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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1711: The Corpse in White Read Novel

Chapter 1711: The Corpse in White – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1711: The Corpse in White

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Yang Kai’s powerful spirit power made the white-clothed man very moved. When he became angry, he gave a long scream, and his whole person suddenly changed significantly.

Just like Fang Fengqi who was beheaded by Yang Kai in Tianyun City, his body suddenly soared, and white hair like steel needles exuded from his bare skin, with two pieces on the corners of his mouth. The fangs were bare, and even the breath that came out was a green corpse.

He leaped up in place, soaring straight up like a cannonball, and knocked out a hole in the palace. His eyes were full of fierceness, and he aimed at the direction of Yang Kai’s attack, two claws like claws. The palms were waved again and again, and one after another claws that were enough to tear the space attacked Yang Kai.

“Get down!” Yang Kai shouted sharply, without evading, his fist was wrapped in pitch-black flames, and he blasted his face in the face.

The sky full of claws shattered, and the huge force bombarded the man in white, which made him groan and fell downward like a meteor.

After a while, with a bang, a human-shaped pothole was smashed into the ground.

The white-clothed man became more and more violent and angry. He suffered a blow from Yang Kai. He didn’t seem to have suffered much damage. He jumped up from the pit and opened his mouth to spit out a bead, thick. The green corpse qi gathered into arrows, shooting towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai shook his wrist slightly, and the dragon bone sword Dicui appeared leisurely, poured into the holy yuan, and accompanied by the high sound of the dragon, the dragon bone sword shook slightly and turned into a green dragon, shaking its head and tail. Flop from below.

Yang Kai stood alone on the dragon’s head, looking down at the man in white, with disdain in his eyes.

The corpse qi that is enough to make the strong man of the reversing mirror stick to the death has no effect on the emerald dragon. The corpse gas is poisonous, and the emerald dragon is also poisonous, so naturally it can’t help it.

Instead, the emerald dragon opened its mouth and swallowed up the emerald corpse energy that originated in the corpse beads, making the man in white look flustered.

The distance was quickly shortened.

Staring at the dragon’s head that was getting bigger and bigger and opening its huge mouth, the man in white was finally unable to calm down, so he screamed and hurriedly avoided where he was.

The emerald dragon rushed to the air, but Yang Kai jumped down from the dragon’s head and stretched out his hand. The emerald dragon turned into a dragon bone sword again, and he held it in his hand with a fierce sword. Hack down.

It seems that this world is about to be smashed, and there is a frightening atmosphere on the bladeless long sword.

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The man in white was shocked and quickly raised an arm to block him.

Silently, green lights flashed by, and a white-haired arm was cut off and fell to the ground.

The man in white was really frightened this time. He never expected that there would be such a terrifying character on the Dark Star. He had fought against the rumored No. 1 strongest person on the Dark Star, Ye Xijun, and felt that The opponent was nothing more than that, but the young man who suddenly appeared now was more than one better than Ye Xiyun, and he was not an opponent at all.

Seeing that the opponent was struck by a sword again, the white-clothed man couldn’t care about his face anymore. He hurriedly rolled on the spot, avoiding the blow, picked up his broken arm and stood up behind him. Burst back.

Having been a hundred feet away from Yang Kai, he stopped walking with lingering fear, and pointed his broken arm at the wound, looking over with a gloomy face.

At the broken arm that was cut down by Yang Kai with the Dragon Bone Sword, a lot of granulation sprouted, and the granulation was squirming, but the broken arm was reattached in a moment.

While the white-clothed man did all this, Yang Kai just watched with cold eyes, and did not stop him. When he took his arm, Yang Kai suddenly grinned, “Have we met?”

Hearing what he said, the man in white also frowned, and suddenly realized, pointing to Yang Kai, and shouting incredulously: “It’s you, it’s you!”

“We saw it!” Yang Kai Smiling slightly, “It’s in that corpse, I remember you.”

When he first saw the white-clothed man, Yang Kai felt a little familiar. Now he finally remembered. At that time, he and Yang Yan went deep into the corpse below the burial valley. The man had met each other, and the other party had attacked him.

At that time, the man in white was a powerful corpse officer. Yang Kai who shot a blow and fled away looking at the wind. After so many years, his strength has obviously improved. Quite a lot.

“I remember you too! “The white-clothed man grinned, “It was you who sneaked into the corpse and stole a lot of things, but this guardian wants to thank you!”

“Thank me for what? “Yang Kai frowned.

“Thank you for taking away the sun, which is so fine! If it weren’t for you, this protector would not have achieved today’s! “The man in white laughed.

“What does it have to do with the sun? “Yang Kai is puzzled.

“You don’t understand even after that! “The white-clothed man sneered, “This protector is the corpse spirit teaching, the white-clothed corpse general Kang Feirao, kid, report your name!”

“White-robed Corpse General” Yang Kai raised his brows, “Are there still red-robed Corpse Generals? Tsing Yi Corpse Generals?”

He remembered that in the corpse, he saw several other corpses in different clothes.

“Yes!” Kang Feirao didn’t mean to deny, “Boy, my corpse spirit teaches to unify the dark stars sooner or later, you are young but you are good at cultivation, why don’t you take refuge in my corpse spirit teach? This protector will definitely report to the Master Ming and give you a deacon to be a deacon!”

“No interest!” Yang Kai pouted.

“Don’t toast, don’t eat or drink fine wine, this protector is also a love of talent, do you think I can’t help you?”

“Can you?” Yang Kaiqing Smiled lightly.

When the voice fell, Kang Feirao’s face changed drastically, because he suddenly discovered that Yang Kai, who was a hundred meters away from him, didn’t know what method he had used, and rushed to him in an instant, reaching out a little, and A huge space crack formed in front of him, slashing towards him like a huge blade!

“The power of space!” Kang Feirao’s pale face became more and more bloodless, and he finally remembered that the reason why Yang Kai was able to escape from the corpse that day was relying on the power of space.

Now seeing him use such a hand, it can be seen how advanced he is in the power of space.

A horrible feeling rose leisurely, and Kang Feirao quickly backed away, able to avoid the devouring of the space crack.

A trace of annoyance appeared on Yang Kai’s face, but soon, he showed a sly smile.

Kang Feirao instinctively noticed something wrong, but what was wrong, and some couldn’t tell. When he was puzzled, a huge force came from behind, the feeling was like a mountain of mountains. It was as if it hit his own back so hard that countless fractured bones immediately rang out from his body.

Receiving this heavy blow, Kang Fei took a mouthful, and a cloud of green blood spewed out. The whole person’s aura became a lot weaker, and he fell towards Yang Kai under the influence of inertia.

While he was busy, he tried his best to look back, trying to see who could approach him silently and give himself a heavy blow.

At a glance, Kang Fei was dumbfounded.

The one who attacked himself was actually a stone giant with a simple head and a black stick in his hand!

This stone giant has no breath of life, so it’s no wonder that he can’t find it.

“Look at how you hide now!” Yang Kai grinned grinningly, his hands flying up, and the cracks in the space quickly formed, converging into a net of heaven and earth, covering Kang Feirao, blocking all his escape routes!

Kang Feirao’s face changed drastically, and he felt the strange power coming from the crack in the space. He took a deep breath and stopped suddenly.

At the next moment, his whole person seemed to become nothingness, and he quickly dived into the ground!

He seems to be able to blend with the earth!

The cracks in the space that gathered into a net of heaven and earth flew past his head, and they didn’t have much effect!

’Stop him!” Yang Kai’s face sank, knowing that Kang Fei must not be allowed to escape into the ground, otherwise, there would be no way to find him.

The stone puppet was able to reach the order, and as soon as he shook his body, he disappeared from the place and escaped into the depths of the earth.

Immediately afterwards, there was an astonishing battle wave from below the ground, and the ground was bumpy, like waves spreading far away.

A moment later, accompanied by an angry roar, Kang Feirao sprang out from the ground, his entire face twisted.

While the stone puppet was chasing after him, a sky-shaking pillar was as light as nothing in its hand, and he waved a shadow of a stick. Kang Feirao, who was only hitting, did not dare to stay at all.

Playing the trick of hiding in front of the stone puppets can only say that Kang Feirao is too stupid!

Escape is one of the talents of stone puppets.

Yang Kai didn’t know when he had arrived at the high altitude above Kang Feirao’s head. With a shake of his five fingers, more than a dozen golden bloodshots spread out, like golden snakes, winding towards Kang Feirao.

He was tied up tightly in an instant.

Kang Feirao still wants to fight back. The stone puppet’s Tianzhu has been swept over. Under a stick, Kang Feirao’s lower body was swept into powder, and the huge force drove him to beat him The circling in mid-air.

The doom did not end there. The cracks in the space formed around him like an open animal mouth, swallowing most of his body.

When Kang Feirao landed on the ground, only one mutilated body was left.

An ordinary person was hit hard by this, I’m afraid that the person who died long ago can’t die again.

The corpse spirit family was originally born from a dead person, and its vitality is extremely tenacious. Such injuries will not cost him his life at all.

There was a violent energy fluctuation from his abdomen, spreading to the limbs, the flesh and blood squirmed at the wound, and he started to repair the damaged body.

Yang Kai stepped forward, inserted his hand into his abdomen, and buckled his corpse bead.

The squirming flesh and blood finally stopped moving, Kang Feirao remained motionless, looking at Yang Kai who was close at hand in horror.

His eyes were full of spitefulness, but he finally became compromised and sighed: ’Say, what do you want to let me go!”

“You are following me Negotiating terms?” Yang Kai smiled contemptuously.

“Not bad!”

“Do you think you have this qualification?” Yang Kai continued to sneer.

“If you don’t kill me, you obviously want something from me, otherwise, what will you keep my life for?” Kang Fei snorted coldly.

“You are smart.” Yang Kai nodded, “but you are still not qualified to negotiate terms with me. I can squeeze to death with one hand if you exist!”

Kang Fei Rao’s face was uncertain and could not refute in the end.

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