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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1717: Surrender and Join Read Novel

Chapter 1717: Surrender and Join – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1717: Surrender and Join

So after being silent for a while, someone walked up to Yang Kai. This man was a man about forty or fifty years old. After he walked over, he clasped his fists with a solemn expression: Wang Taizhen, I would like to surrender to the High Heaven Sect and follow the orders of Sect Master Yang in the future!”

“My Huo League is willing to look at the head of Sect Master Yang, and the swords and flames are here.”

“Wuji Pavilion is willing”

At the moment, more than a dozen sects, large and small, expressed their attitudes, and stepped forward to salute Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stood in place, his attitude was not cold or hot, and he seemed a little unpredictable.

As time passed, more and more forces surrendered.

In the face of absolute strength, if they still don’t recognize the reality, they are looking for death! These people finally escaped into the High Heaven Sect for refuge, wherever they were willing to die.

Although Yang Kai’s approach was a little overbearing and his attitude was uncomfortable, he finally survived.

“The Liulimen is willing to join the High Heaven Sect. From now on, the Dark Star has no Liulimen anymore, and Sect Master Yang is still pleased to be able to take in!” A beautiful woman walked up to Yang Kai, her eyes flowed, her expression sincere.

As soon as this remark came out, the strong people who had expressed their allegiance before were moved, and they all looked at the speaker with an unbelievable look.

Yang Kai also looked around with interest, and found that this person actually knew him.

The current master of the Liulimen, Gong Aofu!

Strictly speaking, she is still considered to be Dai Yuan’s master, but for some special reasons, Dai Yuan is not taken seriously by Gong Ao Fu, but Yin Sudie is quite favored by Gong Ao Fu. Take it with you at all times and cultivate vigorously.

At this moment, the well-dressed Yin Sudie was standing beside Gong Aofu, and even daringly cast a few winks at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai smiled at the corner of his mouth, looking at Gong Aofu with deep meaning, and slowly said: “Does the palace gate master know what he is talking about?”

Gong Aofu pursed his lips. Reached out his hand and stroked the long black hair in his ear, and said lightly: “The concubine is not a child, of course you know, Sect Master Yang don’t have to worry, the concubine will be responsible for what he said.”

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Surrender and join, but have completely different meanings. The previous sects expressed surrender to Yang Kai, which means that although they will obey Yang Kai’s orders, they are still not members of the High Sect. They will retain the name of their sect and their position in their sect, and one day they will return. Will leave High Heavenzong and return to the rudder of his own sect.

And Gong Aofu is different if it wants to join. If you want to join the High Heaven Sect, you must disband the current Liuli Sect. In other words, if the Liuli Sect is passed down to her generation, it will be over. If Yang Kai is willing to accept them, They will be the disciples of Ling Xiaozong from now on.

Yang Kai will fully control their destiny. In the future, without Yang Kai’s consent, they will never be able to leave the High Heaven Sect. They cannot revitalize the Liuli Sect again. Leaving without authorization is to betray the Sect. It is something that everyone cannot tolerate. mistake.

This is definitely a very bold decision. After the shock of all the mirrors in the square, their expressions changed. Soon, most people showed admiration.

They naturally knew what Gong Aofu was thinking. Now that Yang Kai has returned strongly, his strength is amazing, and the entire Under Dark Star is left with the Highest Sect, which is absolutely safe. Joining the Highest Sect at this time is undoubtedly the right choice and will receive more and better care.

It can be understood that, if you really want them to abandon their sect and join the High Sect instead, probably not many people will be willing.

Warriors have always valued their inheritance! They are all branded with their respective sects, which represents a kind of honor that has been passed down for centuries and thousands of years, and is an existence that makes them proud and recognized.

Even Yang Kai can’t be exempt.

That’s why the power he created on the Dark Star is called the High Heaven Sect, not the Nine Heavens Holy Land or the Heavenly Heaven Sect! Although the latter two sects have a close relationship with him, he himself is even the master of the Nine Heavens Holy Land.

No matter how you say it, High Heaven Pavilion is his master. He has a special affection for High Heaven Pavilion, which is irreplaceable by Nine Heavens Holy Land and Heavenly Heaven Sect.

Gong Aofu actually wants to disband the Liulimen and join the High Heavenzong, which shows that this beautiful woman sees farther than most of the people present, sees clearly, and has a firm heart. Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to make such a decision that humiliated her ancestors’ reputation.

Yang Kai looked directly at her, his eyes deep, as if to look deep into her heart.

Gong Aofu didn’t mean to dodge, nor did he have any guilty conscience, facing Yang Kai, his eyes were clear.

’Sect Master Yang dislikes me that the Liuli Gate is weak?”

Seeing that Yang Kai hasn’t responded for a long time, Gong Aofu can’t help but feel a little nervous: “The Liuli Gate has suffered from this disaster, what is left There are indeed not many disciples of the disciples, and the number of those who followed the concubine to the High Heavenzong is only fifty, but among these fifty people, there are ten Void Returning Mirrors, and the others are all cultivated at or above the Saint King level.”

“If fifty people can escape in, you are very good.” Yang Kai casually complimented, but still didn’t mean to express his position.

Gong Aofu couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed: “The concubine knows that there may be some unpleasantness between the Liulimen and Sect Master Yang before, but if it can be accepted by Sect Master Yang, the concubine will surely die with sincerity in the future!”

A woman who can say this kind of thing is definitely determined. Even an ordinary man can’t say such a lofty ambition.

After the words fell, Gong Aofu gave a soft voice: ’Sudie, kneel down and apologize to Sect Master Yang! I know you have done something to make Sect Master Yang angry before.”

Yin Sudie’s delicate body trembled when she heard the words, and Chu Chu looked at Yang Kai pitifully. I felt pity, but didn’t mean to disobey Gong Aofu. She really knelt down under the crowd, soft and weak. Said: ’Sudie used to be ignorant and offended Sect Master Yang. Please Sect Master Yang a lot, don’t care about me.”

She is now a strong person at the first level of Void Return, if not. With Gong Aofu’s order, it is absolutely impossible to do such self-defeating things.

Otherwise, she won’t be able to see anyone in the future.

“Sect Master Yang, look” Gong Aofu looked at Yang Kai wingedly.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment, squinted his eyes, looked at Gong Aofu and said, “I want to know where Dai Yuan has gone, and the palace master can know where she is!”

Dai Yuan is definitely one of Yang Kai’s few friends on the Dark Star. Although the friendship is not too deep, it is definitely not shallow, but since Yang Kai appeared to the present, he has not found any trace of Dai Yuan. Logically speaking, if Dai Yuan really escaped into the High Heaven Sect, she would definitely appear.

Yang Kai didn’t notice it, which made him a little annoyed. I wonder if Dai Yuan had something wrong.

Listening to Yang Kai’s question, Gong Aofu was weirdly relieved, and Jiaoyan said with a smile: “If Sect Master Yang is worried about the safety of the disciple, the concubine can guarantee that this is unnecessary.”

“What do you say?”

“Dai Yuan followed Elder Ye Da into the deepest part of the Flowing Flame Sand, so she is safe now.”

Yang Kai’s expression moved, and he couldn’t help feeling a little bit emotional.

Dai Yuan will follow Ye Xijun into the deepest part of Liuyan Sand, and Yang Kai can guess the reason.

It must be because she didn’t want to get along with these people in the square, so she left the sect without hesitation and chose Ye Xiyun’s side. There must be her own reasons for this.

If she didn’t have friendship with Daiyuan, she shouldn’t have done this kind of betrayal.

Yang Kaixin was somewhat moved.

I don’t have many friends on the Dark Star, but each one is worthy of deep friendship. Wei Guchang and Dong Xuan’er don’t need to say. In order to save money, he is willing to throw himself into the net, regardless of his own life or death, and Dai Yuan The practice is almost tantamount to betraying the division.

“I don’t know if Sect Master Yang is dissatisfied with this answer?” Gong Aofu was asking, but his face was full of smiles. She had already figured out Yang Kai’s thoughts, so she had no more time. Of anxiety.

Yang Kai laughed, stretched out his hand to pull Yin Sudie up, nodded and said: ’Since the palace master has this heart, it would be too unreasonable if this master still refuses the door. From now on, under the Liuli school, I will be the disciple of the High Heaven Sect. I hope we can share weal and woe together!”

Gong Aofu got the answer he wanted, and couldn’t help but say, “Thank you, my concubine. Sect Master!”

She immediately changed her name to Yang Kai, which narrowed the relationship between herself and Yang Kai.

“The disciple has seen the suzerain!” Yin Sudie also gave a full salute, her pretty face is ashamed, and Xiafei’s cheeks are infinitely reverie.

However, Yang Kai, who knows her nature well, will naturally not cheat for her pretending to be pure.

This little girl is practicing fascination. It couldn’t be easier to change her temperament to attract men’s attention.

She didn’t even think about releasing Yang Kai’s hand, she just held it backwards like a sweetheart.

Yang Kai raised the corner of his mouth slightly, glanced at her deeply, and drew his hand back without a trace. Then he said: “The palace master is very strong. Since he has entered the High Heaven Sect, then Take the position of the elder, all the disciples of the original Liulimen are under your control.”

Gong Aofu’s small mouth opened slightly, and his beautiful eyes were full of moving colors.

Although entering the High Heavenzong will not be squeezed out and oppressed, Yang Kai did not disperse their original disciples of the Liulimen, but still let Gong Aofu lead her and let her be an elder. Naturally It was to make this beautiful woman extremely moved.

“If there is a chance in the future, the palace elders can also revive the Liulimen’s majesty, this suzerain does not limit it!” Yang Kai thought for a while and threw another blockbuster.

At this moment, Gong Aofu immediately showed the look of a soldier dying for a confidant, his eyes were slightly red, and he gave a deep salute: “The concubine, thank you for your kindness, and the concubine will do its best for The High Heaven Sect has contributed to the great hopes of the Sect Master!”

She is really desperate to Yang Kai this time.

Originally joining the High Heaven Sect was just an expedient measure to protect the last bloodline of the Liulimen, but didn’t want such a big return. How could Gong Aofu not be moved?

For a while, the people of the other sects all showed regret.

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Chapter 1717: Surrender and Join – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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