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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1716: Slaughter Read Novel

Chapter 1716: Slaughter – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1716: Slaughter

Ren Tianrui opened his mouth to defend himself when he was so ridiculed by Yang Kai, but Yan Pei raised his hand to stop him: “No need to say anything. This is my fault. Sect Master Yang can rest assured, The old man will take the people from the Jubaolou to leave the High Heavenzong!”

Yang Kai took a deep look at him, and didn’t say much, just turned his head to look at the wind lady and the others, and said with a chuckle: “Good, good, Elder Ye Da is compassionate and righteous, but he doesn’t want to save a group of white-eyed wolves. You are fine!”

The Void Returning Mirror Warriors on the opposite side all looked guilty and embarrassed.

This matter is indeed a shame to speak of. The people present are all high-ranking powers and high-end combat power. Although most of them are cunning like foxes and vicious like wolves, they can also do this kind of thing. It really makes them feel ashamed.

So in the face of Yang Kai’s spurning, they couldn’t refute anything.

I was even more afraid of arousing Yang Kai’s anger, and provoking him to slaughter, and no one said aloud at the moment.

Yan Pei’s old black face stood aside, feeling Yang Kai’s strong murderous intent, his face was extremely solemn, he had stopped talking several times, and he sighed deeply and remained silent.

“Who is in the lead!” Yang Kai shouted sharply, his eyes flashing like electricity, scanning the crowd.

Feeling the terrifying aura, everyone involuntarily stepped back a few steps. In the next moment, most people’s eyes focused on the Wind Lady of Wan Beast Mountain.

Lady Feng’s face changed drastically, and she glanced at Yang Kai with dread.

Yang Kai grinned grinningly.

The wind lady no longer dared to stay where she was. With a long howl, her withered body suddenly burst into a powerful aura, turning her whole body into a streamer and rushing out.

“Want to go? Save your life first!” Yang Kai yelled coldly, and stretched out his hand to catch the wind woman abruptly.

Baizhang away, Lady Feng suddenly noticed that the surrounding space had suddenly solidified, and a series of cracks in the space that could be seen by the naked eye formed, wrapping her in the middle, and cutting at her like the sharpest sword.

’Sect Master Yang has something to say, the old man admits that he is planted, and the old man is willing to make compensation!” Madame Feng cried out, she didn’t have the courage to resist the weird methods, she could only use the Saint Yuan to resist those The power of swallowing and cutting space cracks.

“It’s late!” Yang Kai was unmoved, and the power of space broke out again.

In the void, the cracks in the space hummed together, as if they had really become swords, passing everything through Lady Feng.

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At the next moment, this Void Returning Three-layer Realm powerhouse from Wan Beast Mountain lost his breath, and his entire body became tattered, and most of his bones were banished into the endless void. Fell from a high altitude and fell into a pool of eye-catching flesh.

Yang Kai cast his gaze to the others in Wan Beast Mountain.

The faces of the high-level people of Wan Beast Mountain who followed the Wind Lady came here suddenly paled with mixed expressions.

Some people fell on their knees, crying, and screamed forgiveness. Others acted like a wind woman and wanted to escape from here. Others knew that they couldn’t go. They just stood in place with a gray face, Sheng Yuan. Running, ready to strike back at any time.

Feng Yan was even more stupid in place, her beautiful face was full of shock, as if she hadn’t reacted until now.

The three of Yang Xiuzhu and others were killed again, this time without Yang Kai’s order, they also knew what they should do.

After ten breaths, the entire army of Wan Beast Mountain was wiped out, leaving only Feng Yan standing stupidly in place.

The blood around and the tragic deaths of many uncles finally made Feng Yan sober a lot. Her body trembled, her thinking was in chaos, and she actually made an unexpected action-straight He rushed towards Yang Kai and shouted sharply: “I’m fighting you!”

Yang Kai stared at her blankly, and didn’t mean to block or take action.

Standing behind him, Lin Yulao took a step, swiped her bare hand gently, and a stream of light flashed from her fingertips, Feng Yan’s beautiful eyes instantly rounded, before she rushed to Yang Kai. At the time, he suddenly fell to the ground, and there was red blood flowing out of the white and slender neck.

At this point, Wan Beast Mountain is really dead, and this sect has also been completely removed from Gloom Star.

“You can’t kill me!” A panicked shout suddenly came from the crowd, “The old man is the top alchemist of the Underdark Star. He has made great contributions to the human race. You can’t kill Me!”

Yang Kai looked at the voice, and suddenly discovered that the person who spoke was actually Li Jianming, the great elder of the Medicine Pill Sect.

His face was bloodless, and after seeing Yang Kai’s bloody methods, he couldn’t help but collapse a bit.

“It seems that this matter also has your medicine pills?” Yang Kai squinted his eyes, his figure shook slightly, and he came directly to Li Jianming and stretched out a hand to cover him.

Although Li Jianming is a great elder of the Medicine Pill Sect, in the final analysis it is only a return to the Void level. Years of alchemy made him have no extra energy to invest in martial arts, so his cultivation level is not high, And not much combat experience.

Yang Kai covered him with a palm. He didn’t mean to dodge at all. He just yelled endlessly in his mouth: “You can’t kill me!”

Will Yang Kai ignore him, directly He smashed his head with a slap.

’Stop!” A late shout sounded, and it wasn’t until Li Jianming’s head exploded that the voice reached Yang Kai’s ears.

Turning his head and looking around, he saw several other senior officials of Yaodanmen glaring at him.

You Yi touched those icy eyes, and the high-ranking members of Yaodanmen were like falling into an ice cellar, and their bodies were chilly.

Headed by another elder of the Medicine Pill Sect, he was the one who called out just now. Seeing Yang Kai watching over, his teeth bumped, and he trembled: ’Sect Master Yang, I am willing to return to the High Heaven Sect, please also Yang Sovereign lives around us.”

Everyone couldn’t help but move.

Although the number of Yaodanmen is small, it has always been an extremely aloof sect.

When the Battle of Heaven Alliance and Lei Taizong were in their heyday, it was not the idea of ​​not fighting the medicine pill sect. I wanted to annex this sect and let the alchemist inside work for him, but the medicine pill sect did not have it. Compromise, so even if Zhan Tianmeng and Lei Taizong were jealous, there was nothing to do.

Every year, they can only cooperate with the medicine pill sect, and provide a large amount of materials for the medicine pill sect to refine the pill.

But I don’t want to be today, but the senior officials of Yaodanmen are willing to take the initiative to submit to the Highest Sect.

Although the great elder Li Jianming is dead, there are still four virtual-level low-rank alchemists in the Medicine Pill Sect! There are also more than a dozen saint king-level alchemists, which is definitely a force that makes people jealous to the extreme.

Any power that controls this power will be enough to greatly increase the overall strength in the future.

Although the atmosphere in the square and Yang Kai’s previous methods made people feel chills, when the elder of Yaodanmen said this, others couldn’t help looking at Yang Kai with some envy.

“I’ll wait to submit, please also ask Sect Master Yang to spare my life!” Seeing that the situation is gone, how can the other elders dare to be tough? They lowered their arrogant heads one after another, expressing their surrender.

Yang Xiuzhu and the others raised their brows and looked at Yang Kai with a slightly excited expression, as if they wanted to suggest that he agree to Yaodanmen’s request.

Yang Kai smiled playfully: “I killed Li Jianming, don’t you hate me?”

The complexion of several people in the Medicine Pill Sect changed slightly. The elder who spoke before said: “Good birds choose wood and live there. I’m just waiting to make the best choice.”

“Haha! “Yang Kai smiled lightly, then his face sank, and waved: “Kill them!”

Everyone in the Medicine Pill Sect was stunned, even Yang Xiuzhu and others were stunned. They didn’t seem to expect that Yang Xiuzhu would issue such a ruthless order.

But they did not hesitate. It was just a moment of loss of consciousness, and they rushed out.

The elder of the medicine pill gate shouted: ’Sect Master Yang, the old man and the other four are all at the level of a Void Alchemist, you”

Before he finished speaking, he was killed by Chu Hanyi’s palm.

The Yaodanmen didn’t have much fighting power, and the three of Yang Xiuzhu didn’t have any trouble at all, so they were asked to report to the Palace of the King.

But everyone has some regretful look on their faces.

The people they killed were all alchemists, able to refine spirit pills above the Saint King level. There is an existence that no force wants to invite, but now it has become a corpse, lying on the square of the High Heavenzong, gradually cold.

Yang Kai feels that it doesn’t matter. If you are someone else, maybe It will really leave the lives of those people. After all, virtual-level alchemists cannot be found casually, especially in places like Gloom Star.

Every alchemist above the Saint King level is precious.

However, Yang Kai himself is a virtual king-level alchemist. The younger sister’s attainments in alchemy are only better than his own. How can there be a few virtual-level low-rank alchemists in the area?

Yang Kai is still a little worried about refining precious herbs for them. He killed them a hundred, and saved them to waste the materials.

After dealing with the two culprits, Wan Beast Mountain and Yao Dan Sect, Yang Kaixin’s anger and murderous intent have finally calmed down a lot. Under the horrified and worried gaze of everyone, he exhaled and said: ” You now have two choices, surrender or die!”

The people here are all mirrors of rebirth, and they are a powerful force.

Yang Kai does have the ability to kill them all, but in comparison, Yang Kai is more willing to subdue them.

The corpse spirit religion is now a dim star, the original master of the High Heaven Sect suffered heavy casualties, and now he lacks powerful thugs.

These people are the best choice.

The little black face Ren Tianrui also said that many forces did not participate in the persecution of Ye Xiyun and others, and some forces may just follow the crowd and be bewitched.

So after slaying the first evil, Yang Kai didn’t plan to investigate further, presumably the blood of the people in Wan Beast Mountain and Yao Dan Sect was enough to wake up these people.

With a word, the square fell silent.

Everyone looked at each other, but compared to the anxiety they were just now, their expressions have finally eased a lot.

They are really afraid of Yang Kai’s murderous intentions, and they will come to the end. With the means he showed just now and the strength of Yang Xiuzhu and the others, no one could resist.

No one is stupid enough to question Yang Kai’s domineering decision. Compared with his earlier thunder method, it is already benevolent enough to give such a choice now, and many people have given birth to a kind of amnesty. Complex mood.

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