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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1718: The Three Clan Stability Read Novel

Chapter 1718: The Three Clan Stability – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1718: The Three Clan Stability

They didn’t expect Yang to be so talkative and allow Liulimen to be rebuilt in the future. If they had known this, they would have joined in. How could there be any small calculations in their hearts?

It’s a pity that it’s too late to regret it. Although Yang Kai is good to talk, he is not a fool. He joins after seeing the treatment of Liulimen, how can he accept it?

Many people looked bitter, but they tried their best to come forward to congratulate Gong Aofu.

Gong Aofu is now considered to be a high-level elder, and they naturally want to fudge.

Gong Aofu also seemed to be radiant because of Yang Kai’s words, with infinite vitality, smiling and responding to everyone, quite generous and decent, after all, she has long been the lord of the sect, and it is better to deal with this kind of Trivial.

Yang Kai looked around, his eyes finally fixed on Yan Pei.

Yan Pei’s face was originally as black as the bottom of a pot, and no one could guess his psychological activities through the changes in his expression. Seeing Yang Kai looking towards him, he opened his mouth and finally sighed. He clasped his fists and said: ’Sect Master Yang, take care, I’m leaving!”

Yang Kai hehehe smiled: “Where does Mr. Yan want to go?”

Yan Pei frowned: “I don’t know. Let’s take a step and take a step.”

The corpses of the corpse spirits looted outside. Although the treasure building is good, it can’t compete with the corpse spirits. Otherwise, he would not take people into the High Heavenzong to seek refuge, and now he will leave. Go, the future is bleak, and I still feel a little uneasy.

“If Mr. Yan doesn’t dislike it, you might as well stay. Although there is nothing great about my High Heaven Sect, the place is big enough, and I’m not afraid of resettlement. You people who gather in the treasure building.”

Yan Pei’s body shook, and his black face glowed with excitement. He looked at Yang Kai gratefully, and after a few times, he lowered his head and said, “The old man is ashamed!”

The last time those strong sects were making trouble in the High Heaven Sect, although the people in the treasure building did not participate, they did not stand up to stop them. They just informed Ye Xiyun in advance.

For a benefactor who accepts himself and takes in himself as a refuge, it is undoubtedly unethical to do so.

But now, regardless of the previous suspicion, Yang Kai takes the initiative to retain them and repays their grievances with virtue. This made Yan Pei immediately. He felt a little bit of self-confidence, so he was extremely ashamed.

He also knew that Yang Kai did not have much friendship with Jubaolou, and the only few dealings also involved interests. The reason why Yang Kai took the initiative to speak. The reason for staying is to see Qian Tong’s face.

The personal relationship between Yan Pei and Qian Tong is very good.

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“Mr. Yan is serious. After this catastrophe is over, there may still be places in the High Heaven Sect that I need help from Jubaolou. I hope Mr. Yan will not refuse by then!” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

’Sect Master Yang has seen you outside. In the future, Ling Xiaozong will come to the place where I gather in the treasure building usefully. Just let me know.” Yan Pei looked solemnly.

Yang Kai smiled with satisfaction, and Yan Pei’s old black face was still very good.

He will open his mouth to keep Yan Pei. It is true that Qiantong is involved, but the main reason is that Jubaolou cannot be underestimated. Perhaps their combat power is not worth mentioning in front of him, but Jubaolou is here. There are many businesses on the entire Underdark Star, and there are many channels that the Ling Xiao Sect does not have. If the Ling Xiao Sect wants to develop and grow, it is naturally not a bad thing to have one more such ally.

Furthermore, the culprits who forced Ye Xiyun to withdraw from the High Heaven Sect have all been punished, and Yang Kaixin’s evil anger is over, and he does not intend to pursue the rest.

It would be a huge loss for Gloom Star to kill all these people present. Instead of dying in their own hands, it is better to let them fight against the corpse spirit cult and give play to the residual heat.

For a while, the square was full of joy, but ninety percent of the strongest were always with caution when facing Yang Kai, lest they provoke Yang Kai.

Only Gong Aofu and others who have already joined the High Heaven Sect have a more natural look.

Yang Kai didn’t return to High Heavenzong for a long time. He was very concerned about the affairs of the sect. He was also very concerned about the injuries of Ye Xijun and others. Naturally, he didn’t mean to continue to chat with them. Summon the people on the battleship and let them down together.

These people don’t need Yang Kai to greet them, and Yang Xiuzhu and others have been properly arranged.

Yang Kai hurried to the sixth layer of Liuyan Sand Land.

What surprised him was that before he flew out of the High Heaven Sect, he saw a large ray of light coming up from there. The headed breath was familiar, not Ye Xiyun and who?

Yang Kai was stunned, but he soon wanted to understand. Although the time was very short, it caused some changes in the square. Ye Xiyun probably noticed it, so he took the original High Heavenzong The centaur was brought out from the depths of the sixth layer.

Since they came back, Yang Kai stood there and waited.

After a while, a group of more than two hundred people, led by Ye Xijun, fell to a short distance in front of Yang Kai.

Before Yang Kai had time to observe Ye Xiyun’s situation, he heard Elder Ye Da ask, “Take it all away?”

Yang Kai was startled, and said with a laugh: “Da The elders believe me so?”

Ye Xiyun said indifferently: “You are the suzerain. Who else can you trust if this palace doesn’t believe?”

Yang Kai sighed and nodded: “It’s done.”

Ye Xijun looked in the direction of the square and said softly: “The blood is very strong, and many people have died, right?”

Yang Kai sneered: “Wan Beast Mountain, Yao Dan Gate, Misty Hall, the whole army of the three families is annihilated!”

Ye Xiyun didn’t react much. Instead, the people behind her showed an exhilarating look, and looked like they could get revenge.

At the beginning, these three sects were bewitched by them, which caused the strong ones to oppose the High Heavenzong, and in the end Ye Xiyun had to take people back.

’Sect Master!” Chang Qi suddenly walked out from behind and bowed to Yang Kai, ’So that the Sect Master knew that the reason why the Great Elder took us out of the rudder was not the opponents of those thieves, but Because the elder is afraid that the battle will affect the disciples in the door, my High Heavenzong blood is still thin and can’t afford to lose.”

“I know.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

He was often stunned, but soon, he reacted without saying anything, and retired back to Ye Xijun’s back respectfully.

Yang Kai originally thought that the reason why Ye Xijun retreated into the depths of Liuyan Sand was indeed because of outnumbered people. After all, there were too many enemies, but when he saw the situation of these people, he immediately Speculated the real reason.

Although the group of people in front of me is much less than when they left the High Heaven Sect, and almost half of them are injured, Ye Xiyun does not seem to be a serious problem. She really wants to show her ability, Wan Beast Mountain and Yaodanmen, how could the people in Misty Hall drive Ye Xiyun away?

The reason why she retired bravely was to take care of other people in the sect.

She may be able to defeat ten at one time, but other people can’t, especially the first disciples of the Heike family who followed Yang Kai. These people have only been cultivated in the Saint King Realm so far.

Ye Xiyun will not retreat, they must die without a whole body.

In other words, if Ye Xijun chooses to smash to the end in that battle, the Ling Xiaozong will certainly not have any good results, and the group of people in the square will at least die more than half.

’Since the Sect Master knows it, there is nothing more to say in this palace.” Ye Xijun nodded lightly, her expression as cold as ever.

“How was the great elder’s injury? I heard on the way back that you had fought against two powerful men of the corpse spirits, and suffered severe injuries.”

“Well, they are really good. I am one enemy two and some are not opponents, but there is no problem now. I will be able to recover after more than a month.”

“That’s fine. There will be many people in the clan who will move in soon, and it is necessary for the elder to make arrangements.”

Ye Xijun glanced at Yang Kai and hummed, “You are happy and free.”

Yang Kai laughed loudly: “This is not my strong point. Moreover, I have been away from the clan for seven or eight years, and I really don’t understand the clan.”

“Forget it, I’ll arrange it then. “Ye Xijun took it down.

A group of more than two hundred people quickly returned to the main rudder.

When Yang Kai released nearly 10,000 people, monsters, and demons from the mysterious world beads. At that time, she was as calm as Ye Xiyun, and she couldn’t help feeling a little moved.

Although she was vaccinated by Yang Kai, she knew that a large number of people would be stationed in the High Heaven Sect, but she did not expect such a huge number.

Moreover, these people were all brought back by Yang Kai from their homeland, so there is no need to consider the issue of loyalty.

In other words, in terms of the number of people, the current High Heaven Sect has completely surpassed any power on the Gloom Star! Of course, it still cannot be compared with the Zombie Sect. More and more people are now relying on the Zombie Sect. Almost half of the entire Gloom Star has fallen into the clutches of the Zombie Sect army.

There are nearly 10,000 people, covering the three clans. How to arrange them is definitely a problem.

But Yang Kai didn’t need to worry about it at all.

After summoning the top powerhouses of the three clans of humans, demons, and demons, Ye Xiyun asked about their respective requirements, and quickly placed the clansmen of the three clans on different peaks.

There are ready-made cave houses and buildings in those mountain peaks. The three tribes of humans, monsters and demons only need to clean up and move in.

As for the original members of the High Heavenzong, they still live in their respective residences, unchanged.

In just one day, Ye Xiyun managed all of this in a hurry.

The High Heaven Sect has absorbed nearly 10,000 fresh blood at once. It is conceivable that at some point in the future, it will definitely become the true first sect of Underdark Star.

After nearly 10,000 people poured into the High Heavenzong, the utilization rate of the ninety-nine and eighty-one peaks of the High Heavenzong was less than one-fifth, and the remaining peaks were still unowned.

The eyes of the other strong sects who have come to take refuge here are eager, but they are helpless.

What’s more, most of them have offended Ling Xiaozong before. Although Yang Kai is not going to pursue it now, they are still living cautiously, lest they irritate Yang Kai and be swept out by him.

In the next few days, Yang Kai was alone, patrolling the peaks, investigating the integration of the tribesmen, demons, and demons here.

The result is naturally good. No one of the three tribes of humans, demons, or demons is dissatisfied with this place. Compared to Tongxuan continent, the Dark Star is simply a paradise for cultivation, not to mention that the High Dark Sect occupies the most position. Rich land.

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