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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1714: Which green onion are you? Read Novel

Chapter 1714: Which green onion are you? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1714: Which green onion are you?

“When did you have a guilty conscience?” Tang Fushui replied with an ugly expression.

There was a chuckle, and her Fengyan grace swaying while standing next to Mrs. Feng supporting her, Yingying saluted to Yang Kai, her beautiful eyes flowed, and her lips lightly said: ’See you Brother Yang, Brother Yang, don’t be restless. You haven’t been back to the High Heaven Sect for a long time. You don’t know much about the situation here, so you may have some misunderstandings. Now the corpse spirit religion is a misfortune. Yes, Senior Brother Yang, as the Sect Master of High Heaven, is the master of this place. Please take the overall situation first. If possible, we might as well sit down and talk about it.”

Ms. Feng nodded slightly, clearly thinking My granddaughter said very decently.

Even Tang Fushui, who had lost his temper for a while, had a slight look on his face.

“Which green onion are you? Whose younger sister are you, don’t come to be close to this sect master!” Yang Kai glanced at her indifferently, and didn’t mean to put her in his heart at all.

Ms. Feng’s face sank.

Feng Yan was even more furious with Huarong, her silver teeth clenched, her small fist clenched.

The strength of Wan Beast Mountain from her birth is not weak. In addition, she is also the granddaughter of Feng Zi, and her aptitude is quite good. Although not as loud as Wei Guchang and others before, she is also among the rising stars of the dark star. The best.

With her flowery face and shrewd mind, she has always been sought after by young men in Wan Beast Mountain, and she is regarded as a goddess in her heart.

Even if young men from other forces see her, they will definitely chase her around.

She has seen too many people who are fascinated by her beauty!

So she never put men in her eyes, thinking that all men in the world are idiots who can be controlled by herself.

But Yang Kai’s reaction made her irritated. She has never been insulted like this since she was a child. It’s like she has a hot face and proactively puts someone’s cold ass on her face. Go down, so she can’t get off the stage at all!

When he was about to refute, Yang Kai didn’t pay attention to her anymore.

For Yang Kai, she is a little pawn at all.

This made Feng Yan even more annoyed, her beautiful eyes sprayed with hatred anger, staring at Yang Kai fiercely, as if to bite him off.

“Give you a cup of tea, and send someone out to clarify the situation here. After a cup of tea, if the Sect Master still doesn’t figure out the situation, everyone will get out of the High Heaven Sect for me!” Yang Kai’s eyes swept around like a falcon, and shouted coldly.

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There was an uproar in the audience. The people who had dodged their eyes and dared not to look at Yang Kai were angry and looked at Yang Kai with a bad face.

And those powerhouses who were originally hostile to Yang Kai, the murderous intent in his eyes was already naked at this moment.

Yang Kai sneered, standing on the spot like a javelin, facing all the complicated eyes and emotions, as if being in a fierce vortex, unmoved.

Just kidding, I have fought against Luo Hai, the two-tier star master level expert, how could Yang Kai fear these people?

Although the group of people in front of them are all returning to the virtual mirror and the number of them is extremely large, if Yang Kai is really murderous, I am afraid that none of them can escape from the High Heaven Sect.

Their fierce eyes are as ridiculous as Sister Yao is glaring blind people.

After issuing the confession, he ignored these people anymore. Instead, he spread his spiritual mind and wanted to find the people of the High Heaven Sect, but he did not get it from these eighty-one. Find any clues in the peak.

The original members of the High Heaven Sect have all disappeared.

This discovery made Yang Kai’s expression increasingly ugly.

Now, he can vaguely guess what happened to the Ling Xiaozong.

One possibility is that everyone was killed by these guys, so I couldn’t find it.

The second possibility is that they have all evacuated from the Eighty One Peak. As for where they went, Yang Kai can probably estimate it.

The former is unlikely. Although the number of the High Heaven Sect was not large at the beginning, the strengths were uneven, but since the people from Xingdi Mountain were conquered, the High Heaven Sect, even if there were not many people, could not be squeezed casually. Soft persimmons.

It is unrealistic to kill Ye Xiyun and them all by relying on these people.

The only thing left is the second possibility. Maybe Ye Xiyun took Ling Xiaozong’s people and evacuated to the deepest part of Liuyan Sand! There is Yang Yan’s sleeping place, and there is a layer of three flames guarded by the ring of fire outside, no one can enter!

Yang Kai didn’t know why Ye Xijun made this choice, but he also had difficulties when he wanted to.

Just as his divine thoughts were released and his thoughts changed, the old man with an immortal spirit and bones suddenly appeared more and more, dignifiedly clasped his fists and said: ’Sect Master Yang, the old man is the great elder of the Medicine Danmen Li Jianming. Sect Master Yang has returned from a long distance, so I must have worked hard. Why not take a break first, and let’s talk more about this matter?”

Yaodanmen! This sect is also a notorious force on the Gloom Star. There is no other reason. The disciples of this sect are good at alchemy. Just like the position of the Medicine King Valley in the Zhongdu world, the medicine pill gate also has a reputation on the Gloom Star. Special status.

There are five elders in the Medicine Pill Sect, all of whom are virtual-level lower-rank alchemists. This is a precious talent on the Gloom Star, even if you see these five in the Battle of Heaven Alliance and Lei Taizong. People must respectfully and respectfully, and dare not neglect the slightest.

Li Jianming, as the Great Elder of the Medicine Pill Sect, is even more famous on the Dark Star, and sits on an equal footing with the overlord of the major forces.

He is naturally qualified to speak up.

When the old guy was talking, he stroked his gray beard and looked at Yang Kai with a smile on his face, as if he meant to give the old man a face.

Yang Kai just looked lightly He glanced at him and said coldly: “There is still half a cup of tea. If you want to be patient with this suzerain, this suzerain is willing to accompany you, but this suzerain will not guarantee you what will happen after half a cup of tea.” p75>

After finishing speaking, Yang Kai barked his teeth, revealing a mouthful of white fangs, like a beast.

Li Jianming’s expression changed and he said annoyed: “Is Sect Master Yang too unkind? I’ll wait to meet him. It’s fine if Sect Master Yang doesn’t give face, and he even said such disregarding human rights, Are you afraid of getting into trouble?”

Yang Kai’s eyes were cold, like a sword like a sword, staring at Li Jianming.

Although the old guy is a Void Alchemist, his cultivation level is not too high, only the first level of Void Return, he can’t bear Yang Kai’s gaze, and he takes two steps back.

Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t want to kill him regardless of the reason, otherwise Li Jianming would definitely suffer severe injuries.

’So courageous!” Tang Fushui suddenly yelled, with a fierce light in his eyes, “You dare to shoot at Elder Li, boy, you are too innocent. You are the master of a sect, but you depend If you like to do things, the old man will teach you, so that you know how to behave in the future!”

Tang Fushui drank lightly, and his holy yuan burst out suddenly.

His sacred element should be a fire attribute. After the operation, the whole person is blazing, looking like a ball of fire, with a terrifying momentum.

He just stretched out his hand to hold it, and a huge flame-burning hammer appeared in the void, slamming it in the direction of Yang Kai.

Changing to any virtual mirror, I’m afraid I can’t easily deal with this flame giant, this is a full blow from the Master of Misty Hall.

Even Yang Xiuzhu, Chu Hanyi and Lin Yulao, who had been standing silently behind Yang Kai, showed solemn expressions, and Yang Xiuzhu took a step forward and prepared to take action.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand to stop him, and laughed: “Well, well, someone can’t help but shoot. Since you are looking for death, no wonder this suzerain!”

After falling, Yang Kai jumped up on the spot and greeted the flame giant with a ferocious expression.

Returning to the High Heaven Sect full of expectation, I suddenly found that the sect I had worked so hard to build was occupied by a group of completely unrelated people, and none of my disciples and friends were there.

Yang Kai has long been annoyed.

But before he knew what was going on here, he could only hold back the anger and communicate with these people in words.

Although it is unlikely, what if there is any misunderstanding?

But I don’t want to, my kindness is regarded as weakness by others, and some people are stupid enough to die!

Yang Kai’s anger broke out completely.

“Looking for death!” Tang Fushui sneered, seeing that Yang Kai actually greeted his ultimate move with his bare hands with his bare hands. Not only did he fail to constrain his strength, but he also increased Sheng Yuan’s output.

In an instant, the flame hammer expanded again, and its power became stronger.

Countless people’s eyelids throbbed, their faces changed and they looked at Yang Kai who was approaching the giant hammer, with mixed thoughts.

The seemingly small figure finally collided with the huge flame hammer. The next moment, Tang Fushui’s face changed drastically, and he involuntarily flew back, as if he had suffered a heavy blow.


The giant hammer, which was condensed by the secret technique and the powerful man in the Void Returning Three Stages realm, collapsed in midair and turned into countless pieces. Flowing fire scattered all over.

Yang Kai’s figure sprang out from it, his murderous intent and the outburst of anger almost condensed into substance, turning into a stream of light and rushing to Tang Fushui’s body.

In his incredible gaze, Yang Kai waved a fist and slammed it down.

Tang Fushui’s reaction was also surprisingly fast. Facing such a punch, he desperately urged Sheng Yuan to form a protection outside his body, and at the same time spread his own potential field, wanting to escape from the place.

But as soon as his potential field Yu left his body, it shattered like a natural enemy, and even his body was set in place, and the surrounding air was frozen, making him unable to move at all.

Yang Kai’s fist quickly enlarged in his eyes.

There was no wave of Shengyuan, but the fist rolled up a breath of death. Before the fist arrived, Tang Fushui felt his bodyguard Shengyuan began to shatter, and his face hurt.

“No!” Tang Fushui yelled in horror. At this moment, he no longer had the style of the lord of a palace, his face was pale, his eyes looked terrified, and he just wanted to survive.


Yang Kai punched his face.

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Chapter 1714: Which green onion are you? – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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