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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1727: Cape Town Read Novel

Chapter 1727: Cape Town – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1727: Cape Town

Furthermore, after becoming a star owner, there are other more benefits. Yang Kai has not had time to carefully experience and predict it, and it is not clear for the time being.

But this alone was enough. Wherever he went, the corpse spirit race had nowhere to escape, just a random palm swept away the hordes of corpse spirit races.

Now he is the ruler of Gloom Star. On the territory of Gloom Star, who can resist his methods? Even Qiantong will not work.

In just half a day, Yang Kai moved most of the dark stars and killed all the corpse spirits he could perceive.

Before the Terran warriors had not figured it out, Yang Kai had already left, leaving only those people staring at each other.

Worry-free beach, a group of warriors who have escaped from the human army are rushing and fleeing, behind a dozen of hideous-looking corpse spirits chasing them relentlessly.

The corpses of the corpses have not been well for the past year. Those powerful corpses will be cut off by the masters of Qian Tong and the High Sect. The leader of the rumor is also killed. The united human race suppressed, step by step retreat to the Wuyou Sea, trying to escape into the vast sea, seeking a ray of life.

But their thoughts were not as they wished. Qian Tong and Ye Xiyun have been chasing and killing the corpse spirit teaching so far, they have blocked their retreat in advance, so that they can’t go deep into the worry-free sea.

Today’s corpse spirit religion is dwindling, and will no longer be as strong as it was a few years ago.

The corpse spirits who are in a hurry can only look for those human warriors who are alone to kill them, and vent their depression and resentment.

This group of seven or eight human warriors is relatively unlucky. When they came to the order, they encountered the corpse spirits who exceeded their own in number and strength. After the first war, they lost a few manpower and had to face the human army She flees closer to the direction, the head of a woman has a face like a peach blossom, looks charming, and has a voluptuous figure. A pair of waves on her chest are fierce as they fly, but under the chase of the corpse spirits, she loses her face and runs away. While constantly pouring divine thoughts into the communication compass in his hand, hoping to send messages to his parents and let the elders come to rescue.

Another scream came from behind, and the woman turned her head and saw a scene that made her tremble all over.

A backward companion was overtaken by several corpse spirit races and was knocked to the ground. Those cruel corpse spirit races did not intend to kill him directly. Instead, they swarmed and gnawed at him with their sharp teeth. With his flesh and blood.

The screams and calls for help from her companions made the woman’s calves tremble, and a flow of heat rushed through her lower abdomen, almost incontinent on the spot.

After a short while, the companion’s voice gradually weakened. After a few corpse spirit races had a meal, they chased them more and more fiercely, looking closer and closer to themselves.

When I think of my own delicate skin and tender meat, like that companion, it will become the flesh of the corpse spirit race, and eventually become a dry bone with no aesthetic feeling. The beautiful eyes of the woman are filled with terror. And at a loss.

The extreme panic made her footsteps as heavy as lead-filled, and her whole body was not working well, and she was unable to move forward.

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The corpse spirits behind are getting closer and closer, and she can even smell the strong smell of blood.

The woman exclaimed.

At this moment, a flower suddenly appeared in front of her, and she stretched out a hand towards her, but with a light grasp, he caught her behind him in the air, and the young man flexed his fingers. Continuously, accompanied by the sound of a few strong winds, the dozen or so corpse spirit races chasing over, without exception, all exploded into powder.

A catastrophe was resolved in an instant.

The woman stared at the figure ahead blankly, a feeling of aftermath rose from her heart, and lost her voice: “Yang Kai?”

Her voice is still trembling, her face is still trembling. Pale, obviously hasn’t been relieved from the thrill and excitement.

Hearing this woman’s name, the other human warriors were slightly taken aback, and immediately all looked at Yang Kai with an excited look.

They have naturally heard of Yang Kai’s name, but what they really see is very few. This time, Sect Master High Heaven rescued him personally, and they were naturally grateful.

“Yin Sudie?” Yang Kai glanced back at the woman, frowned and said, “Why are you here? Where’s your master?”

This little girl is indeed Yin Su of Liulimen. butterfly.

In the Liulimen, she is also considered to be a leader of the younger generation. Few people can resist the Meigong of cultivation, but in the face of the corpse spirit race, Meigong does not work at all, so she can return to the void. The level of cultivation of the realm, the strength that can be exerted is greatly reduced.

Otherwise, it won’t become so embarrassed.

Yin Sudie reluctantly smiled, and replied obediently: “Master is in Cape Town!”

Yang Kaikai perceived it with a sense of spirit, and quickly realized that it was tens of thousands of miles. A city outside has gathered a lot of the breath of warriors, there should be Cape City, a city near the seaside of Wuyou.

“If you don’t follow your master, what do you run out to do?” Yang Kai asked a little displeased.

Although the human race is now overwhelmingly victorious, and the corpse spirit race has almost no place to stand, it is still very dangerous to act alone, especially in the borders of the worry-free sea.

Although Yang Kai doesn’t like the woman Yin Sudie very much, she can be regarded as a disciple of Ling Xiaozong nowadays. As the Sect Master, she can still be reprimanded.

Yin Sudie suddenly couldn’t speak.

At the time when Yang Kai’s reputation was not obvious, she also took action against Yang Kai, but now is different from the past. Yin Sudie understands better than anyone that the gap between herself and Yang Kai is beyond measure, if Saying that Yang Kai is standing on Yundian, then she can only stay on the ground and look up.

She envied the ugly sister Daiyuan countless times. She didn’t know what method she used to get Yang Kai’s attention.

It is precisely because of Yang Kai’s attitude that Master Gong Aofu likes her sister more and more, but she has gradually been left out in the past year or so.

“Forget it.” Yang Kai waved his hand, and didn’t want to delve into it. He turned his head and looked at the other warriors, and found that all of them were young teenagers.

These guys were obviously stunned by Yin Sudie’s beauty, and they were willing to follow her behind her.

Yang Kai couldn’t be more clear about Yin Sudie’s methods. He even found that several of them were repelling and wary when looking at him.

“You will send you back to the palace elder.” Yang Kai said, waving his hand to wrap Yin Sudie with a holy yuan.

What Yang Kai didn’t expect was that Yin Sudie got into his arms, wrapped his hands around his waist, and looked like a little bird.

Yang Kai shook his head, but didn’t push her away immediately, and took advantage of the trend to roll up the other warriors, and shook his figure and came directly to Cape Town.

Gently patted Yin Sudie on the shoulder, and Yang Kai said, “It’s a place.”

After finishing speaking, no matter what she thought, she disappeared again.

Yin Sudie uttered an ah, looked around, and was surprised to find that he had indeed returned to Cape Town. The buildings in the city were so familiar.

His hands are still in the posture of imaginary hug, Yin Sudie feels a little lost.

The area of ​​Cape Town is not large, and it is now fully occupied by Terran warriors. Yang Kai found Ye Xiyun and Qian Tong in the city and talked with them. Only then did they know the latest situation.

Refining the origin of the stars, Yang Kai thought it didn’t take much time, but knew that it took more than a year.

And in this year, the High Heavenzong teamed up with the Shadowmoon Palace, and basically rooted out the power of the corpse spirits. The remaining corpse spirits wanted to escape into the sea of ​​worry, but they were blocked. When I was on my way, I could only hide in a mountain range 30,000 miles away from Cape Town, and I couldn’t come out.

Qian Tong went to kill a batch of them every other time, but some corpse spirit races avoided too deeply, even Qian Tong couldn’t find them all, it was the time of headache.

The entire Gloom Star has basically returned to calm, and more than 80% of the remaining corpse spirit tribes are hiding in the mountains. As long as the corpse spirit tribes are eliminated, the remaining remnants are not enough to be feared. At that time, there is no need for High Heavenzong and Shadowyue Palace to come forward, and the individual strength of those sects can also kill the scattered corpse spirits.

“That’s it” Yang Kai grinned after consulting the situation: “I’ll go there.”

“Do you have a way?” Qian Tong looked at him in surprise, this time When meeting, Qian Tong always felt that Yang Kai had some changes, but he couldn’t tell where it was. Under his perception, Yang Kai himself was still in the third stage of Void Return. Although his aura was more vigorous, it gave He has a very dangerous feeling.

It was as if if I had started with Yang Kai, it would be me who died.

The idea surged, making Qian Tong suspicious and unable to figure out why.

“I’ll know then.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, and didn’t say too much.

“I’ll follow you.” Qian Tong said solemnly.

Yang Kai nodded, stood up, and suddenly said to Ye Xijun: “Let the people gathered in Cape Town go away. After a few years of turmoil, their sects need to rest. It’s not a waste of time to stay here.”

Ye Xiyun was taken aback, but she nodded quickly and agreed.

Yang Kai had already stretched out his hand and grabbed Qian Tong’s arm. The next moment, the two disappeared strangely from under Ye Xiyun’s eyelids. They were better than Ye Xiyun, and they couldn’t detect any traces.

Ye Xiyun’s expression changed a few times, and she suddenly pursed her lips and smiled, and she suddenly said: “That’s it!”

She obviously understood something.

After indulging in a moment, she took out the communication compass, poured divine thoughts into it, and gave orders.

After a short while, the Terran warriors gathered in Cape City received an order from the High Heavenzong: The corpse spirits are all annihilated, and the sects return to their own rudder and rest!

The warriors of all the big and small sects who received the order looked at each other and rushed to ask, but the final result was no different from the order. The senior officials from the Shadow Moon Palace and the High Heavenzong confirmed this.

Although it is not clear why the corpse spirit tribe was suddenly annihilated, the warriors of the human race were still happy to resolve the catastrophe of the Dark Star. Out of their trust in the High Heavenzong and the Shadow Moon Palace, they They went back home one after another, discussing how to revitalize the sect.

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Chapter 1727: Cape Town – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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