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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1725: Chongdi Read Novel

Chapter 1725: Chongdi – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1725: Chongdi

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I chase after the movement of the leader of the corpse spirit, using that person’s method, now I want Looking for him, I’m afraid it’s harder to reach the sky.

This time the action was not considered a success, but in a short period of time, the leader of the corpse spirit sect should not have any more actions. After all, he is also a lot of wear and tear, especially the final use of the imperial treasure. He definitely has a lot of load, otherwise it won’t be delayed until now.

Qian Tong obviously knew this too, so he didn’t mean to ask Yang Kai to pursue it again. After thinking about it, he thought about it: “Although the person was allowed to escape, the corpse spirit religion is still a big trouble. Returning to the burial of Xionggu and destroying the corpse, the old man felt that many corpse spirits were sleeping in the corpse last time.”

“Well, I think so too.” Yang Kai agreed with him. View.

The two discussed briefly, and immediately set off for the direction of the Burial Xionggu.

Three days later, the two returned to Burial Xionggu. The original corpse spirits in the valley were killed by Qian Tong last time. The loss was heavy, but they were not completely destroyed. The remaining corpse spirits are not known now. Where did he hide, only the corpse spirits still remaining in the corpse who had not fully transformed.

Before Qian Tong destroyed the corpse, Yang Kai once again returned to the place where the Eye of Huangquan was located, to see if there was any way to destroy the Eye of Huangquan. After all, this was the birth of the corpse spirit. The source of the family. As long as it is destroyed, the corpse spirit family can no longer increase the number of people. The remaining remnants only need to be cleaned up slowly, and the Gloom Star will return to calm again someday.

What disappointed him was that there was no way to destroy this thing. The Eye of Huangquan seemed to be connected to another world. The strong corpse aura flowed from another world. The eyes converge into the form of spring water.

Rumor has it that the Eye of Huangquan is connected to the Hell of Huangquan!

The only way is to go deep into it and destroy the bridge that connects the two worlds.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to take the risk, so he could only join forces with Qian Tong to temporarily seal the breath of the Eye of Huangquan, and finally destroy the corpse and kill the corpse spirits who are still in the process of transformation.

It was already ten days after Yang Kai and Qian Tong returned to the High Heavenzong.

I briefly told Ye Xijun and the others about the action this time. Ye Xijun was also shocked. He didn’t expect that there would be such weird methods as infinite seizures in this world.

The rest of the elders also sighed.

“According to the suzerain, isn’t the corpse spirit leader immortal?” Ye Xiyun frowned.

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“Not so. Although his technique of seizing houses is weird, it definitely has some damage to himself. This can be seen from the changes in the objects he seized, but this He escaped once, and now he doesn’t know where he is hiding. It’s hard to find him out.” Yang Kai sighed.

Ye Xiyun nodded lightly: “Although the leader of the corpse spirit was not beheaded, it is enough to seal the Eye of Huangquan. Presumably, the corpse spirit family will not add more clansmen, it’s time to We have counterattacked.”

Yang Kai glanced at her and smiled slightly: “What do you think of the Great Elder?”

“Take advantage of the victory!” Ye Xiyun said solemnly, “The two dark stars. The situation has gotten worse over the years, partly because the corpse spirits are too weird, and more and more masters have been transformed, and partly because there is no convincing leader, and the major sects are fighting in their own way. This is easy to be defeated one by one, but now it is different. You return to the Void King-class battleship and the Sect Master, and Elder Qian also broke through to the Void King Realm. As long as you two stand up, with the reputation of the High Heaven Sect and the Shadow Moon Palace, I believe The entire Gloom Star unites, will you still be afraid of those corpse spirits?”

“The old man is no problem, the Gloom Star is the homeland of the old man, and it is natural to be responsible for contributing to the Gloom Star.” Qian Tong immediately stated his stance.

Ye Xijun casts her eyes on Yang Kai.

“I’m fine.” Yang Kai chuckled lightly. “This matter is the responsibility of the elders and you and Qian. Everything in the sect can be adjusted. I will do my best.”

“Since the suzerain wants to be lazy, then as you wish, this matter is set.” Ye Xiyun was also a decisive person and immediately decided.

Next, the elders and Qian Tong discussed specific matters, including how to unite with the remaining masters and forces of the Dark Star, how to build prestige, and how to clean up the corpse spirit religion.

In fact, everything is Very simple, the prestige of Ling Xiaozong is not low, and now coupled with Qian Tong personally, with his cultivation base and status as a strong Void King Realm, he only needs to raise his arms and he will surely respond to it.

With the power of two sects, together with the Xuwang-class battleship, it is not difficult to gather and rescue the masters and sects who are troubled by the corpse spirit religion. When the time comes, this force will snowball like a snowball. Wait until When it swept across the entire Dark Star, the Zombie Cult would no longer exist!

Even Ye Xijun is ready to let people pass a message outside, telling the entire Gloom Star that the mysterious leader of the Zombie Sect has been beheaded by Yang Kai and Qian Tong!

Although this is false news, no one will doubt it, and the leader of the corpse spirit sect is too late to hide it, so naturally he will not stand up and question it.

This news will greatly impact the confidence of the corpse spirits and those warriors of the human race who take refuge in the corpse spirit religion, and it will greatly help the next action.

Yang Kai did not participate in it, but went to Yang Yan’s attic alone.

“As you said, that person is really the insect emperor!” In Yang Yan’s sea of ​​knowledge, she and Yang Kai sat face to face, with a thoughtful look on their faces, “Wan Poisonous Evil Gu is one of the secret techniques cultivated by the insect emperor, and the soul-slashing knife is also his secret treasure. I did not expect that he actually survived the first battle. This is my negligence.”

“That person was originally called Chongdi!” Yang Kai suddenly realized.

“Well, what he is best at is to drive the cultivation of strange worms. He can put his soul on the things he cultivated, so he can take many homes. The poisonous evil Gu is just him. The strange worm under his hand is nothing but a good effect to control his subordinates. He has other more powerful methods in his hands. Where the insect cloud of the worm emperor passes, it can make the whole The stars are full of spirits!”

Yang Kai looked horrified. He noticed that Yang Yan was talking about the entire star region, not a cultivation star.

Yang Yan pursed his lips again: “You don’t have to be so nervous, to drive the strange worms, you must have the corresponding cultivation base, he can only seize the martial artist who returns to the first level. How can it drive too many strange worms? If you really want to do this, you will inevitably be backlashed. The ability to use the poisonous evil gu is a bit beyond my expectation. Believe me, in the next few years, He will never show up again.”

“But this man is alive, and it is always a disaster!” Yang Kai frowned.

He is very wary of the insect emperor. It is at the same level as Yang Yan. Who knows how capable he is?

Yang Yan glanced at him deeply: “I have a way to let you kill him!”

“What way?” Yang Kai looked up at her.

Yang Yan did not speak, but reached out and grabbed it in the void.

Within the knowledge of the sea, a ball of light that looked beautiful and exuding colorful light was suddenly caught in her hand, and immediately she pressed her palm to Yang Kai’s forehead.

She did not move quickly or slowly, she seemed careless, but Yang Kai didn’t react, until the light ball in Yang Yan’s hand was suddenly imprinted into his spirit body and disappeared, Yang Kai was shocked. : “What is this?”

Yang Yan pursed his lips and smiled: “You’ll know if you refine it.”

When the words fell, Yang Kai felt a wild aura suddenly exploded in his soul spirit body. The strength of that power made him unable to resist. The soul spirit body collapsed directly, and the spirit returned Inside the body.

The next moment, he opened his eyes, and he saw not the scenery in the attic, but in a void and chaotic space, with no light and nothing, not even his own. I can’t sense the existence.

Yang Kai was slightly surprised, not knowing where it was, but it was finally the person who came over in the big wind and waves, not much panicked, just quietly watching the surroundings.

The world of nothingness gradually became more obscure. These things are condensed together and become larger and larger with the passage of time.

I don’t know how long it has passed, A huge star appeared in Yang Kai’s field of vision. This star was lifeless, not even a plant was born, but a completely dead star.

Yang Kai looked at this huge star. Faintly familiar with the stars.

“Dark star! “Yang Kai suddenly woke up and observed the Gloom Star from the starry sky. It was of this size and appearance. It’s just that the Gloom Star is full of life today, not what you see in front of you.

“I understand. Up.”Yang Kai didn’t understand what Yang Yan had done to him until this time. While grateful in his heart, he was unwilling to give up this rare opportunity, so he calmed down and felt it.

In this weird world. In the middle, Yang Kai didn’t notice the passage of time at all. It seemed to be a moment, and it also seemed to be hundreds of millions of years. The lonely dark star finally showed some vitality, the sea ebbs and flows, the plants are full of greenery, and some flesh and blood creatures begin Birth.

Different races have risen one by one, rolling waves in the long river of history, and disappearing again.

Different civilizations, one after another seemingly immortal period, Yang Kai watched indifferently.

He felt the breath from the barbaric or even older times. Even if he was just watching, he seemed to have incorporated himself into it and spent hundreds of millions with this star. Years.

He witnessed the birth, development, peaks and valleys of this star with his own eyes.

He gradually gave birth to a strange feeling that he seemed to be this star, this star. The star is him!

The star master!

Only the star master can feel this way.

When Xia Ningshang refined the origin of the stars in Tongxuan Continent, Yang Kai assisted him and accompanied Xia Ningshang to observe the evolution and development of Tongxuan Continent, and what he sees and perceives now How similar is it?

This is clearly the process of refining the origin of the stars and becoming the star master!

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