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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1726: Lord of the Dark Star Read Novel

Chapter 1726: Lord of the Dark Star – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1726: Lord of the Dark Star

Yang Kai opened his eyes, and a strange feeling came out of his heart.

The entire Dark Star seems to have become a part of his body. He can feel any piece of land on the Dark Star as he wants. He can perceive the richness and barrenness of this cultivation star, and he can find that he lives here. The birth, aging, sickness and death of the creatures on this cultivation star!

If he wants, he can easily reach any place on the dark star without any restrictions. If he wants, he can make the sky and the earth fall in a single thought, landslides and tsunami

He gently With a fist, the aura in the whole world was slightly shaken, and a sound like Hong Zhong Dalu came out from the void.

At this moment, hundreds of millions of creatures on the Gloom Star were shocked, looking up, wondering what happened.

At the moment when Yang Kai became the star owner, the entire Gloom Star had undergone a very subtle change. This change is unclear, only a few strong people can feel it, most of the others People are unaware of this.

From now on, Gloom Star will be closely related to Yang Kai. As Yang Kai’s cultivation level increases, the life of the entire Gloom Star will become more and more radiant.

Yang Kai looked inside his body and found that there was a small ball in the dantian, which looked like a gloomy star shrunk hundreds of millions of times. It was placed there at a subtle speed. Spinning.

The power of the origin of stars!

If you want to become a star master of the cultivation star, you have to refine the origin of this cultivation star, and what Yang Yan has penetrated into his body before is undoubtedly the origin of the dark star.

The dim star, which has shrunk countless times, will feed back some magical and subtle power during each rotation, which will nourish Yang Kai’s body, and at the same time will draw on Yang Kai’s power to strengthen itself.

This is a mutually beneficial process.

While Yang Kai was excited and happy, there was also a hint of suspiciousness on his face.

Is this the master of the Gloom Star? Has this become the master of this land?

He couldn’t help feeling that the younger sister could become the star master of Tongxuan Continent. It was because of luck that Tongxuan Continent’s aura was barren, just like an old man who was about to die, struggling to death. Only the origin of the stars in the Profound Continent will voluntarily find Xia Ning Chang and let her refine it.

But the Dark Star is different. Even if there is the suppression of the laws of heaven and earth, the warrior cannot understand the mystery of the Void King Realm, but it is a vigorous cultivation star. If the Tongxuan Continent is a dead old man, The Dark Star is a full-fledged young man.

If you want to refine the origin of such a cultivation star, it is impossible to cultivate without the Void King Realm, and it must be the Void King 3rd Level Realm!

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Like Luo Hai, the two-tiered realm of the Void King becomes the star master. Looking at the entire star field, this is the only one.

It seems that he understands Yang Kai’s suspicion, Yang Yan’s voice spread into the sea of ​​consciousness: “The origin of the dark star has been held by me for tens of thousands of years. Now I have the opportunity to leave my control. You say it will Wouldn’t you cooperate obediently?”

Yang Kai was stunned.

Yang Yan chuckled: “Don’t worry, its temper has been flattened long ago. It was not so docile back then, so I provoke me to imprison it.”

Yang Kai smiled bitterly, and then he understood the whole story. Whoever has been detained for tens of thousands of years, I am afraid that he has no temper. Although the origin of the stars does not have his own wisdom, he also knows that he cannot resist the sun. Competitiveness.

The position of the star master came so easy and simple, Yang Kai still couldn’t adapt.

With a move in his heart, Yang Kai expanded his divine consciousness, and the tide-like divine thought spread like a spider web in all directions. After a short while, it covered most of the dark star.

Yang Kai noticed many movements of the battle, as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

However, the power of the soul and its terrifying speed in the Sea of ​​Consciousness are decreasing.

After Yang Kai withdrew his divine consciousness, he suddenly discovered that within a short period of five breaths, his sea of ​​consciousness had actually been reduced by one third.

In other words, I can only monitor the 15-breath kungfu of the Gloom Star, and the sea of ​​consciousness will be completely dried up, and it will not be able to monitor it! After the calculation, Yang Kai couldn’t help being stunned. Although he only had the cultivation base of the Void Returning Third Stage, the power of the Soul was comparable to that of the Void King Realm. There were also treasures like Colorful Wen Shenlian, and the Sea of ​​Consciousness is generally impossible to dry up.

It seems that even if you become a star owner, you still can’t act as you like without the corresponding strength.

But this is enough for now.

“I’ll take care of some minor troubles, and I will see you later.” Yang Kai said, before Yang Yan could reply, suddenly his figure shook and disappeared.

Somewhere more than 100,000 miles away from the High Heavenzong, a group of corpse spirit disciples are fighting back fiercely, and a group of human warriors are struggling to resist.

Since the High Heavenzong and Shadowmoon Hall jointly issued a call, the entire Gloom Star has set off an upsurge against the corpse spirits.

Under the leadership of Ye Xiyun and Qian Tong, the corpses of the corpse spirits were retreating steadily, and the corpses of the corpse spirits were killed and injured. Those warriors who lost their homes and sect foundations spontaneously gathered together. Launched an attack on the corpse spirit cult who occupied his own sect’s foundation.

Under the premise that there is no corpse to transform the clansmen, the corpse spirit clan will die every one and one less. There is no fresh blood to replenish, and there are rumors that the leader is dead, and all the senior officials in the church have been massacred. Lingjiao didn’t have much resistance.

The warriors of the human race are like broken bamboos, blooming in various ways, throwing away the helmets and armors of the corpse spirits.

More than 80% of the sects have recovered their lost ground! They played steadily and steadily. On the one hand, they had enough manpower in the rudder to prevent the corpse spirits from counterattacking.

They are really too scared of the Zombie Sect, knowing that if the Zombie Sect is not completely annihilated this time, this weird race will always come back from the ashes in the future.

Most families and sects have exerted their strength and are about to smash to the end with the corpse spirits!

Now this place is staged on the gloomy star and its ordinary scene, the remnants of the corpse spirits lurking here, inadvertently discovered by people, causing thousands of human race warriors to fly over and send them around. Siege.

Although the number of the corpse spirits here is less than a thousand, the trapped beasts are still fighting, and it is still extremely difficult. What’s more, the corpse spirits are originally transformed from the dead. They are almost not afraid of pain and their bodies Jianyu Steel is also very difficult to kill, unless the corpse orb is destroyed. Under the premise of the same level, the human warrior is not the opponent of the corpse spirit race.

Thousands of people surrounded the corpse spirit tribe in a small valley, but they did not dare to launch a fierce attack. They could only selectively remove the corpse spirit tribe outside, weakening their strength step by step, slowly.

The corpse spirits obviously also found the enemy’s abacus, where would they be willing to sit still? Organized a few waves of violent breakouts, although he suffered a lot of casualties, but also took the lives of many human warriors.

The two sides were in a stalemate for a while, and the corpse spirits were at the end of the road, and each one was fierce and unusual, but the human warriors had scruples and were restrained.

Just when the strong people on the human side didn’t know what to do, a young man suddenly appeared in the air strangely.

He came so suddenly, there was no sign at all. When everyone discovered his existence, he was already standing there.

The young man glanced at the valley below, then raised a slap and gently patted it down.

The action is very random, it seems to be swatting mosquitoes and flies.

But under this palm, the aura between the heavens and the earth gathered madly, and gathered under his palm into a huge palm print that could cover the entire valley.

The palm prints cover the sky and the ground, and they are photographed with thunder.


The earth shook abruptly, and thousands of warriors of the human race could hardly hold their heels.

At the next moment, everyone changed their colors in amazement.

They clearly saw that under the slap of the giant palm of spiritual energy, the nearly thousand corpse spirit races who had no choice but to have a headache, no matter the level of cultivation, the strength of strength, they were all photographed Mashed meat.

Ninety-nine percent of them died instantly. Only a few lucky ones were not affected, but they were bloodless, standing tremblingly on the spot, looking up in horror.

The figure of the youth is like a god at this moment, the god who dominates this world!

After a palm, the young man just shook slightly and disappeared, as if he had never appeared before.

But the huge palm prints in the valley and the dead corpse spirits showed that everything just now was not an illusion, but a real thing.

“Who is this person? How come it is so?”

“His power is not inferior to the Lord Qian of the Shadow Moon Palace, right? I heard Lord Qian We’re already a powerful player in the Void King Realm. Could it be possible that our Gloom Star has a second Void King Realm?”

“No, five months ago, the old lady had the privilege of seeing the terrifying methods of the Lord Qian. It seems that a palm is not enough!”

“How is it possible? Could it be that he is stronger than the Lord Qian? I don’t believe it.”

“Haha, I know who that person is, that is Sect Master Yang Kai of the High Heaven!” I saw him once before, when he was still in Longxue Mountain.”

“He is the Sect Master High Heaven?”

Everyone suddenly realized that the rumors were indeed true. It is not unreasonable that the High Heaven Sect can become one of the most powerful sects of the Underdark Star. With such a powerful sect master, why worry about the sect being unpopular?

“Let’s talk less gossip, and there are still a few miscellaneous fish that have not been cleaned up. Sect Master Yang helped us solve the biggest problem. I can’t bother him to come back and pat the rest, right?”

A group of strong nodded their heads and stepped forward, one by one looked at the few surviving corpse spirit tribes unkindly, and slowly approached!

I knew I was photographed. Forget it!

Looking at the people gathered from all directions, those corpse spirit tribes were thinking like this in their hearts.

Yang Kai experienced all the conveniences after becoming the star lord, and couldn’t help but feel a little ecstatic.

No wonder the three-tiered masters of the Void King are all aiming at refining the origin of the stars and becoming the star master. This is so convenient. Once you become the star master of a certain cultivation star, Whatever you think, what you move, you can instantly reach any place of the cultivation star, which is much more convenient and faster than using the space magic circle.

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