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Chapter 1719: A lot – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1719: A lot

After the situation in the sect settled down, Yang Kai began to deal with other things.

The first thing to do is naturally to heal the injuries of Ye Xiyun and others. Not only Ye Xiyun was injured in the original squad of the Ling Xiaozong, but the other powerful people in the Mirror of Return have 90 degrees of minor or severe injuries.

These wounds were left during the battle against the strong corpse spirits. The wounds invaded by the corpse qi are difficult to heal. The insidious corpse qi has a corrosive and weird function, which hinders the strong corpse sect. The holy yuan is running.

Unless there is a special detoxification panacea.

Before they failed to recover from their injuries, they used their powerful cultivation base to suppress them, and then slowly resolved them with Saint Yuan. This process is very long.

But after Yang Kai came back, everything changed.

He and his younger sister Xia Ningshang worked together to specially refine a spirit pill for the detoxification of corpses, and let each injured person take a pill. The scourge of corpse poison was disintegrated in an instant.

Without the corpse poison raging, it is naturally not difficult to heal with their own cultivation base, not to mention that Yang Kai has refined a large number of elixir for them to take.

Therefore, within ten days or so, the problems that have plagued the high-level sect for countless days have been solved, and the entire high-end combat power of the high-level sect has been completely renewed.

In this incident, because of Ye Xiyun’s wise decision, there was no loss of personnel in Ling Xiaozong. In addition, before she left, she took away some of the precious treasures of Ling Xiaozong, including Hong Candle fruit, Wannianxiang and Jiuqujingyushu, basically speaking, the general rudder of High Heavenzong did not lose much except for being occupied by the magpie’s nest.

After Ye Xijun returned, the red candle fruit, Wannianxiang and Jiuqujingyushu were once again placed in a specific place.

The former is the key to refining the Void King Pill, while the latter two are huge boosts for the promotion of the martial artist, and have unimaginable meaning and effect on the entire sect.

More than ten days later, Ling Xiaozong was completely settled down.

In the conference hall, Yang Kai summoned all the high-ranking members of the High Heavenzong.

No one knew what he was going to do, but they all gathered together on time to listen to his speech.

In fact, Yang Kai didn’t have much to say. He first expressed his gratitude to the elders for their silent contributions over the years, and then looked forward to the bright future of Ling Xiaozong. These are all topics that are not painful or itchy.

In the end, Yang Kai suddenly smiled mysteriously and looked at the people: “This time I’m out, I’ve brought some good things for everyone, although this thing may not be the best on Gloom Star. It is effective, but it will definitely allow you to see the barriers of the Void King Realm. I believe that as long as you accumulate enough, you only need to get rid of the suppression of the Dark Star’s laws of heaven and earth in the future, and you can smoothly promote to the Void King Realm!”

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said, The whole hall fell silent, and everyone looked at Yang Kai dumbfounded, as if some could not digest the news he had brought.

Even Ye Xiyun was startled, and looked at Yang Kai curiously, not knowing what he was talking about.

The Void King Realm has always been a legend of the Gloom Star, and that is a barrier that even Ye Xijun can’t break through. Although she didn’t choose to leave Gloom Star with Yang Kai, but stayed, it didn’t mean that she had no desire for this realm.

On the contrary, her desire for the Void King Realm is stronger than anyone else, because she already has the qualifications to be promoted to the Void King level-her potential field is already great!

She chose to stay only because she wanted to protect Yang Yan, so that no one would be in the sect and there would be accidents.

At this moment, when she heard Yang Kai’s words, she naturally cared very much.

’Sect Master, what is it so amazing?” Gong Aofu asked with a smile.

Although she was an elder who had just joined the High Heaven Sect, she quickly integrated into it, and she was not bad in her heart. In less than half a month, the original High Heaven Sect elder group recognized her. The presence.

So in such matters, she still has some say.

The others also looked at Yang Kai curiously, looking forward to his answer.

“It’s this!” Yang Kai didn’t sell it either. Instead, he reached out and grabbed it in the void and took out a spar-like thing.

As soon as this spar appeared, a soft and magical power permeated the hall. All those who were strong in the mirror were shocked, revealing suspicious and incomprehensible expressions. Although they can’t get a glimpse of the true meaning of this power, they always feel that this power is deeper and more mysterious than the potential field, just like an upgraded version of the potential field.

“Yu Shi!” Yang Xiuzhu’s eyes were quick to speak, and he explained the origin of this crystal.

Chu Hanyi and Lin Yulao also recognized them, and exclaimed together, with surprises in their eyebrows.

“What is a domain stone?” Ye Xiyun frowned slightly, and everyone present was the only one who had the highest level of cultivation. She naturally noticed the indescribable magic in this spar, and she only slightly perceives it. After a while, there is a feeling that the soul is being washed. It is conceivable that if you use this spar to cultivate for a long time, you can get what kind of benefits.

Yang Kai glanced at Yang Xiuzhu with a smile and motioned for him to explain.

Yang Xiuzhu did his part, and immediately explained the origin and role of Yushi.

As soon as I heard that this thing was caused by the fall of the strong of the Void King Realm, the treasures formed by the condensing of the field, the eyes of the people in the entire hall were shining.

I heard that the magic in the domain stone can be used to see through the power of the domain. The elders in the hall breathed heavily and stared at the domain stone in Yang Kai’s hands unblinkingly. As if a group of perverts saw a naked beauty.

A naked desire flashes in everyone’s eyes.

“The domain stone is a very precious product in the blood prison, and only the blood prison of Cuiweixing will be born. Each piece is invaluable. Although Yang has entered the blood prison, he has been with such treasures. No chance, but Elder Lin was lucky, and occasionally harvested a piece.” Yang Xiuzhu looked at Lin Yulao with envy.

Lin Yulao smiled and took out a domain stone from her space ring and shook it gently.

Chu Hanyi watched eagerly from the side, envious.

When they went deep into the blood prison, the three of them also separated. Although they did not encounter any calamities by relying on the tyrannical cultivation base, they did not gain much benefit. On the contrary, Qian Tong took them one step ahead and left the blood prison. He broke through his own barrier and was promoted to the level of the Void King Realm.

If you can have a domain stone, you can unscrupulously understand the power of the domain, which has an irresistible attraction to any virtual mirror.

“Elder Lin is really lucky!” Chang Qi sighed aside.

In comparison, do Chang Qi, Hao An, Ning Xiangchen, Huang Juan and others care very much? The realm can’t keep up, and for a while, they can’t understand the power of the domain. It can only be said that with the help of the domain stone, they can condense their own potential field stronger.

After all, the domain is the evolution and upgrade of the potential field. Understanding the mystery in the domain stone is also extremely helpful to the cultivation of the potential field.

Having said that, it is still impossible to obliterate the effect of the domain stone on the strong person of the virtual mirror!

Ye Xiyun was silent for a long time before suddenly opening his mouth: ’Sect Master, if it is convenient, this palace would like ten domain stones!”

A cold breath sounded. Yang Xiuzhu and the others turned their heads and looked at Ye Xiyun with a strange look.

Others don’t know the preciousness of Yuzuo Stone, but Yang Xiuzhu and others know it better. The three of them took a trip in the blood prison. Only Lin Yuluo had good luck and got a Yuzuo stone, but Ye Xiyun It costs ten yuan at once.

This is simply a lion’s big mouth!

This is not in line with the style of the elder!

Is this still an awesome and beloved elder? Why does it look no different from the rogue?

Yang Xiuzhu and others couldn’t help but feel a little trance.

Ye Xiyun hummed softly: “Do you think that the lord only has this piece? With the personality of the lord, if it is not for a lot of gains, how can he show it grandiosely under the public? He is not a kid, he likes it. Show off people everywhere.”

To her, Yang Xiuzhu and others recovered, and for a while, they looked at Yang Kai with scorching eyes, their eyes full of expectation.

Yang Kai laughed dumbly, shook his head and said: “The elder is really familiar with people, I can’t hide it from you.”

“Sect Master” Yang Xiuzhu swallowed his saliva, only feeling a little dry lips.

“That’s right! I did gain a lot of Yushi Grace this time in the blood prison, a lot!” Yang Kai didn’t mean to hide it, and stood up and smiled at everyone.

“How many are many?” Chu Hanyi asked with a trembling voice.

“Enough to give you ten yuan each!” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

“Hiss” Yang Xiuzhu and the others took a deep breath, almost looking at Yang Kai with a look of worship.

There are not many people in the main hall. There are only about fifteen people. This also includes Gong Aofu and Dai Yuan who have recently joined the High Heavenzong.

Gong Aofu knows that Yang Kai doesn’t like Yin Sudie, but rather cares about Daiyuan, so recently he has taken his own favor and brought Daiyuan with her. As for Yin Sudie, she has fallen out of favor. Signs are not qualified to appear here at all.

“It seems that this palace underestimated the supreme master’s ability, so I asked for a bit less.” Ye Xiyun frowned slightly, her expression a little annoyed.

Yang Kai laughed: “If the great elder wants more, I will naturally be satisfied, but with the cultivation of the great elder as the realm and the understanding of the potential field, I think two or three dollars are for you It’s too much to say, no matter how much it is, it’s useless for you.”

“This palace is useless, you can keep it for others.” Ye Xiyun said lightly, “But forget it, ten yuan is ten yuan”

Yang Kai didn’t say more, and with a wave of his hand, ten domain stones flew towards Ye Xiyun.

I didn’t see any movement from her either, the space ring on her hand flashed, and Yu Shi was put away by her.

Fully show the demeanor of a master.

’Sect Master” Yang Xiuzhu flushed, rubbing his hands, looking at Yang Kai eagerly.

He is not the kind of person who can slap a horse. He used to be upright and tough when he was in Xingdi Mountain. He was still the same when he entered the High Heaven Sect, but this time he had to put down his old face.

The powerhouse of the Void Returning Three-layer Realm values ​​Yushi more than others. Although he failed to be promoted to the Void King Realm this time, as long as he has the Yushi in his hand, he can feel the power of the realm. Next time he leaves Gloom Star, he is confident that he will be promoted!

And High Heavenzong now also has the ability to sail, he believes that Yang Jianhui will take them away from the Dark Star!

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