yang Kai speechless.

Three days later, the Xuwang-class battleship went to the periphery of Liuyan Sand.

Standing inside the battleship, through the polished smooth and transparent crystal glass, Yang Kai saw densely crowded figures gathering around the periphery of the Flowing Flame Sand. He couldn’t see the end at a glance, and he didn’t know that there was any. Tens of thousands of people gathered here.

’So many?” Yang Xiuzhu was also taken aback.

“It really looks like our High Heaven Sect!” Chu Hanyi said coldly.

“According to the city lord Du, our High Heaven Sect has now become the last piece of paradise on the Gloom Star. This is not only because of the lord of the throat, but also a symbol, one that can stand tall As long as High Heavenzong is still alive, Gloom Star will not give up resistance, and if I am the leader of the corpse spirit cult, I will do my best to attack.” Lin Yuluo said quietly.

Others nodded, expressing agreement with this view.

’Sect Master, will you go through?” The disciple of the High Heaven Sect who was in charge of controlling the battleship turned his head and asked.

“Kill a circle!” Yang Kai’s expression was cold.

“Yes!” The High Heavenzong disciple took the order, with a look of excitement, he began to command the battleship Jing Cannon bombardment.

Being surrounded by so many enemies at the door of his house, he was also quite angry, and Yang Kai’s orders undoubtedly gave him a vent.


A white beam of light blasted from the battleship crystal cannon, and everything passed by the beam was turned into nothingness.

This Xuwang-class battleship, built by Yang Yan himself, has outstanding performance and ability to siege the city, and the energy source that inspires the crystal cannon is still condensed by the stone puppet Xiaoxiao. Saint Jingyuan has increased the power of Jing Cannon.

Under the volley of crystal cannons, the momentum was terrifying, as if the end of the world was about to come.

Each crystal cannon can sweep out a large open area, and all the corpse spirits and the human warriors who take refuge in them can’t resist, and they will be turned into ashes at the first touch.

There is a disturbance below

The pitch-black battleship that was more than ten feet long appeared in the sky, which had brought an extremely depressing atmosphere to the corpse spirits, but now they showed hideous faces, and they were naturally terrified.

A human warrior recognized the origin of the battleship, and started to flee, shouting.

Regardless of this, the battleship rushed into the sky above the place where countless enemies gathered, shooting down crystal cannons one after another.

The ground shook and the mountains shook, and huge pits appeared on the ground, billowing with white smoke.

“Huh?” Inside the battleship, Yang felt happy, turned his head to look in one direction, and sneered: “There is a big fish over there, I will meet him!”

“Junior brother, be careful!” Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang had just finished telling them, and Yang Kai had disappeared.

On the outskirts of Liuyan Sand Land, there is a palace that seems to be newly built. The palace is not big and only occupies an area of ​​tens of meters in radius, but it was built so magnificently and hotly with this barrenness. The Liuyan Sand Land in China looks a little out of place.

In the palace, a man dressed in white was lying reclining on a magistrate’s chair, with a lazy posture, his hand on his chin, and a wicked smile at the corner of his mouth, looking at the dozens of gorgeous women singing and dancing below.

These women have all contributed tribute to the major forces of the Zombie Sect, and each of them is beautiful, and they are the rising stars of those forces, but now, they seem to have become plaything singers. Only for the pleasure of this man in white.

They seem to be very afraid of the man in white. Sometimes they meet his eyes, and they hurriedly put aside, everyone’s movements are cautious, for fear of making mistakes.

The earth shook, the palace was trembling, and there were amazing energy fluctuations and humming sounds coming from not far away. The white man’s face sank, he sat up straight, and asked sternly: “What’s the matter?”

The dozen or so young girls singing and dancing below also stopped and looked around blankly.

Immediately someone rushed in from outside, and said in a panic: “Enforcer Kang, a black battleship has come in from the outside, and is massacring my corpse spirit disciples!”

“Unbridled! Who is so brave?” The white-clothed man stood up abruptly, an astonishing aura spreading, and the dozen or so girls who had frightened their faces pale and hugged them.

“The subordinates don’t know!” The warrior who came in to report the letter replied helplessly.

“Why do you want you?” The white-clothed man snorted coldly, and as soon as he reached out his hand, he grabbed the warrior who reported the letter. His hand seemed to have crossed the space barrier and grabbed the opponent directly.

With just a slight twist, he broke the neck of the reporter.

A dozen girls exclaimed, the panic in their eyes became more and more intense.

“Well? How dare to come over, it’s interesting!” The white-clothed man suddenly raised his head and looked at the void. After dozens of miles, he released his spirit to fight Yang Kai fiercely.


In the place where the divine minds are fighting, the void collapses.

In the palace, the man in white stepped back a few steps, as if he was not an opponent.

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