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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1721: I hate iron but not steel Read Novel

Chapter 1721: I hate iron but not steel – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1721: I hate iron but not steel

“Yes, this is my sea of ​​consciousness.” A voice came from the side.

Yang Kai turned his head to look, and he saw Yang Yan sitting cross-legged in the void, pinching a strange seal, the treasure is solemn, and there are various halos, disillusionment and life around him. Rui Cai looks extremely sacred.

She smiled and looked at herself, no different from the Yang Yan she remembered.

“Is it you or her?” Yang Kai frowned, not sure.

Yang Yan pursed his lips and said: “Is there a difference?”

Yang Kai shrugged: “It may not be different for you, but it will be different for me. I can I don’t want to be killed here in a rage by her, that is the Emperor Xingkong!”

“I am the Emperor Xingkong!” Yang Yan snorted.

“Forget it, it seems that you are right.” Yang Kaikai thought, as long as the legendary emperor didn’t talk to him, there would be no problem. He turned his head and looked around and asked: “Are you looking for me?”

“It’s okay.” Yang Yan slowly shook his head, “I just felt your breath and detained you.”

Yang Kai smiled bitterly.

He asked himself that Wu Xia Amon, who was no longer the same year, had undergone earth-shaking changes in his strength. He was invincible under the Void King Realm, and he even dared to fight in the ordinary Void King Realm.

But here in Yang Yan, he can become a small fish and shrimp that can be rounded and flattened at will.

Yang Kai is very shocked.

It seems that he was aware of his mental activity, and Yang Yan chuckled: “You don’t have to belittle yourself. To be honest, I have never seen a guy whose cultivation speed is as fast as you, even in that place. You can be considered a top genius. What you lack is only the tempering of time. As long as you give you enough time, you will be able to stand at my height one day.”

“You are here Comfort me?” Yang Kai glanced at her, frowned and said, “Where is the place you mentioned?”

Yang Yan smiled without answering, looking very mysterious.

Seeing that she didn’t mean to explain, Yang Kai waved his hand: “Forget it, when I didn’t ask.”

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Yang Yan nodded lightly, suddenly his expression became serious: “I do I have been sleeping, fusing the body and the spirit of the body, but I don’t know nothing about the outside world. I feel what has happened on the dark star in recent years. In the past two months, Ye Xiyun even brought people here. What happened? Is it all right?”

“Ling Xiaozong is okay, but Dim Star is in trouble.” Yang Kai sighed, flew to Yang Yan, sat down cross-legged, and plundered the Corpse Spirit Sect army. Tell her the situation again.

Yang Yan listened attentively, and finally nodded: “It turns out that under the Burial Xionggu, an eye of the yellow spring was suppressed. This is the fault of the two of us. If we hadn’t taken the sun really well. Go, the Eye of Yellow Spring will not reappear in the world.”

“That’s why I feel troubled. If it’s something else, I, Ling Xiaozong, don’t care about it, stay in the rudder, and let him turn the world upside down. It has something to do with me, but in the end there are still some reasons for me, it’s not easy to get in the way.” Yang Kai sighed.

Yang Yan obviously agreed with Yang Kai’s point of view, and after thinking for a while, he said: “Can you go to meet the mysterious leader of the Zombie Sect for a while?”

“You are interested in him.” “Yang Kai raised his brows.

“I am not interested in him, I just think that his method of transforming corpses and controlling corpses is very similar to someone I have ever known.”

“Who?” Yang Kai was surprised.

“The man called himself the Emperor of Corpse, and he also controlled a race back then, he also called himself the Soul Race of the Corpse, so I would care about it.”

“The Emperor of Corpse” Yang Kaidao Taking a breath, his expression changed a few times: “You are of the same level as you?”

Yangyan is the emperor of the starry sky, and since the guy who calls himself the emperor dares to use the word emperor, he obviously follows Yang. Yan is the same level of existence.

Yang Yan nodded gently.

Yang Kai’s face instantly became extremely ugly.

Yang Yan pursed his mouth and smiled: “You don’t need to be so nervous, it’s impossible for the corpse emperor to come here, so that person cannot be the corpse emperor. I just guess that he has something to do with the corpse emperor, maybe it’s me Old acquaintance, my old acquaintance has a good relationship with the corpse emperor, and it is not surprising that he knows how to transform the corpse spirit!”

Yang Kai gritted his teeth and looked at Yang Yan: “Even if that person is not the corpse emperor, since he is Your old acquaintance, that’s definitely not something I can resist. I rushed to meet him, didn’t I look for death?”

“Of course I can’t let you die!” Yang Yan glared at Yang Kai angrily. “If that person is really as I guess, his strength will definitely not exceed the Void King Realm, at most it is a Void Returning Three-layer Realm. The Dark Star has its own rules to suppress it, as long as he is still in the Dark Star. It’s impossible to break through!”

Yang Kai’s expression was slightly stunned. If the mysterious leader is really only a three-level return to the Void, then there is nothing to be afraid of.

It’s just

“What’s the background of your old acquaintance that makes you care so much?” Yang Kai asked suspiciously.

Yang Yan was silent for a while before explaining: “You should know that the reason why my body fell asleep was because it was severely injured in a great battle, so I had to escape into the emperor. Rest in the garden. The old acquaintance I was talking about was the guy who hurt me!”

Yang Kai tried to maintain a clear mind and calmness, and asked quietly, “Didn’t you say that in the first battle, that person was already dead?”

Regarding some secrets of the year, Yang Kai also knows. The reason why the Star Emperor fell into a dormant sleep is because the damage was too heavy in a battle, and her enemies were killed on the spot.

But now, Yang Yan actually said that the man might still be alive.

Yang Kai suddenly felt a kind of creepy feeling.

Can hurt Yang Yan, and it is undoubtedly the same as Yang Yan. Like the corpse emperor, they are all at the same level.

“I beat him to pieces, but that guy’s method of escape is first-rate. Maybe his soul escaped before I found out. Maybe the sky. But don’t worry, he is in a different situation from mine. I am injured. As long as I recuperate for enough time, I can recover, but his physical body collapses, even if he wants to recover, it’s not that simple, especially on the Gloom.”

Yang Kai frowned and nodded: “If that’s the case, I can go to him for a while, but even if it’s really like you said, the leader of the cult of the corpse spirit is that person. do?”

Yang Yan shook his head: “It’s not what I plan to do, but you!” If the leader of the Zombie Sect is really him, you must kill him in the shortest possible time, otherwise, waiting for him to recover, the entire star field will suffer.”

“You are the Star Emperor, can’t you slap him to death?” “Yang Kai looked at Yang Yan with hatred for iron and steel.

Yang Yan shook his head: “I can’t act for the time being.”

Yang Kai suddenly had the thought of cursing others. After a long silence, he nodded fiercely and said: “Okay, I will go to meet him for a while.”

“You have to be careful. He has always been stigmatized and knows how to control others to work for himself. He rarely shows up in person. If he finds an opportunity, he must be killed!”

“I know! “Yang Kai answered casually.

“Then you go! “Yang Yan waved his hand, and the next moment, Yang Kai felt an invisible force in the Sea of ​​Consciousness world pushing and repelling him.

When he came back to his senses, Yang Kai found himself Still standing on the edge of the wooden bed, Yang Yan’s eyes closed tightly, still sleeping.

Turning around, Yang Kai strode out of the attic.

Although Yang Yan promised to go to meet the mysterious leader for a while, the other party behaved so mysteriously that even the corpse in white who was beheaded by himself did not know his true cultivation status and his own appearance. Finding him out is undoubtedly a very difficult task.

Fortunately, Yang Kai did not intend to act alone.

After returning to High Heavenzong, Yang Kai immediately sent someone to send a message to Qiantong.

On the Gloom Star, Qian Tong is the veritable first person. The cultivation base of the Gundam Void King Realm is sure to play a vital role in the next actions.

The Shadow Moon Palace should be stable. If you want to solve the troubles of the Dark Star, you must eradicate the Zombie Sect. Qian Tong should be willing to work with him to deal with the mysterious leader.

The Shadow Moon Palace is not close to Ling Xiaozong. Even if Qian Tong wants to come, it will take at least a month.

On the one hand, Yang Kai waited meticulously, and on the other hand, he was also improving his own strength.

In Ice Heart Valley, Yang Kai used the Star Emperor Order to fight Luo Hai, breaking through his own shackles, and was promoted to the third stage of Void Return, only one step away from the Void King.

On the way back, his own cultivation base has also increased little by little on the original basis, gradually approaching the limit, and the potential field has long been completed.

With the help of the power of the domain stone and the experience of trial in the blood prison, Yang Kai also has his own understanding of the domain.

In other words, if the current conditions did not allow, Yang Kai could already proceed to attack the Void King Realm.

However, he is not in a hurry. The cultivation of the Void Returning Three-layer Realm is also laying the foundation for the Void King Realm. The more solid he condenses his own potential field, the easier it will be to form the domain after being promoted to the Void King Realm. simple.

He intends to leave the Gloom Star after the trouble of the Zombie Sect is solved, just to deal with a few things that he has always remembered.

These few things are crucial to improving one’s own strength and understanding the mysteries of the star field.

As time passed day by day, there were no surprises in the High Heaven Sect, and almost everyone was immersed in cultivation.

They all know that such days will not be too long. Once a certain time is ripe, Yang Kai will definitely start with the corpse spirit teaching. At that time, even if they want to practice, they will have no time.

For this reason, the powerhouses in the High Heaven Sect are more and more cherishing the time they have now, and with every increase in power, they can have a little more life-saving capital and fight against the corpse spirits in the future. Kill some enemies in more.

A full month later, Qian Tong rushed to the Ling Xiaozong, and immediately led by the Ling Xiaozong disciple who was in charge of the external lead to the main rudder.

Since Yang Kai killed the white-robed corpse general Kang Feirao, the corps of the corpse spirits that besieged the High Heavenzong has disappeared, and now the High Heavenzong has finally restored contact with the outside world, and is concerned about the external situation. I also understand how much, when the money comes through, it goes smoothly.

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Chapter 1721: I hate iron but not steel – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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