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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1713: What are you guilty of? Read Novel

Chapter 1713: What are you guilty of? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1713: What are you guilty of?

Only an hour before and after, the High Heavenzong, located in the mountains, appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The mountain road paved with white jade is clearly visible.

At the top of the mountain road, there is a huge plaque with three characters of High Heavenzong!

‘Sure enough, it is a beautiful place.” Ling Taixu stood inside the battleship, looking down through the crystal glass, very satisfied with the current environment of Ling Xiaozong’s rudder.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg.” Yang Kai smiled and stood aside, explaining to Master: “What we see now can only be regarded as part of the High Heaven Sect. The entire High Heaven Sect has eighty-one. It consists of nine main peaks and seventy-two auxiliary peaks. The scenery of each peak is different. However, because the number of people was too small before, I only chose to settle here. I didn’t even explore those peaks. If you settle here, you can find your favorite mountain to live.”

“Okay, okay!” Chu High Heaven also felt relieved.

Before they were a little worried. Yang Kai brought the three tribes of humans, monsters, and demons together with nearly 10,000 people. They were afraid that there was no place to settle them. After all, there were a lot of people in the tribes. Place.

But now, looking around, the eyes are full of verdant, there are towering peaks undulating in the clouds, there are looming attics and pavilions, and ninety-nine and eighty-one peaks. It is safe to place the powerful people of the three clans of humans, monsters, and even There is a large part of vacancy.

“Let’s live here in the future?” The Great Thunder Dragon looked down with a red face. This place is more than a hundred times better than the dense forest of beast sea in Tongxuan Continent?

Not only is the heaven and the earth extremely rich in spiritual energy, but the scenery is also top-notch. The demons can practice life here, and their future achievements will definitely not be too low.

A general rudder is a foundation. Thunder Dragon, as a great demon clan, knows too much about the importance of foundations to a race.

“Yang Kai, my demon owes you what you want to do in the future, my demon will never say anything.” Haughty like Changyuan, also said from the bottom of his heart, this has already been said. In a disguised form, he wanted to join Ling Xiaozong.

Yang Kai nodded.

The demons and demons were brought out by Yang Kai when he left Tongxuan Continent. Strictly speaking, Thunder Dragon Changyuan did inherit Yang Kai’s favor, but Li Rong and Han Fei from the ancient demons clan People won’t think so. Yang Kai is their master. They have vowed to follow Yang Kai forever, and they will only feel honored for it.

Leaving the three clans of humans, demons, and monsters immersed in shock and joy, Yang Kai commanded the battleship to descend towards the huge square below, and at the same time, his spirit swept through, wanting to see how High Heavenzong is now.

But after a while, his brows can’t help but frown.

He discovered that there were about a thousand people gathered in the High Heaven Sect at this moment, but there was not one of them familiar with the atmosphere.

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Ye Xiyun, Wu Yi, Chang Qi, Hao An, Huang Juan, and others all seem to be absent here, and even the aura of those strong men who returned to Xingdi Mountain seems to have disappeared.

The obvious target of the battleship descended from the air, and no one from the High Heaven Sect came out to greet him.

On the contrary, from the attics near the square, there are countless strange spiritual thoughts extending out, constantly scanning.

This discovery made Yang Kai’s face sink, and his face became unsightly.

It seems that he has noticed something, Ling Taixu leaned closer and asked in a low voice, “Yang Kai, is there something wrong!”

Yang Kai sneered slightly: “There is something wrong. Master, please stay in the battleship for a while, I’ll go take a look!”

“Good!” Ling Taixu replied.

Yang Kai waved his hand to let people open the door of the battleship, and walked out of the battleship with Yang Xiuzhu, Chu Hanyi, and Lin Yulao.

Yang Xiuzhu and others apparently also found the problem. They were a little unclear after looking at each other, but soon, Yang Xiuzhu was able to reach Sheng Yuan and shouted: “The lord returns to the sect!”

A long howl, spread all over the eighty-one peaks of High Heavenzong, for a long time.

Still no one came to greet him.

The divine minds that have been investigating the battleship before seem to be entangled together, and they are silently exchanging something.

The atmosphere in the entire High Heaven Sect suddenly became extremely strange.

After a while, those divine thoughts dissipated separately. It should be a consensus reached. Only at this time, from the attic in all directions, some figures flew out.

Yang Kai was standing on the square, waiting like Yuan Yu Yuezhi, with a cold breath, quietly waiting.


One figure after another fell nearby, gradually converging into an extremely terrifying force.

The people here are all powerhouses above the Void Returning Mirror, and the Void Returning Three Stages are everywhere, but when this person looks at Yang Kai, his eyes are dodging, and he feels a little guilty of conscience. He didn’t dare to look at Yang Kai, occasionally a few of them looked coldly and sternly, looking at Yang Kai provocatively, as if they were looking at an enemy.

Yang Kai glanced around, his eyes fixed on an old woman with white hair and a stick with a dragon head crutch.

Next to this old woman stood a delicate and beautiful girl. The girl has a level of Void Rebirth, and she is a rising star of the Dark Star.

The reason Yang Kai looks at this old woman is because he recognizes her!

The old woman is clearly the wind lady of Wan Beast Mountain! In the Longxue Mountain battle, she stepped in at the last minute, trying to snatch the emperor jade that fell in the Longxue Mountain.

Yang Kai didn’t have a good impression of this old woman. At the time, although she didn’t have any trouble with Jinshi, the great elder of the Demon Blood Sect, she didn’t have any good intentions.

As for the beautiful girl beside her with a shrewd light in her beautiful eyes, Yang Kai remembers her name is Fengyan! She is the granddaughter of Mrs. Feng.

At this moment, Feng Yan is looking up and down Yang Kai with a pair of curious eyes. There is an eager look in her beautiful eyes, as if she wants to take a shot with Yang Kai, so she can know which one is strong between the two. Weak.

Yang Kai is naturally not interested in her at all. The other party is only returning to the first level of Void, and he can crush it with one finger.

Turning his gaze, Yang Kai saw some familiar or unfamiliar faces, most of them could not be named, but judging from their costumes, all of them were first-class sects on Gloom Star. Or force origin.

Yang Kai also saw Liulimen’s current master Gong Aofu and the younger generation of disciple Yin Sudie!

Gong Aofu, the former master of the Liuli Gate, fell while exploring the Imperial Garden, and his daughter Gong Aofu took over as the master. Over the years, Gong Aofu has also become a third-tier returnee. The strong.

Dai Yuan is not here!

Yang Kai frowned, wondering where this chick, who was so beautiful and ugly, went, logically speaking, she was a disciple of Liulimen, and she deserved to be with Gong Aofu. of.

For the entire Liulimen, Yang Kai only had a better impression of Dai Yuan alone, after all, he had worked with this little girl several times.

On the square, there was silence, Yang Kai just looked around coldly, and the Void Mirror Warriors opposite did not mean to speak.

For a long time, Yang Kai smiled: “Interesting, this suzerain returned to the sect, and the elders did not come out to meet you, but I trouble you.”

As for why these people appeared in the High Heaven Sect, Yang Kai Can guess one or two.

When he was in Mohai City before, he learned from Du Yanling that in the past two years of catastrophe, the High Heaven Sect had done a lot, not only frequently sent strong men to rescue the elite of the human race, but also the elder. Under Ye Xiyun’s instructions, Ling Xiaozong was opened to accept the warriors who had fled.

These people should all have taken refuge in the High Heavenzong. After all, this is already the last pure land of the entire Gloom Star. It is guarded by three rings of flames. No matter how powerful the Corpse Spirit Sect is, it can’t be attacked.

No one can criticize Ye Xiyun’s actions, even Yang Kai can’t.

If he was in the High Heavenzong at that time, he would do the same. To the warriors who fled here, Yang Kai was not so hard-hearted that he could not save him.

But the current situation made him extremely angry.

Although it is still unclear what happened in the High Heaven Sect, why Ye Xiyun and others did not show up, but these people occupy the magpie’s nest, but Yang Kai can also know that there must be some nasty surging in it.

The strong people on the opposite side looked at each other, and finally everyone’s eyes converged on Lady Feng of Wan Beast Mountain. Lady Feng did his part. Taking a step forward, kindness appeared on the old face. His smile: ‘Sect Master Yang is serious. If the chaos is happening today, High Heavenzong has become the most indestructible haven for my human race. It is my human race’s last hope.”

“Am I waiting for the human race? “Yang Kai looked at Lady Feng with a smile, and keenly grasped the key points in Lady Feng’s words, “The meaning of Senior Feng’s words seems to be saying that my High Heaven Sect has now become a territory shared by the human race?” How come I don’t know at all when I’m the master”

Feng’s lady’s face became stiff, and she didn’t know how to answer for a while. She didn’t expect Yang Kai’s words to be so sharp.

A burly man suddenly came out with a big thorn. The land yelled: ‘Sect Master Yang, right? The High Heaven Sect relies on the dangers of the sky, and the Zombie Sect army can’t invade at all. This kind of treasure should naturally become the last barrier for me and the human race. Now the outside corpse spirit race is messing up the world, and no place is safe. Yes, High Heavenzong should work for the human race and share the treasure. Does Sect Master Yang think there is something wrong?”

“You are” Yang Kai squinted at him.

The big man snorted coldly, “Hall of Misty Hall, Tang Fushui!”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, Tang Fushui, he had heard that the number one expert in Misty Hall was a master of the three-layer return to the Void, and he was comparable to Fei Zhitu Qiantong and others before, after all. The strength of the Misty Hall on the Dark Star is really not bad.

Tang Fushui continued: “If my Misty Hall can have such a treasure, I will naturally open the sect to accept the elites of my human race, in order to continue my human power. Contribute a meager effort. Sect Master Yang put on a posture of inquiring about sins once you returned to the sect today. Could it be that he wanted to drive us away?”

As soon as this statement came out, many people’s expressions changed drastically, and anxious expressions appeared on their faces.

They managed to escape into the High Heaven Sect. If Yang Kai really treats them If you drive out, the good days will come to an end. I am afraid that in the future, I will face the encirclement and suppression of the corpses of the corpses of the corpses. In that kind of environment, no one can guarantee their safety.

When did you say this? “Yang Kai sneered lightly, looking around with compelling eyes: “What are you guys doing?”

Everyone who was seen by him turned aside their eyes.

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Chapter 1713: What are you guilty of? – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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