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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1715: My patience is limited Read Novel

Chapter 1715: My patience is limited – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1715: My patience is limited

Those not-so-weak bystanders almost couldn’t help jumping up. In their observation, Yang Kai’s punch directly shattered Tang Fushui’s entire head, hitting his head. exploded.

They could even clearly see the whole process of Tang Fushui’s head being shattered. The scene seemed to have been slowed down countless times, rooted in their hearts.

Everyone was silent, and the look in Yang Kai’s eyes changed.

Someone who despised Yang Kai’s Void Mirror powerhouse was already in fear at this moment.

Tang Fushui’s cultivation strength, they couldn’t be more clear. Among the Void Returning Mirror powerhouses present, Tang Fushui could definitely rank among the top three.

But it was such a strong man who was hit by Yang Kai’s head and he couldn’t die anymore. During the whole process, Yang Kai had no signs of using Saint Yuan at all, it seemed that he was just relying on With the strength of the body and a fist, such a feat was accomplished.

No one would be so stupid to think that Tang Fushui underestimated the enemy or what caused such an outcome. Tang Fushui, as the master of the Misty Palace, has the cultivation base of the three-layer realm of Void Return, and has countless battles in his life, experience and Rich, how can you underestimate the enemy?

Judging from his posture, he is also going all out.

But he was still killed by one blow.

In other words, Yang Kai’s strength has far surpassed Tang Fushui, so he couldn’t even take a single blow.

Tang Fushui is the three-tiered state of returning to the void, is Yang Kai the virtual king state?

As soon as I thought of this, a sound of inhaling cold air sounded, and everyone felt that their lungs were filled with cold air.

“Kill me all the people in Misty Hall!” Yang Kai yelled angrily, reluctantly.

Yang Xiuzhu, Chu Hanyi, and Lin Yulao had been holding their stomachs for a long time, but Yang Kai did not speak, they could only watch the changes. At this moment, when they heard Yang Kai’s order, Qi Qi made a long roar. Individuals burst out of their own Saint Yuan and domain, rushing towards a dozen of them.

The dozen or so people arrived with Tang Fushui, all wearing Misty Hall costumes, which are easy to identify.

Yang Kai is obviously trying to kill him!

Like a tiger going down the mountain, and like a wolf entering a flock, Yang Xiuzhu and others rushed into the camp of the Misty Hall. Amidst the cries of father and mother begging for mercy and resistance, less than ten breaths of effort, that ten A few Void Returning Mirrors in the Misty Hall were banned from ink by the entire army, and they did not encounter decent resistance at all.

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Strictly speaking, this force in the Misty Hall is not too weak. In addition to the dead Tang Fushui, which is the third-level Void Returning Realm, there is also a third-level Void Returning Realm sitting here, and there are three remaining. Two-level realm, seven or eight-level realm.

But they have been horrified by Yang Kai’s terrorism a long time ago, and Yang Xiuzhu and the other three are also top powerhouses who have survived the blood prison experience. How can they resist the onslaught of the three of them?

After ten breaths, there was a dead body in the square, and the smell of blood rose to the sky!

Yang Xiuzhu and the others didn’t say a word, they returned to Yang Kai’s back and stood there quietly.

The audience was quiet, everyone could hear the violent heartbeat from their chests. They looked at Yang Kai, Yang Xiuzhu and others in their eyes, like looking at a group of evil-doing demons, overflowing Appalled and horrified.

“How dare you be cruel!” Feng Yan trembling, pointed at Yang Kai, and said in an incredulous tone, “These are the last high-ends of my Gloom Star Human Race If you kill them, who will fight against the corpses of the corpse spirits in the future? Are you trying to annihilate my dark star human race?”

Listening to her innocent words, Yang Kai sneered: “Is that right? Since their combat power is so high-end, why didn’t they go out to fight? Instead, they wanted to hide in my High Heaven Sect?”

Feng Yan was at a loss for words, and when she wanted to say something, Lady Feng suddenly stared at her. At a glance.

Feng Yan just came back to her senses. Just now, she didn’t know which nerve in her head had the wrong thread. She blamed Yang Kai for what she did. Jiaojun couldn’t help but sweat, and his clothes were all wet.

“My patience is limited!” Yang Kai repeated again.

The faces of the people changed, they all looked at Yang Kai in fear, but no one spoke.

Just now they relied on a large number of people and didn’t take Yang Kai too seriously. They felt that no matter how annoyed Yang Kai was, they couldn’t turn their faces on the spot. Why should they sit down and have a good talk with them, but they saw Yang Kai’s brutality After the methods and terrifying combat power, they knew that they were wrong.

This young Sect Master High Heaven didn’t need to talk to them at all, he could kill everyone present alone.

In the face of absolute force, all plans and plans are in vain.

For a long time, Mrs. Feng sighed heavily and said: “There are talents from generation to generation, we will admit it, Sovereign Yang, please make a way out!”

Yang He snorted: “I just want to know, what is going on with my High Heavenzong!”

The wind lady turned her head and glanced around. All those who stared at her turned away, obviously not daring to go. When talking to Yang Kai, Lady Feng looked sad and sorrowful and said: ’Sect Master Yang, this is a long story, but we are also forced to be too helpless!”

“It looks like you are still I want to challenge my patience!” Yang Kai smiled wickedly, his body showed signs of starting to move.

The face of Lady Feng changed drastically, and she hurriedly backed away, putting on a posture to meet the enemy.

“I’ll tell you what happened to the High Heavenzong.”

At this moment, a voice full of breath came from not far away, and Yang Kai sounded familiar. Turning his head and looking around, he saw an old man with a black face walking from there.

By the side of the old man, he followed a middle-aged man who was about forty years old and walked to the square. At first sight, the middle-aged man cried out secretly when he saw dead bodies on the ground.

Master Yan Pei from Jubaolou!

Yang Kai has also dealt with this auctioneer, who is known as the old black face. He knows that he has a good relationship with Qian Tong, so although he is still annoyed in his heart, he suppressed it and nodded: “It turned out to be Mr. Yan!”

’Sect Master Yang is polite, Yan will tell you what is going on here.” Yan Pei clasped his fists, but it was refreshing, and he was about to know everything he knew. Speaking, Yang Kai listened.

Two years ago, the corpse spirit sect was born, and the power is like a snowball, and it is getting bigger and bigger!

Many sects and families have been driven to extinction, and even rooted out, and those famous sects are the opponents that the Zombie Sect focuses on.

In the face of powerful force and numbers, basically no power on the Gloom Star can resist.

Shadow Moon Hall, Misty Hall, Liuli Gate, Qiantianzong, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Yaodan Gate were destroyed one after another, causing countless casualties.

Because of the special geographical location of Ling Xiaozong, the Zombie Spiritual Sect has nothing to do with it.

When Yang Kai was away, Ye Xijun was in charge of High Heavenzong, but he didn’t sit back and watch things on the Dark Star. Out of morality, he frequently sent sect masters to rescue those sects.

Ye Xijun himself made the shot himself.

It’s just that although the High Heavenzong is not weak, in the face of a behemoth like the Zombie Sect, that kind of support still appears to be a drop in the bucket, not only greatly damaging its own strength, but also failing to save the situation.

Finally, as a last resort, open the High Heavenzong to accept the warriors who fled.

Thousands of people that Yang Kai sensed came to High Heavenzong for this reason.

After entering the High Heaven Sect, these people felt like they had suddenly arrived from hell to heaven. The contrast made almost everyone ecstatic!

Outside, they have to worry about the pursuit of the corpse spirits at all times. They can’t even heal their wounds. They are always on guard. But inside the High Heavenzong, there are three flames and fire rings. They don’t have to worry about these at all. He lives here comfortably and steadily, even if the sky is broken outside, it won’t affect it at all.

What’s more, the heaven and earth aura in the High Heaven Sect is also the richest in the entire Gloom Star. Even the Star Emperor Mountain is not as good as the weakest peak of the High Heaven Sect.

They love it very much!

No one knew the situation inside Liuyan Sandland before, but after Ye Xiyun accepted them for refuge, they discovered that this place is simply a treasure of fat and oil!

Who doesn’t covet such a treasure?

Every warrior in the sect is envious and jealous of Ling Xiaozong.

It’s just that, they are not so stupid that they turned their faces against Ling Xiaozong when they were accepted.

It’s just that when Ye Xijun wanted them to follow her and go to rescue the forces next to her, the situation changed.

They finally came here and took a life back. How can they be willing to go out again and live the life of fear!

So there is no sect to cooperate.

On the contrary, they worried that their attitude and behavior would anger Ye Xiyun, lest they be driven out.

As a result, under a conspiracy, he first acted first and made a lot of noise inside the High Heaven Sect.

Since the High Peak Sect contained the powerhouses of Xingdi Mountain, the strength is definitely not weak, but in the past two years, many masters have been killed in battle, and almost everyone who came back alive was injured, and the strength was greatly compromised. Can you beat the high-end combat power of the major sects on the Dark Star?

Ye Xiyun could only take the people of the High Heavenzong, and he fought and retreated, retreating into the deepest part of Liuyan Sand.

This happened two months ago.

Ye Xijun and others retreated, these people naturally took over the magpie’s nest and occupied the rudder of the High Heavenzong.

Although they are also very worried that Ye Xijun will counterattack after he recovers from his injury, they are more afraid of the corpse spirits who gather outside Liuyan Sand.

Staying here can at least survive, but if you leave the High Heavenzong, there will only be a dead end.

So even though they were uneasy, they still occupied a good area and stayed in the general rudder of the High Heavenzong.

“It’s like this.” After Yan Pei’s old black face finished speaking, he stopped speaking.

It was his apprentice. Ren Tianrui, known as the little black face, opened his mouth and defended: “I did not participate in this matter in the Jubaolou, and some other forces did not participate!”

Yang Kai glanced at him and sneered: “Even if you didn’t participate, you didn’t stop it, did you?”

Ren Tianrui’s face turned pale and whispered: “We have reported to Elder Ye!”

“Does the Sect Master want to thank you!” Yang Kai looked at him indifferently.

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