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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1723: The Lord of the Soul Sect Read Novel

Chapter 1723: The Lord of the Soul Sect – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1723: The Lord of the Soul Sect

The figure sitting on the chair at the other end is dressed in ordinary clothes, but the whole person’s appearance is blocked by a layer of strange energy. It is Yang Kai who uses his divine mind to see him clearly. true colors.

However, Yang Kai felt that the other party was a little familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.

This discovery made Yang Kai frowned.

If you guessed correctly, this person should be the mysterious leader of the Zombie Sect.

But Yang Kai couldn’t feel any corpse energy from him! In other words, he is not from the corpse spirit race at all.

Is it really as Yang Yan said, this guy is the one who fought against Yang Yan back then, but he has mastered the method of transforming and controlling the corpse spirit race, so he can stand above him.

While Yang Kai was thinking, the man suddenly laughed, gently stroked his palm, and said in an approving tone: “You really found this place, you are not brave!”

Hearing the voice of this person, Yang Kai raised his brows, his expression became weird, his eyes were deep, and he stared straight at him, as if he was penetrating through the obstacle and seeing his true face clearly.

The other party didn’t even plan to hide, the strange power on his face gradually dissipated, revealing a handsome face.

“Lu Ye?” Yang Kai drank low.

This guy has been embarrassed with himself several times, and even wanted to kill his own Liuyungu Young Master Lu Ye!

The first time I dealt with him was the opening in Flowing Flame Sand, competing for the red candle fruit, Lu Ye slayed the killer, Yang Kai confronted him for a while, and cut off his arm. But also let him escape.

Later, there was a battle at Longxue Mountain. There was Lu Ye behind the Xie family. It was Lu Ye who instigated Xie Hu and others to attack Longxue Mountain.

Yang Kai didn’t know what animosity he had with Lu Ye at all, which made him so worried about himself.

In the past, Yang Kai thought that he was simply hating himself, but now Yang Kai suddenly had a flash of light in his mind, linking all kinds of clues together, and a bold conjecture emerged in his heart.

“Perhaps I shouldn’t call you Lu Ye, after all, this is just your body after you seize the house!” Yang Kai’s mouth raised a slight arc, with a firm expression.

Lu Ye, who was sitting in the chair, was stunned for a moment, as if some secret had been said, and looked at Yang Kai with some surprise: “You have guessed it, but this seat is underestimated. You!”

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“Is it difficult?” Yang Kai chuckled, “The first time you and I met was at the Soul Washing Water of Flowing Flame Sand, I got a piece of Void Thought Crystal from there. You will never forget me ever since. So, that Xu Nianjing belongs to you?”

Lu Ye’s originally handsome and peaceful face suddenly became hideous, with blue veins on the back of his hand, and he shouted sharply: “Yes, that’s the virtual mind crystal of this seat. Where did you get him, why this seat? Haven’t been able to sense its breath?”

This incident is simply Lu Ye’s nightmare. If Yang Kai hadn’t taken the Void Mind Crystal away, he only needed to fuse his Void Mind Crystal after taking the house, and at least he would be able to recover half of his strength in an instant. Even if the Heaven and Earth laws of the Dark Star are suppressed and prevent him from breaking through the Void King Realm on the spot, there is no big problem for a character like him to leave the Dark Star with the cultivation base of the peak of the Void Mirror.

Finding a place to retreat for decades, restoring the original cultivation base is not a dream. By that time, the entire star field will be his world.

But all this beautiful has been destroyed by Yang Kai. Now!

He can’t sense the existence of the Void Mind Crystal, let alone retrieve the Void Mind Crystal. That is the crystallization and essence of his life training. Without that thing, it is based on Lu Ye’s body. Qualifications, it’s hard for him to regain his strength.

For many years, he only cultivated to the third stage of Void Return, which made him unbearable!

“Sorry, that thing has been merged by me! “Yang Kai smiled and pointed his finger at his head.

“Impossible!” Lu Ye vetoed it, looking at Yang Kai contemptuously as if looking at an ant, and sneered: “With your strength, you also want to fuse the virtual mind crystals of this seat. !”

The soul that robbed Lu Ye’s body was at the same level as Emperor Xingkong before his death. The Void Thought Crystals he left were naturally of extremely high grade, even if the Void King Realm powerhouse rushed into fusion, Will be broken through the sea of ​​consciousness, and the soul will be destroyed.

At that time, Yang Kai had only the cultivation base of the Void Returning Stage, how could it be integrated?

Lu Ye obviously wouldn’t believe this kind of nonsense. He only thought that Yang Kai was lying and hid the Xu Nian Jing by some special means, so that he could not sense it.

“Believe it or not!” Yang Kai shrugged nonchalantly. Of course, he didn’t explain clearly the obligation and need to explain clearly to the other party. There are such treasures as Wen Shenlian, and it doesn’t need him to do anything to integrate the Xu Nian Jing. Even he didn’t know that the spar was a virtual thought crystal until a long time later.

“Let’s stop talking nonsense, since you are here today, don’t even think about leaving. Where is the Xuanyingjing in this seat? As long as you capture you, I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to ask?” With a cold snort, the aura on his body suddenly became violent and evil.

Yang Kai laughed loudly: “When he dies, he still speaks aloud!”

Lu Ye was startled when he heard the words.

At the next moment, the entire corpse suddenly shook the mountain, and from above, a sharp and violent aura slowly penetrated. The aura was so strong that Lu Ye’s whole body moved like being imprisoned. No, just standing in place with an ugly face.


The earth seemed to be cracked, and a huge sound spread from above the ground, but in a moment, a hole appeared above the palace where Yang Kai and Lu Ye were located. A figure sprang out from the hole, and patted Lu Ye with a palm.

Lu Ye’s complexion changed drastically, his own potential field urged crazily, and he wanted to get rid of that overwhelming aura.

But in front of this palm, everything he did was in vain.

The potential field was easily shattered, the palm prints fell, and Lu Ye only had time to let out a scream, and the whole person was photographed into a pool of fleshy, red and white dripping all over the ground.

Qian Tong came down, a little suspicious on his face, and glanced at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai also looked surprised.

The two obviously didn’t expect that Lu Ye would be shot to death like this!

“This is the leader of the Zombie Sect?” Qian Tong asked in amazement.

Yang Kai nodded: “Yes, it’s him!”

“The old man looked at him high.”Qian Tong snorted coldly. Although he hadn’t put the leader of the corpse spirit cult in his eyes, he didn’t expect the opponent to be killed so easily. It made him feel like he hit the cotton with a hard punch.

Yang Kai didn’t say anything, but there was always an uncoordinated feeling in his heart. He always felt in his subconscious that Lu Ye could not die so easily. After all, he had escaped under Yang Yan. He died, even Yang Yan didn’t notice it.

Qian Tong, even if he is a strong man in the Void King Realm, how can he compare to this guy in terms of his level of cunning and treacherousness?

Thinking of this, Yang Kaixin With a startled head, he quickly released his divine consciousness, spreading crazily outwards.

Under his divine consciousness perception, the situation of the entire burial male valley was fully understood in an instant.

He noticed that a vague aura was escaping outwards at an unbelievable speed. It was extremely concealed. If he hadn’t been suspicious and deliberately investigated, he would have been unable to find it.

When this breath escaped, there was a hint of spatial power fluctuations.

“Elder Qian! “Yang Kai gave a sharp low voice, his hands suddenly slid forward and plunged into the void, and then severely torn to the sides, a spatial crack immediately formed.

Qian Tong frowned, although he didn’t understand Yang Kai Why did you do this, but subconsciously chose to believe him, without even asking, they got into the crack of space directly with Yang Kai.

Outside the Burial Xionggu, a corpse in a black robe is meditating and adjusting his breath in a hidden place. He seems to have been sitting here for a long time without any movement.

At a certain moment, this black-clothed corpse general suddenly shook his whole body, and his hidden aura rose steadily, climbing all the way to the peak of the third stage of Void Return, which was not much worse than Ye Xiyun.

He slowly opened his eyes, with a look of resentment and shock in his pupils, gritted his teeth and roared: “Void King Realm, it is actually Void King Realm! How could there be a Void King Realm here! Old thing, this seat? I remember you, and I will give it back!”

“You have no chance!” A familiar voice suddenly heard behind him.

The black-clothed corpse general was shocked, turned his head suddenly, and saw a spatial crack opening silently, Yang Kai and Qian Tong stepped out from inside.

The corpse in black was shocked, without even thinking about it, he immediately roared and wanted to flee.

“Where to run?” Qian Tong shouted angrily, his domain suddenly expanded, and he immediately wrapped the black corpse in it.

Yang Kai didn’t do anything. He just stared at the corpse in black, and at the same time ran his divine mind to the limit, watching his movements.

Yang Kai, the corpse general in black, had seen him before, and Kang Feirao, the corpse general in white, were supposed to be brothers.

Although the cultivation base at the peak of the Returning Mirror is strong, it is nothing in front of Qian Tong.

At the moment when the black corpse general was beaten to dust and his spirits and souls were wiped out, Yang Kai noticed a hidden aura showing a tendency to leap in space, and left the place directly, and went to A few hundred miles away, there was no pause in the middle!

It was obviously the breath of the leader of the corpse spirit sect. If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s mastery of space, it would be impossible to detect such a change.

Qian Tong turned his head and looked at Yang Kai after he killed the corpse in black.

Yang Kai didn’t say a word, and once again tore the space apart, the next moment, the two of them appeared hundreds of miles away.

Just after coming out of the crack in the space, Yang Kai and Qian Tong saw a corpse in Tsing Yi, fleeing wildly into the distance.

Without waiting for Qiantong’s hands, Yang Kai sacrificed more than a dozen golden bloodshot threads. The golden bloodshot threads were entwined, forming a golden arrow, shattering the void. A hole penetrated through his abdomen, shattering his corpse beads.

Golden blood spun around and flew back again. Yang Kai didn’t have the joy of killing a powerful enemy. Instead, his face was gloomy, tearing the space for the third time.

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Chapter 1723: The Lord of the Soul Sect – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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