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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1720: Knowing the Sea Read Novel

Chapter 1720: Knowing the Sea – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1720: Knowing the Sea

Yang Xiuzhu, Chu Hanyi and Lin Yulao got ten domain stones each as they wished.

I believe that there are so many domain stones for them to understand the mystery of the power of the domain. Coupled with the experience of the blood prison, they will have a great chance of breaking through the virtual world when they leave the Understar next time. The shackles of the king’s realm, the achievement is supreme.

Others are also given different numbers of domain stones according to their cultivation bases.

Yang Kai, who returned to the two levels of Void, gave five yuan, and Yang Kai, who returned to the first level, gave three yuan.

As long as they can make good use of the gentle energy in these domain stones, it is definitely not a problem for them to condense their potential to the realm of great achievement.

It’s not that Yang Kai is stingy, he doesn’t want to give more. It’s really useless to give more of this stuff. Although the domain stone is also a consumable item, it is different from the holy crystal. Every domain stone can be used. a long time.

The domain stone that Yang Kai gave was definitely enough for their own use.

After giving the domain stone, Yang Kai took out a large number of secret treasures with different appearances and not low grades from the space ring.

These secret treasures are all the spoils of Yang Kai’s trophies after going out to kill people. They are basically from the several monsters of Emperor Chenxing, all of which are above the virtual level, and there is no lack of the existence of the virtual level.

With these secret treasures by your side, I believe that the strength of all of you will be greatly improved, and their survival rate will be greatly improved in the future battle with the corpse spirits. As for how they will be distributed, it is not Yang Kai needs to consider things, and Ye Xiyun has handled it properly.

There are also various miracles used in cultivation.

Yang Kai’s space ring is like a veritable treasure house, and all the things taken out will move others.

After dealing with these, Yang Kai took Xia Ningshang and Su Yan back to Tianyi Palace.

Since entering this forbidden land, Yang Kai has been living in the Tianyi Palace. Although the area of ​​this palace is not too large, it is definitely not small. There are countless wing rooms. In the past, only Yang Kai was the only one. Living alone, Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang naturally also live here, accompanying him.

Although the High Heaven sect is safe and there is no need to worry about any danger, Yang Kai also hopes to improve the strength of his closest person.

Su Yan does not need to worry, now she has the power of the ice phoenix origin, and she has the profound frost divine sword in her hand, and her cultivation base is in the third stage of returning to the void. On the dark star, unless Qian Tong Shot, other people are not her opponents at all.

How could Qian Tong take a shot against Su Yan.

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Xia Ningshang is now about to be promoted to the second stage of Void Return. Since becoming the star master of Tongxuan Continent, her cultivation speed has become faster than before, and she has been fascinated by alchemy over the years. Coupled with her special physique, even if she didn’t deliberately cultivate, her strength was rising steadily, I believe it won’t take long to be promoted and breakthrough.

But the Void Returning Stage is still weaker after all.

Yang Kai took out an emerald green treasure and a round-wheel-like secret treasure and handed it to Xia Ningchang: ’Sister, take the time to refine these two things. I believe it will be for you. Help.”

“This treasure armor is so beautiful.” Xia Ning Chang took a look, and didn’t care about the round-wheel-like artifact, but was rather interested in the emerald treasure armor.

Yang Kai chuckled: “Although I don’t know the specific grade of this treasure, it is definitely a virtual king. With it, few people in this world can break your defenses.”

Xia Ningshang is not very proficient in combat. As a defensive treasure, this treasure is undoubtedly suitable for her.

“Where did Junior Brother come from? This thing is very expensive, right?” Xia Ning Chang looked left and right, a little bit fond of it.

“It is not important whether it is precious or not. The important thing is whether it can protect you for me.”

Xia Ning Chang looked up at Yang Kai, pursed his lips and smiled with a satisfied face Expressions.

The treasure armor was brought out from the blood prison. When Yang Kai obtained that piece of the Demon King’s Void Crystal, he also brought out the bones of the Crazy Crocodile Demon King, naturally he did not take him. The reason of letting go of the space.

The Crazy Crocodile Demon King was the top powerhouse of the Void King’s third-level realm before his death. How could there be anything bad in his space ring?

It can even be said that most of the secret treasures and pills that Yang Kai had distributed in the conference hall before came from the space ring of the Demon King Crazy Crocodile.

Compared with this virtual king-level treasure, the other wealth in the space ring is not worth mentioning, but still can’t be ignored. At the very least, the huge wealth in the space ring is enough to support today The High Heavenzong has been operating for a while.

“Take this one too.” Yang Kai handed over the round-shaped artifact again.

This round-wheel-like secret treasure is also a virtual king-level secret treasure. It was originally the treasure of the Zhenzong of the Battle of Heaven Alliance, the sun and moon golden wheel!

Yang Kai fought against Qu Zheng, the leader of the Zhan Tian League, and killed him. The Sun Moon Golden Wheel is the trophy, and it has been hidden since.

Start with two virtual king-level secret treasures, as long as they are refined properly, the little senior sister does not have to fear any enemies below the virtual king level.

Xia Ning Chang didn’t say much. He obediently followed Yang Kai’s request, put away the emerald green armor and the sun and moon golden wheel, and secretly glanced at Su Yan who had been sitting next to him. Then he quickly kissed Yang Kai’s cheek, and then ran out like a frightened rabbit.

Walking hurriedly, as if doing something shameful.

Su Yan looked at Yang Kai with a smile, and said with deep meaning: “Ning Chang has become more courageous to be tuned by you!”

Yang Kai laughed.

He didn’t have much to give Su Yan. When he was in Bingxin Valley, the most important ice phoenix inheritance had been transferred to Su Yan, and Yang Kai even gave her the Wanzai Ice Jade Terrace.

With the assistance of the Wanzai Ice Jade Terrace, Su Yan’s cultivation speed has been greatly increased, and the mysterious frost sword is in his hand, I believe that there is no need to resort to other foreign objects.

Yang Kai remembered Shan Qingluo again. When he was separated from her in the blood prison, he once gave her two hundred domain stones, and the virtual king-level secret treasure Thunder Fire Seven Bird Whip also gave her.

I don’t know what the demon girl is now, whether her cultivation is going well.

Yang Kai remembered Yang Yan again.

“Sister, please practice first, I’ll go out.” Yang Kai suddenly got up.

Su Yan nodded lightly, took out the Wanzai Ice Jade Platform, sat on it cross-legged, holding a domain stone on the palm of her hand, closing her eyes and feeling it.

Yang Kai left the Tianyi Palace and went straight to the center of Liuyan Sand Land.

Although it has been learned from Ye Xijun that Yang Yan has been sleeping all these years and there has not been much change, Yang Kai still wants to see it with his own eyes.

On the Dark Star, Yang Yan is his closest friend. If there is no accident, this friendship will continue.

However, Yang Yan’s life experience is too big now, and no one knows what she will become after she really wakes up. Yang Kai is naturally not at ease.

The original sixth floor of Liuyan Sand Land does not cover a large area, only about a few miles in radius.

Holding the Star Emperor Order in his hand, Yang Kai easily passed the fifth layer of the inflammation barrier and reached the bamboo forest.

An attic looming behind the bamboo forest, Yang Kaimai walked.

The sixth layer of Liuyan Sand has always been the forbidden area of ​​the High Heavenzong. In the past, only the great elder Ye Xijun could set foot. No one else was allowed to enter, and there was no ability to enter. The person retreated to the sixth floor, so that the people of Ling Xiaozong learned of the existence of such a place.

But the attic is still a place where no one is allowed to step on it.

Yang Kai is naturally not among them!

He walked through the bamboo forest and easily came to the attic. With a sweep of his spiritual thoughts, he went straight to the second floor.

On the second floor, the decoration is simple, with only a wooden bed and nothing else.

On the wooden bed, lying on the wooden bed, there is a woman in a black robe, with an exquisite figure and a concave and convex shape. It is the Yang Yan that has not been seen for a long time, and her appearance is no different from the Yang Yan deep in Yang Kai’s memory. But that temperament is somewhat different.

When Yang Kai approached to take a look, he faintly felt a sense of oppression from Yang Yan. Even in her deep sleep, she was filled with a frightening breath.

It seems that she just glanced at her. It was also a blasphemy, a blasphemous deity.

Yang Kai was stunned for a while, then his face suddenly changed.

Because in his field of vision, Yang Yan’s face turned out to be blurred, and he could no longer see the scene in front of her. At this moment, she became illusory, as if she had become non-existent, and as if omnipresent.

His own consciousness was also dragged into an abyss by an invisible force, and he kept falling down, endlessly.

Yang Kai bit the tip of his tongue abruptly, and uttered a low sip in his mouth. The pain came, and the sensation of falling soul suddenly disappeared, and the field of vision in front of him was refocused.

A cold sweat came out and penetrated the clothes.

“Emperor Wei is really terrifying!” Yang Xinxing had lingering fears.

Even in a deep sleep, the imperial prestige emanating from Yang Yan can subvert Yang Kai’s consciousness. It is difficult to imagine what she will be like when she wakes up.

But he came here just to take a look at Yang Yan. After all, he hadn’t seen him for so many years. When he was still very weak, Yang Yan had been helping him. Without Yang Yan, there would be no In Longxue Mountain, there is no High Heavenzong as it is today.

Yang Kai is very grateful to her.

Perceiving that Yang Yan was okay, but still sleeping, Yang Kai nodded secretly, without intending to stay, and was about to turn around and leave.

But at the moment he was about to turn around, he suddenly noticed that Yang Yan’s fingers moved slightly. This discovery made him shake his body, stopped quickly, and looked at the wooden bed with breathlessness.

An invisible power permeated Yang Yan’s body, and that power wrapped Yang Kai like an open beast’s mouth. It didn’t give him any time to react, and he couldn’t even resist.

Immediately afterwards, Yang Kai flashed a flower, and a place that seemed familiar to him had appeared.

The sea of ​​fire below rolls over, containing a frightening energy aura, that aura seems to be capable of destroying the world, maddening and terrifying, in the sky, there are all kinds of light balls of different colors, that In the ball of light, different scenes flashed by at an extremely fast speed, and Yang Kai couldn’t see what those scenes were.

“This is” Yang Kai frowned, looked around, and quickly understood what this place was.

“Know the sea?” Yang Kai exclaimed.

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Chapter 1720: Knowing the Sea – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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