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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1712: Interrogation Read Novel

Chapter 1712: Interrogation – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1712: Interrogation

Kang Feirao can also see that even without the help of the weird stone giant, he is definitely not Yang Kai’s opponent, this young man has not used his full strength at all!

Why is there such a powerful Mirror of Return in this world? Kang Feirao thought he had reached the limit at the level of Returning Virtual Mirror, but today, he realized that he was wrong.

“Tell me what happened to the sun?” Yang Kai’s voice came over, “Why do you say that you have today’s achievements and thank me? I don’t remember doing it for you. What.”

Kang Fei glanced at him, but didn’t answer immediately. It wasn’t until a ruinous atmosphere came from the corpse beads that his expression changed, and he quickly said: “You did it accidentally! Maybe you don’t know it.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his brows.

“Do you think that the sun’s essence is just placed there randomly? You are wrong. The reason why the sun’s essence exists is only to use the sun’s real fire in the sun’s essence to suppress a yellow spring That’s it.”

“The Eye of Huangquan?” Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly.

Kang Fei smiled grinningly: “Yes, it connects to the passage of the Huangquan Hells, where there is a strong corpse death breath. This corpse death breath is of no use to any creatures, only harm, but it is harmful to us. For the corpse spirit race, it is a great tonic! With that dead corpse, our strength can grow to the limit of returning to the virtual mirror. It may not be the limit!”

Kang Feirao thought He was definitely standing on the highest peak of the Mirror of Return, but after fighting against Yang Kai, he realized that he was far away.

“There is such a thing under the Burial Xiong Valley?” Yang Kai frowned slightly.

Kang Feirao laughed and said, “Then how do you think the corpse was formed? My ancient Yangzong ancestors, the ancestors, had long discovered the Eye of the Yellow Spring, so they used the sun to master Its suppression, and the reason why we can become a noble corpse spirit family is also because of the corpse energy in the corpse! Before, we could not do anything with the Eye of the Yellow Spring, but after you take away the true essence of the sun, it will be different, so you say, Does this protector want to thank you!”

Yang Kai looked ugly and said with a sullen face: ‘So, the dark star has become like this, is there my reason?”

“Ha Haha!” Kang Fei raised his head and smiled, “Yes, this is naturally due to you. You said that if the people on Gloom Star knew the news, would they hate you for the bone?”

“I have always been safe from threats. If you use this threat and I want me to let you go, I can only say that you made the wrong idea.” Yang Kai sneered.

Kang Feirao’s face changed a few times, and finally he didn’t say anything to irritate Yang Kai.

Now his corpse bead is held by Yang Kai, life and death are controlled, naturally he will not be stupid to that degree.

“Who is your leader? Is it also one of the few corpses I saw that day?” Yang Kai asked again.

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Kang Feirao shook his head: “No!”

“Who is that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Nonsense! “Yang Kai snorted coldly, the strength in his hand increased a lot, Kang Feirao’s corpse beads immediately heard a clicking sound, as if it would be crushed at any time.

Kang Feirao’s body trembled and gritted his teeth. Growled: “I really don’t know. The leader is not a member of our corpse spirits at all. He suddenly came to the corpse one day, taught us some corpse repair methods, and told us how to transform the tribe. Without him, we It is impossible to leave the corpse, I am afraid that we are still groping in the corpse. After all, this road we walked has never been walked before.”

While Kang Feirao was speaking, Yang Kai had been investigating his expression and found that there were no flaws. There were only two explanations for this situation. One is that Kang Feirao did not lie, he I really don’t know the identity and origin of the leader. Second, Kang Feirao’s acting has reached a level of superb performance, and he can’t see the flaws.

Yang Kai thinks the former may be larger.

“Then how strong is he? “Yang Kai asked again.

Kang Fei whimpered a few times before gritting his teeth and said: “If I said, I don’t know how his cultivation is, would you believe it?”

“What do you think? “Yang Kai looked at him coldly.

Kang Fei sighed: “But I really don’t know how his cultivation is!” He never shot.”

“Then how did he become the leader of the Zombie Sect? Don’t tell me, just because he taught you some cultivation methods and ways to transform your people, you are willing to be driven by him.”

“How is it possible? “Kang Fei raised his lips, a hint of irritation appeared on his face, “The reason why our brothers surrendered to him is because he has in his hands.”

Kang Fei hasn’t finished talking about it. But his face changed drastically, as if something terrifying had happened to him, his eyes suddenly rounded, his eyes were filled with shock, and his expression was extremely painful.

A breath of strength permeated his body.

Yang Kai’s expression changed, and he hurriedly threw his hands back.

The next moment, Kang Feirao suddenly howled, terribly miserable, and then immediately, An aura of destruction erupted from his corpse beads, which turned into a group of green flames, burning Kang Feirao from the inside out.

Kang Feirao’s mouth, nose, eyes and ears sprayed out. The green flames looked terrifying.

Within less than ten breaths of time before and after, this powerful top-level corpse spirit clan who had fought against Ye Xiyun was burned clean by the green flames. There was only a pile of black matter left in place.

Yang Kai saw this scene from the beginning to the end, and a coolness rose in his heart.

What happened to Kang Feirao, he doesn’t know, but he guessed that it was related to the mysterious leader of the Zombie Sect. Perhaps the leader imposed a powerful restriction on Kang Feirao. Once Kang Feirao Attempting to reveal some key information, the prohibition will immediately erupt, detonate his corpse beads, produce corpse fire, and let Kang Fei Rao burn himself to death!

Although it’s just a guess, Yang Kai feels like it’s inseparable!

What a vicious method! What a vicious scheming!

However, what kind of sensitive information Kang Feirao was going to disclose, actually touched the restriction in the body.

Yang Kai recalled the sentence he had said when he died. Although the other party did not say it in its entirety, Yang Kai could also infer something based on that sentence.

That mysterious leader, maybe there is some secret treasure in his hand that can control the corpse spirit race!

This is the most likely guess.

Kang Feirao is dead and will never be resurrected. Yang Kaixin can’t help but feel a little jealous of the mysterious leader.

Being able to impose such restrictions on one’s own men, this leader does not seem to be a good role to deal with.

As for Kang Feirao, Yang Kai did not deny that the formation of the Dark Star has something to do with him. Perhaps it was really because he had taken away the true essence of the sun that suppressed the Eye of Huangquan, so he let the corpse spirits The strength has soared, but the most important reason is that the mysterious leader taught the method of corpse repair and the method of transforming corpse spirits!

If there is no way to transform the corpse spirit, the corpse spirit religion will definitely not grow.

So Yang Kai just turned a few thoughts, and didn’t think much about this issue.

Looking up, the dark Void King class battleship is arbitrarily crushing among the Zombie Sect army. Each shot of the Crystal Cannon can take away dozens of Zombie Souls or take refuge in the lives of the Zombie Sect enemies.

During the time he fought with Kang Feirao, there were already dead bodies and remains outside of Liuyan Sand.

With a long scream, Yang Kai flew high into the sky, shaking his figure, the power of space enveloped himself, and returned to the battleship.

“Return to the sect!” He shouted sharply.

After the battleships were cleansed up, more than half of the hands of the corpse spirits besieging the High Heavenzong were broken. Even the white-clothed corpse general Kang Feirao who was sitting here was killed in Yang Kai’s hands. There was not much fruit in the killing.

It is important to return to the case first.

The people of Tongxuan Continent need to be settled down. After all, they have been in the Profound Realm Orb for several years. It is also good for them to let them come into contact with the world and get acquainted with the laws of heaven and earth earlier.

Furthermore, Yang Kai also wanted to know how Ling Xiaozong was doing now. It is rumored that the loss of Ling Xiaozong in the past two years was not small, and the great elder Ye Xiyun was seriously injured, and he didn’t know if he had recovered now.

The Three Flame Rings in the Flowing Flame Sands are extremely powerful and overbearing, and even ordinary Void King-class battleships will be burned to ashes if they want to go in.

However, the battleship of the High Heaven Sect was made by Yang Yan herself. It was naturally imprinted with the atmosphere of Yang Yan. The ring of fire of the three flames did not exclude the battleship, and easily broke into the flame barrier.

It wasn’t until the huge figure of the battleship disappeared that the fleeing corpse spirits who were being chased down breathed a sigh of relief, and everyone’s face was full of lingering fears.

Under the powerful force of the battleship, they couldn’t even raise their minds of resistance, they could only be slaughtered by falling to the ground!

Now that the battleship is leaving, of course they are relieved.

No order to leave was received, no one dared to leave without permission. After a short while, the people of the corpse spirits gathered again from all directions, ready to wait for Kang Feirao’s instructions!

They didn’t know that Kang Feirao had fallen.

Until an hour later, Kang Feirao did not show up. Suspiciously, when they went to investigate the palace, they knew that the corpse in white was dead.

Countless people were in an uproar.

The four great guardians of the corpse spirit religion lost one person, and the High Heavenzong Xuwang-class battleship returned. All this seemed to indicate something.

The gate of High Heavenzong is located in the fourth layer of Liuyan Sand Land.

Only that day after Yang Yan retracted the first ring of three flames, Liuyan Sand has no more areas of six levels, only four levels are left, so strictly speaking, High Heavenzong is in the second place. Layer, the outer layer is wrapped by the Three Flame Rings, the inner layer is also wrapped by the Three Flame Rings, and further down is the sleeping loft.

Crossing the flame barrier, Yang Kai scanned the familiar scenery around him, feeling a little excited.

Although Tongxuan Continent is his homeland, he has lived on the Gloom Star for the longest time since he came to the Star Territory. The High Heaven Sect is also located here, so he still has a strong affinity for this place. Sense.

After all, this is the sect he created with his own hands, and it is the place where Shimen High Heaven Pavilion has flourished. There is no substitute for this kind of emotion of personal creation and support.

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