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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1722: Entering the corpse again Read Novel

Chapter 1722: Entering the corpse again – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1722: Entering the corpse again

After telling Qian Tong about his plan, Qian Tong immediately agreed.

He also knows the principle of capturing thieves and kings, shooting people and horses. The corpse spirits have been like snowballs in the past two years. The power of the corpse spirits has become more and more powerful. The converted corpse spirits and the human warriors who have taken refuge in the past. There are simply countless. It is too difficult to kill these guys. It is better to go straight to Huanglong and kill the mysterious leader of the corpse spirit sect.

After Qian Tong re-held Shadow Moon Palace, he also conducted investigations and researches on the Zombie Sect. There are various signs that the root of everything lies in the Burial Xiong Valley, where the rise and origin of the Zombie Sect is definitely the location. !

At first, he was still considering whether he was going to Burying Xionggu to investigate the situation, but now he got Yang Kai’s confirmation. Naturally, there is no hesitation. They hit it off with Yang Kai and left High Heavenzong immediately and rushed to Burial Xionggu.

This trip Yang Kai didn’t take anyone with him, and only acted with Qian Tong. Even Su Yan and Yang Kai left her in the High Heaven Sect.

Qian Tong is already a powerhouse in the Void King Realm, and his speed is naturally incredibly fast. Although Yang Kaixiu is not as good as him, he is proficient in the power of space, and his speed alone is not slower than Qian Tong.

Within ten days’ time, the two arrived at Burial Xionggu.

When Yang Kai and Yang Yan came here last time, although the Burial Xionggu was gloomy and sultry, it made every warrior in it feel uncomfortable, but it was acceptable at any rate.

But now, when Yang Kai and Qian Tong came here and looked down at the floating void, they couldn’t help frowning.


a thick haze enveloped the entire burial male valley, almost invisible, and this thick haze was obviously dark to cold, with poisonous corpse aura.

If any living person enters it, if it is not strong enough, it will not take long for this ubiquitous corpse energy to invade the body and transform into a member of the corpse spirit clan.

During their divine consciousness perception, both of them discovered that many breaths of life were hidden in the corpse aura, which was very active.

These are undoubtedly members of the corpse spirit family!

Just the periphery alone, there are at least thousands of them. It’s hard to imagine how many such existences exist in the Burial Xiong Valley.

“We split up, Yang Kai, if you meet the leader of the corpse spirit, remember to inform the old man, the old man will kill him first, these things are too much.”Qian Tong’s exhortation immediately turned into a stream of light, like a thunderbolt, and rushed directly into the Burial Xiong Valley. Wherever the flow light passed, there was a horrible movement of storm and thunder, and the Burial Xiong Valley filled with corpses. It was even cleared by Qian Tong to a clearly visible channel.

The corpse spirits all around were turned around, and Qian Tong did not see any actions, but only released his own domain, which gathered the realm of wind. The domain field pulled in a cart from the corpse spirits in a radius of more than a dozen miles and strangled them into powder.

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He obviously didn’t intend to hide his whereabouts, so he just blatantly killed him in!

Yang He smiled slightly, but didn’t care too much.

With Qian Tong’s current strength, Dim Star really has nothing to care about his opponent. He is fully qualified to do so.

And By doing this, he can also be regarded as attracting the attention of the corpse spirits and creating an opportunity to facilitate his actions.

This is also the plan negotiated by the two on the way.

It’s just a moment. Before Yang Kai and Qian Tong sensed that thousands of corpse spirits were wiped out, none of them survived, and the methods of the powerful in the Void King Realm can be glimpsed! Qian Tong was not satisfied, and still strode inward, more and more Many corpse spirits were drawn out by him, and they were involved in the realm, and their deaths were unknown.

When Qian Tong was attacking violently and involved most of the corpse spirit’s attention, Yang Kai Has disappeared in place.

He followed the memory he had explored last time and went all the way inward.

The origin of the corpse spirit religion comes from the eye of the yellow spring in the corpse. That is the most fundamental thing of the corpse spirit religion. Yang Kai naturally wants to go straight to the corpse. If the eye of the yellow spring is destroyed, the corpse spirit religion will become a rootless tree and a source of no water. It will be easier to completely eradicate it. Otherwise, there will be the existence of the eye of the yellow spring, even if the corpse spirits die Multiple members can also be transformed.

There was a rumbling sound from afar, and there were constant unfamiliar voices yelling and yelling. It was Qian Tong fighting with the corpse spirit masters. Although he did not see that scene, Yang Kai also knew, It must be the rhythm of Qian Tong slaughtering the Quartet, and the corpse spirits are retreating.

It only took him half a day to reach the entrance of the corpse.

Along the road, I came across some clansmen from the corpse spirit race occasionally, but these little fish and shrimps could stop Yang Kai’s pace, and they were all killed.

The entrance to the corpse hasn’t changed, or even hidden. It’s still hidden behind the formation, but the formation was cracked by Yang Yan last time, and now it can’t play any role.

In the corpse, there are constantly thick corpses rolling out. The concentration and damage of the corpse gas is far greater than that in the burial male valley. Shi Shiran leaped into the corpse.

Before the dark and dampness of the corpse became better, under the guidance of Yang Kai, the stone chambers were scattered all over the corpse, and there were many traces of the activities of the corpse spirits.

However, Qian Tong’s noise outside was too great. The corpse spirits in the corpse were also alarmed long ago, and they were rushing out continuously, obviously for support.

After Yang Kai came in, he immediately hid in a nearby stone chamber, avoiding the wave of corpse spirits.

His task now is to find the whereabouts of the mysterious leader, so he does not want to expose his whereabouts prematurely.

The corpse spirit tribe didn’t notice it. After they left, Yang Kai frowned and looked around as if feeling feeling.

The stone room is pitch black, with no light at all, but this does not hinder Yang Kai’s observation.

At first glance, Yang Kai’s expression turned gloomy.

He discovered that there were a lot of complete corpses stored in this stone room, and each of these corpses was wrapped in a strong corpse, like a silkworm chrysalis. The wrapped corpses were moisturized and affected by the corpse. The body has undergone some subtle changes that cannot be traced, and it is gradually approaching the corpse spirit race.

There are some corpses, it seems that they are already half of the corpse spirits! As long as they can absorb the corpse energy that resembles a silkworm chrysalis from the body, they will definitely become a member of the corpse spirit clan!

Sure enough! Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Before he had speculated on the method of the corpse spirit tribe to transform the tribe, every member of the corpse spirit tribe could not have emerged out of thin air, they needed a complete body to be transformed, and The source of those corpses was obviously the major forces and the disciples of the sects that were captured and killed by the Zombie Spirit Race.

They transported those corpses back to the corpse, and transformed them with the rich corpse energy from this place. In a short time, they could transform into a tribe.

When the transformation failed, Yang Kai found some semi-finished products without the slightest breath in this stone chamber. These were undoubtedly failed to transform and completely lost their souls.

The strength of the corpse spirit tribes who have successfully transformed is also directly related to their cultivation base during their lifetime. The higher their cultivation base during their lifetime, the higher their strength after transformation. Therefore, in Tianyun City, the corpse spirit clan named Fang Fengqi needed Fei Zhitu’s body.

Fei Zhitu is also a member of the strong on the Dark Star.

The corpses stored in this stone room had a low cultivation level during their lifetime. They were only below the Holy King Realm, and most of them were only in the Holy Realm, and there were even those in the Transcendent Realm.

These transformed corpse spirit people are undoubtedly the pawns of the corpse spirit sect, and there are only a huge number of them.

But in this corpse, there are countless stone chambers. If Yang Kai pays himself correctly, if he guessed correctly, the further the corpse is hidden in the stone chamber, the higher his cultivation level will be.

He didn’t stay much longer, and continued to dive inward.

Soon, he found that his conjecture was correct. The further back, the higher the cultivation base of those corpses during their lifetime, gradually from entering the holy realm to the holy king realm, and then to the virtual mirror.

However, the number is getting scarcer.

Yang Kai even saw with his own eyes the scene of a completely transformed corpse spirit crawling out of the silkworm pupa-like thing. It seemed to have been reborn. The corpse spirit tribe screamed up to the sky, and filled his body. The disgusting breath, the two fangs at the corners of the mouth are extremely permeating, and the body is covered with needle-like white hair.

Having just completed the transformation, he obviously doesn’t know how to control his power.

Yang Kai went deep all the way, without alarming any of the corpse spirits, and gradually approached the position where he obtained the sun’s essence that day.

It was originally the treasure house of the Ancient Yangzong, with three floors inside and outside, and the innermost layer was where the Sun Zhenjing and Wanzai Ice Jade Terrace were placed.

Standing outside the treasure house, Yang Kai frowned suddenly, raised his head, glanced inwardly, and then raised the corner of his mouth slightly, strode out, and Shi Shiran walked in.

On the first floor and the second floor, there are corpse spirits standing on both sides. These guys are the cultivation bases of the virtual mirror, but when Yang Kai walked in, they did not immediately attack, instead they all Looking at Yang Kai with a fierce gaze, hissing and threatening, watched him go inwardly, and when he left, he suddenly swarmed up and blocked the way out.

Yang Kai went directly to the location of the third-tier treasury.

This third-story treasure house has been greatly changed. The interior is decorated with magnificence, magnificence and luxury. The fist-sized night pearls are inlaid on the surrounding walls, exuding a soft light. The entire third floor The treasure house has clearly become a beautiful palace.

In the very center of the palace, there is a pool of about three feet in radius, in which yellow water is constantly tumbling and bubbling.

Yang Kai’s gaze stayed in the water for a moment, and he immediately understood that this is the legendary Eye of the Yellow Spring! The yellow water in the pool is not like a liquid at all, but an intuitive manifestation of pure and direct energy.

This kind of energy has no effect on anyone, and even has great harm, but it has great effect on the corpse spirit race!

Yang Kai even felt the special fluctuations of space power in the eyes of Huangquan.

This gave him some guesses, but he was not too sure.

Secretly shaking his head, Yang Kai looked up, looking at a figure sitting in a chair in front of him.

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